Introducing the Adjustable Base Bed

Last Updated May 15, 2023

If you've been anywhere near a mattress shop within the last few years, you've no doubt heard about the super-duper Adjustable Base Beds. They're the most recent revolution in the mattress and bedding industry.

If you've seen those late-night ads that sing the praises of adjustable base beds, it's no wonder. They look splendid. And indeed, there are proven health benefits to owning such a type of bed that adjusts to fit according to your favorite sleep positions.

introducing the adjustable base bed

Adjustable base beds are one of the best ways to get a night of uninterrupted sleep at night. They are rapidly becoming a fundamental part of many people's sleep setup. But what is an adjustable base, and why does owning one help you sleep better? Any ideas? Keep reading!

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What is an Adjustable Base Bed?

An adjustable base bed is nothing but a power-operated bed frame that allows you to customize your sleeping position. It is a multi-hinged foundation that sits beneath your mattress and gives you a more comfortable sleep space. And the best part, you can easily create the exact position for your sleep without spending 15 minutes arranging a pile of pillows. Well, that sounds cool, right?

Adjustable base beds are usually motorized and offer adjustable heights, adjustable elevations, massage capabilities, and other advanced features like USB charging ports, wireless remotes, and preset positions. While they tend to be a bit expensive, they make up for the price with plenty of benefits for the sleepers.

What are the Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Base Bed?

Many sleepers have found that adjustable base beds offer pain relief, the right kind of support, and personalized comfort they never knew they actually needed—not to mention that these types of beds can make watching TV and reading books more conveniently comfortable. Let's take a look at the top five reasons you may want to start looking for an adjustable base bed right now.

  • Eases back pain

Did you know that around ​30 million people in the US suffer from back pain? Well, just lying flat on your back doesn't always give you the right kind of support to sleep comfortably throughout the night. With an adjustable base bed, you are free to control the position you're in. You can match the curve of your body as closely as possible, thereby easing pain and improving conditions like sciatica.

An adjustable base bed relieves the pressure on your back by distributing weight evenly when you find the perfect posture. Try elevating your feet slightly to reduce lower back strain by allowing the lumbar area to relax and decompress fully.

  • Enhances blood circulation

Are you someone who regularly experiences swollen legs or feet? If yes, an adjustable base bed can help you relax and sleep comfortably at night. Adjusting the bed level so that your legs are slightly elevated will reduce the swelling by improving blood circulation. With the help of an adjustable base bed, you can fine-tune your sleeping positions to reduce pressure on your body, allowing improved blood flow to the heart and throughout your body.

  • Reduces asthma flare-ups, sleep apnea, and snoring

Asthma, sleep apnea, and snoring are all problems related to breathing. An adjustable base bed allows you to lift your head, thereby taking the weight off your windpipe, allowing better airflow while lying down. Sleeping in an adjustable base bed can improve airflow and reduce obstructions from the nasal passages for a healthier and uninterrupted sleep.

  • Enhance lifestyle

Whether you're staying in bed to rest, or you have the habit of reading before going to sleep, you know how frustrating it can be to seek a comfortable position utilizing stacked pillows and keep it in place. An adjustable base can turn your bed into a giant comfy recliner chair with ease, enhancing your lifestyle and taking away the back, neck, and shoulder pain.

  • Improves digestion

Did you know that when you are sleeping at night, your body is also working to digest and process foods? If you are someone who eats food close to bedtime, lying flat can interrupt this process. This may also result in indigestion and heartburn. Well, resting in an elevated position might help you get rid of this condition. An adjustable base bed can easily lift up your head to achieve the healthiest digestion experience, allowing better sleep and waking up refreshed in the morning.

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Turmerry's All-New Adjustable Base Bed

If you've convinced yourself to buy an adjustable base bed, you've come to the right place. At Turmerry, we have 3 models of versatile adjustable base beds that offer an array of customizable features. We believe in turning a bedroom into a revitalizing sanctuary, a place that can restore both your mental and physical health. Our adjustable bases are perfectly designed to help you do just that, and at a price range that's conscious of your financial health too.

Turmerry Adjustable Base Quest 2.5

Adjustable Base Bed Quest 2.5

Turmerry's Ergomotion Quest 2.5 adjustable base bed is rich in versatile features. It gives you everything you want but is still compact and affordable. This adjustable bed offers, programmable presets, dual USB ports, under-bed lighting, massage options, and even a voice-activated Hello Ergo system. Our Quest 2.5 can even turn your sleep sanctuary into a work-from-home office and a get-away-from-work retreat. What more can you ask for!

Adjustable Base Bed Quest 2.0

Adjustable base bed Quest 2.0 is uniquely designed to add foot and head articulation to your bed. This indeed makes a huge difference as it gives even more options to adjust your body position with the wireless remote. Read, meditate, relax, work on your laptop, or watch a movie - Quest 2.0 helps you do it all.

Adjustable Base Bed Quest 1.0

Quest 1.0 is Ergomotion's most affordable model, and it is an excellent way to experience just how much an adjustable base bed can enhance your lifestyle. It has a slim profile and features a wired remote, head articulation, 1" Ultra-Slim Profile, 12" Stackable Legs, Zero Standby Power System, and Power Outage Protection.

The best way to decide whether an adjustable base bed is right for you is to do a lot of research online. If you like one, just try that out and see how it feels and how it works before you take the pricey plunge. Most people who buy adjustable base beds love them so much that they'd never consider sleeping on the traditional ones ever again, but again, it's good to be sure before committing.


1. What is the best mattress for an adjustable base bed?

Almost every mattress type is perfectly compatible with an adjustable bed. At Turmerry, we recommend you to choose a natural and organic latex mattress that is healthy and safe for you and the environment. Our all foam mattress works better with adjustable beds than a hybrid mattress.

2. How do adjustable base beds work?

It's quite easy as it sounds. Adjustable bases are motorized, remote-controlled, and designed to offer you the best sleeping experience. It's just the matter of pressing a button, and there you go - it'll raise or lower your adjustable bed into any position based on your personal preference.

3. Are adjustable bed bases worth it?

Of course, yes! An adjustable base bed can customize your sleeping positions as well as optimize your bed for entertainment and lounging. At Turmerry, we have 3 adjustable base bed options available, so you can rest assured that you'll find the best one that fits your sleeping position and budget.

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4. Do adjustable beds ease pressure points?

Adjustable base beds are indeed one of the best options that help with pressure points by making it easy to relieve pain in your back, legs, or joints. When you adjust it to a reclined position, the "zero gravity" feel will remove the stress placed on your pressure points. Also, being in an elevated position will improve blood circulation to help you sleep comfortably.

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