Queen Mattress Under $1000

Last Updated October 12, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect queen-sized mattress but feel restrained by your $1,000 budget? Have you read countless articles and conducted a variety of research but still found it difficult to choose the queen bed that would work best for your budget? Don't worry; we've encountered these problems before, and today we're here to assist you in solving them.

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While selecting a mattress can be exciting, it can also be difficult and tedious for some people. You will undoubtedly face the decision of selecting a size when deciding on the mattress you want. The queen size is ideal for single people who require a lot of space or for couples who are prepared to give up a little bit of space.

A queen bed's size, however, results in an increase in price because the maker must use more materials to construct it. Finding a queen-sized bed for less than $1,000 in today's market might seem challenging. But we can guarantee that after reading what we have to say, you'll be well-informed about the kind of queen mattress you want and how to get it for less than $1,000.

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What is a queen mattress?

The mattress size that falls between king and full-sized beds is called a queen size. Its measurements are 60 x 80 inches, making it ideal for single adults who need a lot of room to spread their limbs out and roll around on.

Queen-sized beds are not typically preferred by tall or large couples. Nevertheless, if a couple is willing to forgo the additional space offered by king-sized beds, queen-sized beds might be more convenient and affordable.

The queen size is also a good value for couples on a tighter budget because it costs less than a king or California king while still managing to accommodate two people sleeping on it. A standard queen bed usually resides in the master bedrooms and guest rooms. You have plenty of space to move around in these rooms, even with the mattress inside. A queen bed is a luxurious option for accommodating visitors.

A split queen is an option if you and your partner require various types of bedding. The bed is divided into two halves as a result, and each half has unique characteristics that best suit the preferences of the sleeper.

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How much does a queen mattress usually cost?

A queen mattress is usually less expensive than a king-sized mattress. The quality of materials and the density of the foam used are the ones that account for the majority of the price difference between queen and king-sized beds.

In the current market, a medium-quality queen-sized mattress will generally cost you between $800 and $1,300. Expect to pay between $700 and $1,000 if you want a queen mattress that meets all of your requirements. Expect to pay between $300 and $700 for an inexpensive queen mattress, although with certain qualities sacrificed.

How can you acquire a queen mattress for under $1000?

We've compiled a list of methods by which you can get a queen bed for less than $1,000. It's possible that you will need to make a compromise regarding the mattress's fabric and construction. You might even need to make a compromise regarding where you buy your mattress. Or you may have to do a combination of these things. Whatever it takes, we promise it's worth it!

1. Conduct research

Before entering the mattress market and making a purchase, we must first allow ourselves to become somewhat spoiled by the range of available mattresses and brands. This entails researching the mattress constructions and materials that are offered to you.

If you're willing to combine online and in-store shopping, hit up the mattress retailers around you before entering the online mattress space.

While conducting research, take notes. First and foremost, make a note of the cost. Then, list the pros and cons of the mattress. Following that, we must make a table.

2. Make a table

A table makes it simple and convenient to compare mattresses. The table can be made in any way you want. But we recommend that you list the price, material, construction type, quality, and reviews (both offline and online) first.

Then you can share your thoughts on the mattress, its benefits and drawbacks, and other relevant information. Once you've created your table, which ought to include 10 to 20 mattresses, it's time to compare.

3. Compare and finalize

You should compare, evaluate, and downsize the initial table you create. You must assess both the mattress and the brand during this process.

Personal preference is the sole criterion for evaluating the mattress model. You weigh the cost, quality of the material, and construction before choosing the option that best suits your sleeping arrangement.

Comparing the brands should take into account the reputation, warranty, trial period, and return policy. Check the reviews for the brand as well. You can do this by visiting discussion forums or brand-reviewing websites.

Create a list of your top five to ten choices after comparing each one. These mattresses ought to fall within or very nearly within your budget. Once you've made up your mind, you have two options: wait patiently for the price to drop even further, or buy it now.

Purchasing a mattress shouldn't be difficult if it costs less than or equal to $1000. However, if the mattress you want costs more than $1,000, it may be best to hold off.

comparing different mattress brands

4. Look out for sales

Mattress sales are plentiful every year and are embraced by almost every mattress retailer. These sales typically coincide with shopping seasons and federal holidays. Such sales include those on Memorial Day, Presidents' Day, Veterans Day, and Black Friday.

In addition to regular sale days, there are seasonal sale days as well, such as in the summer, winter, fall, etc. New mattress models are typically released in the months of March, April, and May, and occasionally before the new year, which results in a price drop for the older ones.

Joining the brand's email list will give you advance notice of some in-store, exclusive promotions.

5. Collect coupons and vouchers

There are many stores where you can find coupons and vouchers. The coupon system used in traditional retail has been adopted online, allowing you to typically get 10–20% off with a coupon code. The next time you receive a coupon, save it for a time when you'll need it. Compiling these coupons will help you gain that extra benefit.

We are all aware of how laborious traditional mattress shopping can be, especially when doing research. If in-store shopping isn't yielding any results, focus exclusively on online shopping. It is much more convenient and even has some additional features like white-glove delivery and mattress customization.

Where can you get a queen mattress under $1000?

where can you get a queen mattress under $1000?

The first place you should look for a queen bed under $1000 is in your local stores. You may be able to find a queen-sized bed in your local stores and can also conduct a price comparison between the stores in your area.

You can also search for a queen mattress online. You might have to pay a bit extra for shipping, but the extra expense is definitely worth it if you manage to acquire a queen bed that you love for under $1000.

If you plan to buy your queen mattress online, be sure to read lots of reviews of the products that you like. This is important because reviews let you know if you're getting the right product and if you're getting it at the right price. You can also shop at online retailers with a generous return policy in the event that you don't like your product.

What factors affect the price of a mattress?

No matter how rigid you are in your search for a new mattress, there are bound to be a few factors that affect the price. Some of these can be controlled by you, but some others are luck and time-based. Take a look at these factors, and consider them before finalizing your purchase.

  • Construction quality

There are three different types of mattress construction: hybrid, innerspring, and all foam. Innerspring and hybrids use foam as their comfort layer and springs as their support core, whereas the layers of an all-foam mattress are entirely made of the foam material advertised.

Whichever of these construction types you select, the quality of the construction will have an impact on the degree of comfort and support you receive. The cost of materials and labor for the manufacturer will increase as construction quality increases. As a result, the customer pays more for the mattress as a whole.

  • Material type

A mattress can be made out of a wide variety of materials. However, latex, memory foam, polyfoam, and springs are the products that are most widely used today. Memory foam and polyfoam are both synthetic, whereas latex can be either synthetic or natural. Some of the spring types found in innerspring and hybrids include pocketed coils, offset coils, continuous wire coils, and Bonnell coils.

The price of the mattress will increase with the quality of the materials used. High-quality materials, such as natural latex, are difficult to obtain but well worth the investment. They last a long time, do not wear and tear easily, and do not sag prematurely. Also, different materials have different amounts of characteristics like pressure relief, contouring, and temperature regulation.

  • Customization

It's great to be able to tailor a mattress to your specific needs, but doing so may raise the cost of the mattress in question. Size, height, and additional accessories (mattress protector, cover, topper, etc.) are the customizations that frequently drive up the cost of a mattress. The price rises as more of these options are selected.

  • Durability

Choose a mattress that is durable and resilient. A mattress is, after all, a pricey investment for many, and getting the best lifespan possible should always be considered. Durability differs depending on the quality and material of the mattress. A reputed brand uses good materials and quality construction, leading to increased durability. This will also increase the price, but a durable mattress that can last you for at least five years or more makes the price worth it. A mattress that isn't durable can sag and cause issues for your spine.

  • Mattress layers

The majority of mattresses have two layers inside, but premium mattresses can have three, four, or more. The height and thickness of a mattress are determined by its layers. Different materials are present in each layer. For large sleepers, adding more mattress layers is generally advised. The comfort layer and support core are the two fundamental layers in every mattress.

  • Coil counts

The number of individual coils found in an innerspring or hybrid mattress is known as the coil count. A queen-size innerspring or hybrid mattress's total coil count can range from 400 to 1,200. The standard recommendation is that a full bed should have 300 coils, a queen bed 400 coils, and a king bed 480 coils. Higher coil counts are thought to improve body support and lengthen the life of mattresses.

  • Density

Foam density determines aspects such as the overall thickness and firmness of a mattress. Foams with higher density, like Dunlop latex, tend to last longer and provide greater support and motion isolation than low-density foams, like Talalay latex.

Low-density foams do, however, have some advantages of their own. Low-density polyfoam and memory foam, for instance, are frequently less expensive, heat-trap less, and react to pressure changes more quickly.

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How can you get the best possible deal on a mattress?

The days of having to accept any deal you receive and assuming it to be the best one are long gone. These deals are frequently described by retailers as the "best" ones available. With the introduction of new mattress brands and online shopping, it is now simple to compare and contrast different mattresses and select the one that offers the actual best price.

Buy exclusively online

Compared to traditional methods of shopping, online shopping is much more practical and cost-effective. Online shopping spares you from having to pay for gas and spend a lot of time looking around for a mattress, and it also offers comparable, if not lower, prices than offline stores. Furthermore, online shopping gives you the freedom to compare prices without being pushed by salespeople, which may make it easier to find the best deal.

Online mattress stores are increasingly offering free shipping, which eliminates the expense of delivering the mattress to you. Even if there are shipping fees, they are frequently lower than what traditional furniture stores charge. Online brands can also offer you year-round sales and discounts due to their overhead costs being minimal.

Wait for mattress sales

Almost all mattress brands participate in annual mattress sales that are dispersed throughout the year. They are the biggest contributors to mattress price reductions, frequently offering discounts of up to 50%.

These sales also feature free gifts and mattress bundles, which let you avoid spending extra money on additional bedding accessories by getting them all for the price of one mattress instead.

Black Friday is regarded as the best sale day in the traditional retail industry. Cyber Monday has assumed the role of the leading day for online shopping. Mattress sales are also common on many other holidays, including Veterans Day, Presidents' Day, Columbus Day, and New Year's Day.

Collect coupons

You typically have access to coupons and vouchers when you make a purchase. The retailer to which the coupons are applicable may not even be the same one that you get the coupons from. Additionally, you can request coupons from the manufacturer or receive them by mail or in Sunday newspapers.

You receive online coupons in the form of codes via emails or social media posts. Once entered during checkout, these discount codes/referral codes apply the specified price reduction to your purchase. These days, thanks to browser add-ons and email lists, it is simpler to find online coupons.

Compare the products

The conventional method of mattress comparison may not produce many results and may be inconvenient. See if the stores in your area have websites. This way, you can conveniently evaluate the mattresses' prices, makes, and qualities.

You can compare brands based on reviews and policies. The brand's reputation is a powerful indicator of the quality of the mattresses you receive. You gain a sense of the overall market and the lowest price by comparing mattresses and brands.

Note: Keep in mind that it's important to read the small print. Different sellers have different shipping and delivery policies.

Choose only what you need

Don't go overboard with the customizations. Quality queen mattresses are already approaching the $1000 mark in their most basic form. Piling on unnecessary extras will only raise the overall price of the mattress, preventing you from purchasing it.

Mattress covers/protectors are an example of this. The one you select, along with the mattress, may be available for a lower price if purchased separately. Therefore, it would be wiser and more cost-effective to order it separately.

Is it better to buy a queen mattress online or in-store?

This is a common question that many people ask when they're looking for a queen mattress under $1000. There's no right or wrong answer here; it all depends on your personal preferences.

If you're more of a spontaneous person who likes to buy products without doing research, then it's better to buy your queen mattress in-store. But if you're more of a meticulous person who likes to do extensive research on the products that you plan to buy, then it's better to buy your queen mattress online.

If you buy a queen mattress in-store, you'll have to make a rushed decision as you don't have much time to try out the beds. This can be a disadvantage if you're not used to buying beds and are not sure what you're looking for. On the other hand, if you buy a queen mattress online, you'll have lots of time to research the products and can even read reviews of other customers. This can be a huge advantage if you're not sure what you're looking for.

What are the different types of mattresses?

what are the different types of mattresses?

1. Latex


In its pure state, latex is a viscous, white liquid rubber derived from the sap of rubber trees. Dunlop and Talalay are two different varieties of natural latex. Talalay is soft, whereas Dunlop is denser and firmer. Natural latex is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, durable, responsive, cooling, and bouncy. An alternative is synthetic latex, which is less expensive than natural latex but doesn't have as many advantages.


Most latex mattresses consist entirely of foam. The comfort layer and support core are both made of latex foam, and a third layer of the same substance will be added in between. Choose a latex mattress that is entirely made of Dunlop latex if you prefer firm support over comfort. If not, look for a latex mattress with a comfort layer made of Talalay latex.


Getting natural latex is an expensive endeavor. At the queen size, a medium-quality latex mattress with a few extras will run you about $1500. These mattresses will have a good mix of comforting, pressure-relieving, contouring, pain-relieving, and cooling qualities.

A low-cost natural latex mattress in queen size can be purchased for around $1000. The catch is that although all of the aforementioned traits will be present, they will only be to a moderate extent. While synthetic latex mattresses are even more affordable, we don't recommend using them because they lack the same quality and durability as natural latex mattresses.

2. Memory Foam


Memory foam is a synthetic material obtained by adding certain chemical compounds to polyurethane. Through this process, it becomes more viscous and elastic than polyfoam. Memory foam's main characteristic is its excellent ability to conform to the contours of your body, which provides significant pain relief. Memory foam relies more on this conforming quality and doesn't perform particularly well in terms of bounce and response.


A memory foam mattress, like a latex all-foam mattress, is made up of two or more layers of memory foam, with the density of each layer varying. High-density memory foam is commonly used as the support core. This provides you with increased support. The other layers that go on top of it, including the comfort layer, will vary between low and high-density memory foam depending on how firm you want it to feel.


Low-cost queen memory foam mattresses can range between $500 and $800. A high-quality one will set you back $1000 or more. Since memory foam can be manufactured synthetically, it is frequently less expensive than natural latex. Depending on the density you select, memory foam becomes more expensive. The best memory foam mattress is one with a higher density, as they are much more resilient and supportive than those with a lower density. But they also cost more to produce because of the increased production costs. A good memory foam mattress can easily be found for less than $1,000 if you wait for mattress sales.

3. Hybrid


Hybrid mattresses have a combination of two or more materials. The support core, which comes beneath it, is made of spring, and above it lies the comfort layer, which is foam. This is a good way to get the advantages of each material, but it can also lead to a higher price tag. Hybrid mattresses can have a firmer or softer feel, depending on the materials used.


The construction of a hybrid mattress has two primary materials. To start off, we have a spring support core. The springs usually used for this purpose are either Bonnell coils or pocket coils. Above this comes the comfort layer, which is usually made of latex or memory foam. The bottom layer provides bounce and support, while the top layer provides comfort and pressure relief.


The mixture of materials tends to skyrocket the average price of a hybrid mattress. A medium-quality queen-sized hybrid mattress will run you $1000 and more in today's market. Finding a budget queen hybrid for under $1000 may be tough. The foam material and the coil count are two things that determine a hybrid's price. However, using the tips we've provided above, you can get a quality queen hybrid with quality materials for under $1000.

4. Innerspring


Innerspring mattresses are one of the oldest mattress types to exist. They're constructed with a series of independent coils. This gives them a firmer feel and more support than other types of materials. Innersprings are commonly used in hybrids as well. Innerspring mattresses have a more traditional feel and are a good choice for those who like a firmer feel.


Now, the innerspring may sound a bit similar to a hybrid at first, but trust us, they're not too alike when you spread out their structure. Where hybrid mattresses have thicker foam layers, innerspring mattresses have thicker spring systems. The foam layer in an innerspring is thin, giving them a firmer and more supportive feel than hybrids. Hybrids balance comfort and support with their thick foam layers.


The production costs and materials used in innersprings are cheaper than those of hybrids. Plus, innerspring mattresses are a traditional mattress model, and their durability isn't on par with hybrids. A quality queen-sized innerspring mattress can be purchased for $700 or more. Budget innerspring starts at $400. Innerspring prices increase or decrease based on the coil count, coil gauge, and coil type (Bonnell, pocketed, offset, etc.). Sometimes the material and design of the comfort layer may also factor into this.

5. Airbed


Airbeds, also known as air mattresses, are lightweight, portable beds that can be inflated and deflated using air pumps. They are synthetically manufactured with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), urethane plastic variants, or rubber. Airbeds are designed to be soft and offer a bouncy feel. They are suitable for people who want a softer feel but don’t want to pay for materials like latex. Airbeds are usually less durable, but there are new fabrics on the market that can withstand being punctured.


Airbeds have air chambers within them. These air chambers may need some initial assembly but can be easily inflated or deflated with electric or manual air pumps. This way, its firmness, and height can be adjusted to suit your needs. Modern airbeds may also have comfort layers, usually latex or memory foam. High-quality airbeds will have thicker comfort layers, and mid or low-quality airbeds will have thinner ones. These foams can help improve the level of pressure relief and contouring that an airbed offers.


There are two spectrums to airbed prices. One is on the lower end, where it can cost anywhere between $50 and $300. These are usually used for camping and traveling. They're easily inflatable, and the quality may not be up to par with the higher-end models. Speaking of higher-end models, these are suitable for guest rooms and/or personal use in your own bedrooms. They can cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000 and more. A quality queen-size airbed can cost you between $1000 and $2500.

What are the pros and cons of buying a queen mattress under $1,000?

queen mattress on a master bedroom


  • Queen mattresses are the most preferred option for many couples, so they frequently have a good discount on them.
  • You can find medium-quality queen mattresses that last at least five years for a price of $1,000 or less.
  • Almost every mattress type is available in a queen size for less than $1000, so there will be no shortage of options.
  • These mattresses will have a solid warranty period, which is frequently on or above ten years, to support their quality construction and long lifespan.


  • Queen mattresses require more materials to manufacture, and you may need to conduct extensive research to find one that fits within your budget.
  • Quality queen mattresses made of latex and hybrid materials frequently cost more than $1,000. To find one for under $1,000, you'll either need to wait for sale days or do a lot of research.
  • Despite the fact that every mattress type can be purchased for under $1,000, some customization options will need to be forgone. There won't be many additions you can make because it might push the price well over budget.
  • The quality of queen mattresses under $1,000 is in the middle range, making it nearly impossible to find something high-end and luxurious.

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What general attributes should you look out for in a mattress?

Sleeping position

Side sleeping, back sleeping, and stomach sleeping are the three popular sleeping positions. The side sleeping position puts pressure on your shoulders and sides, making it crucial to find a mattress that's both comfortable and supportive. A great option, as per studies, is a medium-firm mattress.

Medium-firm mattresses are also suitable for back and stomach sleepers, though stomach sleepers may require a firmer mattress surface to prevent spinal misalignment. Combination sleepers require a mattress that is responsive and does not stifle their movements, as well as one that supports all three sleeping positions.

sleep position and type of mattress


The firmness of a mattress determines how soft or firm it will feel to you. The three most common firmness options are soft, medium, and firm. Your body weight is the most important factor to consider when determining firmness.

If you weigh less than 130 pounds, a soft mattress should be the best choice. If you weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, a medium-firm mattress will provide adequate comfort and support. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, a firm mattress should prevent sinkage that results in posture misalignment while still providing you with a cozy level of firmness that may seem deceptively soft.


Every mattress needs to provide support. Dunlop latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses tend to offer the most support out of all the mattress types. You won't have to deal with the effects of spinal misalignment if you have the right support.

Proper support necessitates the use of a mattress that does not sink under your weight. It should be strong enough to support you. A supportive mattress can also repair and mend any previous posture misalignments, resulting in less back pain and other symptoms.

Pressure and pain relief

Mornings are frequently when people experience a release from tension and pain. You can count on this quality being present in your mattress if it conforms and contours well. Pressure points on your body will be caressed and calmed, which will relieve tension buildup as well as back, shoulder, muscle, and joint aches. The mattress types that provide the most pressure and pain relief are those made of memory foam, Talalay latex, and airbeds. Studies show that medium-firm variants of these are best for pain relief.

Temperature regulation

Mid- to high-quality mattresses should have the ability to control temperature. A cold temperature is seen as optimal for many sleepers. Natural latex and gel memory foam are two materials that are great for cooling down hot sleepers. Other materials, such as traditional memory foam, retain body heat and cause you to sleep hotter.

Natural wool is an excellent fire barrier that also serves as a temperature regulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Mattress construction is also a factor here. Perforated latex foam, innersprings, and hybrids provide excellent airflow, allowing you to sleep coolly at night.


We frequently say that a mattress represents a significant financial commitment. So, you must choose one that will serve you for the longest possible time. Various materials have varying degrees of durability. Natural latex typically has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, making it the most durable material. Innerspring mattresses can last 5-7 years, hybrid mattresses 7-10 years, and memory foam 10-15 years.

Edge support

Nothing is worse than rolling off the edge of your mattress while sitting or sleeping on it. A mattress with good edge support prevents this from happening. Edge support is a term used to describe how sturdy a mattress' edges are. The less flimsy they are, the less likely you are to fall off of them. Edge support is best provided by latex, innersprings, and hybrids.

Motion isolation

You want as little motion transfer as possible between your side and your partner's when you're sleeping together. Motion-isolating mattresses guarantee that neither you nor your partner will be startled out of sleep by any tossing and turning. Combination sleepers may find this to be advantageous, especially given their propensity for movement.

Trial period

One of the best features of buying mattresses online is the availability of trial periods. With online shops, you can test a mattress out for a full month or two, as opposed to the 10 or 20 minutes you get in a traditional store. You can do this in the comfort of your own home, and if you decide you don't like the mattress you receive during this trial period, you can choose to return it for a refund. Always check the mattress company's return policy before purchasing.


1. Is it possible to get a queen mattress under $1,000?

Yes, you can get a queen mattress for less than $1000. It's not even as difficult as it used to be. To find a queen mattress that suits your budget, you have access to a wide range of choices, modifications, and shopping options (both online and offline). You just need to do a little research and possibly wait for a mattress sale day if the mattress you want is currently more expensive than $1000.

2. Can you get a good mattress for under $1,000?

In today's market, a budget of less than $1,000 will more than suffice to purchase a good-quality mattress. These mattresses are made of reliable materials, provide the ideal level of comfort and support, and frequently last longer than five years. Just make sure the brand you choose has a good reputation and that the mattress has a warranty that is comparable to or close to the stated lifespan.

3. What is the best mattress under $1,000?

The source and manufacturing quality of the mattress would determine the answer to this question. For instance, buying a mattress from a reputable brand will guarantee that your money is well spent. Additionally, consider your preference. Determine the construction and material based on your height, weight, and sleeping position.

4. Is it worthwhile to spend so much money on a mattress?

Mattresses are now available for a wide range of prices. You can either spend $100 or $1000 on a mattress. The only distinction between these price ranges is the quality of the mattress and the level of service provided. A $100 mattress will likely lose its shape quickly, whereas a $1000 mattress will last you a long time. It is ultimately your decision. If the quality of what you get is worth spending a lot of money on, then that investment will feel worthwhile to you.

5. When should you buy a new mattress?

Mattress sale days are the best time to purchase a new mattress. In a year, there are many of these, and each month has at least one of them. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Presidents' Day are a few of the best ones. Newer mattress models are also released in March, April, May, and December, enabling mattress companies to discount the older models.

6. How can I be certain I'm getting the best price?

Research, my fellow reader, is the best way to ensure that you're getting the best deal. Researching is now simple, thanks to the growing popularity of online mattress shopping. Investigate the various mattress types you like, then contrast them to find the best one. Following that, you watch out for mattress sales. In the interim, remember to gather coupons!

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