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Best Hybrid Mattress

Say you love innerspring mattresses but find their traditionally firm feel too much for you. What do you do then? You look for a hybrid mattress, of course! In addition to providing great support, hybrid mattresses also relieve pressure by conforming well to the body. At Turmerry, we have a hybrid mattress that will suit your need for balanced support and comfort perfectly! Come, take a look.

GOTS Certified Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress


Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress: A Hybrid Mattress You're Bound to Love!

At Turmerry, we prioritize the satisfaction of our customers first. Your need for a high-quality hybrid mattress can be more than fulfilled by our latex hybrid mattress! Made with premium quality materials, every dollar you spend on it will be returned twice over in its benefits. These benefits include -

  1. Top-of-the-line, Certified Materials

    Our latex hybrid mattress has two important parts - the spring core and the comfort layer. For the spring core, we use 8 inches of pocketed coils from Leggett & Platt®. Pocketed coils are strong, sturdy steel coils sewn into a fabric encasing. Other coil types, such as Bonnell, offset, and continuous coils, often cannot compete with pocketed coils. They excel highly in terms of support, motion isolation, and noiselessness.

    For the comfort layer, we employ 2 inches of FSC-certified Talalay latex. The Talalay method of manufacturing natural latex offers better cushioning and contouring. Our natural latex foam is also sourced from rubber trees in a sustainable manner. This makes it highly eco-friendly and structurally strong.

    As a fire retardant, we use a layer of GOTS-certified wool. The mattress is then covered with certified organic cotton.

  2. Bouncy and Responsive

    The pocket coil system can absorb great quantities of pressure put on it by the sleeper. It reacts with great precision to offer a unique level of bounce, matching the pressure put on it. When paired with the wonderfully cushioning surface of the Talalay latex foam, this can help relax every muscle in your body. Slowly, it begins to provide relief from any pent-up stress, tension, or pressure points.

  3. Best of Both Worlds

    With our latex hybrid mattress, you get the best of two different mattress types, namely - innerspring and all-foam. Our hybrid mattresses combine the firm, traditional feel of an innerspring mattress with the plush, soft feel of an all-foam mattress. You are, thereby, introduced to a medium-firm feel that accommodates every sleeper type and sleeping position.

  4. Long-lasting and Durable

    The superb quality of our materials and the thorough manufacturing process we use ensure a long-lasting product for you. To back up our claims, you'll get a generous warranty spanning 10 years!

  5. Safe to use

    We value the safety of our customers. As such, we refuse to add any potentially harmful chemicals when manufacturing our hybrid mattress. The latex we use is obtained from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. It is manufactured in a manner that ensures the maximum possible organic content. You won't find any off-gassing, chemical flame retardants, fiberglass, or PU foams in our mattresses!

Should You Buy a Hybrid Mattress?

You should consider buying a hybrid mattress if -

  • You like both spring and all-foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses offer support and bounce through their spring core. Ample contouring and pressure relief are provided through their comfort layers. In other words, you get the best of both worlds with a hybrid.

  • You are a combination sleeper. Hybrid mattresses are one of the best mattress types to accommodate every sleeping position. It provides enough support for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers will also gain sufficient cushioning to their sides and shoulders.

  • You sleep with a partner.As hybrid mattresses have thicker comfort layers, they can provide excellent motion isolation. Hybrids also benefit from having spring designs that are quieter./p>

  • You want temperature regulation. In case you have a tendency to sleep hot, hybrid mattresses are an excellent option. Spring systems in hybrid mattresses facilitate more airflow. This regulates temperature well and prevents issues like overheating.

  • You want a durable mattress. Hybrid mattresses tend to be durable, with a lifespan of around 8-10 years. The spring system provides a strong foundation for hybrid mattresses. The comfort layers can help further prolong their lifespan by absorbing stress and pressure.