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      Want a healthier option than the conventional memory foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses? Look no further than the best latex mattresses from Turmerry! Featuring organic cotton, organic wool, and certified organic latex, these mattresses are free of all harmful synthetic additives.

      Natural and Organic Latex Mattress


      Natural and Organic RV Mattress


      Sleep in Luxury With the Best Latex Mattresses

      Want a healthier option than the conventional memory foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses? Look no further than the best latex mattresses from Turmerry! Featuring organic cotton, organic wool, and certified organic latex, these mattresses are free of all harmful synthetic additives.

      At Turmerry, we've got three types of latex mattresses to choose from -

      • A Natural and Organic Latex Mattress that's perfect for anyone seeking a more natural sleeping experience.

      • A Latex Hybrid Mattress that combines the comfort and support of latex with the personalized support of pocketed coils.

      • A Latex Egg Crate mattress that provides ultimate support and pressure point relief.

      Each mattress is made with certified organic latex and has a unique design to suit your individual needs. Once you lay your head on a Turmerry latex mattress, you'll never want to go back to your old mattress again! Come, let's explore the many incredible features of each type of mattress.

      Turmerry Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

      Handcrafted with some of the finest materials from nature, Turmerry Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses are one of the best non-toxic and green mattresses out there. Our all-latex mattress consists of three distinct layers of high-quality organic Dunlop latex foam.

      Turmerry latex foam mattress is less susceptible to bacteria, dust mites, mold, and other allergens with lots more to offer. There are five zones with cooling pinholes of different sizes and densities within our latex mattress that offer generous lumbar support and pressure point relief.

      From the breathable, moisture-wicking natural wool, the flame retardant barrier, and organic cotton cover to the sustainably sourced latex core, every layer of latex mattress is designed with sustainability in mind.

      Best latex mattress - Turmerry


      • Adjustable firmness layers

        Our natural and organic foam latex mattress comes with three different firmness levels- soft, medium, and firm. No matter what type of sleeper you are, simply rotate the latex layers to achieve the right firmness level for your sleep preference.

      • 3 thickness options to choose from

        With mattresses of varying thicknesses to choose from, we offer the perfect comfort level for you. Budget-conscious consumers will enjoy our 8-inch mattress, while luxury lovers will appreciate our 12-inch mattress. For those seeking a middle ground, we still have our popular 10-inch mattress.

      • 5-zone support

        With our foam latex mattress, you'll get 5-zone support. This means our mattress is divided into five zones (head, shoulders, back, hips, and feet), each of which offers a different level of support and firmness. For example, the head zone receives the firmest support, the shoulders are medium-firm, the back is soft, the hip zone is extra-soft, and the feet are ultra-soft.

      • Dunlop Latex Over Talalay

        In general, Talalay latex mattresses tend to offer more of a soft, bouncy feel. So, to serve the needs of all kinds of sleepers and give your back and spine the best support, our all-foam latex mattress layers are manufactured using the Dunlop process.

      • Easy to Assemble - comes in 4 box

        We ship our organic and natural latex mattresses in 4 different boxes. This makes it easy for anyone to carry, unbox and assemble them in under 30 minutes.

      Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress - Green, Natural, and Certified Organic

      The Turmerry Made in USA Latex Hybrid Mattress model is designed for all body types and sleeping positions. The mattress's mid-range firmness level should help it adapt to all positions, relieving pressure and supporting the back, hips, and shoulders.

      The mattress features several eco-friendly materials, including FSC-certified natural Talalay latex, organic wool, organic cotton, and pocket coils made from recycled steel.

      Talalay latex works well with the coil system, providing airflow and breathability for those who tend to overheat. This unique latex material gives the mattress some bounce, making it easier to reposition if you’re a combination sleeper.

      Best latex hybrid mattress - Turmerry


      • Best of both worlds

        With our latex hybrid mattress, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The 2-inch latex foam used is soft, contouring, and comfortable to sleep on. And, the pocketed coils are very effective at offering a solid foundation and personalized support. Together, they make a superior alternative to traditional mattresses made of foam or springs.

      • Lighter than all-latex

        In contrast to our heavy all foam latex mattress, which has an 8/10/12 inch latex foam layer, the latex hybrid option has 2 inches of latex, and 8 inch pocket coils make up the rest of the mattress. We pack our hybrid latex mattress in a single box so that it is pretty much easy for you to transport it from one room to another.

      • FSC certified

        To fulfill our mission of providing safe products to our customers, the materials used in our latex hybrid mattresses have been tested and certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). We harvest our materials in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible, ensuring the health of both you and the environment!

      • Customizable Sizes

        Choose from a variety of sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. No matter how big or small your room is, you can easily choose the right size latex hybrid mattress to make it the perfect fit.

      • Easy to assemble - Comes in 1 Box

        Thanks to modern technology, our hybrid latex mattress can now fit inside just one box! Don't worry; it won't harm the mattress in any way. This single box can be easily carried to where you want to set up the mattress, and once opened, you can simply let the mattress decompress, which will only take a few hours to get the full size.

      • Great motion isolation

        The pocketed coil units each individually absorb pressure, providing a surface that prevents motion from being transferred from one end to the other due to movement. Couples will find it to be the perfect solution because of this, especially if one of them has trouble falling asleep and is frequently roused by their partner's movements.

      Turmerry Egg Crate Mattress

      Like the natural and organic latex mattresses, our egg crate mattress is all foam with three or four layers of Dunlop latex. Depending on the thickness you choose, the support layer and the middle two layers will measure somewhere between 2 inches and 3 inches. The top layer, which is 2.4 inches thick egg crate foam, is what distinguishes this mattress from others.

      The egg-crate foam is shaped like an egg carton, as you might have guessed. This convoluted shape makes the mattress excellent for the contouring and pain relief it provides. Sleep on it for a few days, and you'll soon be free of any pain or ache that has been bothering you.

      The mattress shares many characteristics with our natural and organic latex mattresses. It is suitable for all sleeping positions, provides excellent support, and is extremely cooling. The materials used are certified by Oeko-Tex, Eco-Institut, and LGA. A wool layer is placed on top of the mattress to wick away moisture and fend off any fire hazards. This is topped off with a silky smooth certified organic cotton cover.


      • Pain and pressure relief

        You can feel the peak and valley pattern latching onto your body as you lay on the egg crate mattress, gently caressing it and releasing any tension, pressure, or stress that has built up. This is the primary and most noticeable function of the latex egg crate mattress, and it performs so well that you'll notice a difference within a few days or weeks.

      • Balanced support and contour

        The three or four latex layers together provide a firm sleeping surface. Every inch of your body will receive the right amount of support because your weight is distributed evenly across the mattress surface. Along with providing excellent pressure relief and supporting spinal alignment throughout the night, the plush latex egg crate surface is excellent at following the contours of your body.

      • Available in 3 thickness options

        The egg crate mattress comes in thicknesses of 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. Remember that your mattress' thickness will determine how much additional firmness will be added to its surface. Consider adding more thickness if you are a big or heavy sleeper. By doing this, the mattress won't sag and won't cause misalignments. The 8-inch thickness should be adequate for thin and lightweight sleepers.

      • Certified by Oeko-tex, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA

        Eco-friendly organizations like Oeko-Tex, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA have certified every component of our egg crate latex mattress. They make sure that our products are produced and harvested in an organic and sustainable way, making them safe for both the environment and the consumer.

      • Choose from various sizes

        In terms of mattress sizes, everyone has different requirements. Large sizes like a king or California king are preferred by those with spacious rooms or large families. However, given that these are rather pricey, those on a tighter budget are provided with options like twin, full, and queen. The majority of these mattresses are appropriate for single sleepers, and because they typically take up less space, you can set them up in almost any room.

      • Dunlop latex over Talalay latex

        The latex produced using the Dunlop method is significantly denser than those produced using the Talalay method. This offers you a surface that is resolutely firm and much more supportive. While not as springy as Talalay, Dunlop latex is often more resilient and responsive to your movements.

      Why Choose the Best Latex Mattresses from Turmerry?

      Only the highest-quality latex mattresses are made by our team at Turmerry. We guarantee that every single aspect of the manufacturing process—from conception to completion—is done flawlessly. Our three mattresses each contain natural and organic latex that has been sourced from rubber trees in Sri Lanka using sustainable practices.

      Latex is our signature material, as we consider it safer to use over synthetic products like memory foam mattresses. Being sustainable and biodegradable makes it much more environmentally friendly. Additionally, as part of our "one order, one tree" initiative, we plant a tree for each latex mattress that you buy!

      In addition to our commitment to the environment, our website offers you the very best shopping experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and the range of options you have when buying a mattress.

      Select from 3 unique styles

      The natural and organic latex mattress, the latex hybrid mattress, and the egg crate mattress. You have the option of choosing between three different mattresses with three different construction techniques, each of which offers a unique feature.

      • The natural and organic latex mattress will gladly satisfy your preference for an all-foam latex mattress.

      • The latex hybrid mattress combines the benefits of natural latex and pocketed coil springs to create a bouncy, comfortable, and supportive sleeping surface. If you prefer innerspring mattresses but want one that is more comfortable than the standard innerspring mattresses, this is the mattress for you.

      • If you love the feel of an egg crate mattress topper but aren't satisfied with its temporary status, then the egg crate mattress provides a more permanent solution for you.

      Available in all standard US mattress sizes

      Best Twin Latex mattresses

      A twin-sized latex mattress measures 38 X 75 inches. The smallest of the group, it is intended for single sleepers who are less than 6 inches tall, teens, and toddlers who are outgrowing their cribs. The twin bed is portable and can fit in small spaces (7 x 10 feet).

      best Twin XL latex mattresses

      A twin XL latex mattress measures 38 X 80 inches. It shares a similar width as a twin but is greater in terms of length. Twin XL mattresses are best for single sleepers who are taller than 6 inches. Students and toddlers of similar heights or who are expected to reach a similar height can also choose the twin XL. Similar to the twin, it is portable and can fit in small spaces (8 x 10 feet).

      best Full latex mattresses

      A full-sized latex mattress measures 54 X 75 inches. This size, also known as "standard double," is ideal for single people who want to spread out and take advantage of a generous mattress surface. It isn't as good for couples as a queen or king-size, though. A full mattress is an option for couples who don't mind giving up sleeping space, are on a tight budget, or have a small living space. It's also suitable for guest rooms.

      best Queen latex mattresses

      A queen-sized latex mattress measures 60 X 80 inches. Couples who are on a budget of less than $1000 and require more space than a full-sized bed typically choose this mattress size. A queen-size mattress is also ideal for single people who move around a lot while sleeping. For some of our mattresses, you can select the "split queen" option if you and your partner have different bedding requirements, such as different firmness and thickness requirements.

      best King latex mattresses

      A king-sized latex mattress measures 76 X 80 inches. Couples with kids or pets frequently opt for the king-size bed. King beds are always a good option for families. For single sleepers, however, it might be excessive. But if you prefer a lot of space, then go for it, we say! A king mattress can also be purchased as a "split king," in which the mattress is divided into two parts, each with its own set of customizations.

      best California King latex mattresses

      A California king latex mattress measures 72 X 84 inches. The California King is the most luxurious and spacious mattress size that we offer. It can easily accommodate an entire family with pets (if any). The increased length is also beneficial for taller customers, particularly those over the 6-inch mark. Cal king mattresses are perfect for master bedrooms measuring 12 x 12 feet, though a room measuring 12 x 14 feet would be preferred to accommodate the mattress' additional length.

      Get relief from pain and pressure points

      Our bodies often feel exhausted after a stressful day. Pains from the past and the present, such as back pain, muscle tension, and joint aches, may be rife in our bodies. To help your body release all the stored negative energy, our latex beds stimulate your pressure points. As a result, the body's circulation is also improved, giving you more energy and a refreshed feeling when you wake up in the morning.

      Bedsores are another problem that latex mattresses are known to prevent. Latex can greatly conform to a person's body curves, distributing pressure evenly and preventing the development of sores in specific locations. Even studies have shown that latex relieves body pressure more effectively than synthetic foam.

      Great for sleepers with allergies

      Natural latex is an allergen-resistant material, or, in other words, it is hypoallergenic, meaning there's a greatly reduced risk of any allergies being provoked by our mattresses. Because our mattress is hypoallergenic, it is protected from invasion by dust mites and other similar allergens.

      Sleep clean and healthy

      Maintaining a healthy microclimate in your bedroom is a fantastic way to improve your health after a good night's sleep. Due to the hypoallergenic nature of the latex foam we use for your mattress, dust mites are largely kept out and from living inside it. Our mattress covers also serve as a barrier, preventing dust and other contaminants from settling directly on the foam. You will be given a safe and hygienic sleeping space in this way.

      Perfect for all types of sleepers

      Our mattresses are suitable for all types of sleepers, regardless of size, shape, age, or pregnancy. You're guaranteed a comfortable night's sleep thanks to the adjustable firmness and height. The mattresses are also ideal for all sleeping positions.

      Side, back, and stomach sleepers all have different bedding needs. If you know the type of mattress surface that you need for your preferred sleeping position, then our latex mattresses can prove to be a great choice for you.

      Free Shipping

      One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that you don't have to leave your home and spend hours looking for the ideal mattress. Our mattresses will be delivered to your home free of charge! That's right, we provide free shipping to all of our customers in the US, unlike other traditional or online brands who charge you extra for bringing the mattress to you.

      Warranty and Trial Period

      Our mattresses are built to last, and we have high expectations for their longevity. We, therefore, generously provide our customers with warranties that can last up to 20 years! A latex mattress' lifespan can even go beyond 20 years if properly cared for.

      But before making a mattress purchase, we'd all like to know what we're getting into, right? Traditional retailers allow you to test the mattresses before you buy them. By providing trial periods, online shopping elevates this to a whole new level. Turmerry provides 120-day trial periods for its mattresses. You can try them out in the convenience of your own home before deciding whether to make the purchase.

      How to Care for Your Turmerry Latex Mattress?

      Your latex mattress should be a priority that you take care of on a weekly or monthly basis. Not only does it keep the mattress clean, but it also avoids the buildup of any impurities that might later harm your health. If the steps listed below are properly carried out, your latex mattress' lifespan will be extended, preventing you from having to buy a new mattress for a very long time.

      Vacuum and spot clean whenever necessary

      Under no circumstances should you machine wash one of our latex mattresses, as the latex foam will start to deteriorate within a few years due to its warped state. Instead, vacuum once a week to get rid of surface-level debris, and then spot-clean any areas where liquid spills have occurred.

      All the dust, dirt, and crumbs from the mattress surface can be gently vacuumed away with an upholstery attachment. Any stain from bodily fluids and liquid spills can be removed by spot cleaning (gently dabbing the stained area) with mild detergent and water. Make sure you air out and dry the mattress fully after spot cleaning!

      Rotate the mattress

      When you rotate your mattress, the top end (where you rest your head) moves down to the bottom end (where you rest your legs) and vice versa. We suggest rotating your latex mattress every three months. Your mattress is strengthened to prevent sagging and dipping thanks to the rotations. Since the latex foam will continue to have an even consistency over time, you'll receive excellent support.

      Reminder: Avoid flipping the mattresses, especially the hybrid and egg-crate models, as doing so compromises the valuable benefits they offer.

      Use a mattress topper

      Mattress toppers are foam layers that are removable and have special properties of their own. By placing a mattress topper on top of the mattress, you can reduce wear and tear on the mattress surface and preserve it for when the mattress topper is no longer necessary. In addition to what the mattress offers in terms of comfort and support, a mattress topper will also offer more of both.

      If you are concerned that adding a mattress topper will reduce the benefits of the mattress, you can purchase one that closely resembles the surface of the mattress. For instance, a latex egg-crate mattress topper would be the best option if you already own a latex egg-crate mattress. Similarly, a natural latex topper can be used with a natural and organic latex mattress.

      Protect your mattress using a cotton cover

      Prevention is better than cure, the doctors say. The same holds true for mattresses. Don't wait for your mattress to be in danger before adding a mattress cover. Prevent it early! Our latex mattresses come with an organic cotton cover. Although this cover is helpful, we advise utilizing a second cotton cover. When it comes to protection, two is always better than one. Furthermore, adding a second cotton cover will not impair any of the mattress's qualities, so you don't have to worry about that.

      How much does a Latex Mattress from Turmerry Cost?

      The average cost for our latex mattress comes between $800 and $2,100. It differs based on the customizations you choose.

      Take a look below, and you'll get a more precise idea of how much each of our mattresses costs.

      • Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

        Lowest - $799

        Highest - $1,999

        If you're on a budget of around $1500, then the natural and organic latex mattress is perfect for you. As the mattress's size and height are increased, the price changes. Choosing one of these options in a larger size will result in the mattress having more materials, which will raise the overall cost. The cost of a queen-sized, 10-inch, average version of this mattress is $1,399 only. There are no additional shipping fees for US citizens.

      • Latex Hybrid Mattress

        Lowest - $799

        Highest - $1,599

        The latex hybrid mattress is great for those on a budget of around $1000. Right now, the latex hybrid can only be customized in terms of size. The cheapest option is the twin-size, which costs $799, while the twin XL, which is longer, costs $899. The average full size costs $1,099, while the queen size will set you back $1,199. Both the King and the Cal King cost $1,599.

      • Latex Egg-Crate Mattress

        Lowest - $799

        Highest - $2,099

        If you are on a budget of around $1500, an egg crate mattress is another considerable option. The cheapest option is the Twin size, 8 inch mattress which costs $799. It goes without saying, however, that the price of a mattress goes up as the size and height increase.

      Why Choose Natural Latex Mattress Over Memory Foam?

      The conflict between natural latex and memory foam mattress is an age-old tale that has gained traction in recent years. Where one excels, the other fails. Memory foam originated as a byproduct of NASA research, where it was used to cushion test pilots during flights. Latex has an even longer history, dating back to indigenous cultures in Mesoamerica, where it was used to make rubber balls for ballgames.

      The two materials have a distinct history, but how do they compare in today's mattress market? Well, take a look below, and you'll find out how and why natural latex often triumphs over memory foam.

      • Natural latex is safer and healthier

        Natural latex, derived from natural sources such as rubber trees, is manufactured with a very low percentage of additives (3-5%). The remaining latex foam is completely natural and safe to sleep on. Its hypoallergenic nature also keeps your room's atmosphere healthy. Memory foam is a synthetic material created by combining chemicals with polyurethane. When you open them, they are known to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during off-gassing episodes. You risk harming your health by inhaling these VOCs.

      • Natural latex is biodegradable and eco-friendly

        As a natural product, latex can safely and quickly reintegrate back into the Earth over the course of a few months or years. Polyurethane, a kind of plastic, is the source of memory foam. It is, therefore, a synthetic product that takes a long time to degrade after being thrown away. Even when it does decompose, which could take decades, it is still releasing synthetic plastic into the atmosphere. This is detrimental to both the environment and every species that depends on the Earth for survival.

      • Natural latex is breathable and cooling

        Natural latex is a breathable substance. It doesn't constrict airflow when you're sleeping on it and allows for the surface to remain cool. Some manufacturers perforate the latex foam to increase its breathability. On the other hand, memory foam holds onto body heat to be able to conform better to your body. As the density of memory foam increases, it becomes more difficult for the retained heat to dissipate. We mention this because higher-density memory foam is generally thought to be of higher quality than lower-density variants. For memory foam to be cool, synthetic materials like gel must be added.

      • Natural latex is bouncier and more responsive

        Foam made from natural latex is responsive and springy to the touch. You can easily move about the mattress because there are few restrictions on your movements. Sleepers who alternate sides will adore natural latex. By eliminating the "stuck" sensation that you frequently experience in memory foam beds, you start to feel more like you are sleeping on top of the mattress than inside of it. Memory foam conforms more readily than it responds. Trying to move around on it may prove to be a little slower because of how well it conforms to your body.

      • Natural latex is resilient and durable

        Vulcanization, a process used in the production of natural latex, strengthens and makes it more difficult to separate the bonds between its molecules. This significantly boosts latex's resilience, which in turn increases its resistance to sagging and other wear-and-tear problems. Mattresses made of natural latex have a lifespan of 15 years or longer. This period can be extended to 20 years with proper maintenance. Even with high density, the lifespan of memory foam is much shorter, hovering around 7-9 years. Low-density memory foam has even shorter lifespans, typically lasting only 4-6 years before showing signs of wear and tear.

      Your Sleep Matters. Your Mattress Should Too.

      Sleeping is one of the most important acts you perform during the course of a 24-hour period. It soothes your tired bones, allowing them to regain their natural strength. When you don't get enough sleep, tiredness sets in. Then human body is not designed to function continuously. While you sleep, the brain removes harmful waste, repairs cells that have been damaged, and releases a number of proteins and hormones. All of this benefits you, in turn, by lowering stress, enhancing health, reviving the muscles, and maintaining brain health.

      Now that we've established the value of a good night's sleep, it's time to consider how we accomplish it. The mattress holds the top priority in a sleeper's routine. Your body rests on this surface, so if it isn't comfortable or supportive enough, you'll start to lose a lot of sleep. This can even cause previously undiagnosed problems, such as insomnia.

      Determine the kind of mattress you require. Today's market offers five popular mattress types: latex, memory foam, hybrid, innerspring, and airbeds. It's important to conduct research before selecting a mattress. Decide what features you want in a mattress. For instance, a latex mattress offers a wonderful balance of comfort, support, and pain relief. They are also hypoallergenic, cooling, and environmentally friendly.


      1. What is the difference between a Turmerry all-latex foam mattress and a Turmerry latex hybrid mattress?

        An all-latex foam mattress is composed entirely of latex foam. All three layers of the mattress—the comfort layer, the middle layer, and the support core—are made of Dunlop latex foam. A latex hybrid mattress, on the other hand, combines latex foam and pocket coils. Talalay Latex foam makes up the comfort layer, and pocketed coils make up the support core. The latex hybrid offers you the best of both worlds (latex and spring), whereas all-foam offers you the padded qualities of a single material.

      2. Are latex mattresses good for side sleepers?

        For people who sleep on their sides, latex mattresses are ideal. Side sleeping necessitates a medium-firm mattress surface with little to no sinkage.

        Most materials, such as memory foam and poly foam, are designed to conform to your body, causing you to sink into the mattress. Sinkage causes spinal misalignment in side sleepers. Latex mattresses prevent sinking by providing the proper amount of support, keeping your spine and body in an upright posture.

      3. What are the benefits of Turmerry latex egg crate mattresses?

        A 2.4" thick egg crate layer sits atop our latex egg crate mattress. This layer has a convoluted design that resembles an egg carton. Your body is well-contoured by the peaks and valleys, which release pressure from pressure points and give you a therapeutic feeling. This is the primary function of the latex egg crate mattress. Aside from that, it has all of the benefits of an all-foam latex mattress, such as being hypoallergenic, cooling, supportive, durable, and comfortable.

      4. What is the best mattress to sleep on - Latex or Memory Foam?

        In the mattress industry, latex and memory foam are both common options. Each stands out from the others thanks to its own distinctive characteristics. But when compared, we'd suggest latex over memory foam.

        On the whole, latex is a versatile material. It has enticing characteristics like cooling, eco-friendliness, hypoallergenicity, coziness, and support in its standard form. In addition to offering advantages of its own, latex has all the positive qualities of memory foam.

      5. Is a latex mattress good for back pain?

        For those who suffer from back pain, a latex bed is an excellent option. A sinking, unsupportive mattress surface is a common source of back pain. Latex mattresses, particularly those made of the Dunlop variety, provide firm support. This prevents sinkage and keeps your body in a neutral position regardless of how you sleep. Mattresses made of latex also have properties aimed at reducing pressure. Just be sure to choose natural or organic latex over synthetic latex.

      6. Can you sleep on a latex mattress if you are allergic to latex?

        An individual develops a latex allergy when their immune system reacts negatively to natural rubber latex. If you have a latex allergy, we do not advise purchasing a latex mattress.

        Latex allergy symptoms may include hives, itchy skin, or even anaphylaxis, which can cause throat swelling and extreme difficulty breathing.


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