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Best Mattress for Couples

Are you looking for the ideal mattress to sleep on with your partner? Turmerry has got you covered on that front! Made with eco-friendly, certified components, our mattresses are safe to use, comfortable to sleep on, and noiseless as well as motion-isolating, making for a night of great sleep for you and your partner!

Natural and Organic Latex Mattress


Egg Crate Mattress


Latex Hybrid Mattress


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GOTS Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector Cover


An all-foam or hybrid mattress that has latex in it is our top recommendation as the ideal mattress for couples. Latex mattresses are imbued with a plethora of benefits, such as support, comfort, motion isolation, and cooling, that are often deemed essential for couples. Let's take a deeper look at why we recommend latex mattresses -

  • Sufficient comfort and support, no matter the weight of the sleepers or sleeping positions they adopt. Latex mattresses also tend to have great edge support, which prevents you or your partner from falling off the edges of the mattress.

  • No noise and motion transfer when someone moves around, which is especially useful for light sleepers who are awoken by the slightest environmental shifts.

  • Eco-friendly and healthy, both for the consumer and the environment, allowing you to build the perfect microclimate within your bedroom and a healthy climate outside it.

  • Highly cooling through the breathability offered by latex, which is necessary for couples as there is twice the body heat.

  • Great durability, often lasting up to 15 years or more. Natural latex is greatly resilient to wearing and tearing, which is something that occurs more quicker with couples on one bed.

The features mentioned above are exactly what you will find in Turmerry latex mattresses. Notice how we say "mattresses." That's because we have three different types for you to choose from! Take a look at each of them below.

Three different mattress types, in case you don't agree with your partner on the first two!

We don't want you and your partner fighting over two different choices, so we've introduced three instead. In case you want one, and your partner wants the other, you can just agree on the third as a compromise!

Natural and organic latex mattress for couples

The natural and organic latex mattress is where we started our collection. With a simple all-foam construction, it contains three layers of Dunlop latex (which is firmer than Talalay latex), each with its own firmness level. You'll also get a zippered organic cotton cover within which you assemble the latex foam layers. The cover makes cleaning easier and keeps your mattress protected from impurities. For the fire retardant (and temperature regulation), we add a layer of organic wool.

You can choose from a variety of sizes, of which queen, split queen, king, split king, or cal king are ideal for couples; a variety of heights, of which 10 or 12 inches should suffice; and a variety of firmness levels, where medium-firm should provide balanced support and comfort.

Latex hybrid mattress for couples

The latex hybrid mattress combines pocketed coils and Talalay latex foam to provide you with the best of both worlds. The 8" individually wrapped coils make for a great support core that also contributes to motion isolation, while the 2" latex foam makes for the ideal comfort layer, which relieves pressure, contours the body, and absorbs motion. All of this arrives in one box, making for an easy setup.

You are able to customize the size of the latex hybrid mattress, but the firmness level remains in a constant "medium firm" state, which should provide the ideal balance of support and comfort.

Egg crate mattress for couples

The egg crate mattress is the latest addition to our collection. It follows a similar all-foam construction as our natural and organic latex mattress, but with the added advantage of a 1.4" egg crate foam layer. This allows the egg crate mattress to offer additional pressure relief and contouring, much more than what you would receive from a plain mattress surface.

If you or your partner love the feeling of an egg-crate mattress topper caressing pressure points, then this is the mattress for you!