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Best Mattress for Light Weight Sleepers

Lightweight sleepers are categorized as those that weigh around 130 pounds or less. Being lightweight, you will need a mattress that cushions your body very well. A firm mattress can, therefore, be ruled out in this case. The best mattress for lightweight sleepers would be a soft, supportive one that doesn't cause discomfort. Well, guess what? You're in luck! Turmerry offers some of the most well-balanced latex mattresses you'll ever come across in your life!

Natural and Organic Latex Mattress


Latex Hybrid Mattress


Egg Crate Mattress


What Makes a Turmerry Latex Mattress Ideal for a Lightweight Sleeper?

Most lightweight sleepers want the same thing as everyone else - ample support and comfort. To get this, however, they need to customize some areas of their mattress before they finalize their purchase.

  1. You can customize Turmerry Mattresses to a great extent

    Choose from a variety of firmness, height, and size options from our latex mattresses. We have 4 firmness levels - soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. Soft and medium-firm are the best at providing light individuals with proper comfort and spinal alignment. When it comes height, you can choose between 8, 10, and 12 inches, of which 8 or 10 inches is ideal for lightweight sleepers. And when it comes to size, you can find all standard US sizes to make the mattress perfectly fit the dimensions of your room.

  2. Turmerry only uses high-quality, certified materials

    The natural latex we use in our mattresses is sustainably obtained from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. They are free of potentially harmful chemicals and VOCs that are often found in polyfoam and memory foam mattresses. Latex is also highly durable, which means it will last for at least 15 years if cared for properly. To assure you of our dedication to this cause, we have obtained certifications from institutions such as GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, etc.

  3. We use both Dunlop and Talalay latex

    Dunlop latex is manufactured in a way that makes it denser and firmer than Talalay latex. We use Dunlop latex for our all-foam mattresses and Talalay latex as a comfort layer for our hybrid mattress. Though Dunlop is firmer than Talalay, you can customize its firmness and bring it down to soft or medium firm. This way, even our Dunlop latex can provide you with sufficient support as well as exquisite cushioning.

Three Different Mattresses - See Which One Suits You Best!

Turmerry has three unique latex mattress types for lightweight sleepers. Each one is available in firmness options suitable for light individuals. Take a look for yourself!

Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

This all-foam mattress is our top recommendation for light individuals. It is assembled with three (or four) Dunlop latex foam layers, which are then wrapped in a soft, smooth organic cotton cover. There's also a layer of organic wool which acts as a fire retardant and regulates temperature.

Latex Hybrid Mattress

The latex hybrid mattress is a combination of spring coils and latex foam. It is shipped in a single box and contains 8" pocketed coils for support, paired with 2" Talalay latex foam for comfort. You get the best of both materials, which makes for a consistent medium-firm experience. You can customize its size to choose from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, or Cal king.

Egg Crate Mattress

Our egg crate mattress has an all-foam structure as well. Along with the plain surface latex layers, however, comes a 1.4" egg crate foam layer. The convoluted surface of this egg crate layer can provide the sleeper with extra contouring and pressure relief.