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Best Mattress Made in USA

Are you a United States resident? Do you want a quality latex mattress shipped right to your doorstep within a week? Then you're in the right place! Turmerry is a US-based company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide free and fast shipping on some of the highest-quality natural latex mattresses! We can also ship our mattresses to US territories, such as Hawaii and Alaska, at FedEx and USPS rates.

Latex Hybrid Mattress


Why Are Turmerry Latex Mattresses Among the Best Mattresses Made in America?

US-made mattresses are well known for their employment of high-quality materials, compliance with safety regulations, and overall durability. Though they're a bit more expensive than mattresses from other countries, the cost is justified by their multitude of benefits.

  1. Top-of-the-shelf Quality

    Turmerry prides itself on its attention to detail and craftsmanship. To start with, we use natural latex as our core material. It is sustainably sourced from rubber trees and manufactured using the Dunlop method to ensure firmness and durability. For our all-foam beds, we guarantee at least 15 years of longevity if you maintain them properly. We even offer you a generous 20 year warranty to back up our claims!

  2. Customization and Variety

    Turmerry offers three types of mattresses, including all-foam and spring constructions. There are many ways in which you can customize our mattress to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of sizes, heights, and firmness levels. No matter what type of sleeper you are, we have a suitable mattress for you!

  3. Certified and Eco-Friendly

    GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT are a few of the organizations that have provided us with their certifications. We care deeply about our customers and the environment. These certifications stand to show our commitment to providing the customer with a quality product and the environment with a biodegradable one. Yes, that's right! You can easily repurpose our mattresses without having to worry about polluting mother earth.

  4. Customer and Worker Safety

    Our workforce and customer base are both huge parts of our pride and glory. Turmerry only works with vendors who follow the strictest environmental standards, best industrial practices, fair trade, and no child labor policy. We also manufacture our latex foam with the highest possible chemical-free standard, ensuring the customer doesn't face issues like the off-gassing of VOCs.

  5. Quick Shipping and Long Trial Period

    Every USA resident gets the same treatment when it comes to shipping - it's fast, and it most definitely is free! On a typical day, you'll have your order at your doorstep within 2-5 business days. You'll be able to try out our mattresses for 120 days from the day of arrival. A four-month trial period should help you identify whether our mattress is right for you!

Three Unique Mattresses to Choose From!

Choose from three unique mattress types, each differing in construction and consisting of its own unique set of benefits.

Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

The natural and organic latex mattress is all foam. When assembled, it will have three (or four) layers of Dunlop latex, which are then combined with organic wool for fire retardancy. Wool is also a great temperature regulator, and it combines well with breathable latex to give you a cool night's sleep. All of this is encased within a certified organic cotton cover.

You can customize the size, height, and firmness of our natural and organic latex mattresses. Choose from all standard US sizes and find the one that fits your bedroom. For the height, you can choose from 8, 10, or 12 inches. And for firmness, you can choose from soft, medium, firm, or extra-firm.

Latex Hybrid Mattress

The latex hybrid mattress is a combination of two mattress types, namely - innerspring and foam. Our hybrids contain an 8" layer of pocketed coils for support and a 2" layer of Talalay latex foam for comfort. Pocketed coils are currently the best coil type available on the market, offering way better support, motion isolation, and noiselessness. Combined with the Talalay latex, you'll get a perfect medium-firm feel from our latex hybrid mattress! You can customize its size and choose from any standard US size.

Egg Crate Mattress

The egg crate mattress is also entirely made of latex foam. But what sets it apart is the additional 1.4" of egg-crate foam that is placed on top of it. This convoluted layer of foam offers you additional contouring and pressure relief than a plain mattress surface.

The egg crate mattress can be chosen in various heights, sizes, and firmness levels. You can opt for extra support by increasing the firmness and height. For couples who seek a different feel from their side of the mattress, we also offer split king and split queen sizes.