Mattress Protectors, Topper Covers and Pads






Purchase natural and certified organic waterproof mattress protectors and mattress pads from Turmerry and get same day fast and free shipping. All mattress protectors, and pads and topper covers are in stock in our Charlotte, NC location. All of Turmerry's waterproof mattress protectors are non-toxic and eco-friendly. An organic mattress cover protects and extends the life of your mattress while adding extra comfort.

Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector Cover


Wool Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad


Zippered Mattress Topper Cover


Reversible Fleece And Cotton/Wool Quilted Mattress Pad


Deluxe Zippered Mattress Topper Cover


Latex Mattress Topper


Egg Crate Mattress Topper



What is the best type of mattress protector?

The best type of mattress protector depends on your personal needs and tastes. If you don't need any extra padding, a natural cotton mattress cover is a great fit. Its waterproof and organic design protects your mattress from spills, damage, and wear-and-tear without making it hotter or less comfortable. If you want a little more padding, a natural waterproof mattress pad is a good choice. It will offer extra cushion and support, without the need for a mattress topper. If you have a natural mattress topper already, then a zippered mattress topper cover is a great and easy way to protect it.


Do mattress protectors really work?

Yes, but a high quality mattress cover is going to protect your mattress better. Turmerry's premium organic mattress covers are made with the highest quality materials, and are one of the best ways to keep a mattress in good condition. Organic mattress pads and protectors are both longer-lasting and more comfortable than their synthetic counterparts, and often keep you cooler at night. A mattress is an investment- so protect it with the right organic, high quality mattress protectors and covers from Turmerry.


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