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              Do you desire a king-size mattress experience that doesn't require you to have a luxurious master bedroom? Meet the RV short king mattress! Measuring 72 inches wide x 75 inches long, it is a narrower, shorter version of the regular king mattress.

              A practical and royal solution for the restricted space in RVs, you can find one of the best RV short king mattresses at Turmerry! Made of natural and organic materials like latex, wool, and cotton, it's the perfect new RV mattress for all your travel adventures.

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              • The RV short king mattress measures 72 inches wide and 75 inches long.
              • RV short king mattresses are 4 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter than a standard king mattress. They fit into RVs and smaller spaces where a regular king won't fit.
              • At Turmerry, you can find one of the best eco-friendly short king RV mattress types, with layers of supportive Dunlop latex foam, natural New Zealand wool, and an organic cotton cover.
              • We also provide three other unique mattress models - An all-foam latex mattress, a latex hybrid mattress, and a latex egg crate mattress.
              • Turmerry provides Free Shipping across the US, a 120-Night Trial Period, and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
              • Through our "one order one tree" initiative, we plant a tree for every mattress purchase.

              An Introduction to the Turmerry Natural and Organic RV Mattress

              Compact, cushioning, supportive, cooling, and durable – the Turmerry Natural and Organic RV Mattress goes by many titles. The core material featured in our RV mattresses is organic latex, which is sustainably sourced from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. We process liquid latex into foam through the Dunlop method, which gives it a firmer feel and makes it more durable than Talalay latex.

              To assemble the Turmerry RV mattress, three Dunlop latex foam layers of varying firmness levels are placed on top of each other. They are then infused with a temperature-regulating, fire-resisting natural New Zealand wool layer, after which they are encased in a breathable organic cotton cover.

              Turmerry RV short king mattress

              The blend of high-quality natural and organic materials in our RV mattress makes it not only a comfortable choice but also an environmentally conscious one. The organic latex offers exceptional support and cushioning while allowing for unrestricted airflow, preventing overheating. Latex’s resilience ensures the mattress's longevity, promising many nights of restful slumber.

              Moreover, the natural New Zealand wool layer serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it regulates temperature, keeping you cool during warm nights and cozy during chilly nights. Secondly, it acts as a natural fire barrier, eliminating the need for harmful chemical flame retardants!

              Why Should You Consider Turmerry RV Short King Mattresses?

              Take a peek at all the wonderful benefits offered by our RV mattress -

              • Dynamic, Responsive, and Bouncy

                As latex is a highly responsive and bouncy material, it allows you to move freely on the mattress. Whether you're a restless sleeper or a combination sleeper, you won't feel bogged down and stuck as you usually do on mattresses like memory foam. And the best part is - wherever you move on the mattress surface, you'll be provided with consistent comfort and support.

              • Firmly Supportive and Softly Cushioning

                Our RV mattresses offer a healthy balance between cushioning and support. Thanks to the latex being manufactured in the Dunlop way, your body will be kept well-aligned throughout the night, ensuring a neutral spine posture. Furthermore, latex possesses an inherent softness that is certain to provide you with a great dose of cushioning, contouring, and pressure relief.

              • Perforated To Be Breathable and Cooling

                The latex foam layers we use are perforated, i.e., carefully pierced with holes, to ensure the maximum amount of airflow through them. Latex, as a material, also possesses an internal open-cell structure, which helps dissipate heat much better, making it ideal for a hot sleeper. To boost the cooling you get, we've also added a layer of natural wool for its temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties.

              • High Resilience and Durability

                Natural latex is a highly resilient material that can withstand 15-20 years of use without encountering issues like premature sagging. The latex you find in our RV mattress is Dunlop latex as well, which tends to last longer than its counterpart - the Talalay latex. The other materials we use, such as natural wool and organic cotton, are also of superior quality.

              • Eco-Friendly and Health-promoting

                Forgoing chemically rich options like the traditional memory foam mattress and gel-infused memory foam mattress, we've chosen our mattress to be environmentally rich and health-promoting. The latex we use is manufactured to the highest organic standard (≥95%). Paired with natural New Zealand wool and organic cotton, you get the ideal mattress for a healthy, minimal VOC lifestyle.

                Eco friendliness
              • Exceptional Motion Isolation and Rigid Edge Support

                Motion isolation and edge support are two aspects essential for couples and families sleeping together. With motion isolation, you can prevent movements on one side of the bed from disturbing the other side. Additionally, edge support maximizes the usable sleeping area of the mattress. This means you can get right up to the edge of the bed and sleep comfortably without feeling like you might roll off.

                Edge support
              • Several Customization Options

                Before finalizing a Turmerry RV mattress purchase, you can customize its firmness, height, and size. For the firmness level, you can choose from soft, medium-firm, firm, or extra-firm. For the height level, you can choose either 8-inches or 10-inches. And for the custom size, you can opt for a Full XL, RV Short Queen, or RV Short King. The ability to customize makes our RV mattress ideal for all sleeper types and sleeping positions.

                Firmness and height
              • Long Warranty and Viable Trial Period

                With a 20-year warranty and a 120-night trial period beginning the day of purchase, you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of our RV mattresses stress-free!

                Warranty and trial period
              • Free Shipping and 100% Money Back Guarantee

                We offer fast and free shipping across the continental USA so that you can enjoy your new RV mattress quickly. If you find the RV mattress unsatisfactory after 30 days, you can opt for a hassle-free return process where we are willing to provide 100% of your money back!

                Mattress delivery
              • Dedicated Customer Service

                Every step of the way, we're here to help you. If you have any problems regarding our RV mattress, be it compatibility issues, sizing questions, or any concerns about the features and benefits, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you. Communicate via phone, email, or online chat! Your sleep experience is our priority, and we are committed to delivering the best possible assistance throughout your journey with our RV mattress.

                Customer support

              You May Also Like These 3 Other Mattress Types!

              Aside from our RV mattress, we also offer three other mattress options. Don't worry, all of them are eco-friendly, healthy, and high-quality, the same as our RV beds!

              1. Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

                Our Natural and Organic Latex Mattress is meticulously crafted with layers of Dunlop latex foam, enriched with a natural wool layer, and embraced by an organic cotton cover. It is available in a variety of standard mattress sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, split queen, king, split king, and California king. For those who seek indulgent plushness and elevated comfort, this is the perfect choice.

              2. Latex Hybrid Mattress

                Our Latex Hybrid Mattress offers a harmonious blend of luxury and support. Its design melds the softness of a 2-inch Talalay latex foam layer with the stability of an 8-inch pocketed coil support core, culminating in a medium-firm feel. This equilibrium of firmness caters to a wide range of sleep styles, including side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

              3. Egg Crate Mattress

                Unveiling our innovative approach to comfort, the Egg Crate Latex Mattress features a convoluted egg-crate-shaped foam as the top layer. It tenderly conforms to your body's contours, surpassing the sensation of a conventional mattress surface. Engineered for heightened pressure relief and bed sore alleviation, the Egg Crate Mattress stands as an ideal choice for those seeking advanced comfort.

              RV Short King Mattress - Buyer's Guide

              Discover whether an RV short king suits you, the mattress qualities to look out for, personal factors to consider, and the various types of RV short kings.

              What is an RV short king mattress?

              The RV short king mattress size falls between an RV queen and an RV king mattress. It is 72 inches in width x 75 inches in length, making it 4 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter than a regular king mattress. The RV Short King is a compact king-size mattress best suited for restricted spaces like an RV, camper, or travel trailer.

              RV short king mattress dimensions

              Should you choose an RV short king mattress?

              Take a look at these factors below, as they can help you decide whether an RV short king is the right mattress size choice:

              • Find out whether your RV can accommodate the RV short king - First things first, take out that tape measure! We recommend measuring your RV's bed frame, the dimensions of your old RV mattress, and your overall RV size. Ensure that the RV short king mattress fits smoothly into your RV's sleeping area.

              • Decide whether you require the size offered by an RV short king - Ask yourself how much space you truly need. If you're a solo adventurer or have a small RV, the short king RV mattress size could be overkill and overwhelm your living space. But if you travel in a large RV with a partner, pet, children, etc., then an RV short king mattress can definitely be a beneficial, and sometimes necessary, mattress size.

              • Determine whether your body type is compatible with an RV short king - Taller individuals, especially those above 6 feet, should look for a mattress that offers sufficient length (80 inches or more) to ensure their feet aren't hanging off the edge. An RV short king, however, only offers 75 inches of length, so it's usually not an ideal sleep space solution for such tall individuals.

              • Consider if your budget can handle an RV short king - Ah, budget, the voice of reason. On average, an RV short king mattress can cost around $800-$1000 or more. Make sure that choosing the RV Short King aligns with your financial plans. Find a middle ground that keeps both your wallet and your sleep happy.

              • Consider how many people are occupying the sleeping area - If you're rolling with a partner or family members, the RV short king size could provide ample space for restful sleep without feeling cramped. Consider your sleep habits as well. If you're a sprawler or switch sleeping positions constantly, the extra width can make all the difference.

              • Evaluate the benefits/drawbacks of a shorter king mattress for future setups - Think about the long haul. If your RVing journey might evolve to a bigger rig or even a different living arrangement, consider how versatile the RV short king mattress will be. Flexibility in size might just be your secret ingredient to adaptability.

              Choosing the perfect mattress is like finding a travel companion – it's got to fit your style, your space, and your aspirations.

              Mattress shopping

              RV Short King: Personal factors to consider

              If you've decided to go for an RV short king after having evaluated the factors above, then you'll need to choose from various mattress types, like a latex, hybrid, innerspring, or memory foam mattress. Before we delve into that, take a look at these important personal factors to consider:

              • Body Weight

                Your body weight can influence how a mattress supports and cushions you. If you're on the heavier side, you might benefit from a mattress with a high-density, firmer, thicker build, as it doesn't sink much and offers extra cushioning.

                Body weight
              • Sleep Positions

                Sleeping positions can affect how your weight is distributed on the mattress. Side sleepers often need a mattress with a softer top layer to cushion their hips and shoulders. Back sleepers generally benefit from a balanced firmness for spinal alignment, while stomach sleepers usually prefer a firmer surface to prevent sinking at the midsection.

                Sleeping position
              • Sleep Environment

                Consider the climates you'll be traveling through. If you often find yourself in warmer regions, mattresses with cooling features like gel memory foam, breathable latex foam, or moisture-wicking wool can help regulate your body temperature for a more comfortable sleep.

              • Health Considerations

                Any existing health conditions, such as back pain, joint pain, allergies, chemical sensitivities, etc., should guide your choice. For back pain/joint pain sufferers, a latex or memory foam mattress can offer pressure relief and support. Allergy-prone individuals may prioritize hypoallergenic materials to prevent allergen buildup. And chemically-sensitive individuals should try to avoid options like a memory foam mattress and opt for organic mattress materials like latex, wool, and cotton.

                Visiting doctor
              • Travel Frequency

                Frequent travelers will want a mattress that can withstand the wear and tear of continuous movement. Look for mattresses from reputable mattress companies that use durable materials, such as latex, to ensure lasting comfort across multiple trips.

                Constant traveling
              • Environmental Considerations

                If sustainability aligns with your values, seek out mattresses made from eco-friendly materials. Organic latex, natural wool, and organic cotton are some of the most popular eco-friendly materials you can find today. Certifications like CertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEX, GOLS, and GOTS can further assure you of low VOC emissions and minimal chemical content.

                Healthy earth

              The different types of RV short king mattresses

              Each type of RV short king mattress has its own advantages. Imbue your next adventure with the contouring embrace of a memory foam mattress, the natural responsiveness of a latex mattress, the balance of a hybrid mattress, or the classic feel of an innerspring mattress.

              1. Traditional Memory Foam Mattress

                The traditional memory foam mattress type is renowned for its body-contouring abilities. The core material used in a traditional memory foam mattress, which is memory foam, can absorb body heat and pressure to conform to the body's shape. In this manner, a memory foam mattress offers personalized comfort, cushioning, and pressure relief.

                The traditional memory foam mattress, however, does have plenty of drawbacks, the most prominent of which are heat retention, VOC off-gassing, and minimal response. Hot sleepers will find the traditional memory foam mattress unsuitable for their needs. Moreover, the chemical VOCs being released can be harmful if inhaled. And since a memory foam mattress is highly conforming, it sinks you into it, offering minimal bounce and response to facilitate movement.

                To counter the issues of a traditional memory foam mattress, other premium memory foam mattress types were introduced. The most effective of these premium memory foam mattress types is the gel-infused memory foam mattress.

                Suggested Read - Memory Foam Mattress - Pros and Cons Guide

                Traditional memory foam mattress
              2. Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress

                The gel memory foam mattress type features a layer of memory foam that is infused with the goodness of cooling gel pods. This gel infusion works to improve the memory foam comfort and cooling aspects, as it helps dissipate heat much better while also making the memory foam mattress bouncier and more responsive.

                A gel memory foam mattress will, however, cost you more than a traditional memory foam mattress. It is also not free from the VOC off-gassing issues mentioned in a traditional memory foam mattress. So, keep your budget and health condition in mind when pursuing a gel memory foam mattress type.

                Gel memory foam mattress
              3. Latex Mattress

                The latex mattress is a direct counter to the chemical-filled gel memory foam and traditional memory foam mattress types. Latex is, at its core, liquid rubber, which is obtained in a sustainable manner from rubber trees. Latex is then manufactured into foam through either the Dunlop method, which makes it firmer, or the Talalay method, which makes it softer.

                Latex mattresses are renowned for their bouncy, responsive surface, which doesn't sink you into it like a memory foam mattress does. Furthermore, besides being organic and eco-friendly, latex mattresses offer great support, pressure relief, breathability (cooling), motion isolation, durability, edge support, and noiselessness. In other words, they offer all the benefits and more of a gel memory foam and traditional memory foam mattress, but without the drawbacks.

                Latex mattress
              4. Hybrid Mattress

                The hybrid mattress is a combination of an all-foam mattress and a spring-type mattress, embodying the best of both worlds. A hybrid mattress often boasts higher quality materials like pocketed coils or offset coils for the support core and latex, memory foam, or gel memory foam for the comfort layer. The combination of high-quality materials and thicker comfort layers is what makes a hybrid mattress unique and more expensive than an innerspring mattress.

                Hybrid mattress
              5. Innerspring Mattress

                The innerspring mattress is one of the oldest mattress types. It uses spring coils for its support core and surrounds it with thin layers of foam/padding for comfort. Traditional innerspring mattresses used to have Bonnell coils or continuous coils for support, which provided a traditionally firm feel. Modern innersprings are slowly shifting to pocketed coils and offset coils as they provide additional comfort. Innersprings are a great mattress choice for those seeking a traditionally firm, bouncy, budget-friendly option.

                Innerspring mattress

              What is the best RV short king mattress type?

              Gathering from our years of experience in the mattress world, our recommendation for the best RV short king mattress type would be either an all-foam latex mattress or a latex hybrid mattress.

              The all-foam latex mattress is a more plush, cushioning option and is ideally suited for those seeking higher levels of comfort.

              The latex hybrid mattress, on the other hand, provides a more balanced feel between cushioning and support and is, therefore, ideally suited for sleepers who prefer a medium-firm sleep surface.

              Latex mattress

              But why latex, you ask? Latex emerges as a remarkable choice, encompassing all the benefits of traditional memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses while gracefully sidestepping their drawbacks, such as harmful levels of VOC off-gassing, heat retention, and less response.

              Latex is also a sustainable, eco-friendly material that can endure 15-20 years of use, all the while providing you with a healthy sleep environment and Mother Earth with a harmonious carbon footprint.

              RV Short King: Mattress qualities to consider

              The key mattress qualities to consider when choosing an RV short king mattress include:

              • Thickness and Firmness - A mattress can be customized primarily through its thickness and firmness. The usual thickness choices you'll find include 8, 10, and 12 inches. And the average firmness options you'll find include soft, medium firm, firm, and extra firm. Increasing the mattress thickness leads to extra cushioning, while increasing the firmness leads to extra support.

              • Durability - An RV mattress faces unique challenges due to travel vibrations and temperature fluctuations. Opt for a mattress with durable materials and quality construction to ensure it withstands the rigors of life on the road.

              • Temperature Regulation - Consider the climate you'll be in. RV mattresses with cooling materials like gel memory foam, latex, and/or wool can help regulate temperature, providing a comfortable sleep environment.

              • Motion Isolation - Sharing an RV means considering your partner's movements. A mattress with good motion isolation prevents one person's movement from disturbing the other.

              • Edge Support - A mattress with strong edge support maximizes usable space. You can sit or sleep near the edges without feeling like you'll roll off.

              • Noise Level - Some mattresses can produce noise when you move. Opt for a mattress with minimal noise to prevent disturbances during the night.

              • Ease of Cleaning - Travel can bring spills and dirt. Look for mattresses with removable, washable covers or easy-to-clean materials that make maintenance a breeze.

              • Trial Period and Warranty - Sleep trials and warranties offer peace of mind. Choose a mattress that provides a long trial period, allowing you to experience its comfort in your RV setting. Also, ensure that it's backed by a reasonable warranty.

              RV short king mattress vs. other typical RV mattress sizes

              Aside from the RV Short King, the most commonly found and typical RV mattress sizes are:

              • RV Short King Mattress (72" x 75") vs. RV Bunk Mattress (28-35" x 75-80") -- RV Bunk Mattresses are much narrower than the RV Short King, but can be similar or greater in length. Bunk beds are usually designed for single sleepers, often children, so they provide compact sleeping options.

                RV short king vs RV bunk
              • RV Short King Mattress (72" x 75") vs. RV Full Mattress (53" x 75") -- The RV Short King surpasses the RV Full Mattress by 19 inches in width, making it a more spacious option. The RV Full Mattress can feel confined for couples, while the Short King offers enhanced roominess.

                RV short king vs RV full
              • RV Short King Mattress (72" x 75") vs. RV Short Queen Mattress (60" x 75") -- The RV Short King shares the same width as an RV Short Queen but is 12 inches wider, providing extra room to stretch out. It's an excellent choice for those who find the Short Queen-size mattress slightly restricting in terms of width.

                RV short king vs RV short queen
              • RV Short King Mattress (72" x 75") vs. RV Queen Mattress (60" x 80") -- The RV Short King is wider than an RV Queen by 12 inches, offering more space for movement and comfort. However, the RV Short King is slightly shorter compared to the RV Queen, so it's not ideal for tall sleepers above 6 feet.

                RV short king vs RV queen
              • RV Short King Mattress (72" x 75") vs. RV King Mattress (72" x 80") -- The RV Short King and the RV King have the same width (72"), making them equally accommodating for sharing with a partner. However, the RV King offers an additional 5 inches in length, which can be especially beneficial for taller individuals seeking more legroom.

                RV short king vs RV king

              To learn more about all the typical RV mattress sizes, we recommend checking out our RV Mattress Sizes and Types Guide.

              RV Short King Mattress FAQs

              1. What size is a short king RV mattress?

                Short king RV mattresses measure 72 inches wide x 75 inches long. They are 4 inches narrower and 5 inches shorter than a regular king mattress and are ideal for compact spaces like an RV, camper, or travel trailer.

              2. Are RV mattresses comfortable?

                RV mattresses can be comfortable, but it depends on the mattress type and size you choose. Short king RV mattresses made of latex, for example, are often more comfortable and spacious than twin-size RV mattresses made of traditional innersprings.

              3. Do RVs require special mattresses?

                RVs require special mattresses because they aren't as spacious as a regular apartment bedroom. These special RV mattresses are often smaller than regular mattresses. For instance, a king-size regular mattress measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a king-size RV mattress measures 72 inches wide and 80 inches long. RV-friendly sizes like an RV twin, RV full, RV queen, and RV king are usually recommended for RV owners over standard mattress sizes. But if your RV is rather spacious and can accommodate standard mattress sizes, then RV sizes are not a necessity.

              4. Should you buy an RV mattress online or in-store?

                We would recommend trying out a few different RV mattress sizes and types in-store first, then purchasing online. Once you have a clearer idea of what suits you, leverage the convenience and wider selection of online shopping. Look for online retailers that offer free shipping and even white glove delivery services, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to delivery.

              5. What are the best bedding accessories to pair with an RV short king?

                You can enhance your short king RV mattress with essential bedding accessories like a mattress pad for added comfort and protection, fitted sheets designed to perfectly fit the mattress dimensions, and versatile pillows that cater to your personal sleeping habits. These accessories not only ensure a cozy sleep environment but also contribute to the longevity of your RV bedding setup.

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