GOTS Certified Organic Talalay Latex Hybrid Mattress
GOTS Certified Organic Talalay Latex Hybrid Mattress
Green Natural and Certified Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress
Green Natural and Certified Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress
Green Natural and Certified Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress
Green Natural and Certified Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress
Green Natural and Certified Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress
Green Natural and Certified Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress

    GOTS Certified Organic Talalay Latex Hybrid Mattress

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    • Made in USA
    • Organic hybrid mattress with organic wool and organic cotton.
    • Made with premier FSC certified Talalay latex that delivers a unique buoyant quality which relaxes muscles and relieves tension.
    • Made with up to 958 8" pocketed coils from Leggett & Platt® with reinforced Quantum® coil side rail edges and Caliber® steel springs at the head and foot.
    • No off-gassing, chemical flame retardants, fiberglass, or PU foams.

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    Latex Hybrid Mattress made with Talalay Latex and Pocketed Coils

    We all love a good latex mattress, don't we? Its plush yet supportive surface, wonderfully responsive material, and the revitalizing sensation it gives you when you wake up each morning. Undoubtedly, latex hybrid mattresses are among the finest available.

    Sleep on a Turmerry Hybrid Latex Mattress and wake up feeling recharged and refreshed every morning. Experience the difference of the best natural and organic mattress made with Organic Wool , Luxurious Organic Cotton, 100% FSC-certified Natural Talalay Latex, and hundreds of motion-isolating individually encased springs. With our 120 days sleep trial and return policy, you can be confident that you are getting the best mattress at the best price.

    Don't settle for a mattress that doesn't care about your health anymore.

    A Hybrid Mattress Design for Luxury Sleep

    Four essential components make up the latex hybrid mattress' construction. It is topped with a luxurious breathable organic cotton cover (non-zippered). It is accompanied by  organic wool, a fire retardant. Two inches of plush Talalay latex foam make up the comfort layer, and an 8-inch pocket coil serves as the support core.

    Hybrid Construction
    GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

    Organic Cotton

    The organic cotton outer and inner layers we use in our mattress is soft and silky smooth and is among the finest available on the market. It doesn't interfere with the mattress's calming and cooling effects; rather, it amplifies them through its own special brand of design.

    GOTS Certified Organic Wool

    Organic Wool

    The two layers of wool used in our latex hybrid mattress are organic and act as a natural fire retardant. This nullifies the need for synthetic fire retardants, keeping the mattress entirely environmentally friendly while also preventing it from being involved in fire-hazardous situations.

    Wool is a fantastic temperature regulator as well. It will provide you with a cool surface to sleep on during the summer. Similarly, if you need a more cozy and warm surface, especially in the winter, the wool layer comes in handy once more.

    2-Inch FSC Talalay Latex Foam (comfort layer)

    2-Inch FSC Talalay Latex Foam (comfort layer)

    Talalay latex is a much more suitable material for comfort layers. Compared to Dunlop latex, they are softer and much more user-responsive. In addition to providing comfort, the comfort layer also helps to reduce your pain. Talalay latex precisely conforms to the user's body shape and contours, providing excellent relief for the body's stressed pressure points.

    A thickness of 2 inches with a medium firmness works great for all and is the most advisable and preferred for comfort layers. The ILD for this latex layer is 25-29.

    8-Inch Pocket Coil (support core)

    8-Inch Pocket Coil (support core)

    The final layer is the Leggett and Platt pocket coils, which serve as the bed's foundation. They are made of steel, measure 8 inches in total, and are incredibly strong and resilient. Your body will greatly benefit from using this system.

    A pocket-coil mattress has an easier time conforming to the shape of your body because each spring moves independently. It will deliver individualized comfort and the ideal level of support in all the right places. The breathable spaces around it will also offer a cool surface for you to sleep on.

    Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress Certifications

    To keep our environment healthy, we have decided to go through the eco-friendly route with our products. And to prove to you that we are dedicated to this cause, we have obtained certifications that can corroborate what we say and do.

    • FSC

    FSC certification gives consumers confidence that the product they are purchasing has been sustainably harvested and is not contributing to deforestation. It provides assurance that the forest products purchased are being used in a manner that protects biodiversity, improves soil quality, and reduces carbon emissions.

    The principles of FSC certification include: setting clear and long-term goals, using the best available technology, periodically assessing and improving performance, valuing biodiversity and natural resources, engaging local communities, and respecting human rights.

    Why Choose Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress?

    If you're looking for a mattress that provides the perfect combination of natural materials and traditional mattress comfort, the Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress is your best choice.

    Eco friendly

    Eco Friendly Mattress

    The latex hybrid mattress is free of all harsh chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are often touted as the culprits of off-gassing. The latex we use is obtained from natural rubber trees, eliminating the need for the addition of harmful synthetic substances. Every product that we make is with the health of our environment and customers in mind. For further assurance, we have obtained certifications from Oeko-Tex, FSC, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA for many of our products.

    Highly Breathable and Cooling

    Highly Breathable and Cooling Mattress

    The idea that latex or wool sleeps hot is only a myth. It has plenty of space for air to circulate through it, preventing it from trapping heat. The natural wool we use is great at temperature regulation. The latex comfort layer also has natural cooling properties thanks to the breathability of the material. All this, when paired with the excellent airflow that the coils provide, makes for a mattress that can keep you cool throughout the night and well into the morning.

    Motion Isolation

    Motion Isolation Mattress

    It's a dreadful feeling when you occasionally keep waking up to movement. It could be your own movement that is disturbing you, or it could be your sleep partner's. The latex hybrid mattress is great for when you want a stable surface to sleep on.

    The latex foam absorbs a bit of the motion put on it, while the individually wrapped coils absorb the rest of it. These coils are designed to react to specific movements. This means that if there is movement from one end, then it will be isolated before it has a chance to reach the other end. Whether you need to get up in the night or need to switch sleeping positions, the latex hybrid mattress is much less disruptive than traditional spring mattresses.

    Best of both worlds

    Best of both worlds

    The biggest advantage of owning a hybrid mattress is that you get to enjoy the best qualities of the two material combinations used. Here, the latex foam is soft, contouring, and comforting to sleep on. The pocketed coils are great at offering a foundation, isolating motion, and personalizing support. These two combined make for a great pairing, upgrading on the standard all-foam or spring mattress types.

    Pain and pressure relief

    Pressure relief Mattress

    Major pressure build-up areas, such as the back, neck, and joints, can be quite bothersome. After a stressful day, all you want to do is just jump into bed and be able to doze off without worrying about encountering discomfort in these areas when you wake up.

    Our hybrid structure allows for an adequate amount of pressure relief for you. The comforting latex foam and the supportive pocket coils both combine to keep you dozing through the night as well as rejuvenate you by relieving any pent-up stress from pressure points. You'll soon be waking up without any form of discomfort.

    Resilient and durable

    Resilient and Durable Mattress

    Our latex foam, being naturally claimed, is a very durable material. When maintained well, it can last up to or more than 10-15 years. The pocket coils we use are also very durable. This means that our latex hybrid mattress, with the proper support base, can stand up to many years of use without sagging too quickly.

    We guarantee longevity with a lifespan of at least ten years. You'll get a 10 Year Warranty starting the moment you get your mattress. Furthermore, we offer a 120-day trial period so that you won't be locked into the purchase if you don't like it.

    4 Sleeping Positions - 1 Dream Mattress

    We understand the importance of a good night's sleep. And with our unique construction, we're confident that Turmerry is the right mattress for you. Our Latex Hybrid Mattress is designed to be supportive and responsive, so you feel great no matter what position you sleep in - Whether you like to sleep on your side, back, or stomach or favor a little variety, we've got you covered.

    The Perfect Mattress for Every Sleeper

    Filled with the goodness of natural latex and a specially designed spring system, this hybrid provides a custom level of comfort while reducing pressure on your joints and back. The result? A luxurious sleeping experience that aligns your spine for maximum comfort. Whether you're a pregnant woman, light or heavy sleeper, large or thin, old or young — Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress is the perfect option!

    Comparison of All Latex Mattress to Hybrid Mattress

    All latex mattress Hybrid mattress
    Construction Consists of all latex foam core with no springs Consists of latex foam and pocket springs
    Firmness Consists of three layers of firmness, so it can be adjusted to your liking of soft, medium or firm Comes in a medium firmness that works for most of the people
    Weight and ease of handling Although other sellers may sell as one piece and makes it difficult to carry, ours due to multiple layers coming in multiple boxes would be relatively easy to carry Comes in one box compressed. Lighter than the combined weight of our latex mattress boxes but due to it coming in one box, you may need the help of one more person especially for Queen, king and cal king and for carrying it up the stairs
    Feel Supportive and works great for people with pain For people who prefer the bounce and responsiveness
    Type of latex Dunlop latex is used Talalay latex is used
    Price $799-$1999 $799-$1599
    Customizable Yes, due to zippered construction, you can add, remove or upgrade layers to egg crate for example No
    Edge Support Surprisingly decent edge support due to high quality foam Excellent edge support due to the reinforced perimeter of Quantum Edge® coils
    Motion Isolation More than average Excellent due to Bolsa® fabric-encased coil units
    Temperature Neutral Neutral
    Ideal Sleeping Position Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers

    120-Day Trial Period

    We know that purchasing a mattress online can be something many are reluctant to do. After all, when you're shopping online, you are denied the aspect of touch and feel that you get in a traditional mattress shop. You needn't worry about this anymore, as trying out our mattress before you finalize your purchase is as important to us as it is to you.

    Our 120-day trial period spans a little over three months, meaning you get to try out our mattress for an extended time. You can get comfortable with it and see how well it performs. If you do not like it, all you have to do is ask us to take it back, and we'll give you a full refund! An opportunity like this shouldn't be wasted!

    Generous Mattress Warranty and Trustworthy Mattress Return Policy

    Turmerry manufactures each of its products with longevity as one of its core features. And to back this up, we offer generous warranty periods as well. The Turmerry latex hybrid mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, starting the day you finalize your purchase. To know more about warranty, click here.

    Our return policy is something we take seriously. If what we've built isn't up to the standards of our customers, then we'll promptly assist you with the return of the product, and you'll be provided with a full refund on the purchase. To read more about our shipping and return policy, click here.

    Available in All Standard Mattress Sizes

    We offer all the Standard US Mattress Sizes

    Available in All Standard Mattress Sizes
    • Twin

    The dimensions of the twin-size latex hybrid mattress are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. Twin is the smallest size in which the mattress comes. It can fit in rooms of small dimensions. It is mostly purchased for toddlers outgrowing their cribs and guest room use. Single adults who are of less than average height can also use this as their primary bed.

    • Twin XL

    The twin XL, coming in at the dimension 38 inches wide and 80 inches long, is a little bigger than the twin. It is a budget mattress suitable for growing teenagers and kids, adults of average height, and guest rooms. Twin XL can also be fitted for use into an adjustable bed frame.

    • Full

    The full-size latex hybrid comes in at the dimension of 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Single sleepers who need more space than what the twin size offers, single sleepers with children or pets, and couples willing to compromise on leg room and/or have small bedrooms are all the target demographics of the full-size mattress.

    • Queen

    The queen-size comes in at the dimension of 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This is where spaciousness starts, and that too at the lowest price range. It is fantastic for couples who require adequate sleeping space and legroom. For single sleepers, the queen size is spacious enough to roll around and not fall off the entire night.

    • King

    The king-size latex hybrid comes in at the dimension of 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. You will need a large room to fit this in, but it is worth it if you require more space than the queen size. King is ideal for couples who require a lot of sleeping space. If the two individuals want more than adequate sleeping space and want to move around a lot, a king size can easily accommodate that. Plus, it can fit in a family with children and pets, though space will need to be sacrificed a bit.

    • California King

    The largest among all the sizes, the cal king latex hybrid mattress is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. It is for individuals who are very tall (6 ft or more), couples who want a lot of space, and for an entire family with pets. A room measuring 12 feet by 12 feet would be ideal for a cal king mattress, although a room measuring 12 feet by 14 feet would be even better.

    Our Latex Hybrid Mattress is Easy to Assemble!

    The hybrid latex mattress comes in a box and is easy to assemble. Follow these steps -

    1. Bring the box to the room you want it in.
    turmerry 5 zone toppers
    turmerry 5 zone toppers
    1. Open the box and take out the mattress.
    1. Remove the wrapping.
    turmerry 5 zone toppers
    turmerry 5 zone toppers
    1. Lay it down on the floor or your bed base.

    It should be ready to use right away, but we suggest waiting for a few hours and letting it expand a bit.

    How to Clean & Maintain Your Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress?

    Properly maintaining your natural latex hybrid mattress can extend its durability and enhance its resilience to sagging and the like. Maintaining a hybrid mattress might seem like a chore at first, but trust us, it's easier than it looks, and it'll only bring positive results. Here is how you can clean your hybrid mattress properly and how you can keep it clean afterward -

    • Filtering out stray particles

    As you inspect your mattress, you will be able to see a few dust and dirt particles hanging around. The first thing you must do is remove these particles from your mattress. You can do this in two different ways - by using a vacuum or a small handheld brush.

    If you're using a vacuum, make sure the pressure of the suction is minimal, then aim to clean the areas you want to. If you want to use a brush, simply sweep all the dust off of the bed with gentle strokes. For maximum cleanliness, you can also make use of both of the above-mentioned methods at the same time.

    • Spot-cleaning

    If you have unwanted stains on your mattress from a liquid spillage, then you will want to get it out as soon as possible. Spot-cleaning is the optimal way, and perhaps the only way, in which you can achieve this.

    You must first make your cleaning solution. The common mixture here is warm water with gentle laundry detergent or dishwashing soap. Use gentle chemical cleaners that do not contain bleach or ammonia, as they can degrade the latex foam.

    Once you've got your mixture ready, dip a sponge in it and start with the spot where the stain is. Be gentle as you rub the stain out, for too much pressure may lead to the liquid sinking further into your mattress.

    • Drying your mattress

    Keep your mattress in a well-ventilated area once you're done with spot cleaning. There's still bound to be moisture within the mattress, and closing the routes for it to evaporate will lead to the growth of mold and other unwanted microbes. Make sure you keep the mattress away from the sun when you're drying it. Exposure to the sun's rays leads to a degradation in the integrity of the natural latex foam.

    How to Care for Your Latex Hybrid Mattress?

    Invest in a mattress protector

    Mattress protectors are vital if you're clumsy with liquids around your mattress. A mattress protector fits like a bedsheet and doesn't compromise breathability. Protectors keep your mattress safe by making themselves the first line of defense, and they don't impair any of the mattress' good characteristics.

    Air out every once in a while

    Airing out your mattress requires you to keep it in an area that has ventilation. The resulting breathability will remove moisture build-ups and extend the lifespan of the mattress.

    Keep it away from the sun

    Natural latex doesn't do well when it is kept under the sun. The bounce and response of the foam will significantly go down, and it will certainly bring an early death to this vital comfort layer.

    Clean it occasionally

    Vacuuming the dust, removing dirt with a brush, and spot cleaning are things that you should practice on a regular basis. If you have a mattress protector, then all you'll need to do is clean that. If any liquid spillage occurs, then you must clean it as soon as possible. Keep the mattress in good health.

    GOTS Certified Organic Talalay Latex Hybrid Mattress FAQS:

    Latex is a type of material derived from the sap of the rubber tree or synthesized in laboratories. Essentially, pure latex is liquid rubber. When obtained naturally, it is frothed and baked to produce organic latex foam. Natural latex is completely eco-friendly and safe to use because no harsh chemicals have been added to it.

    The manufacturing process for synthetic latex includes the incorporation of chemicals. Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) is used to create the most widely used synthetic latex. Although synthetic latex is less expensive than natural latex, it is also less dependable in almost every way.

    Blended latex is another variation. In blended latex, both the sap from rubber trees and rubber made chemically are combined. A common blend is 30% natural latex and 70% SBR.

    In addition to naturalness, the method of production is another way that latex is distinguished.

    A latex hybrid mattress has latex as the comfort layer and a coil support system beneath it for support. Talalay latex is preferred over Dunlop because it is softer. The latex foam is usually 2 to 3 inches thick.

    No, you should not flip your hybrid mattress. Unlike an all-foam mattress, hybrids have springs beneath them. You are to be sleeping on the comfort layer above these springs, and flipping the mattress means you'll be sleeping on the springs. You can, however, rotate it.

    With the latex cushioning, you can pad the shoulders and hips, align the spine, and reduce pressure points throughout the body. Additionally, the spring system provides support and prevents posture misalignment.

    In general, a latex hybrid mattress should last between 15 and 25 years if you maintain it properly. Latex is a very durable material, which makes it more resilient than its competitors.

    Mattress foundations are the things that give your mattress extra support and height. The best foundations for latex mattresses are Solid Surfaces, Metal Bed Frames, Slatted Frames, Adjustable Bases

    Solid Surface

    A solid surface foundation provides a solid surface, as its name implies. Unlike slatted and adjustable bases, these foundations maintain the same level of support throughout their surface. It replaces traditional box springs and provides a supportive base for hybrid mattresses.

    With solid surfaces, wooden boards form the framework. In most cases, the boards are not spaced apart, so mattresses don't sag. Solid foundations can be used with most bed frames because they are easy to assemble and do not require any tools. A solid surface foundation lifts your mattress 8.5 to 10 inches to a comfortable and safe level.

    Metal Bed Frame

    There are two major types of metal platform beds: wrought iron and steel, and they are characterized by a metal grid and support wires at the base. In addition to providing adequate airflow, these foundations are durable and strong. For hybrid mattresses, metal platform beds are a good alternative.

    Despite the fact that metal beds are extremely strong, they are also easy to clean and easy to assemble. Furthermore, they can hold more weight than wood beds. A wooden bed frame with slats typically lasts for seven to ten years if properly maintained, while a metal frame can last for more than fifteen years.

    Slatted Frames

    Slatted frames have solid wood or metal beams attached to the sides of the frame. The beams run horizontally across the frame, and the slats can be individual or interconnected. Slats are easy to install and relatively cheap. If one breaks, you can swap it out easily. Keep in mind that slats do not raise the bed. They only provide support.

    A hybrid mattress works very well with slatted foundations. The main advantage of a slatted foundation is that it permits air circulation around the mattress, keeping it cool and preventing moisture build-up. Furthermore, slatted foundations provide firm support while allowing for proper flexibility and spinal alignment.

    Adjustable bases

    Those who need to sleep at a specific angle due to a medical condition or those who simply prefer to sleep reclined may find it helpful to have an adjustable base, which allows them to adjust the angle of the mattress.

    Despite their higher price, adjustable bases make an excellent choice for your hybrid mattress, as they offer a number of benefits over other types of foundations. Due to their adaptable foam layers and pocketed coils, hybrid mattresses pair well with adjustable bed bases. When you raise your head or feet, you won't damage the foam or break any springs. Your hybrid mattress, paired with an adjustable bed frame, will provide you with soft, springy support.

    Pocket coils are metal coils that have been individually wrapped in fabrics labeled "pocket" or "sleeve." The fabric sleeves are attached by glue or sewing. These fabric pockets are there to give each spring room to move however they please. In spring or hybrid mattresses, a number of these coils are used primarily as the support core.

    The pocketed springs produce an ideal structure that can support people of various heights and weights. Pocket coils have an easier time conforming to the shape of your body because each spring moves independently. It also greatly reduces pressure in places like the back, neck, shoulders, and hips.

    Pocket coils are an improvement over innerspring. While innerspring mattresses offer all-around support, a pocket spring mattress can offer much more individualized support. Other great features of pocket coils include motion isolation and optimal airflow. You can sleep coolly without worrying about movement waking you up

    For a latex hybrid mattress like Turmerry, a harder surface is much better. A solid surface or slatted frame will allow the mattress to provide the best comfort possible. Due to its coils, a traditional box spring doesn't provide enough support to take advantage of a hybrid mattress to its full potential. The intended feel of our hybrid could be altered if you use box springs. Choosing a foundation that offers strong support across the entire mattress surface will also help your mattress last as long as possible.

    A short stint on the floor won't damage your mattress. However, at Turmerry, we highly recommend not to leave your mattress directly on the floor for long periods of time. Here is why -

    • Lessened Breathability - You won't be able to fall asleep as easily because of how much heat your mattress will retain. If you cannot use or buy a base and must keep your mattress on the floor, then we recommend leaning it against the wall at least once a week. This will allow it to breathe a little. If your mattress is constantly on the ground, it won't be able to get the airflow it needs to breathe.

    • Impurity Accumulation - In the event that you keep your mattress on the floor, you may be encouraging bacteria and even mold to grow on your mattress. If you live in a humid area, the risk is particularly high. It is best to let your mattress breathe by installing a slatted foundation or a higher foundation platform. Breathing will enable the release of accumulated moisture, preventing the accompanying microbes from breeding on your mattress.

    • Excess Firmness - It is great for individuals who need extra support when mattresses are on the floor because they feel firmer and more supportive. Instances like sleeping on your side, however, will not be comfortable because the mattress won't contour to your body well enough and put unnecessary pressure on your hips and shoulders.

    • Unideal Support - Hybrid mattresses have spring bases for support, but their foam form requires a more sturdy mattress foundation to achieve the desired level of support. Ideally, these types of mattresses should be placed on a foundation with closely spaced wooden boards or slats, such as a solid surface or slatted frames.

    Hybrids are one of the best latex mattress options for any type of aches, pain, and pressure point relief.

    Back Pain

    Hybrid mattresses are renowned for their pressure relief. The high level of support and comfort it offers, paired with the right amount of contouring, can easily get you out of your back pain.

    Joint Aches

    When the muscles and joints are aching, be it due to arthritis, sprain, or dislocations, the latex comfort layer can soothe a lot of the pain you feel. Sleep on the mattress long enough, and you'll wake up rejuvenated in the morning.

    Full Body Pain

    The perfect relief for body pain lies in a medium-firm hybrid. It can accommodate your body weight, sleeping position, and other preferences with the right amount of precision and comfort.

    Hip, Knee, and Shoulder Pain

    Hip, knee, and shoulder pain require you to have a mattress that can put the right amount of pressure along these regions. The pocket coils in our hybrid help a lot here, and the latex can further comfort you with its surface.

    Sleep Disorders

    The prevalence of sleep disorders is on the rise. People suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome are just a few to name. Our hybrid mattress provides a great deal of comfort and can help combat many of these conditions.

    Mattresses made of innerspring were the most popular before the advent of latex and memory foam mattresses. Traditional innerspring has within it spring layers that offer its user bounce. And atop this spring layer lies a thin layer of cushioning. Now, this might sound similar to the construction of the latex hybrid, but the type of spring coil used in each type differs.

    Our latex hybrid uses pocket coils, while traditional innerspring use a network of interconnected coil springs. Pocket coils offer more personalized support over the coil spring. Moreover, they shape much better to the body, making it easier to offer you pain relief.

    Despite their similar core structures, hybrids and innerspring mattresses also have varying comfort layers. A hybrid mattress has thick comfort layers that conform to your body, while an innerspring mattress has thin comfort layers that feel firmer.

    The latex material is obtained from the saps of rubber trees. It is then frothed and baked during its manufacturing process to get the necessary foam required for latex mattresses. A latex mattress differs from a hybrid mattress in its construction. Latex is all-foam, meaning there is no usage of springs, only foam. Hybrids, on the other hand, use both springs and foam.

    Latex mattresses depend on foam to distribute their uniqueness. When naturally obtained, latex mattresses are eco-friendly, cooling, contouring, and pain-reliving. Our latex hybrid mattress is similar in most of these qualities, but it has the added advantage of being able to come in a box (mattress-in-a-box) and also being much more lightweight than an all-latex mattress.

    Memory foam is a synthetically produced substance derived by adding various chemical additives to polyurethane. The reason why it has "memory" in its name is that, as time goes on, it gradually starts to remember your body shape and adapts well to it. This offers a high level of contour.

    The memory foam mattress is similar to latex in the way that it is also all-foam. However, memory foam is synthetic, meaning there isn't a sense of eco-friendliness, and there are occasional off-gassing instances that you may want to avoid.

    Our latex hybrid mattress is eco-friendly. It is naturally derived and certified by environmental enthusiasts for its safety. The latex hybrid offers better support over sinkage than memory foam, thanks to the spring support layer we use. Additionally, the latex comfort layer can do what memory foam can, but in an even better manner, and that too organically.

    An inflatable mattress is called an "airbed" or "air mattress." There are numerous types of air mattresses, including those made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), textile-reinforced urethane plastic, and rubber. The popularity of air beds has increased in recent years due to their compact size and portability, along with their ability to be inflated and deflated as needed. They are becoming more popular as guest beds and even permanent beds.

    When sleeping on an air bed, air channels provide support for the body. The latex hybrid can be compared with this in many ways, especially in the level of pressure relief and contour it offers. But, the hybrid is also eco-friendly and natural. Besides that, latex hybrids are much more durable than airbeds and provide way more support.

    Memory foam hybrids make use of memory foam in their comfort layer. Sometimes, synthetic substances like gel are added in to get a gel memory foam surface. The gel helps to keep the user cool while they sleep. Memory foam bed gives you a highly conforming surface that adapts to your body shape very well. It is as if you're being hugged, and once you get out of bed, you can see an outline of your body on the foam's surface. The ability to contour deeply is the main focus of memory foam. However, it is synthetic and, as such, is prone to off-gassing (releasing of VOCs) when you unpack it.

    Latex hybrid mattresses make use of natural or synthetic latex in their comfort layer. What we use is completely natural and organic, as we believe that synthetic latex isn't as safe for our customers and nature. Latex doesn't contain any synthetic additives for its cooling or soothing effects. They are imbibed within the naturalness of the material. The dominant ability that latex has is that it can provide you with a sleeping surface containing a healthy dose of support, pressure relief, contour, and comfort. Additionally, thanks to the superior durability and responsiveness of the material, latex typically outperforms and outlasts memory foam.

    A polyurethane foam comfort layer is used in polyfoam hybrid mattresses. Despite its similar contouring abilities to memory foam, polyfoam offers less pressure relief. To compensate for this, it has better temperature control and is more flexible. Polyurethane foam differs from memory foam mainly because memory foam contains additional chemicals that enhance its density and viscosity. While they are chemically related, they feel very different. Compared to memory foam, polyfoam is also more bouncy.

    In many ways, a latex hybrid is better than a polyurethane hybrid. There are many advantages to latex, aside from its outstanding comfort. Because of its excellent airflow, it is ideal for warm climates, and its natural hypoallergenic properties make it dust-mite-resistant. Latex also offers a higher level of firmness and support than polyfoam. It's true that latex hybrids cost more than polyurethane ones, but the longer lifespan offsets this by a country mile.

    Adjusting to a mattress takes time, as with anything else in life. It is the primary reason why we offer lengthy trial periods for our mattresses. How long it would take you to adjust to the latex hybrid mattress depends on you. It could take you just a few days to maybe even a few weeks or a whole month.

    Take it at your own pace. Even if the mattress feels too firm in the beginning, you should continue using it. Do not expect to be able to adapt to the mattress right away. And do not get stressed about having to buy a new mattress.

    We'll always be here to assist you in returning the mattress if you haven't been able to adjust to it within the 100-day trial period. But we recommend you to at least try it out for two months before making a decision. If, after a few weeks, the mattress is still too firm for your taste, you can try adding an organic latex mattress topper.

    Side sleeping requires you to have a mattress that will cushion the shoulder and hip region. This means a mattress with less sinkage and more firm support. Turmerry's latex hybrid mattress offers this through both the comfort and support layers. A medium-firm latex hybrid should be sufficient for side sleepers to get the adequate support they need.

    Our latex foam helps with comforting your pressure points and is responsive to your movements. It also gives enough bounce for you to be able to easily shift to your other side. The pocket coil layers are designed to offer reinforced support to your hips and shoulders, reducing any risk of misalignment.

    Hybrid latex mattresses are popular among back sleepers for a good reason. In addition to being quite supportive and responsive, these mattresses help back sleepers lie down without sinking too much in places around the midsection where people tend to carry disproportionate weights.

    The medium-firm hybrid is perfect for most back sleepers as it is not too soft nor too firm.

    The one thing that is recommended to stomach sleepers is that they have a firm surface beneath them. A medium-firm mattress prevents sinkage and reduces the risk of further damage to the spine and its alignment. Well, the support core of a latex hybrid mattress helps prevent sinkage around the midsection, which is where stomach sleepers are often affected if the mattress is soft. So, yes - a latex hybrid mattress is a viable option for stomach sleepers.

    However, it is important to keep in mind that stomach sleeping is the least favored and least recommended sleep posture. It exposes your spine to the pressure from gravity and could end up bringing you more pain than comfort.

    Combination sleeping takes place in almost every individual's sleep cycle. This shifting between multiple positions can arise due to many factors, with the prominent one being the level of comfort. Combination sleeping will not adversely affect you with our latex hybrid mattress, as it provides adequate support and comfort for all sleeping positions.

    Combination sleeping also takes into account the user's mobility. Every now and then, you'll have to switch positions, but you shouldn't be awoken from your sleep while you do so. Thanks to Talalay latex's softness and pocket coils' responsiveness, the latex hybrid mattress allows you to move freely.

    Turmerry's latex hybrid mattress is a great choice for pregnant women. Along with a cool surface to sleep on, it mixes the right amount of comfort and support, thanks to the hybrid construction. The latex foam conforms to your growing body, and it embraces your contours with precision and comfort. This alleviates much of the pain arising from the pregnancy, effectively relieving pressure from your back, belly, and hips. The pocket coil layer also allows for motion isolation, meaning that you won't be disturbed by your partner.

    Light sleepers often wake up in response to small disturbances. They often require a mattress that doesn't creak when they move, doesn't transfer motion from their sleeping partner, is cooling, and is comfortable. The latex hybrid offers this and much more to make your sleep last as long as possible.

    Heavy sleepers, on the other hand, tend not to wake up to such disturbances. You're also gonna love a latex hybrid mattress if you're a heavy sleeper, as it only makes your sleep deeper and better.

    Getting old is no easy task, as mentioned by every old person ever to have lived. The body breaks down due to wear and tear, and you need to take extra care of everything you do, including sleeping. The latex hybrid mattress from Turmerry can help you out with the daily instances of pain you experience. Furthermore, with the medium-firm option, you'll be well-supported and well-rested. It's even been researched!

    Large people over the 230 pounds mark need the maximum support they can get. This is to avoid any posture misalignment that comes with less supportive sleeping surfaces. The medium-firm latex hybrid option from Turmerry should help you out with optimal support. Rest assured, both the latex and the pocket coils will contour well to your body while preventing sinkage.

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