Turmerry 3-Pack 100% Khadi Linen Face Mask
Turmerry 3-Pack 100% Khadi Linen Face Mask - Turmerry
Turmerry 3-Pack 100% Khadi Linen Face Mask - Turmerry

    Turmerry 3-Pack 100% Khadi Linen Face Mask


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    Wearing eco-friendly fabric masks is a great way to create your own unique style and at the same time, support our planet and an industry of hardworking artisans of rural areas around the world. 
    Turmerry Khadi Linen Mask Features:
    • You get three of this mask for a low price
    • Handwoven And Handspun in India
    • Incorporates an internal pocket neatly sewn along one long side of the mask, where an optional filter can be inserted.
    • Cool in summer and warm in winter
    • Most breathable fabric 
    • Made by rural artisans of India thus helping for their economic development and rural employment
    • Khadi is green, zero waste, with zero carbon footprint due to man powered machines with no electricity
    • The most eco-friendly fabric you can find
    • With fabric ties - no elastics. Providing great adjustability and snug fit
    • Gets thicker with each wash providing more durability
    • Does not shrink with washes
    • Highly durable and long lasting than other cotton fabrics.
    • Undyed, unbleached, raw fabric so it is very skin friendly fabric reducing the chances of any allergies or irritations

    There might be slight irregularities in the fabric as it is a handmade product. Such irregularities add to the beauty of the product. You will also see black spots that wash off after 1-2 washes. 

    Our unbleached khadi linen masks are not whitened and not bleached. So you will see little brown and black specks that are normally present in cotton. These specks are normal. Some of it will wash out in the initial washes and some of it will not. You don't typically see them in cotton fabrics because cotton is normally bleached, whitened or otherwise pretreated, so that these specks are not visible. We assure that they are normal and are first quality. Since these are undyed and unbleached meaning the color comes entirely from the virgin fibers of its raw material, using only the minimum amount of processes and resources necessary to make them. The specks and the color gives an extra feel of "natural" and many of our customers who love natural and organic fibers love this unique look.

    The company we work with, supports a Jain community in the rural areas of Central India. The owners are very passionate about creating cruelty free products and making sure fair wages are met for the rural artisans helping them enjoy advantageous economic situation for the craftsmen. The fabric and the whole process was in the process of getting the organic certification but due to the pandemic it was halted. How do you find out if something is organic or chemical free- the best way to find out is by asking. So chat with us if you need more info about the purity of the fibers used in these masks.


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