Pink Leopard Silver and Copper Face Mask Made in USA Washable Reusable – Turmerry
Pink Leopard Silver Copper Face Mask USA Made Anti-Microbial Cotton Cloth 2 Layer
Pink Leopard Silver Copper Face Mask USA Made Anti-Microbial Cotton Cloth 2 Layer

    Pink Leopard Silver and Copper Face Mask Made in USA Washable Reusable


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      turmerry for CDC Foundation Corona Virus Fund

      2% of the proceeds from retail sales and 1% from wholesale sales of the masks go to CDC Foundation Corona Virus Fund

      Ships May 18. Reusable pink leopard pattern two layer cotton face mask with copper and silver infused to the fabric. These metals are generally infused on fabrics for antimicrobial properties but please note that this face covering is one way to combat the virus. Social distancing, handwashing and other CDC recommendations should also be followed. This face mask does not replace the N95 or any other certified masks used in healthcare settings and should not be used when caring for those with COVID-19. 

      For USA made Organic face masks with filters, click here.

      For wholesale orders over 500 pieces please contact us here . 

      Material:  Made in USA. Fabric : Cotton with inner layer containing silver and copper.  

      Reusable, washable, eco-friendly and economical. 

      A necessity for outdoor, travel and other public places.

      Machine wash warm. Tumble dry high. Do not use bleach, chemicals or disinfectant to wash this product.


      In an effort to promote common good, we are in the process of offering face masks of different kinds. While Turmerry focuses on only providing organic cotton for all our bedding products, at this time of limited availability we will be using some of our suppliers and resources to produce regular cloth masks, organic cloth masks and KN95 surgical masks and respirators to take care of the general public and to make masks available for all at reasonable pricing. Please note that due to very limited availability our costs to acquire them is also high but we are trying our best not to reap high profits out of this situation while many vendors out there are grossly inflating prices.

      Our goal at this time is to provide safety and protection to all American families. Please share this page on your social media if you think this is beneficial for your friends and family! 

      *Disclaimer: Returns are not accepted for this product for hygiene and safety purposes. Please read more at our mask disclaimer page.


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      • How much percentage of copper and how much silver infused in the cloth for each mask?

        The percentage is 1.5% but these loadings (wet weight gain on the fabric) are highly effective and comfortable for the skin. A fabric with higher copper percentage may not feel good against the skin. The Sciessent technology we have in our fabric uses a very efficient ion exchange delivery system so we don’t need high amounts of copper and silver on the fabric. The controlled delivery of the ions means we don’t need to overload it to make it work.