Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows With Organic Cotton Cover – Turmerry
Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows with Organic Cotton Cover
Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows with Organic Cotton Cover
Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows with Organic Cotton Cover
Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows with Organic Cotton Cover
Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows with Organic Cotton Cover

    Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillows With Organic Cotton Cover


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      best organic buckwheat pillows

      Considered the traditional Japanese pillow used for centuries in Asia as a relaxing and a pain-relieving cervical pillow, sobakawa buckwheat pillows are very popular these days among people who love natural and non-toxic ways to sleep well. These organic buckwheat pillows conform to your unique head and neck contours providing support thus relieving headaches, migraines, neck pain, and muscle tension.

      There are numerous advantages of using an organic buckwheat hull pillow instead of conventional synthetic or foam fillings. The pillows you get in department stores try to make you adjust to their shape rather than yours and this puts stress on your neck muscles. And you get to avoid breathing all those nasty chemicals by sticking your face on those polyester and foam pillows. As always at Turmerry, we provide safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly choices for you which is why our buckwheat pillows are made using a safe and sustainable crop that requires very little input from the land to mature. With an organic unbleached cotton pillow casing you have got the perfect sleep aid solution. With our zippered casing you don't have to play the frustrating guessing game of whether or not you need to purchase a medium, firm, or extra firm buckwheat pillow as you are in control of deciding that.

      The organic buckwheat hulls used are sourced from Midwest USA and they do not contain any animal derivatives, added color, or synthetic substances; nor have they been exposed to ethylene oxide treatment (ETO) or propylene oxide treatment (PPO).

      Features of Our Organic Buckwheat Pillows

      best buckwheat pillow for neck pain

      Buckwheat pillows offer pain relief

      buckwheat pillows offer better sleep

      Get better sleep

      buckwheat pillows are great for hot sleepers

      Ideal for anyone who sleeps hot

      buckwheat pillows have an adjustable firmness

      Adjustable firmness

      buckwheat pillows are environmentally friendly

      Environmentally friendly

      buckwheat pillows are resistant to pests

      Resistant to pests

      buckwheat pillows are dust mite resistant

      Dust Mite Resistant

      buckwheat pillows are hypoallergenic

      Buckwheat pillows are hypoallergenic

      unbleached organic cotton pillowcase

      Unbleached organic cotton pillow casing

      our buckwheat pillows use absolutely no additives

      Absolutely no additives

      buckwheat pillows are durable and long-lasting

      Buckwheat pillows are more durable

      Options to add lavender and chamomile

      Options to add lavender and chamomile


      Ask a Question
      • Is a buckwheat neck pillow good for me?

        The buckwheat pillow benefits are:
        1. Great Support
        2. Great adjustibility
        3. Eco-friendly
        4. Natural and toxic free
        5. Sleeps cool
        6. Hypoallergenic
        7. Dust mite resistant
        8. Pain relief

        The cons are:
        1. Heavy (especially for king size pillows) - We fill 2.5 lbs, 8 lbs, 12 lbs and 15 lbs for sobakawa travel pillow, sobakawa buckwheat pillow standard, sobakawa buckwheat pillow queen and sobakawa pillow king size respectively. You can remove some easily to reduce weight.
        2. If you are into styling your bed like a pro, keep in mind that they don't stand upright.
        3. A bit noisy

      • Do buckwheat pillows attract bugs?

        You should buy buckwheat filling from relaible sources. This can happen if the filling wasn’t properly hulled or cleaned. The hulls sourced by us are properly hulled and cleaned. These hulls do not offer any nutritional value, so pests won’t seek them for food. 

      • can you wash a sobakawa pillow? What are the washing instructions for sobakawa buckwheat pillow?

        With our zippered cover, you can simply empty the hulls and just wash them in the washing machine like a traditional pillow case. Or if you buy an extra protective case like this organic sateen pillow protector, you can just remove that case and wash it. We don't recommend washing or soaking the hulls since they don’t dry easily. You can also replace the hulls when you feel that they’re starting to crumble over time.

      • What is a sobakawa pillow?

        Sobakawa pillows have been used by Japanese for centuries. These pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls (sobakawa in Japanese). The great thing about these pillows are they are non toxic and natural and the thickness can be adjusted by adding or removing buckwheat (if you have a zippered opening with generous amount of buckwheat) and it adapts to your head and neck and holds the shape. Although our pillows are heavy due to generous amounts of buckwheat hulls, you can easily adjust by taking out some from the zippered pillow case.

      • Where are these made?

        The certified organic cover is made in India and hulls are sourced from USA