Turmerry Product Certifications - Turmerry Organic Certificates

Turmerry Product Certifications

Please find below the certifications our factory carries for the organic latex


Global Organic Latex Standard or GOLS is a globally recognized certification that assures quality latex products with minimum chemical inputs. There are specific criteria that must be met throughout the manufacturing process to achieve this standard. The harmful chemicals, fillers, and polymers used in the production process must clearly stay within limits established by GOLS.

When you purchase a latex product that meets the GOLS certification requirements, you make sure that the latex is harvested from the rubber trees at certified organic plantations that don't use toxins or chemical pesticides. These farming practices are better and safe for the environment. But this certification doesn't end there. These standards affect different aspects of the life cycle of latex, including manufacturing, processing, labeling, packaging, trading, and distributing.


Global Organic Textile Standards or GOTS is the leading textile processing standard that limits toxic dyes, bleaches, and other chemicals during textiles production. This certification ensures that the textiles are manufactured in the most sustainable and ethical ways starting from the seed to sew and finally to sleep.

This certification was created to meet the need for a globally recognized standard for all organic fibers, such as cotton, wool, silk, and bamboo. In order to be GOTS certified, an item must contain a majority of natural organic fibers.


Oeko-Tex is a global standard for environmentally friendly brands, retailers, and manufacturers from the textile and leather industry. It has a list of over one hundred substances, including chemicals and metals. Oeko tex sets limits for the emission of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are linked to ozone smog, respiratory illnesses, and memory impairment.

This certification ensures the human-ecological safety of textile products and leather articles starting from all stages of production, including raw materials and fibers, fabrics, yarns, and ready-to-use end products. The Oeko-Tex Association issues labels such as Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, STeP by Oeko-Tex, Made in Green by Oeko-Tex, Leather Standard by Oeko-Tex, and Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex to be used in textile production.


Products with Eco-INSTITUT certification have been rigorously tested and approved to the highest standards of in-home safety. This means more safety and no health risks due to comprehensive emission and toxicological testing and thus healthier products and less toxicological contamination in your home.


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