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            As winter settles in, one thing we can all agree on is our love for staying wrapped up in bed. And what makes that bedtime more warm, comfy, and cozy than a comforter? If you're on the lookout for a new comforter this winter, you've landed in the perfect spot.

            Here, at Turmerry, we've got an impressive collection of natural and organic wool comforters. Not only do they add style and keep you warm, but they also provide a host of additional perks like breathability, a subtle lanolin scent, and a non-itchy, healthy rest, just to name a few features!

            Organic Merino Wool Comforter


            Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter


            Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter


            Made in USA Lightweight Natural Wool Comforter


            Luxurious Wool Comforters

            Meet Turmerry's Natural & Organic Wool Comforters

            At Turmerry, our ultimate goal is your well-being, which transcends mere comfort. Our array of comforters is crafted from natural and organic materials, enabling our valued customers to embrace a sustainable lifestyle with conscientious choices. Moreover, our comforters adhere to global regulations, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure they are free from toxic chemicals.

            1. Organic Merino Wool Comforter

            Organic Merino Wool Comforter

            Discover the epitome of comfort with Turmerry's Organic Merino Wool Comforter. Crafted from the finest organic Merino wool, these medium-weight all-season comforters redefine your sleep experience. The wool comes encased in an organic cotton sateen 400 TC cover, quilted in patterns to prevent the fill from shifting and ensure an evenly distributed batting.

            The remarkable properties of Merino wool take center stage, providing not only impressive warmth but also impressive moisture-wicking capabilities. This combination facilitates the regulation of body temperature, ensuring a cozy sleep environment year-round. Whether it's the heat of summer or the chill of winter, our comforters create a perfect balance, keeping you cool in warmer weather and providing insulation to ward off the cold.

            With our comforters, you also get to enjoy the mild natural scent of lanolin, a natural oil that protects the wool. Approximately 1% of this lanolin is intentionally retained, guaranteeing the authenticity of our organic Merino wool product. Moreover, the outer casing, crafted from organic cotton sateen fabric, enhances the luxurious feel with its innate softness and lustrous texture.

            2. Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Turmerry's Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter is a beacon of warmth meticulously crafted with Woolgatherers' trademarked Eco Wool®. Utilizing a medium-fine wool blend renowned for its optimal loft, these comforters offer unparalleled softness and suppleness. They are encased in an organic cotton sateen cover, which is hand-tufted and stitched around the perimeter to ensure that the batting stays in place, providing a seamless sleep experience.

            Our wool, woven from the yarns produced by Californian Vintage carding machines, captures still air, which imparts insulating properties that help regulate your body temperature, ensuring a comfortable and cozy sleep environment. Our medium-fine wool blend ensures a cozy and never-itchy sleep experience. Moreover, the comforter comes with a mild natural lanolin scent that not only guarantees authenticity but also ensures conditioning effects and increases the longevity and vitality of our wool.

            This heavy-weight comforter provides extra warmth and is suitable for regions with a cold climate or people whose body temperature runs a little low. This comforter is also the one for you if you tend to sleep with a lot of sheets and blankets.

            Our Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter comes in various sizes suitable for whatever bed size you have or your preference of comforter hanging down the side of your bed. These natural wool comforters ensure a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality.

            3. Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Turmerry's Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter is designed to offer comfort and coziness. Filled with Woolgatherers' trademarked Eco Wool®, these comforters provide warmth as well as breathability, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment. Encased in an organic cotton sateen cover, our comforters undergo meticulous hand-tufting and stitching around the perimeter, securing the wool batting in place.

            Our comforters are crafted using extra-clean wool, avoiding harmful levels of toxic pesticides or chemicals as found in conventional beddings. Moreover, the inherent fire resistance of wool ensures a safe sleep environment without the need for chemical fire retardants. The comforters also come with a mild natural lanolin scent that not only guarantees authenticity but also ensures conditioning effects and increases the longevity and vitality of our wool. Furthermore, our medium-fine wool blend ensures a cozy and never-itchy sleep experience.

            This medium-weight comforter is perfect for regions with a milder climate or people who prefer a comfortable layer without wanting too much warmth. Whether your priority is staying cozy or you seek a combination of comfort and practicality, our medium-weight comforter has you taken care of. It assures a restful night's sleep, leaving you refreshed and prepared for the day ahead.

            Our Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter is available in different sizes to match your bed size or your preference for how the comforter drapes down the side of your bed

            4. Made in USA Light Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Made in USA Light Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Turmerry's Made in USA Light Weight Natural Wool Comforter is designed to provide optimal comfort and a snug feel. Just like the heavy and medium-weight comforters, this one is also filled with Woolgatherers' trademarked Eco Wool® and provides a perfect balance of insulation and breathability, ensuring a cozy sleeping environment. The wool batting is secured in place by the organic cotton sateen cover, which is hand-tufted and stitched around the perimeter.

            Our comforters offer a healthy resting environment with extra-clean wool, which ensures non-itchy bedding. The carefully crafted wool yarns give the comforter insulating characteristics to help regulate your body temperature. Our comforters hold a gentle, natural lanolin scent, serving not only as an assurance of authenticity but also delivering benefits that enhance the endurance and vitality of our wool.

            This light-weight comforter is perfect for warmer regions and for warm sleepers. It is also an optimal choice for people who like to sleep with sheets all year round. Our Made in USA Light Weight Comforter is available in all sizes to suit your needs.

            Comforters - Buyer's Guide

            A person searching online about how to choose the perfect comforter

            Here's a mini buyer's guide to help you breeze through your comforter shopping.

            What is a comforter?

            A comforter is a type of bedding designed to provide both insulation and comfort during sleep. It typically consists of a quilted fabric shell filled with materials such as down feathers or synthetic fibers to offer warmth and softness. Functioning as an additional layer atop a bed sheet but beneath a blanket, comforters serve to regulate body temperature and promote restful sleep.

            what is a comforter

            What are some factors to consider while buying a new comforter?

            With so many options available with different fills, weights, constructions, and so on, it can be a task to choose the right one for you. Making the right choice can be the difference between a good or bad night's sleep. Here are some factors to consider while buying a new comforter -

            • Fill Material

            Fill material

            Choosing the right filling is very important because it determines the warmth and weight of the comforter. The fill can vary depending on the brand. It includes materials like down, down alternative, wool, cotton, silk, bamboo, etc. Wool has a unique texture, which makes it great at retaining heat, making it an efficient insulator. Cotton is one of the most widely used fillers for comforters. It's soft and breathable nature makes it a good, albeit less durable, filler for comforters. Silk and bamboo fiber, being light and breathable materials, can make good comforter fillers too.

            • Weight

            Heavy, medium, and light weight comforters

            Fill weight refers to the number of ounces of filling inside the comforter. More fill weight means a heavy-weight comforter, while less fill weight means a light-weight comforter. Consider the weight of the comforter based on your climate and personal preferences. Lighter options are suitable for warmer weather, while heavier ones provide added warmth during colder seasons.

            • Outer Fabric

            Cotton Cover for Comforter

            The outer fabric that holds the filling in place is just as important as the filling material. One of the primary indicators of fabric quality is the thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads within a square inch of fabric. Essentially, a higher thread count means that the fabric is tightly woven and, generally speaking, is of better quality. However, if the fabric is constructed poorly, a higher thread count might make it feel stiff.

            The choice of outer fabric depends on its breathability and softness against your skin. The most common choices for the outer fabric of a comforter are those made of cotton, silk, or polyester blends. The look and design of the fabric might also play an important role if you're someone who likes to have color-coordinated comforter sets and bedding.

            • Comforter Construction

            Baffle box and Sewn through construction

            Comforter construction refers to the stitching in the interior of the comforter to prevent the material from shifting and creating lumps or dead spaces. A good comforter construction ensures an equal distribution of the material throughout the comforter. The most common construction patterns used in comforters are baffle box and sewn-through.

            A baffle box is one of the most expensive constructions and is mostly used for down comforters. It is characterized by 'fill pockets' separated by fabric walls inside the comforter. This construction allows fill material to achieve maximum loft without sacrificing warmth levels. Moreover, it gives a very smooth and sleek look to the comforter.

            In sewn-through construction, the top and bottom layers of the outer fabric are stitched together. Just like baffle box construction, this construction also creates pockets for filling; however, sewn-through construction does not feature the vertical strips of clothes in between the pockets. This construction, however, eliminates a lot of the height that is provided in baffle box construction. Thus, it also reduces the space available for the filling to expand.

            • Comforter Size

            Comforter size chart

            Comforters come in various sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, etc. The size of your comforter would depend on your bed size. Obviously, buying a comforter smaller than your bed would look silly and lack functionality. However, deciding whether you want an oversized comforter for your bed depends on your preferences.

            Some people prefer oversized comforters because they give off a much more luxurious look. A comforter draping over the sides of your bed will also trap more heat than a comforter floating along the perimeter of the mattress. Refer to our blog on comforter sizes for a more detailed guide on choosing the perfect comforter size.


            1. What is the difference between a duvet and a comforter?

            A duvet is a quilted blanket filled with natural or synthetic materials, such as down, down-alternative, cotton, etc. What sets it apart is its pillow-like structure. Unlike a comforter, the duvet's design efficiently traps heat without feeling overly heavy, offering a snug and comfortable sleeping experience.

            In contrast, a comforter is a standalone, thick, and quilted blanket filled with down, feathers, wool, or synthetic fibers. It is usually designed with a decorative outer layer and can provide a cozy, comforting feeling.

            2. How do I maintain and care for my comforter?

            One of the easiest things to do is to buy a comforter cover so that there is less need to wash the comforter itself. Most comforters can be washed at home; however, make sure to put the washer on the gentle washing setting. Moreover, make sure to check your comforter labels for any specific cleaning instructions; some comforters might not be washable and may require a dry cleaning method.

            3. How do I store my comforter in warmer months?

            Once clean and dry, you can simply fold or roll your comforter and store it in a closet. Once folded or rolled, tie a ribbon around it to keep it from unfolding. If you're folding and keeping the comforter in a closet, make sure to not stack anything else upon it, or alternatively, you could roll it up and store it sideways between stacks of sheets.

            4. Can I use duvet covers for comforters?

            Yes, you can use duvet covers for comforters. They provide protection, are easy to wash, and allow you to change the bedding's look without replacing the entire comforter. Just make sure the dimensions match.

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