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        Improving on the width of a twin and twin XL mattress, we have the full-size mattress, also known as the double bed mattress. With a dimension of 54" x 75", full-size mattresses are ideal for single sleepers who yearn for more space than their predecessors offer.

        Do you seek a good full-size mattress? We've got a few that might just blow you away! Read on to find out why we think Turmerry latex mattresses might just be what you've been looking for all along! We've also got a buyer's guide inside in case you need to do some more research on whether a full-size mattress suits you or not.

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        What Are Turmerry's Full-Size Mattresses Renowned For?

        Each component used to compose our beds is sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner. This is further certified by organizations like GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA, which also deem our mattresses free from harmful levels of chemicals.

        Certified latex mattress set for a good night's sleep

        The Benefits of Turmerry Full-Size Mattresses Are Endless!

        Our mattresses have been designed to provide the sleeper with tons of benefits. Here's how each component in our mattresses keeps you comfortable when sleeping -

        • Dunlop Latex Foam
        Dunlop Latex Foam Support

        Dunlop latex foam is featured in our all-foam and egg crate mattresses. The Dunlop method of manufacturing latex makes it firmer, denser, more durable, and much more supportive than the Talalay method. But don't worry, you can adjust the firmness of Dunlop latex, meaning you won't be stuck with an overly firm mattress that compromises cushioning!

        • Talalay Latex Foam
        Talalay Latex Foam Cushioning

        Talalay latex foam is featured in our latex hybrid mattresses. The Talalay method of manufacturing latex makes it much more cushioning and contouring than the Dunlop method. This works well for hybrid mattresses, as Talalay latex can be used as the comfort layer atop the spring support core.

        • Pocketed Coils
        Pocketed Coils Bounce

        Most of the bounce in our latex hybrid mattress arises from the 8-inch pocketed coil support core within it. Pocket coils are individually wrapped coils in fabric that can offer targeted pressure relief through each coil. They're also much better at distributing body weight evenly, isolating motion, and being noiseless than traditional spring coils.

        • Natural Wool
        Natural Wool Properties cooling comfort

        Instead of chemicals, a layer of natural wool is used as a fire retardant in our mattresses. Wool is a great natural material that resists fire. It has moisture-wicking properties to reduce the risk of mold and mildew accumulation, and it can also regulate temperature to keep you cool in the winter and warm in the summer.

        • Organic Cotton
        GOTS-certified Organic Cotton Cover

        An organic cotton cover encases our mattresses with its silky embrace, protecting them from outside impurities while providing you with a smooth-textured, comfy surface to rest on! And don't worry - these organic cotton covers won't inhibit any of the benefits provided by our other mattress components!

        Three Different Turmerry Full-Size Mattress Models!

        Take your pick from our wide range of full-size mattresses, including all-foam and spring models -

        1. Full-Size Natural and Organic Latex Mattress
        Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

        The Natural and Organic Latex Mattress is composed of three or four layers of Dunlop latex foam. The latex foam layers vary in firmness, depending on the firmness level you choose (from soft, medium, firm, or extra firm). These plush foams are accompanied by a layer of natural wool for fire resistance and encased in a breathable organic cotton cover for protection.

        1. Full-Size Latex Hybrid Mattress
        Latex Hybrid Mattress

        The Latex Hybrid Mattress has an 8" pocketed coil support core paired with a 2" Talalay latex comfort layer. It provides a bouncy, medium-firm feel that is perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers!

        1. Full-Size Egg Crate Mattress
        Egg Crate Mattress

        The Egg Crate Mattress contains an egg-crate textured layer of latex foam atop it. This convoluted foam layer provides a healthy enhancement to pressure relief, contouring, body weight distribution, and bed sore relief provided by our Natural and Organic Latex Mattress!

        Full-Size Mattress - Buyer's Guide

        What is a full mattress?

        Full mattress dimensions

        A full-size mattress, otherwise known as a double mattress, is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. It falls between twin XL and queen-size mattresses. Though they share the same length as a twin mattress, full mattresses offer a spacious amount of width.

        Choosing the full mattress size - Who should and shouldn't?

        Full-size mattresses should be chosen for solo sleepers, couples who don't require extra room/more room than queen, teenagers and young adults, average-weight individuals, guest rooms, and average bedrooms/apartments.

        Solo sleeper, thin couple cuddling, teenager, and average bedroom

        Here's why -

        • Solo Sleepers: Solo sleeping is ideally (and inexpensively) done on a full-size mattress, which offers ample space to stretch out.
        • Couples Who Can Compromise on Space: Thin couples who are on a budget and are willing to compromise on bed space may find full mattresses to be an adequate solution for the time being.
        • Teenagers and Young Adults: Teenagers and young adults who have outgrown their twin/twin XL beds will find a full mattress to be ideal for their growing bodies and evolving sleep needs.
        • Average-Weight Individuals: Average-weight side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers are adequately supported and comforted by full mattresses.
        • Guest Rooms: Guest room beds are often a temporary measure for guests who stay for an evening or two.
        • Average Bedrooms/Apartments: Full-size mattresses do not require a lot of space, making them a practical choice for studio apartments, urban apartment bedrooms, etc.

        Full-size mattresses shouldn't be chosen for couples who need space, tall individuals above 6 feet, restless/combination sleepers, heavy people above 230 lbs., or very small rooms.

        Tall individual, restless sleeper couple, heavy person, and small room

        Here's why -

        • Couples Who Need Space: Full-size beds are too narrow for average-weight/heavy couples who require a lot of bed space.
        • Tall Individuals Above 6 feet: A standard full-size mattress is 75 inches long, which is insufficient for people taller than 6 feet.
        • Restless/Combination Sleepers: If you're someone who tends to move around a lot during sleep, then the width offered by full mattresses may feel insufficient.
        • Heavy Individuals Above 230 lbs.: Heavy people may not receive enough support and cushioning from full-size mattresses. Moreover, their body can take up a lot of bed space.
        • Very Small Rooms: Dorm rooms and other such small rooms, where space is very confined, usually are not able to comfortably accommodate full-size beds.

        Mattress size is a personal choice at the end of the day. However, taking the above-mentioned factors into consideration can prove beneficial in the choice you make for yourself.

        The cost of a full mattress in today's market

        Full mattress shopping

        Cheaper full-size beds can start at a price range of $400-$500, while luxury full-size beds can cost you between $1000-$2000. The average current price of a full-size mattress in today's market is around $800.

        Different types of full-size mattresses

        There are six different types of full-size mattresses today, each beneficial in its own way. These are -

        1. Memory Foam Mattress
        Non gel memory foam mattress construction

        Memory foam mattresses are made from various layers of memory foam, a cushiony man-made foam that offers high levels of body contouring. Nowadays, the best memory foam mattress features an infusion with other materials, such as gel or copper. Traditional memory foam, though highly contouring, retains heat, offers little bounce, and off-gasses VOCs. Infused memory foam mattresses mitigate a lot of these drawbacks.

        1. Latex Mattress
        Latex mattress construction

        Latex full mattresses are usually made from organic materials like natural latex, organic cotton, and natural wool. They're eco-friendly and offer a balance between comfort and support, with a healthy side of bounce and response. Latex also features an open-celled, breathable foam that makes it a good pick for hot sleepers.

        1. Innerspring Mattress
        Innerspring mattress construction

        Innerspring mattresses were traditionally one of the best firm mattress types on the market. Their core is made up of steel coils, which are then encased in a thin layer of fabric/foam for cushioning. The priority was always placed on the spring support core, which is why they feature such a firm surface.

        1. Hybrid Mattress
        Hybrid mattress construction bed in a box

        A hybrid mattress type features a spring coil support core, similar to innersprings. But where hybrids differ from innersprings is in the thicker comfort layer they offer. This leads to a balanced medium-firm feel in most hybrid beds, making them ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike.

        1. Gel Memory Foam Mattress
        Gel Memory Foam Mattress construction

        Gel memory foam mattresses merge the classic design of traditional memory foam with the cooling benefits of gel infusion. Like standard memory foam mattresses, they consist of layered memory foam encased in a cover. The distinguishing feature is the incorporation of cooling gel particles within the memory foam layers. This addition effectively regulates temperature by dispersing body heat and preventing the mattress from getting too warm during sleep.

        1. Air Mattress
        Air mattress construction

        Air mattresses (airbeds) are portable, highly customizable mattress types used mostly during instances like traveling, camping, hiking, extended guest stays, etc. They have air chambers within, which can be inflated and deflated as you choose. They're the best mattress type if you seek a temporary bed that you can carry around and adjust to your liking.

        Full-size mattress FAQs

        1. What's the size of a full-size mattress?

        Full-size mattresses typically measure 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length.

        1. Is full beds the same as double beds?

        Yes, a full bed mattress is also known as a double bed mattress.

        1. What size bed frame should you buy for a full mattress?

        For a full-size mattress, we recommend a full-size bed frame as the right choice. It's usually around 56-59 inches in width and 77-80 inches in length.

        1. When should you decide to buy a full mattress?

        The general consensus in the mattress industry indicates you should replace your mattress after around 6-8 years of owning it. For traditional mattress types, such as traditional memory foam mattresses and innerspring mattresses, this is a good replacement period. But for modern mattress types, such as latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses, the life expectancy is much longer.

        1. What is the average price of a full-size mattress?

        The average price of a full-size mattress can range anywhere from $400-$2000 in today's market. This can change according to the mattress's features, material, construction, quality, and brand.

        1. Can two people sleep on a full bed?

        While two adults can sleep on a full-size bed, it may feel a bit cramped compared to larger sizes like a queen mattress or a king mattress. Thin couples who don't mind compromising space can use full-size beds as a budget option.

        1. Is a full bigger than a twin size mattress?

        A full mattress (54" x 75") is wider than a twin mattress (38" x 75") by 16 inches, making it the bigger of the two.

        1. Which is bigger queen or full-size bed?

        A queen bed is 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than a full-size bed.

        1. Do 2 twin beds make a full?

        No, two twin beds do not make a full-size bed. Two twin beds side by side create a king-size equivalent when pushed together.

        1. What is the best full-size mattress?

        The best full-size mattress, as per our experience, is a natural latex mattress. It offers a wide range of benefits alongside its balance of comfort and support, making it ideal for any and all sleeper types.

        1. What size mattress topper is ideal for different mattress sizes?

        The mattress topper size should match the mattress size. So, Twin mattress toppers for twin mattresses, Twin XL mattress toppers for twin XL mattresses, Full mattress toppers for full mattresses, Queen mattress toppers for queen mattresses, King mattress toppers for king mattresses, and California king mattress toppers for California king mattresses.

        1. What is the best bedding for a full-size mattress?

        Browse for a pillow or two, a bed frame, bed sheets, a duvet cover, a mattress protector, and a mattress topper. These bedding are crucial to maximize the comfort and lifespan of a full-size mattress.

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