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        What do you get when you add five inches of length to a twin mattress? You get a twin XL mattress, of course! With a dimension of 38" x 80", twin XLs are popular mattress sizes for tall people who cannot fit into a regular twin mattress. And for those seeking the best twin XL mattresses, we've got you covered!

        At Turmerry, you get to choose from three unique types of latex twin XL mattresses, each crafted with some of the finest quality materials available on the market! From our all-foam and egg-crate latex mattresses to our latex hybrid mattress, we invite you to take a peek at the affordable luxury we offer!

        Organic Latex Mattress


        Dual Side Latex Flippable Mattress


        Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress


        Egg Crate Mattress



        • Twin XL-sized mattresses measure 38" x 80" and are suitable for taller individuals above 6 feet who cannot fit into a regular twin mattress.
        • Twin XL beds also work well for solo sleepers who are on a budget and do not have much space in their room for a larger bed.
        • Turmerry provides 3 unique twin XL-size latex mattress models - An all-foam latex mattress, a latex hybrid mattress, and a latex egg crate mattress.
        • Turmerry provides Free Shipping across the US, a 120 Night Free Trial Period, and a 100% Money Back Guarantee!
        Luxurious twin XL mattress on twin sized bed frame

        What Makes Turmerry's Twin XL Mattresses the Best?

        At Turmerry, we value product quality, customer safety, and customer satisfaction. To obtain all three with each purchase, we ensure that our mattresses are sourced and manufactured with proper care.

        Certified latex mattresses

        The eco-friendly materials we use in our latex beds are certified by organizations like GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA. Additionally, we offer you free shipping (across the US), a 120-night free trial period, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Finding such high-quality mattresses as ours is a tougher task than you think!

        You Can't Go Wrong with Turmerry Twin XL Mattresses!

        Opting for Turmerry twin XL-sized mattresses means you get to enjoy a horde of benefits, such as -

        • Firm Spine Support

        Firm Spine Support

        All our mattress types aim to provide your spine with rigid support, ensuring minimal risk of spinal misalignment and its after-effects.

        • Exceptional Pressure Relief

        Exceptional Pressure Relief

        Our mattresses conform very well to your body contours, spreading out your body weight evenly while also reducing the pressure on your body.

        • Bouncy Response

        Bouncy Response

        Every time you move around on our mattress, you do so without being restricted. Additionally, our mattresses quickly adjust to your body every time you move, providing precise support and comfort without fail.

        • Healthy Sleep

        Healthy Sleep

        The components in our mattress are tested for harmful levels of chemicals and are certified safe for human health.

        • Superb Cooling

        Superb Cooling Comfort

        The ability to promote airflow helps reduce body heat, making our twin XL bed perfect for hot sleepers.

        • Motion Isolation

        Motion Isolation like in split king bed

        Our all-foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses both provide a good amount of motion isolation, enough to ensure that movement doesn't end up waking you or your partner at night.

        • High Durability

        High Durability bed and bed frames

        Latex is a highly durable material with the resilience to last anywhere from 10-20+ years! To back up this claim, we even provide a long warranty period that resembles the estimated lifespan of our mattresses!

        • Trustworthy Customer Service

        Trustworthy Customer Service

        We offer free shipping all across the continental U.S. and ensure each customer gets a 120-night trial period. With hundreds of satisfied customer reviews under our belt, you can count on us to be at your service whenever you need us!

        Choose From Three Unique Twin XL Mattresses!

        Unlike other mattress retailers, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of choices. Check out the three unique twin XL beds we have on offer for you -

        1. Twin XL Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

        Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

        This all-foam mattress features three or four organic Dunlop latex foam layers, imbued with a layer of natural wool for fire resistance and encased in a plush, soft organic cotton cover. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers all get to enjoy the all-foam design of our Natural and Organic Latex Mattress!

        1. Twin XL Latex Hybrid Mattress

        Latex Hybrid Mattress

        Straying away from the all-foam construction, we have our latex hybrid mattresses. As the support core, they feature 8" layers of pocketed coils, and for the comfort layers, they feature 2" Talalay latex layers. You can expect a bouncy, medium-firm feel when lying atop our Latex Hybrid Mattress, making it perfect for all sleeping positions.

        1. Twin XL Egg Crate Mattress

        Egg Crate Mattress

        Turmerry Egg Crate Mattresses are all-foam beds similar to our Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses. However, these all-foam beds are topped with an additional layer of egg crate foam, which contours better, offers greater pressure relief, and reduces the risk of bed sores.

        Twin XL Mattress - Buyer's Guide

        What is a Twin XL mattress?

        A twin XL-size mattress is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. Although it has the same width as standard twin mattresses, the "XL" in its name signifies it is five inches longer, making it suitable for sleepers above 6 feet.

        Twin XL sized mattresses same dimensions

        How much does a Twin XL mattress cost?

        Twin XL mattresses can cost anywhere from $200 to $800+, depending on the mattress construction, material, and brand you choose. When gunning for the best mattresses on the market, you can expect to pay higher prices.

        Current price mattress shopping

        Should you choose the Twin XL mattress size?

        There are a few factors that decide whether a Twin XL suits you or not.

        • You should choose a Twin XL mattress if -

        Ideal for split king bed, split king setups, and tall person solo sleeper

        You have limited space: Twin XLs are perfect for studio apartments, college dorm rooms, guest rooms, and other such tight spaces. As they are narrow, they do not take up much floor space.

        You are tall: Individuals who are taller than 6 feet will find a standard twin mattress to be short. Twin XL mitigates this issue by being longer.

        You sleep solo: Solo sleepers, especially those who are thin or average weight, will find a twin XL to be adequate for their sleep needs.

        You're on a budget: Twin XLs are not as costly as a queen or king mattress, making them the ideal candidate for those who are on a budget.

        • You shouldn't choose a Twin XL mattress if -

        Not ideal for more sleeping space, couples, spacious rooms, and luxury shoppers

        You require more sleeping space: Restless sleepers and combination sleepers like to move around when sleeping. This calls for more mattress space, which may not be provided by a Twin XL, especially if you're a heavy person.

        You sleep with a partner: Sharing a twin XL is almost impossible, as it is narrow and can only accommodate a single person at a time.

        You have spacious rooms: Placing a twin XL inside a spacious room would only ruin the aesthetic and would even be a waste of the allotted space.

        You aren't on a budget: If you can afford a bigger mattress, then it's recommended to go for it. A bigger mattress can future-proof your sleeping situation better than a twin XL can.

        What are the five prominent Twin XL mattress types?

        1. Innerspring Mattress

        Innerspring mattress cal king size

        Innerspring beds are one of the oldest types of mattresses to exist. They use spring coils as the support core and cover it with a thin layer of fabric for comfort. Traditional innerspring mattresses used to be made out of Bonnell/continuous coils and often came in a luxury firm model, offering higher levels of spine support.

        1. Memory Foam Mattress

        Memory foam mattress

        Memory foam mattresses use layers of memory foam, a synthetic substance obtained from polyurethane. Memory foam does the opposite of innerspring options by offering a higher level of contouring and cushioning. You can feel yourself sinking into the memory foam when you lay on it. Eventually, it remembers your body contours but may forget to offer enough spine support.

        1. Latex Mattress

        Latex mattress

        Latex mattresses are an organic mattress type where the materials are obtained from nature. Natural latex is the core substance here. It is liquid rubber obtained from rubber trees and manufactured into foam using the Dunlop/Talalay method. Latex mattresses use layers of latex foam and usually offer a medium-firm, bouncy feel.

        1. Hybrid Mattress

        Hybrid mattress

        Like innersprings, hybrid mattresses combine spring support cores with foam comfort layers. But they find a balance between both by making the comfort layer thicker. As a result, hybrids offer the best of both worlds. Their medium-firm feel makes them perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers.

        1. Air Mattress

        Air mattress

        Air mattresses, otherwise known as airbeds, use air chambers as support cores. These adjustable bed chambers can be filled with air using a manual or automatic pump. Airbeds are ideally used as temporary bedding options for travel, guest rooms, etc. Permanent use is not recommended, as they lack the support offered by other mattress types.

        Twin XL mattress FAQs

        1. What is the best Twin XL mattress?

        The best twin XL mattress, according to our experience, is an all-foam or hybrid latex. Latex provides a healthy balance between comfort and support to accommodate all sleeper types.

        1. Where can you buy the best Twin XL mattresses?

        You can find the best twin XL bed online as well as offline. We would recommend trying out mattresses in-store first and then moving on to finalizing your purchase online.

        1. What size is twin XL mattress?

        The exact dimensions of a twin XL bed are 38" x 80".The "XL" indicates its slight difference of 5 inches in length over a standard twin mattress. Though longer than a standard twin bed, twin XL mattresses fall short in width compared to a full mattress.

        1. How much is a twin XL mattress?

        A twin XL bed can cost you anywhere between $200-$800 or more. The price increases as the mattress's quality and brand reputation increase.

        1. Do 2 twin XL mattresses equal a king?

        Yes, two twin XL mattresses do equal a king bed. Placing two twin XL beds beside each other will resemble a split king mattress. In this split king setup, you can customize each twin XL bed to suit your and your partner's comfort preferences.

        1. What size mattress topper is ideal for a mattress?

        The mattress topper should be the same size as the mattress. So, Twin mattress toppers for twin mattresses, Twin XL mattress toppers for twin XL mattresses, Full mattress toppers for full bed mattresses, Queen mattress toppers for queen mattresses, King mattress toppers for king mattresses, and California king mattress toppers for California king mattresses.

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