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It all began, when a collective thought of having a green and chemical-free home popped in our minds while we munched on healthy and organic food. The inspiration was real life. Be it bedding, clothing or any such home essentials – organic ones were expensive. But times do change. Especially when a mom from North Carolina (not an old textile corporation), who is a certified health coach and a family woman, comes forward to take care of your home needs – you can be as relaxed as you are when at home. With our new venture, we are making home decor more sustainable, affordable and healthier. Now, organic is not just limited to your food, it is making a great home too!

At Turmerry, we believe that a home is a sanctuary that assures safe and quality experience for our loved ones, a life that looks up to mother nature as a muse, and a life that also gives back to nature by simply respecting her and by being mindful of its necessities.

We work with vendors who follow the strictest environmental standards, best industrial practices, fair trade and no child labor policy. A lot of our products are sourced from certified vendors that’s one way of saying how determined we are when it comes to doing business in an enlightened way. We know that a chemical-free home is only possible through sustainably sourced and minimally processed products. And that simply means more commitment to better farming and industrial practices leading to less carbon footprints on the planet.

When we think of home, we always think smiling faces, comfort and affordable life. We want you to take organic products in a similar spirit, friendly and family-centered.

Organic is affordable. Organic is sustainable. It provides for one and all.

And we are already using such sustainable materials like pure and organic non-GMO cotton, latex, bamboo and linen. We source materials that have less negative impact on the planet and more positive impacts on our lives.

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Turmerry is on a relentless drive to keep sustainability as a force in business and affordability as a choice in keeping up organic, healthy lifestyles in our homes.

In addition to sustainable social change, we believe passionately in setting intentions, enjoying good food, spending time with family and friends, taking long walks, having hobbies, and connecting with the spiritual side.

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