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      Struggling with different sleep preferences? Split Queen Latex Mattresses are your solution, measuring 30" x 80" on each side of the bed for each partner, for a total of 60" x 80". And for those seeking the best split queen latex mattress, we've got you covered! At Turmerry, you get to choose from two unique types of split queen latex mattresses, each crafted with some of the finest quality materials available on the market! From our all-foam latex mattress to the egg-crate latex mattress, we invite you to take a peek at the affordable luxury we offer!

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      Luxurious Split Queen Latex Mattress on Split Queen Bed Frame

      What Makes Turmerry's Split Queen Latex Mattress the Best?

      At Turmerry, we value product quality, customer safety, and customer satisfaction. To obtain all three with each purchase, we ensure that our mattresses are sourced and manufactured with proper care.

      Certified natural latex mattresses without harsh chemicals and with natural fire barrier

      The eco-friendly materials we use in our latex beds are certified by organizations like GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA. Additionally, we offer you free shipping (across the US), a 120-night free trial period, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Finding such high-quality mattresses as ours is a tougher task than you think!

      You Can't Go Wrong with Turmerry Split Queen Latex Mattresses!

      Opting for Turmerry split queen-sized mattresses means you get to enjoy a horde of benefits, such as -

      • Firm Spine Support

      Firm Spine Support on completely customizable one mattress with strong mattress foundation

      All our mattress types aim to provide your spine with rigid support, ensuring minimal risk of spinal misalignment and its after-effects.

      • Exceptional Pressure Relief

      Exceptional Pressure Point Relief and exceptional comfort for good night's sleep

      Our mattresses conform very well to your body contours, spreading out your body weight evenly while also reducing the pressure on your body.

      • Bouncy Response

      Bouncy Response like new mattress with firm layer and soft layer for comfortable sleep

      Every time you move around on our mattress, you do so without being restricted. Additionally, our mattresses quickly adjust to your body every time you move, providing precise support and comfort without fail.

      • Healthy Sleep

      Healthy Sleep with natural mattress components and no synthetic materials or synthetic latex

      The components in our mattress are tested for harmful levels of chemicals and are certified safe for human health.

      • Superb Cooling

      Superb Cooling Organic mattresses for a comfortable night's sleep

      The ability to promote airflow helps reduce body heat, making our split queen bed perfect for hot sleepers.

      • Motion Isolation

      Motion Isolating split queen mattresses like a split king mattress

      Our all-foam mattresses and egg crate mattresses both provide a good amount of motion isolation, enough to ensure that movement doesn't end up waking you or your partner at night.

      • High Durability

      High durability split queen mattress unlike memory foam mattress

      Latex is a highly durable material with the resilience to last anywhere from 10 to 20+ years! To back up this claim, we even provide a long warranty period that resembles the estimated lifespan of our mattresses!

      • Trustworthy Customer Service

      Trustworthy Customer Service for split queen size mattresses and adjustable beds

      We offer free shipping all across the contiguous U.S. and ensure each customer gets a 120-night trial period. With hundreds of satisfied customer reviews under our belt, you can count on us to be at your service whenever you need us!

      Choose from Two Unique Split Queen Latex Mattresses!

      Unlike other mattress retailers, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of choices. Check out the two unique split queen beds we have on offer for you -

      1. Split Queen Organic Latex Mattress

      Split Queen Organic Natural Latex Mattress with organic wool and organic cotton mattress cover

      This all-foam mattress features three or four organic Dunlop latex foam layers, imbued with a layer of natural wool for fire resistance and encased in a plush, soft organic cotton cover. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers all get to enjoy the all-foam design of our Organic Latex Mattress!

      1. Split Queen Egg Crate Mattress

      Split Queen Egg Crate Organic Mattress with certified organic cotton cover and latex layers

      Turmerry Egg Crate Mattresses are all-foam beds similar to our Organic Latex Mattresses. However, these all-foam beds are topped with an additional layer of egg crate foam, which contours better, offers greater pressure relief, and reduces the risk of bed sores.

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