How to Care for Your Latex Mattress

Last Updated December 30, 2023

Wondering how to take care of your latex mattress? Look no further!

Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmentally friendly properties, health benefits, and comfort. They are more durable and longer-lasting than traditional foam mattresses, and they also provide better support.

latex mattress

how to care for your latex mattress

Considering the health benefits of a good night's rest and the money you've already invested in your latex mattress, it's a good idea to regularly clean and inspect your sleep surface. With a little care and attention, a natural latex mattress can last for 20 years or even longer. However, if you don't properly set up and maintain your new mattress, you can shorten its lifespan significantly.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about keeping your latex mattress in good condition.

Easy ways to take care of your natural latex mattress

Below are some tips on how to care for your latex mattress that you should know if you want to keep your mattress in tip-top condition for years to come.

Invest in a mattress protector/mattress cover

Waterproof Mattress protectors are an excellent way to keep your bedding clean and dry. They go over your latex mattress like fitted sheets, so you can feel comfortable knowing that neither liquid nor stains will get on them!

Mattress protectors also safeguard your mattress from bed bugs, dust mites and other pollutants that would accumulate over time. What's more, they are waterproof, and it's easy removing this mattress cover when it needs washing.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

This is the part of the article where we say, "don't follow your grandma's advice". Well, at least not in this case of protecting and caring for your mattress. If you want a long-lasting mattress, don't let the sun shine on it. Yes, you heard it right!

When you take the mattress cover off to clean your latex mattress, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause latex to oxidize. This leads to the degradation of latex material while also distorting its physical properties. The cellular structure of the mattress will gradually crumble and may also lead to discoloration.

And, when it's time to air out your latex mattress, avoid direct sunlight. If you have no choice but to go for the sun-drying process, then placing a removable mattress cover over it would be ideal as it can prevent damage from ultraviolet rays.

Remove stains immediately

The idea of binge-watching your favorite TV series in bed may sound exciting, but it is important to keep your latex mattress stain-free at all costs.

Unlike memory foam, latex mattresses are durable and resilient. However, they can still be damaged by stains which will seep into the composition of your mattress over time. If you fail to remove those stains immediately, your mattress might end up discolored or moldy.

When it comes to spot cleaning, water generally does the job. However, for stubborn stains, you will have to scrub the affected area using a mild detergent. If a large spill occurs, make sure that they are absorbed as much as possible before being dried off. A clean towel will do the trick!

Clean and comfy latex bed

Flip and rotate your mattress

Rotating and flipping your latex mattress every six months are easy ways to extend its life and get the most from it. Both these methods ensure that body pressure is spread evenly throughout the mattress. If you don't rotate or flip a bed, certain areas will wear quickly, while others will get almost no wear. Once this happens, your latex mattress turns out to be unusable.

To rotate a mattress, just move it around 180 degrees. This means what used to be the head of the mattress is now the foot and vice versa.

natural and organic latex mattress topper

To flip a mattress, move it 90 degrees so that your previous sleeping surface will be underneath, and you will now rest on the new surface. You then rotate your mattress a further 90 degrees to make the head of the mattress become the foot. Therefore the process of flipping involves both a rotation and a flip.

Ensure constant ventilation

While latex mattresses are highly breathable, they still need proper air circulation. Usually, they have inbuilt pinholes in the base that improve circulation and promote a cooler night's sleep. But, if you pair your latex mattress with a flat base, you are actually cutting down the air supply.

Instead of a flat base, consider using a slatted base that will not block the bottom of your mattress. A slatted base allows the air to circulate freely between the slates and keep your mattress cool. This will also help increase mattress longevity, and you'll be able to enjoy the sheer comfort it brings.

Even though it might cost a bit extra, it's a worthwhile investment.

Keep your mattress clean

Your bed is more than just a comfy mattress. It's home to all sorts of dust, sweat, and allergens that share the same space as you do at night when sleeping.

Even though latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic, cleaning every few months (or even better: with seasonal changes!) enables you to sleep in a clean and healthy environment. It may also improve the lifespan of your mattress.

A happy woman lying on a clean latex mattress

How to clean a latex mattress without using harsh chemicals?

There's no need to get the help of professional mattress cleaning. You can deep-clean a mattress on your own; it's quite easy!

Step 1 - Remove the cover

If your latex mattress has a cover, remove it. Hand wash and wash or machine wash your mattress cover if you think it needs to be laundered.

Step 2 - Vacuum the mattress

Vacuum your latex mattress to get rid of the hair and skin flakes accumulated on it. Run your vacuum across all the sides of your mattress, using the vacuum cleaner's upholstery attachment.

Since latex mattresses are resistant to dust mites and are hypoallergenic in nature, vacuuming is not really necessary. However, there's nothing wrong with giving a little extra care, right?

Step 3 - Mix natural liquid soap with water

Mix a few drops of natural liquid soap with a cup of warm water. Agitate the mixture using your hands until bubbles are formed.

Make sure not to use harsh laundry detergents or chemicals during this step as it can damage the latex foam.

Step 4 - Use an absorbable cloth

Dip a plain absorbable cloth, preferably a white cotton cloth, into the soapy water. Squeeze it gently to remove the presence of excess water. Now, spot-clean the latex mattress using the damp cloth.

Step 5- Dampen another cotton cloth

Dampen another cotton cloth in warm water. Now, squeeze the excess water out and wipe away the soapy solution from the mattress.

Step 6 - Allow the mattress to dry

Air dry your mattress before putting the cover on. Do not expose them to direct sunlight as it can lead to the deterioration of the latex mattress. If you want to dry your mattress, use a cold hair dryer or air dry inside the home. If you think drying your mattress outside is better, make sure to do this in the shade.

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Unlike memory foam mattresses, there is very little you've to do to take care of your natural latex mattress. Don’t forget the six key things we mentioned in the beginning:

  • Use a mattress protector
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  • Remove stains immediately
  • Rotate and flip your mattress every 6 months
  • Esure constant ventilation
  • Keep your mattress clean

Knowing how to maintain your mattress can ensure that you get the best night's rest. Natural latex mattresses are expensive, and only proper care and careful attention can help safeguard them.

If you care for your latex mattress the right way, it will take care of you in return. Just be sure to follow the above guidelines, and your natural latex mattress will last for years.

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