Best Mattress In a Box 2023

Last Updated May 18, 2023

Ever since the internet came along, buying a mattress has never been easier. All you have to do is go to the website of your favorite mattress retailer, and you’ll be exposed to dozens of affordable mattresses, all coming in different materials, shapes, sizes, and comfort levels. It doesn’t even matter how you sleep anymore! There’ll always be a mattress reserved for you.

latex mattress

However, buying a mattress online necessitates having it shipped to your home. And we are all aware of how big a mattress can be. Just picture moving something that big into your house, not to mention the hassle of packing, storing, and transporting it! That would be inconvenient for every party involved. You don't need to worry, though, as brilliant minds in the mattress industry have found a very effective remedy for this.

mattress in a box

The mattress-in-a-box service delivers your mattress in a convenient-sized box! "But how?" you may wonder. How is it possible for such a large, heavy object to fit inside this tiny box? Does it even make sense to put a mattress inside a box? Moreover, does this compromise the integrity of the mattress? Come take a peek into the world of “Mattress-in-a-box” and be amazed!

A mattress in a box: what is it?

“Mattress in a Box,” as the name would suggest, is a mattress that has been put into a box. Now, we know what you’re thinking. How do you fit something so large into a container that is both compact and practical? The answer is simple: heavy mattress roll pack machinery. The mattress that you're ordering is mechanically compressed and sealed in an airtight bag. It is then rolled up and put inside the box.

Though the concept of a "mattress in a box” is unique, the mattress that comes in the box is comparable to any other mattress available. Here, the convenience it provides is what makes a difference. The ability to fit a large item like a mattress into a box carton simplifies storage and transportation for both the manufacturer and the customer.

Why would you put a mattress in a box?

The real question is, why wouldn't you put a mattress in a box? Back in the early days, such a thing would've been considered sorcery! But now that we have modern technology, it is not only common but also very convenient.

The idea of boxed mattresses first emerged sometime around 2006. Although the concept was very original for the time, the consumer world paid little mind. As time went on, more and more businesses started using this approach. According to the records, both from a delivery and a sales perspective, it was a very successful venture. The economy was booming, storage space was freed up, and transportation was much simpler than before.

The buyers adored it as well. The days of having to pay extra for mattress delivery, or having it brought up to your house only to discover that you would need to take additional steps to fit it through your doorframe, are long gone. Now, the mattress is delivered in an easily portable box that you can carry up to your home by yourself without risking damage by attempting to jam it through the door. It's not difficult to set up the mattress, either.

Overall, the idea of placing a mattress inside a box has been very beneficial for all parties concerned. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and it might encourage the emergence of numerous other convenience-focused ideas.

How much do they cost?

Mattresses in a box can vary from as little as $100 to as much as $3000 or above. The price would fluctuate based on many factors such as - support, pressure relief, material type, mattress build, etc. The luxurious ones are much more costly, while the cheap ones are either makeshift mattresses (such as the airbed) or are made of very cheap and not-so-trustworthy materials.

Around the range of $800 to $1500, you should be able to acquire a sufficiently well-built mattress. The total price of your mattress would factor in the delivery costs too. Additionally, if you're outside of the seller's prominent area, then you may have to pay extra fees for bringing it to you. This is not much of an issue as most all sellers provide free shipping in the continental USA.

You may be wondering how mattress-in-a-box manufacturers are able to give you great mattresses at affordable rates. This is because they have very little overhead costs, unlike the brick-and-mortar retailers that have to pay for sales staff as well as pay the rent on their stores/warehouses.

how much do mattress in a box cost

Why is the mattress-in-a-box business booming?

Since the use of mattresses has gained popularity, the standard procedure has been to visit one of the many mattress retailers nearby, look at the various types of mattresses they offer, try out the ones you like to see if they suit you, compare the various mattresses, and then make the purchase. This is the oldest method of purchasing a mattress. In contrast to online mattress shopping, it enables you to feel the item you're purchasing.

So, in order to compete with this aspect of feeling, online retailers created free trial periods for their customers. After the mattress is delivered, you have about a month or two or more to test it out before deciding whether to go through with your purchase. You will be given a complete refund if the mattress is not to your liking.

This simple feature has helped to alleviate one of the most significant trust issues that customers had with online mattress shopping. Because the trial period ensures the customer a much longer timeframe than what is available at a brick-and-mortar store, it has further increased shoppers' reliance on online mattress retailers. Additionally, when you shop online, you can test it out in the comfort of your own home and have access to a much wider selection of mattress options.

The online retailer has a greater market reach, whereas the traditional retailer is often limited to customers in its immediate vicinity. The COVID pandemic proved this very aptly. Once customers were stuck in their homes, reliance on online shopping greatly rose. E-commerce companies boomed, and along with them, so did the mattress-in-a-box companies.

Another factor driving the rise of the mattress-in-a-box trend is the lower overhead expenses of an online retailer versus a traditional retailer. Lower initial setup costs and lower operating costs lead to the ability to be able to provide great-quality mattresses at affordable rates. This affordability includes delivery fees, which are (almost always) nonexistent nowadays. Pair that with the faster shipping time, and it becomes clear why the mattress-in-a-box business is booming.

What kinds of mattresses are packaged in boxes?

what kind of mattresses are packaged in boxes

Mattresses that are commonly purchased in boxes fall into one of five categories. They vary in regards to things like the material used, the method of construction, the response and support they provide, durability, etc. Let’s take a look at each one, and see if they are to your liking or not: -

1. Latex mattresses

Latex, a product made from rubber tree sap, is the main component of latex mattresses. Latex could either be natural or synthetic. The natural ones are environmentally friendly and have little to no chemical additives. Chemical components are present in synthetic latex.

The process of manufacturing latex is another variation. It will be firm if it is produced using the Dunlop method. When the Talalay technique is used, it becomes softer. Dunlop is reportedly much more durable than Talalay, but that shouldn't diminish the fact that latex mattresses are extremely durable and last up to 20 years.

The responsiveness of latex mattresses to your movements is also excellent. Your pressure points will be well-caressed. Because latex is naturally breathable, latex mattresses typically keep their users cool. They range in price from $1,000 to $3,000 on the market.

One thing to note is Latex is heavy and an all latex mattress of a good average height of 10 inches cannot be packed into one box. Turmerry Latex Mattress comes in 4 boxes to make it easy to carry to your room and the assembly is easy and does not require any tools. This shows our mattresses made with latex are better and durable.

mattress in a box latex

2. Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are extremely popular these days. Polyurethane foam and memory foam are the two main types of foam found in mattresses. Compounds derived from petrochemicals make up the majority of polyurethane foam's composition. The cost of polyurethane is very low.

Memory foam is primarily made of polyurethane, but it also contains additional chemicals that make it viscous and dense. The pressure-relieving memory foam mattresses slowly mold to the body, thus evenly distributing weight.

Foam mattresses are made to contour your body, relieving stress and potentially improving sleep quality. High-density foam, in particular, can offer good support and spinal alignment. They are priced from $300 to over $2,000.

memory foam mattress can be packed in box

3. Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are produced when more than two different kinds of mattresses are combined. They are multi-layered, with comfort layers made of memory foam, latex, or gel, as well as an innerspring system. They resemble innerspring mattresses in some ways but with the added benefits of foam or latex. Hybrid mattresses are excellent choices for every type of sleeper.

Thanks to the memory foam and latex comfort layers, sleepers can take advantage of the mattress' conforming, pressure-relieving, and motion-isolating qualities. The innerspring coils, meanwhile, give the entire bed a solid foundation and stability. Additionally, the coils encourage constant airflow to keep the bed cool. Costs for a high-quality queen-size hybrid bed mattress range from $1,600 to $2,000 and above.

mattress in a box - hybrid

4. Airbeds

An airbed, also referred to as an air mattress, is an inflatable mattress made of rubber, PVC, or plastic. By blowing into a valve, either manually or with an electric pump, they are inflated. The deflated version of the mattress can be packed tightly and moved around or kept in a small space. At the center of an airbed's support core are motorized air chambers. The amount of air in the chambers can be changed by the owners, which affects how firm the mattress is overall.

Airbeds can be used for camping, short-term guest accommodations, or even long-term lodgings. They can be customized into unique shapes, and varying levels of firmness can be added for extra support. Many models feature dual firmness, which means there are various firmness levels on each side of the bed to accommodate couples with different preferences. Airbeds can cost you anywhere from $100 to $4,000 or more.

airbeds - mattress in a box

What are innerspring mattresses? Can they be packed in a box?

A metal coil support system—typically made of steel—is used in innerspring mattresses. There are various spring systems, such as those that combine multiple springs into a single unit and those that use individually wrapped pocketed coils. There can be variations in the coil gauge, coil count, and spring shapes and designs.

Innersprings have incredibly springy surfaces. For those who require excellent pressure relief and maximum support while they sleep, an innerspring mattress is a great option. If you can relate to any of these instances, then innersprings are very helpful: You prefer firmer support, you sleep hot, or you prefer to sleep on your stomach or your back. With an average price range of $900 to $1,100, innerspring mattresses are typically affordable.

innerspring mattresses cannot be easily compressed into a box

While you might see an innerspring mattress labeled as "bed-in-a-box," don't be fooled - you'll need some elbow grease to set it up. And unlike their foam counterparts, these traditional mattresses cannot easily be compressed into a box for storage or transportation.

What method is used to pack a mattress into a box?

how to pack a mattress in a box

Because of the customizations that a buyer makes and the limited storage space in warehouses, most companies that provide a mattress-in-a-box begin preparing it only after an order is placed. A mattress-in-box is simple to set up and only requires a short amount of time to make. Here is how the process usually goes:

First, the mattress is placed onto a conveyor belt of a huge machine (packaging machinery). This conveyor belt carries it throughout the entire process.

As the mattress proceeds into the machine, it is wrapped and encased in a bag. This gives the mattress extra protection during transportation and storage. It also helps maintain its compressed shape.

Next, a sizable press is used to compress the mattress. It gently descends onto the mattress, compressing it into a flat, paper-like shape as it does so. Then it holds that position for a while so that the mattress can conform to its new shape. The mattress will be visible in its thin, new shape as soon as the machine press rises.

Now that the mattress is compressed, it can be folded in half with ease. The folding is done by the machine itself, similar to every other process, and it helps to further reduce the final size of the mattress.

Next up is the roll packer. The folded mattress is rolled into a cylindrical shape (in a process called “roll packing”) during this final stage of production. It gives the mattress its final shape, the one that will eventually be put into the box and shipped to you.

As there is a high demand for these beds nowadays, the technology being used to make them is continually improving. Additionally, the materials of these mattresses can be rolled up for shipping and are capable of being highly compressed, allowing them to expand back into their original shape when unpacked.

One of the hurdles that companies face during manufacturing is the application of adhesives in mattresses. You see, water-based adhesives need at least 24 hours to cure. Only a small number of mattresses of this type can therefore be cured at a time due to the limited storage space. Shipping is severely delayed as a result.

Hot melt adhesives are being utilized as a substitute today to lessen this. The mattress can cure much more quickly while still retaining the same level of quality as when using water-based adhesives.

Will the mattress sustain damage if compressed?

Simply put, no. The mattress is under a lot of pressure, so it makes sense when some might think that keeping it compressed or roll-packing it could compromise its integrity. However, this is only a common misunderstanding among many.

Mattresses that come in boxes are made to be incredibly resilient. Its components are made of materials that can withstand high compression and shape-shifting. After being removed from the packaging, it will expand and take a day or two to take on its original shape. You can use it just like any other store-bought mattress, with no worries about internal or external damage.

How long can you keep a mattress in a box before you have to take it out?

The mattress in the box has been compressed to less than half its original size. Some mattress manufacturers only compress the mattress after a customer has placed an order. Others, however, might finish it sooner and enable it to remain enclosed in the box for longer. The mattress might well stay in the box for three days, a week, or longer.

The best course of action is to take the mattress out of the packaging as soon as you can. If you can't because you don't have a suitable bed frame, you're moving houses, or you're still using your old mattress, then you might be concerned that keeping it in the box for too long will damage it. You can keep the mattress in the box for a few weeks. However, you must remove it within a reasonable amount of time to avoid any harm to your expensive investment.

As soon as you can, you should open the box's seal and allow your mattress to expand. There is no harm in leaving a mattress unpacked for days. The following problems may result from keeping the mattress in a box for a long time:

  • The mattress might not expand completely - It typically takes a mattress between 24 hours and three days to fully expand after unpacking. But when allowed to sit in the box for too long, the mattress' ability to fully decompress may be hindered by the force of compression that has been applied to it.
  • Irreversible damage to the mattress - The foam inside the mattress may start to lose its durability if it is enclosed for an extended period of time. Companies that offer longer mattress enclosures use better foam that is more resilient and can endure longer in such conditions. But not every business can make that promise.
  • The feeling might be altered - The foam in your mattress won't feel the same if it's kept in its box for an extended period of time. The comfort layers, if they remain compressed for too long, won’t be able to offer much in the way of comfort. The thinning of the mattress could also stop you from experiencing it in the actual thickness or firmness that you ordered for.
  • The warranty could be voided - A warranty is provided with almost every mattress. It can range from three years to more than twenty-five. In some instances, it's possible that keeping your mattress in the box longer than the manufacturer specifies will void the warranty. If you had received a mattress that wouldn't have inflated for some other reason, then keeping the mattress in the box could constitute grounds for nullifying the warranty. Always read and make sure that you are aware of the mattress’ warranty conditions.

Can I repack the mattress into the box once I take it out?

It would depend on the mattress type. Given that memory foam mattresses are made of flexible materials, you might be able to compress them using a home vacuum cleaner. However, since these mattresses are compressed by powerful machinery, you might not be able to do it as effectively as the manufacturer did.

The compression and rolling up of traditional mattresses or innerspring-related mattresses isn't recommended, though. Attempting to do so may result in structural and material damage. In the event that you decide to return your mattress, a charitable organization will pick it up in its decompressed state.

What are the advantages of a mattress in a box?

Convenient shopping

Nowadays, the old-fashioned method of mattress shopping is time-consuming. It is necessary for you to leave your home and travel to the store. The fact that you are unaware of the options until you arrive at the store only serves to make it worse. As soon as you walk into the store, a joyous salesperson will greet you and follow you down every aisle, trying to persuade you that the item you are looking at is superior to the one you were looking at earlier.

Many customers have been driven to the brink by pushy salespeople, and as a result, they now shop online more frequently than not. Buying a mattress online is convenient because it only takes a few mouse clicks. Additionally, nobody is attempting to pressure you into making a purchase. You can go at your own pace, and if you have any questions, you can always use customer service channels, which include web chats, AI text bots, call-ins, and email.

Wide variety

Online mattress shopping is the best place to find yourself a guaranteed variety of options. The days of glumly making your way back home from the store after failing to find what you were looking for are now long gone. You have a sufficient number of options to choose from so that you can find the mattress of your dreams.

Companies that sell beds-in-a-box typically offer similar materials. There are airbeds, latex, hybrid, foam, and innerspring mattresses. While some mattresses have copper-infused toppers, like copper-infused memory foam, others are made with cooling gel, like gel memory foam. These varieties support the control of body temperature.

In addition to the model, each mattress's feature contributes to its variety. These characteristics, like height and firmness, can be changed through self-customization or can be viewed if the seller mentions them in the description. You have full authority on the matter of choice, and in front of you is a wide variety of mattress-in-a-box options.

Cost savings

Because mattresses in a box are exclusively online based, you can get great discounts on your purchases. Prices start at less than $100 and can reach $3000 and higher. You are given the option to choose your price, and you get what you pay for. Going higher up the price scale results in an improvement in mattress quality. Even if your spending limit is only about $1,000, you should have no trouble finding an affordable mattress that meets all of your requirements.

Compared to traditional mattresses, mattresses in a box are significantly less expensive. Regular discounts and sales are provided by a lot of online businesses. This can be attributed to the online retailer's low overhead expenses. Additionally, by compressing the mattress, they can save money on delivery fees. They are then able to provide free delivery to their clients as a result of this.

Convenient Delivery

When purchasing a mattress from a brick-and-mortar retailer, you must be physically present to place your order, schedule a delivery date, and complete the transaction. Depending on the mattress you purchase and the retailer from which you purchased it, you might be required to pay delivery fees. Once the day of delivery arrives and your mattress is brought up to your house, there's a good chance that you'll run into some obstacles that you must get over. Small doors or perhaps even cramped hallways in apartments could pose a problem.

natural and organic latex mattress topper

When it comes to online shopping, however, you realize that placing an order for a new mattress requires very little effort from your side. The mattress will be delivered right to your front door in a convenient-sized box. This ensures that the mattress reaches your bedroom without getting damaged. Additionally, the mattress in a box will be light, so if you choose, you can easily carry it inside yourself.

If you'd rather have someone else bring it in, you can choose services like white-glove delivery. The mattress delivery team will bring your bed in a box right to your bedroom, take away the old mattress, and then set up the new one. You won’t have to lift a finger throughout the entire process!

Sleep trials

The biggest benefit that boxed beds provide might be a trial period. It was developed by online retailers to give them an advantage over physical stores, and it certainly accomplished that in style.

When purchasing a mattress in a physical store, you can touch a mattress to determine its feel, functionality, and suitability. However, you can only do that inside the store's boundaries. Since online retailers began providing free trials, you have access to everything related to the feel of a mattress, with the added benefit of being able to test it out for at least two months in the comfort of your own home.

Most companies offer 60 to 100 nights for sleep trials, but some offer up to a year. The extended trial period can help you find any problems you may have with the mattress and determine whether it complements the design of your bedroom. If you don't like it, you will receive a refund in accordance with the business's policy. Although it is frequently a full refund, it might not include any discounts or delivery fees that you have already paid.

The only thing you will need to do is coordinate pickup with the retailer; you won't need to try to put the mattress back in the box. Most of the time, mattresses returned during trial periods are given to nearby charities or made available to employees at deeply discounted prices.

Are there any drawbacks to a mattress in a box?

Confusion due to many options

Due to the wide variety of options online, it can be challenging to find the ideal bed in a box for you. You must take a seat in front of your computer and conduct some research on the numerous mattress materials that are offered. But that is only the beginning.

For each mattress retailer, there are numerous makes and models. The majority of them have unique constructions that offer various degrees of firmness, support, temperature regulation, and pressure relief. Finding the ideal mattress for you will require some knowledge of these topics.

No trial before buying

Most people agree that you should try a mattress out for at least 15 minutes before making a final decision about buying it. You can only access this freedom at brick-and-mortar stores right now. You will be able to feel it right away, even if it is only inside the store, which will make your choice of a mattress more reliable and prompt.

Your sense of trust and intuition will play a big role in your decision to buy mattresses in a box. Initially, you can only see the item you are purchasing. The only time you actually feel the mattress is after it has been delivered. You will have to endure the aggravating process of having to return what you purchased if it doesn't meet your standards, as well as repeat the process of looking for another mattress that meets your needs.

Even with the trial period that is provided, the main motivator for buying an online mattress is hope. You hope that the mattress you receive will be excellent on arrival and that the company from which you ordered it is trustworthy enough to grant you a full refund if you decide to return it. Always review the brand's refund policy before you make your purchase.

Possibility of off-gassing

Off-gassing is a problem that has long plagued the larger mattress industry. It is the scent that the mattress gives off after it has been taken out of its box. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the cause of this odor, which is frequently connected to foam-type and other synthetic beds in boxes.

When you first unbox your mattress-in-a-box, off-gassing is at its strongest. The smell will vanish on its own after it has been removed and given a few days to inflate. Those who are sensitive to smell find off-gassing to be very annoying. In addition, the smell's VOC content makes it potentially hazardous to breathe in. Numerous buyers frequently voice their complaints about this problem.

Examine the reviews of the bed in a box before buying. The mattress's main problems can be determined. Additionally, you learn more generally about phenomena like off-gassing and whether they exist in the mattress that you're considering purchasing. Making the switch to different materials is another way to get rid of it. Natural latex is a great substitute if you want to avoid off-gassing.

Hot temperature

This issue is also a byproduct of foam-type mattresses in a box. They have a tendency to absorb and hold your body heat. The heat that has been trapped is released when you fall asleep, making the mattress surface warmer than usual. Hot sleepers will be disappointed by this fact.

You don't need to worry for too long, though, as the makers of mattresses in a box currently view this problem as a serious one. The mattress layers are being made using new and improved methods and materials, which, in turn, improve temperature control and prevent excess heating. Innerspring and latex mattresses are your two best options if you're looking for naturally breathable mattresses in a box. You will experience cooler nights and restful sleep thanks to their excellent air circulation.

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How can I find the best mattress in a box?

buying a mattress in a box

Buying a mattress in a box is fairly simple. All you need is an internet connection, some money in the bank, and the desire to sit in front of your computer and do some research. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal mattress in a box: -

1. Determine your budget

Sleeping takes up about a third of our lives. Because of this, a mattress is an investment that you'll want to keep for a long time. Determining how much of a dent you're willing to make in your wallet is therefore necessary.

These days, mattresses can be purchased for as little as $150 or as much as $5,000. However, the majority of shoppers can find the mattress they require for less than $1,000. If you can find a high-quality mattress in this price range, do so. A high-quality mattress can help you prevent future issues like pains and aches by ensuring that you have a comfortable night's sleep. Additionally, it will guarantee that you won't have to worry about replacing it for at least the next 20 years.

2. Seek which material you desire

Foam Material - Mattresses made of foam are almost always all-foam and are constructed from a variety of foam materials, including polyurethane foam, memory foam, and others. The qualities of foam mattresses are provided by combining foam layers of varying densities. Foam beds are available in a variety of styles and prices ranging from $300 and up.

Hybrid Material - A hybrid mattress combines two materials, primarily springs, with a comfort layer (polyfoam, latex, memory foam) on top. If you prefer the springy feel of an innerspring mattress, or are heavier than 230 pounds (and prefer side sleeping), pick this one. Although more affordable options are also available, hybrid models are generally more expensive than all-foam models.

3. Research on the different mattress brands and models

After determining your spending limit and preferred material, you can start looking into the various brands. This is an important consideration when looking for the best mattress available. Learn about the many different models that each brand offers and choose the ones that work best for your bedroom and sleeping preferences.

You should also read the reviews for the mattress brand and model. Check to see if they ship to your area, if they offer a trial period, and if they offer a full refund for returns. Only after carefully examining each of these elements should you move on to the next step.

4. Look out for sales or promotions

The ability to receive discounts on products is the best aspect of online shopping. You have access to hundreds of brands when shopping online, and the majority of them run year-round sales and promotions. If one brand lacks it, the other will not. In addition, online mattress retailers typically offer greater discounts than brick-and-mortar retailers, which means you can save hundreds of dollars on the mattress of your choice.

Keep an eye out for these promotions on occasions like Black Friday, Labor Day, Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, and other significant holidays. Additionally, if you have signed up for these brands' email updates, you will frequently be informed about internal promotions and sales that you would otherwise miss. And if you don't take advantage of these promotions, online shopping is pointless!

5. Inquire with customer support

Customers are the beating heart of every retailer. As such, any inquiries you have regarding your mattress choices will be addressed by them. Emailing or calling the company’s customer service division is the traditional method of communication. If you have a question that can't be answered by text or voice, the brands might offer live web chats, or something comparable, with their customer service representatives.

6. Select your top picks, go over them, and contrast them with one another

Once you've chosen at least two or more mattress models you like, examine each one in detail before comparing them to one another. The different features should serve as the main comparison points. You'll need a cooling mattress if you get hot at night while sleeping. Motion isolation is essential if your partner moves around a lot while you're sleeping. Strong edge support is necessary if you have a tendency to frequently fall off the edge.

After these personal requirements have been satisfied, consider the cost, availability in your area, delivery fee (if any), trial period, warranty, and return policy. Reread the reviews and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each mattress before making a decision.

7. Customize


The size of the mattress is determined by how much room you have available. The typical size of twin or full mattresses is smaller and more appropriate for small spaces. The Queen, King, and Cal King can all be easily accommodated in rooms with more space. The bed frame is an additional consideration. Make sure your mattress and bed frame are the same size.


Depending on the retailer, the firmness level could range from Extra soft to Extra firm. Generally speaking, the three most prevalent firmness levels are soft, medium, and firm. A softer mattress will likely make you feel more at ease if you are under 130 pounds, side-sleep, or suffer from pressure points along your spine. Most people who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds prefer medium-firm mattresses. A firmer mattress is typically preferred by people who weigh more than 230 pounds and sleep on their back, stomach, or both.


The height or thickness of a mattress can vary from 2 inches to 16 inches or more. A good mattress has a height that falls between 8 and 14 inches. Given that the hips and shoulders are well supported, a height of 12 to 14 inches is suggested for side sleepers. A space of 10 to 12 inches should be adequate for back sleepers. At that height, the spine is securely held. To prevent spinal misalignment in stomach sleepers, 10 inches is advised. Twelve inches should be sufficient for combination sleepers.

8. Buy and checkout.

Click on "add to cart" after ensuring everything is in place. After entering the required data (name, email, phone number, address, credit/debit card, etc.) and selecting any additional services you deem necessary (like white glove delivery), proceed to checkout. After placing the order, make sure you get the confirmation email for your purchase. And that ought to wrap up the purchasing process! Your mattress-in-a-box order has been placed, and the waiting game has begun.

Things to consider when buying a mattress-in-a-box

While the material may vary, a mattress’ features are constant. These may be different for you based on your preferences and additional elements like body weight, sleeping habits, etc. Take into account the following characteristics when searching for a mattress: -

Material quality

A high-quality material might be the deterrent you need to keep from needing to purchase new mattresses every few months. By controlling variables like temperature, pressure relief, support, etc., the material has a direct impact on how well you sleep. The best mattress components currently on the market are natural latex and memory foam.

Mattress type

Every mattress type has its own set of pros and cons. For example, natural latex mattresses are organic and responsive, but some may find them too heavy for their liking. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses provide excellent support and breathability, but lack in the area of motion isolation. Airbeds, while highly customizable and portable, are held back by their high cost. Foam mattresses do a great job of relieving pressure, but many of them have weak edges that sink in.

bed in a box mattress type - latex, memory foam, hybrid, and air bed

Sleep posture

Your sleeping position dictates a lot about which mattress you should prefer. Soft mattresses are best for side sleepers because they can support their shoulders and hips while they are asleep, effectively reducing the amount of pressure that accumulates. Medium to firm mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers, as they maintain the spine's neutral alignment and prevent it from sagging into the bed. A medium-firm mattress is also a good option if you sleep on your back because it keeps the heavier parts of your body from sinking too far into the mattress.

your sleeping posture dictates a lot about which mattress you should prefer


The rising levels of synthetic products have left the consumer market yearning for something more natural. Eco-friendly mattresses, such as those made from natural latex, cotton, and wool, have recently begun to see an uptick in their sales. An eco-friendly mattress helps maintain a perfectly healthy environment in one's home. Plus, it is devoid of phenomena such as off-gassing, which occur due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in synthetic mattresses.

how to choose the best mattress in a box - look for the one that's ecofriendly


The firmness level of a mattress is solely up to the buyer's preference. It varies due to factors such as body weight, sleeping posture, and comfort. If you weigh more, you should get a thicker mattress. Those weighing below 130 pounds should consider a soft mattress. Side sleepers will also benefit from a softer mattress surface. Stomach and back sleepers should go for firmer models.

mattress firmness levels

Pressure relief

Unwinding after a hard day, you need something to relieve you of all the pent-up stress and pressure. Look for a mattress that caters well to this need. Some factors that affect pressure relief include the quality of the mattress' comfort layer, the firmness that is being opted for, and the body weight of the user.


The ability of a mattress to hold your body well throughout the night and into the morning constitutes the support it offers. This is different from the comfort level and does not affect it in any manner. The support of a mattress can be attributed to the support core, otherwise known as the mattress base. It acts as the foundation of the mattress and is usually made of materials such as high-density foam, steel coils, latex, or air chambers.

how to choose the best mattress in a box - go for the ones that offer proper support

Edge support

If you like sitting on the edge of a mattress or often find yourself near the edge when you wake up in the morning, then you need a mattress that can support you from falling off of it. This means having an edge that doesn't sink. Look for mattresses manufactured with reinforced edges and zoning. They bolster the mattress' perimeter, thus securing the edges well.

how to choose the best mattress in a box - proper edge support

Temperature control

The perfect temperature to sleep in usually depends on the user's choice, but this factor could be overridden by geographical location and seasonal changes. Innerspring and Hybrid mattresses have often been touted as the coolest to sleep in. This can be attributed to the layer of springs or pocketed coils that allow air to flow right through them.

Latex mattresses, especially the ones with tiny pores, also help you sleep cooler due to the breathability of the material. Foam mattresses, though, are known to generate warmth due to the body heat that is absorbed and trapped by them.

How to properly unbox and set up a mattress in a box?

Unboxing a mattress in a box is pretty straightforward. Here are the four steps: -

  • First, we bring the box into the room where you want your mattress to be.
  • Second, open the box and take the rolled mattress out.
  • Third, lay the mattress down on a flat surface and remove the plastic packaging layer.
  • Now we wait until the mattress expands to its full size.
how to unbox and setup a mattress in a box

How long do you wait before you can sleep on the mattress?

Mattresses, once out of the box, usually only take a few hours to expand fully. But, this time period can differ with different brands. Some retailers will request that you wait for around 2 to 3 days before sleeping on it.

There are three main factors that decide how long you have to wait: -

  1. How long it has remained compressed in the box
  2. The level of quality of the mattress
  3. The material used in the mattress

If you've ordered your mattress in a box from abroad, then the mattress will remain in its box for a while before reaching you. This hinders the quickness of its decompression. If you've ordered it from a retailer in your own country or city, then the mattress is bound to have been made on order. This means quicker decompression. To further speed up this process, always take your mattress out of its box as soon as it is delivered.

How durable is a mattress in a box?

The quality of the mattress, the material of the mattress, and the reputation of the manufacturer are the three things that decide the durability of your mattress in a box. The average lifespan of a mattress is 10 years. If you're buying it from a brick-and-mortar store, then you'll be guaranteed at least 5 to 9 years.

Natural latex mattresses are usually the ones that last the longest, with an exceptional lifespan of 10 years or more. Latex manufacturers offer a warranty mirroring its lifespan. Foam and hybrids come just beneath with lifespans of 6 to 7 years. Innersprings are the least durable mattress type, with a lifespan of 5 to 6 years.

The durability of your bed in a box will also depend on how well you maintain it. Some mattresses may let you machine wash them, while others will not. These often only require spot washing. To find information on how to keep your bed in a box clean, just visit the website of the retailer. Or, you can just search the internet and come upon it fairly quickly.

Does Turmerry have a mattress in a box?

We at Turmerry have been putting a lot of effort into developing a practical bed in a box. Our dependable Organic Latex Mattress has served us well for far too long. Despite all of its advantages, it isn't ideal to be contained in a portable box. It takes at least 4 to 5 boxes because the latex foam we use is of high quality, making it heavier than other inexpensive foams that can be easily boxed.

turmerry mattress in a box

So, to cater to the eco-friendly Turmerry enthusiasts who want the best bed in a box, we've decided to spoil you with our latest addition - The Hybrid Latex Mattress, which is coming soon.

In the world of online retail, hybrid mattresses in a box have long been available. However, memory foam layers or some other type of synthetic foam have always been present in them. We only use eco-friendly materials to make our latex hybrid mattresses. Turmerry has always stood for this ideal and will continue to do so.


2-inch latex foam -> Latex is an organic material derived from the sap of rubber trees. We use this liquid latex to create the luxurious latex foams you've come to expect. The Dunlop technique is applied over the Talalay during manufacturing, making the foam highly resilient and firm in its support. In the best possible way, this 2-inch layer follows the contours of your body. Every sleeper and every sleeping position is supported by it.

8-inch pocket coil -> Metal coils that have been individually wrapped in a fabric called a "pocket" or "sleeve" are known as pocket coils. The 8-inch layer is springy and provides the majority of the mattress' responsiveness. How pocket coils differ from innerspring may be a subject of debate. While innerspring mattresses provide a little more all-around support, a pocket spring mattress can better conform to your body thanks to its individual coils. People who need relief from back pain find that this works better.

natural and organic pillows



The hybrid latex mattress will be the ideal solution for you if you're torn between purchasing a latex or a pocket spring mattress. As a hybrid, it can give you the advantages of both types of mattresses.


All latex mattresses are made entirely of latex, so they are typically heavier than hybrid latex mattresses. Contrarily, the hybrid latex benefits from having pocket coils, which are very light and simple to compress.


Our hybrid latex mattress only requires one box to be fitted, as opposed to 4 to 5 boxes for all latex mattresses. The boxed hybrid latex mattress will be delivered right to your door, and because it is lightweight, you can carry it to your room with ease.


Hot sleepers can rejoice! The latex foam layer we use has natural cooling properties due to its breathability. Additionally, there is plenty of room for airflow within the pocket coil layer. These elements will help to keep you cool all night long.


This luxury mattress is highly conforming, responding to each and every contour of your body with precision comfort. You can wake up every morning pain-free, confident that your body will be refreshed and rejuvenated for the day ahead.


There will be no off-gassing or VOCs that you have to avoid. The latex is completely natural, and so is the steel used in the pocket coils. For further assurance, we have obtained certifications from- GOLS, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA. Our production facilities are also Carbon Neutral.


We guarantee longevity with a lifespan of at least 20 years. You'll get a 20 Year Warranty starting the moment you get your rights reserved to the product. Furthermore, we offer a 60-day trial period so that you won't be locked into a purchase if you don't like it.

In conclusion

Suffice it to say, the Turmerry latex hybrid mattress is going to be reliable. It is exquisite in every attribute it has, and would prove a wonderful addition to your moments of nighttime leisure. We also recommend you check out the organic latex mattress. It may be heavier than the latex hybrid, but only because it is made with organic, high-quality latex foam.

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