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Best Medium Firm Mattress

Are you looking for a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm? Medium-firm mattresses are exactly what you you are looking for, and Turmerry has some of the best medium-firm latex mattresses for you! Offering a balance between comfort and support, almost every type of sleeper will find our medium-firm mattresses ideal for their perfect sleep.

Egg Crate Mattress


Natural and Organic Latex Mattress


Latex Hybrid Mattress


Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base Bed


Wool Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad


GOTS Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector Cover


Get the Best Comfort and Support With Turmerry Latex Mattresses

We love a mattress that isn't too firm or too soft on the spectrum. Thus, we offer three different customizable latex mattresses, each available in its own respective medium-firm version. We only use premium quality, thoroughly tested, and certified natural latex foam in our mattresses, giving you an exquisitely bouncy, supportive, pressure relieving, contouring, and eco-friendly surface to rest your weary bodies on.

Besides our latex, we employ certified organic cotton as a mattress cover and GOTS-certified organic wool as a fire retardant. Every component you find in our mattresses is sustainably sourced and healthy, both for the environment and the customer. Our thorough manufacturing process also ensures that you receive the highest quality medium firm mattress for your investment!

Three Distinct Mattress Types to Choose From!

To ensure that you have no grievances on the variety front, we offer you with three different latex mattresses to choose from, each with its own unique construction and qualities.

Natural and Organic Medium-Firm Latex Mattress

The natural and organic latex mattress follows an all-foam construction, where you'll receive three (or four) layers of Dunlop latex foam to assemble as you see fit. You can customize its firmness to "medium firm," whereupon you'll receive two medium firm foam layers and one firm foam layer. Place the firm layer at the bottom, and stack up the two medium firm layers atop it, and you have yourself the perfect all-foam medium-firm mattress!

Medium-Firm Latex Hybrid Mattress

Combining pocketed coils and latex foam, the already medium-firm hybrid mattress provides the best of both material types. The 8" pocket coils form the support core and facilitate the necessary amount of support and motion isolation you desire. The 2" Talalay latex foam forms the comfort layer to provide you with wonderful pressure relief and contouring.

Medium-Firm Egg Crate Mattress

The egg crate latex mattress features a similar all-foam construction to the natural and organic latex mattress but adds a Medium-Firm egg-crate foam layer to offer extra pressure relief. You'll be able to customize its firmness and choose from either soft, medium-firm, or firm. If you choose the 12 inch Egg Crate Mattress, you'll receive three foam layers (soft, medium, and firm) in addition to the egg crate layer, and all you have to do is place the firm layer on the bottom, the soft layer in the middle, and the medium firm layer on top to get the best medium firm mattress out of it.