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Shredded Latex Pillow - Natural and Organic
Shredded Latex Pillow - Natural and Organic
Shredded Latex Pillow - Natural and Organic

    Shredded Latex Pillow - Natural and Organic

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     If you are looking for a natural and non toxic down alternative feeling, our Natural and Organic Shredded Latex Pillows with excellent ventilation and healthiest microclimate while sleeping is a great option. Our natural and organic latex pillows are a wonderful addition to a good night’s rest because of their high responsiveness and support, excellent durability, and airflow that provide long-lasting comfort. The Latex is organic and also Oeko-Tex Certified. 

    Unlike other shredded latex pillows, ours is finely shredded to give you the luxury feeling of softness and head cradling support.


    • Our latex pillows use odorless Oekotex and organic  latex
    • Our latex pillows are free of synthetic latex
    • Our latex pillows are especially durable and highly flexible
    • Our latex pillows come with a certified organic cotton fabric encasement
    • Our latex pillows sleep cooler than other natural pillows
    • Country of Origin: Made in Sri Lanka
    Latex Pillows Sleep Cool

    Latex Pillows Sleep Cool

    Our latex pillows are soft, bouncy, responsive, and healthy. These latex pillows have a better moisture and heat dissipation properties than memory foam pillows. The core structure formed during the Dunlop process is further shaped to provide our latex pillows with cooling channels to help you sleep cool. The channels in the latex pillows also provide more airflow and create more breathable surface area for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

    Latex Pillows Offer Quality Rest

    Latex Pillows Offer Quality Rest

    These natural latex pillows are highly responsive and contouring, and it provides instant bounce back.  The hypoallergenic properties and less susceptible to dust mites and mold make latex pillows a popular choice for allergy sufferers. These organic latex pillows are also long lasting and very durable. Our natural latex pillows do not break down and permanently compress easily, making them last much longer than other pillows on the market.

    firm latex pillow support

    Latex Pillows Provide Great Support

    If you love the springiness and support that latex offers, plus the fact that latex is a natural material, this is the best latex pillow for you. Because of the pillow’s perforated surface, even if you’re lying face down on this latex pillow, you’ll feel air circulation and comfort. Because of the great support they offer, latex pillows can reduce neck and back pain and stiffness.

    Find the right pillow that fits tour sleep needs
    sustainable latex pillows

    Natural Latex Pillows Are Sustainable

    Natural latex pillows are better for your body, and for the planet! Natural rubber or tree-derived rubber is eco friendly. Harvesting and using the product itself has less impact on the environment. The Rubber tree is a sustainable crop and helps maintain the global carbon balance in the atmosphere.

    100% USDA organic latex pillows

    Certified Organic Cotton Casing

    Our latex pillows use the finest organic cotton fabric casing that is lustrous and soft. And it's organic. No harmful levels of chemicals are involved at any stage of the process to produce our latex pillows – planting, growing, harvesting, and processing are all handled in accordance with organic protocols. Utilizing farming methods that encourage healthy ecosystems, including eliminating the toxic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers common in conventional cotton farming, means a safer environment for farm workers, more productive and sustainable soil, reduced irrigation needs, and a healthier end product for you.

    advantages of turmerry latex pillows over regular pillows

    Suitable for all sleep positions

    If you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, our natural latex pillows provide you the best support. You will not wake up with pain in your body, but you will be fully relaxed. Even if you sleep with your head down, latex pillows with their perforations provide optimum air circulation for you to breathe with ease.


    Our organic latex mattresses are manufactured in such a way that you don't have to fret about them harboring anything while you are sleeping - no excessive build up of  bacteria, fungi, or mildew if kept clean. They are also not susceptible to dust mites if the right conditions exist and can be considered as a perfect choice for anyone dealing with respiratory problems.

    Sleep cooler with better airflow

    The natural latex pillows come with perforations to ensure optimum airflow from within the pillow. This helps you sleep cooler and allows your skin to breathe better. The cooler sleep provides a more relaxing sleeping experience, and you wake up refreshed.

    Certified organic cotton casing

    Our latex pillows come with certified organic cotton casing to protect the pillow from external dust and particles. This helps maintain pillow hygiene and extend the life of the pillow. Your pillow covers go on top of the cotton casing, thus protecting the pillow further.

    best latex mattress

    Oeko Tex certified

    Made using high-grade natural latex, our pillows meet the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard. They have been carefully tested and found to be free from harmful chemicals.

    Durable and flexible

    Our natural latex pillows are more durable and flexible in comparison to other natural pillows. Our pillows provide the best support for your body to maintain proper posture while sleeping so that you wake up comfortable and well-rested.


    Our pillows are made from natural latex with no synthetic blends. This makes our natural pillows sustainable for the environment.

    Free from synthetic additives and fillers

    Our natural latex pillows are free from any synthetic latex additives and fillers. That is why our pillows have the best durability in comparison to many other latex pillows. With our product, you get a 100% guarantee of buying genuine natural latex pillows for the best risk.

    How to clean your pillows?

    It is vital to keep your pillow clean to maintain proper hygiene and extend the pillow's life. They are of course a bit tricky to care for, but you can do it easily, it’s just a matter of some simple steps.

    You can’t just put them into a washing machine. If you do so then definitely you will wrap its shape. Instead of using a washing machine to clean your latex pillows, you can use a cloth along with warm soapy water and spot clean the areas that you think need cleaning.

    Once the spot cleaning is done, make sure to let the pillow fully air dry.

    Never expose your latex pillows to direct sunlight as it can make the material hard and brittle.

    Mattress Pairing

    It is recommended to pair out natural latex pillows with our natural latex mattress. Our mattresses are certified organic latex foam mattresses guaranteed to give you a comfortable sleep for years. Our mattresses contain three layers of Dunlop toppers, which provide your body the perfect support, no matter which position you sleep in. Over the toppers is a New Zealand wool layer to provide more stability and a fire retardant property so you and your family can sleep peacefully. Our mattresses come with a certified organic cotton enclosure to keep your mattress protected from dust, germs, and stains. Our natural latex foam mattresses and natural latex pillows are the perfect combination for you and your family for a well-deserved rest.

    turmerry Mattress Pairing

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