Turmerry Partner Program: Elevate Patient Care and Clinic Revenue

Great for chiropractors, PT & LMT

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Join us as an authorized dealer, assist your patients and start generating a new revenue stream for your clinic. Integrate Turmerry mattresses and pillows into your patient care program, and begin the journey of providing them with the perfect bedding for pain relief today!

  • Enhance patient care by addressing the crucial aspect of sleep quality.
  • Create a new and reliable source of income for your clinic.
  • Enjoy significant discounts on display packages.
  • Complementary pillow for yourself.
  • Streamlined dropshipping eliminates inventory concerns.
  • Offer peace of mind with Turmerry's 120-day comfort guarantee.

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Chiro-Recommended Bedding: Customer Success Stories

"We tried the mattress topper because my chiropractor recommended one for my hip pain. My husband was also having issues sleeping. So we got the mattress topper in, and we have both noticed better sleep ever since."

"I love my new pillow! My chiropractor recommended this type of pillow to help with neck pain. I've never slept so well in my life. I'm not waking up with neck pain any more and I sleep so soundly. I highly recommend it."
Meredith P.

"I have been searching for a good pillow for years with no success. Finally I decided to ask my chiropractor what kind of pillow she has, and that's when I discovered buckwheat pillows. What a blessing!"
Kimberly A.

"My chiropractor recommended I try one for my neck pain. So far it seems to be helping most nights."
Beverly R.

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