White Organic Sateen Pillow Covers – Turmerry
White Organic Sateen Pillow Covers - Turmerry

    White Organic Sateen Pillow Covers

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    Our Sateen pillow cover (set of 2) with 300 thread count in superior 2 plied 40/1 yarn size are soft and lustrous, they have all the characteristic required to be on a King’s Bed. These are made using fine yarns of Organic Cotton. These pillow cover sets are Natural Finished and retain their natural aesthetics and color even after years of use.

    Our Sateen Pillow cases have a 4 Inch Z-hem which adds up more luxury to these sheets.

    For those people who have skin allergies, this is a great set that will keep your skin healthy and irritant-free. The organic cotton pillow cover sets are considered to be luxury bedding, in every sense of the word.

    As part of our ongoing effort for supporting sustainability, we have cut out plastic covers from our mattress protectors, sheets, duvet covers and blankets and have used reusable, organic cotton bags. For many of our shipments, we use recycled poly bags, biodegradable sealing tapes and reused shipping boxes.

    Country of Origin: Made in Pakistan

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