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        Finding the best mattress for back sleepers is essential to ensuring a restful night's sleep and avoiding any potential back pain or discomfort. Many people struggle with choosing the right mattress that provides the necessary support and alignment for the spine. Here at Turmerry, we understand the unique needs of back sleepers and have curated a selection of mattresses designed to address these concerns.

        Turmerry mattresses offer a host of perks for all of our customers. Our mattresses offer a generous 10- to 20-year warranty, giving you peace of mind about your investment. Plus, with a 120-night sleep trial and easy returns, you can try out your new mattress in the comfort of your own home, ensuring it's the perfect fit for you.

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        Experience Heavenly Comfort Night After Night

        At Turmerry, we believe that a good night's sleep is essential for your overall well-being. Our mattresses are thoughtfully engineered to provide exceptional comfort and support, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated every morning. Each mattress is made with high-quality, durable materials that promote optimal spine alignment and pressure relief, making them ideal for back sleepers.

        With features like breathable organic cotton covers, moisture-wicking wool layers, and advanced support systems, Turmerry mattresses are the best bet for a luxurious sleep experience. Discover the difference of sleeping on a Turmerry mattress and experiencing heavenly comfort night after night.

        Choose From Our Top-Tier Mattress Collections

        Turmerry offers five different types of mattresses, each designed to provide the ideal combination of cushion and support.

        1. Organic Latex Mattress

        Organic Latex All Foam Mattress Turmerry - Best Supportive Mattress

        The Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress offers a classic all-foam experience with 2 to 4 layers of Dunlop latex and a 7-Zone Support system. Each zone provides targeted support to different body regions, enhancing lumbar support and pressure relief. The perforated latex foam improves airflow, ensuring a cool, comfortable sleep.

        A breathable, moisture-wicking layer of natural New Zealand wool serves as a flame retardant, while a soft, organic cotton cover protects the mattress from impurities. Every layer is designed with sustainability and comfort in mind.

        2. Latex Hybrid Mattress

        Latex hybrid mattress turmerry - best medium firm mattress

        The Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress, made in the USA, combines the benefits of foam and spring mattresses. With medium firmness, it accommodates various sleep positions by relieving pressure points and supporting the back, hips, and shoulders.

        Crafted with eco-friendly materials like FSC-certified Talalay latex, organic wool, organic cotton, and recycled steel pocket coils, this mattress ensures superior airflow, temperature regulation, and minimal heat retention. Talalay latex provides responsive bounce, making it ideal for combination sleepers.

        3. Egg Crate Mattress

        Turmerry Egg Crate Mattress for Back Sleepers

        Similar to our Organic Latex Mattresses, the Egg Crate Mattress features an all-foam construction comprising three or four layers of Dunlop latex. What distinguishes this mattress is its top layer: a substantial 2.4 inches of egg crate foam.

        This unique egg crate design ensures exceptional contouring, pressure relief, and alleviation of bed sores by evenly distributing body weight. Suitable for all sleeping positions, the Egg Crate Mattress provides excellent support and breathability, using materials certified by OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA.

        A layer of wool acts as a natural fire barrier and moisture-wicking agent, complemented by a smooth, organic cotton cover for enhanced comfort.

        4. Latex RV Mattress

        Turmerry Latex RV Mattress For Back Sleepers

        Turmerry's Latex RV Mattresses offer an eco-conscious solution for your mobile lifestyle, ensuring a restful night's sleep wherever your travels lead.

        Made from premium organic Dunlop latex foam layers and featuring an organic cotton cover, these mattresses are available in 20 unique standard and RV-friendly sizes, with two firmness options and two heights to perfectly fit your RV space.

        Certified for safety and sourced sustainably, our RV mattresses prioritize eco-friendliness, cooling properties, support, and cushioning, surpassing traditional options like memory foam. Engineered with 7-zone support and Dunlop latex foam layers, each zone caters to various sleep preferences and positions, ensuring optimal comfort and proper spine alignment.

        5. Flippable Latex Mattress

        Turmerry Flippable Latex Mattress - Best mattress for back sleepers

        The Dual Sided Flippable Latex Mattress is the latest addition to Turmerry's mattress lineup. Flip it over for a different feel—comfy on one side, firmer on the other. You can select between Medium/Firm or Firm/Extra Firm and easily switch between them by flipping the mattress.

        This Dual Side mattress features two layers of organic Dunlop latex foam, a natural New Zealand wool layer, and an organic cotton cover.

        Available in standard US sizes and measuring 7 inches thick, it incorporates a 7-zone support design alongside the versatility of its flippable feature.

        Earth-Friendly Sleep Solutions

        Earth-Friendly Sleep Solutions

        At Turmerry, we are deeply committed to protecting our planet while providing you with the highest quality sleep. Our mattresses undergo rigorous certification and testing to ensure they meet and exceed the most stringent standards of environmental sustainability and safety.

        Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond the materials we use; it also encompasses our manufacturing processes and packaging, all designed to minimize our carbon footprint. Moreover, for every mattress you purchase, we plant a tree, further reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship. Embrace an eco-friendly sleep solution that prioritizes comfort, durability, and the future of our environment.

        Best Mattress for Back Sleepers - Buyer's Guide

        When lying on your back, your body is in a natural posture, with the spine, neck, and pelvis well-aligned. Even though this position helps relieve aches and pains, its advantages can become quite negligible if the mattress you are using is too soft, too firm, or has other qualities that misalign your spine.

        With so many options to choose from, selecting the best mattress for your sleep needs and preferences can seem complicated. Below, we'll help you simplify the shopping process by discussing some of the best mattresses for back sleepers. We will also explain some of the features back sleepers should consider before buying a mattress.

        a woman waking up happily after sleeping on the best mattress for back sleepers

        How to choose the best mattress for back sleepers?

        Here are some features to consider before buying the best mattress for back sleepers.

        • Quality material

        The quality of materials may impact how comfortable a mattress feels and directly affect its durability. Sagging is often a problem for those who prefer sleeping on their back. And high-quality materials resist sagging better than cheaper-quality alternatives.

        While high-quality materials can be more expensive, they increase the lifespan of a mattress and make it a more valuable investment. Low-quality mattress materials break down more quickly and fail to offer the right support required for back sleepers.

        • Firmness

        The firmness of a mattress influences how much the sleeper sinks in.

        A softer mattress may cause a back sleeper's hips to sink in too far, while a firmer mattress may not allow their hips to sink in far enough.

        It's also important that back sleepers rest on a mattress with body contouring features that hug the sleeper's hips and lower back. Medium-firm mattresses offer an ideal balance of comfort and support that back sleepers can benefit from.

        mattress fimness scale - soft mattress, firm mattress, medium firm mattress, extra firm mattress
        • Pressure relief

        Finding a mattress that evenly distributes weight, keeping the strain off the pressure points, is another important consideration for back sleepers.

        Pressure relief is closely linked to body contouring. When a mattress contours to a back sleeper's body, it distributes the weight more evenly. This helps take the pressure off heavier parts, like the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

        Usually, back sleepers do not experience as sharp pressure points as side sleepers. However, they may still need a mattress that cradles their hips. And it's always best to find a mattress that offers enough "give" so that your heavier body parts won't feel pressed into the bed.

        Which is the best mattress for back sleepers?

        A good mattress for back sleepers is one that provides the right amount of support and comfort. It should also be firm enough to keep your spine straight while you sleep. This will help reduce pressure on your lower back and hips, which can prevent aches and pains from developing over time.

        Here are some of the best mattresses that are perfect for those who sleep on their backs! You won't regret investing in one of these mattresses—they're all designed specifically with back sleepers in mind!

        1. Latex mattress

        Best latex mattress for back sleepers

        Latex mattresses are constructed of multiple layers of latex foam. They may be natural, synthetic, or even a blend of both.

        We recommend you look for Certified Organic Latex or Natural Latex with Non-Toxic Certificates.

        Do not buy latex mattresses without certificates, as the term "latex" can mean synthetic, and that is not going to provide proper support and durability.

        A latex mattress has a strong support core that offers added reinforcement in the hips, back, and shoulders. Its comfort layer hugs even the most burdened pressure points of your body to disperse stress away from them.

        Natural latex mattresses are known for their bounce-back properties. They conform to the sleeper's body and also provide cushioning that back sleepers need.

        As an added benefit, the natural latex mattresses offer motion isolation and sleep cooler than other types.

        2. Memory foam mattress

        best memory foam mattress for back sleepers

        A memory foam mattress instantly molds to the shape of your body, relieving pressure points and reducing aches and pains. The material evenly distributes body weight across the sleep surfaces and offers the best support for your body.

        Generally, a memory foam mattress is a high-density all-foam bed that includes a comfort layer of memory foam and support foam. Memory foam beds may also contain a transitional layer of polyfoam.

        One major drawback of a memory foam mattress is that it tends to trap heat and make you sleep hot at night. However, nowadays, gel memory foam mattresses with cooling properties are available.

        But please bear in mind that these are not non-toxic or sustainable mattresses.

        3. Innerspring mattress

        Best innerspring mattress for back sleepers

        An innerspring mattress uses a metal wire support system. There are different types of spring systems. This includes those with springs connected into a single unit as well as units with individually-wrapped pocketed coils.

        High-quality innerspring mattresses provide the support necessary to keep a back sleeper's spine straight. They also have thin comfort layers that provide some sort of cushioning. However, they are not substantial enough for body contouring and pressure relief.

        This means they are generally not thick enough to allow the midsection of the back sleepers to sink in too deeply.

        4. Hybrid mattress

        Best hybrid mattress for back sleepers - medium firm mattresses

        Hybrid mattresses combine components of two or more types of mattresses. Its comfort layer usually consists of memory foam, polyfoam, or latex. And a hybrid mattress has pocketed coil support core, just like a traditional innerspring mattress.

        When it comes to back sleepers, it is the outstanding support offered by a mattress that matters the most. A hybrid mattress's comfort layer is designed to conform to the sleeper's body for pressure relief. The coils present in hybrid mattresses offer even support and promote proper spinal alignment for back sleepers.

        The bottom line

        Now that you know how the most common types of mattresses work for back sleepers, let's conclude - latex mattresses are the best type for you.

        Latex Mattresses offer the best lumbar support of any other mattresses and are responsive yet contouring. They cradle the sleeper's body without excessive sinkage, creating a balance between cradling and support. And this makes back sleepers feel as if they are literally floating on the bed.

        Unlike the other options, latex foam quickly responds to pressure and is bouncy and lively. It's also a natural material and could be a great fit for those searching for an eco-friendly sleep solution. Plus, it's naturally cooling, marking it as a nice option for folks who sleep hot.

        However, don't be fooled when you buy a latex mattress; make sure it is certified organic. This is because certified organic latex mattresses are the cleanest you can buy. They offer healthier and better sleep than traditional memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. Some of the important certifications to look for include - GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT.


        1. Which type of mattress is best for back sleepers?

        Latex mattresses are one of the best choices for back sleepers, as they conform to the body's shape while offering adequate support.

        2. Is memory foam good for back sleepers?

        Yes, memory foam is a good option for back sleepers. It contours to the shape of your body, providing support where it's needed most, such as the lower back. This helps maintain proper spinal alignment and can reduce pressure points, leading to a more comfortable and restful sleep. However, keep in mind that memory foam mattresses come with potential drawbacks such as retaining body heat and off gassing toxic chemicals. If you plan to buy one, make sure it is certified.

        3. What firmness of mattress is best for back or side sleepers?

        A medium firm to firm mattress is ideal for back sleepers, as it supports the spine and prevents sagging. For side sleepers, a slightly soft mattress, such as medium or medium-soft, is often better. This allows the mattress to cushion the shoulders and hips, which helps maintain proper spinal alignment. A latex foam or hybrid mattress that offers a blend of support and softness can be a great choice for people who switch between back and side sleeping.

        4. Do back sleepers and stomach sleepers require the same level of mattress firmness?

        Back sleepers and stomach sleepers usually need different levels of mattress firmness. Back sleepers usually prefer medium to firm mattresses to support their spine and prevent lower back pain. Stomach sleepers often need a firmer mattress to keep their hips and abdomen from sinking too deeply, which helps maintain proper spinal alignment.

        5. What is the perfect mattress for hot sleepers who sleep on their backs?

        The perfect mattress for hot sleepers who sleep on their backs is one that is both medium-firm to provide proper support and has good cooling properties. Look for mattresses with breathable materials like gel-infused memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses with cooling technologies to help regulate body temperature and improve sleep quality.

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