Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid pillow latex
Cuboid pillow for side sleepers
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid pillow
Cuboid pillow for side sleepers
Cuboid pillow latex
Cuboid pillow
Cuboid pillow
Cuboid pillow for side sleepers
Cuboid pillow for side sleepers
Cuboid pillow for side sleepers
Cuboid pillow latex
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow
Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow

    Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow


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    • Completely organic pillow, made with cotton cover
    • Eco-friendly
    • The cuboid shape covers the essential areas between your head and mattress
    • Eases neck pain by offering enhanced neck support
    • Adjustable loft pillow for side sleepers of all body types
    • Cooling pillow for hot sleepers
    • Aesthetically fitting and pleasing on the eyes when paired with a modern interior design

    120 Days Return Policy


    customer happy with a turmerry cuboid side sleeper pillow
    • Are you a dedicated side sleeper?
    • Have you been waking up in the morning with discomfort recently?
    • Has your current pillow been feeling unsupportive of your needs?
    • Have you been waking up in the middle of the night due to head and neck discomfort?
    • Do you wish you had a pillow that was tailored specifically for side sleepers?

    If any of these questions have been answered with a "yes,” then don't worry. We've got you covered with our organic Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow.

    customer sleeping on a turmerry cuboid side sleeper pillow

    The side sleeper pillow from Turmerry is shaped like a cuboid, which is a three-dimensional rectangle. The large area covered by this brick-shaped pillow allows side sleepers plenty of room to move around while still maintaining proper head and spinal alignment.

    Contrary to back and stomach sleeping positions, side sleeping necessitates a firm pillow surface in order to preserve this ideal alignment. The pillow is essential for maintaining the alignment and ensuring that the side sleeper is receiving the benefits of the position.

    Your head is held above the shoulder, and a 90-degree angle is maintained with the help of our Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow. It is made of latex and can be altered to suit your requirements. Choose the 12 x 12 inches if you'd like a shorter version. Choose the 24 x 12 inch one if you'd prefer a longer one. In a similar vein, you can change firmness and height. 

    Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow Construction


    When you're side sleeping, your head shouldn't drop to your shoulders, which would put you in an unnatural position. Instead, it should be held at the level of your spine. The main cause of neck pain in side sleepers is their disregard for this element.

    Our side sleeper pillow is made in the form of a cuboid, which is a 3D rectangle. It is intended to cover the entire space between your head and shoulders and align your head with your spine at a 90-degree angle. Even if you decide to switch from the left to the right side of sleeping, it completely occupies the space in a way that a regular pillow cannot, preventing your head from slumping onto the mattress.

    Structure and Materials

    The pillow has a fairly straightforward construction. The foam inside is made from organic latex. The eco-friendly latex is made from the sap of rubber trees. You will select the latex foam's size (short or long), loft (4, 5, or 6 inches), and firmness (soft, medium, or firm). Due to the Dunlop method of manufacturing, the latex is strong in its support. Due to the material's cooling properties, you won't have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat.

    The latex foam is covered with an organic cotton cover to shield it from outside contaminants. It is zippered, so if you want to remove it, simply unzip it from the pillow. The cotton makes for a soft surface to rest your head on, caressing your head with gentle comfort. Additionally, it will stop the latex foam's integrity from being compromised by moisture, dirt, and microbes.

    turmerry cuboid side sleeper pillow view

    Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow Attributes

    Comfortable for side sleepers

    The pillow is designed to be cozy for people who prefer to sleep on their sides. The natural latex we employ contributes to the fact that you're able to rest your head without any strain. It adapts to your pressure points and contours to them, while the cotton cover caresses your head and neck for a restful night.

    Impeccable head and neck support

    We use the Dunlop variety of latex because it has a denser structure and can support your head no matter how heavy it is. For side sleepers, this support is essential because it maintains the head's proper alignment with the body, eliminating any risk that could result from misalignment. Without this support, the unnatural position that causes spinal misalignment will stress the neck and shoulder. In the future, this might even result in additional injuries.

    Relief from pain and pressure

    The worst types of pain, right after back pain, are neck and shoulder pain. With the support and comfort provided by our side sleeper pillow, you may obtain relief from such pain within a few weeks of use. Continuous use of this pillow also helps to release tension that has built up in your pressure points. You'll notice a difference as you begin to awaken each morning feeling more rested and renewed.

    Cooling pillow for hot sleepers

    Do you experience nighttime heat? Do you find it incredibly annoying? Hot sleepers, rejoice: you'll be able to sleep comfortably all night thanks to our pillows' excellent ventilation! Natural latex foam is significantly more breathable and cooling than materials like memory foam, which have the tendency to accumulate heat. Memory foam's heat retention, often caused by its closed-cell structure, can cause your head to sweat and disrupt your sleep. Our latex side sleeper pillow's perforated surface and open-celled structure allow air to circulate easily through it, cooling your head as it does so.

    Eco Friendly

    For the cuboid side sleeper pillow, we do not use any harmful levels of synthetic materials or polyester fiber during manufacturing. Despite being less expensive, synthetic latex is dangerous for consumers and not at all worth the risk. We only use natural materials in our pillows. Our pillows contain latex that is produced sustainably and safely from rubber trees.

    Great for interior decoration

    The pillow can be used to decorate your space in addition to being used on your mattress and sofas. It has a rather modern style due to its cuboidal shape, which will be ideal if that's what you're going for. If you don't like the pillow's standard white cover, you might prefer to change it, depending on the decor of your room. To make your cuboid pillow match the look and feel of your room, you can easily add another pillow cover with a different design and color. This extra cover will add an additional layer of protection to your pillow, while the inner cotton cover we provide will serve as the second line of defense.

    Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow Sizes

    The pillow's size determines how long it will be and how much ground it will cover. We give you two choices: short, which measures 12 x 12 inches, and long, which measures 24 x 12 inches. If your bed is big or if you frequently switch sides while side sleeping, you should go with the longer option.

    Short (12 x 12 inches)

    • Ideally suited for people who only sleep on one side or don’t switch sides often. 
    • It is easy to transport because of its smaller size.
    • If you choose two short pillows, you can adjust the firmness and loft of each one to suit the requirements of each of your sides. 
    • For short, thin individuals who don't move around much at night, the short pillow is ideal.
    • It is more cost-effective. 
    • For added support, you can place it between your legs. 
    • The ideal size for twin and full beds.

    Long (12 x 24 inches)

    • Ideal for those who alternate between sleeping on their left and right sides frequently.
    • No matter which side you sleep on, there is equal firmness and loft.
    • Ideal for tall, large people who require more room to rest their heads.
    • Due to its length, it can also function as a partial body pillow.
    • The ideal size for queen and king beds.
    turmerry cuboid side sleeper pillow view

    Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow Loft

    Pillow height is referred to as loft. Typically, a higher loft is advised for side sleepers. It ought to be selected based on the height at which your head is resting comfortably and in line with your spine. If you pick the wrong loft, your head could be above or below this natural alignment, increasing your risk of morning aches. We offer three loft sizes - low, which is 4 inches; medium, which is 5 inches; and high, which is 6 inches. The loft must be higher the wider your shoulders are.

    Pro tip: To find your ideal pillow loft, stack a few books on top of one another and lie on them. Using a measuring tape, determine the height of books that best suit you, check to see if that height is available in our customization options, and order accordingly.

    Low (4 inches)

    • Recommended loft size for most pillows.
    • Ideal for petite people with narrow shoulders.

    Medium (5 inches)

    • Not too high, not too low.
    • Ideal for tall people with either broad or narrow shoulders.

    High (6 inches)

    • The highest loft we offer.
    • Ideal for taller people with broader shoulders.

    Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow Firmness

    A pillow's firmness determines how hard or soft it is to sleep on. Pillows that are medium-firm work best for side sleeping. For the typical sleeper, it provides the ideal combination of support and comfort. In the end, firmness is a matter of personal preference because it depends on how thin or heavy you are. You can choose from three different firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. The heavier you are, the firmer your pillow should be.


    • Ideal for petite sleepers with light heads.
    • Feels like you're sleeping on a cloud.
    • Excellent pressure relief and comfort.


    • Ideal for average-sized sleepers with average-sized heads.
    • A balance of maximum comfort and support.
    • Greater comfort and less sinkage.


    • Ideal for large sleepers with heavy heads.
    • Outstanding support, preventing sinkage and spinal misalignment.
    • For large sleepers, it should feel deceptively soft and comfortable.

    Why Choose the Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow?

    • Side sleepers can rest their heads comfortably on the cuboid shape without worrying about it sagging and ruining their posture.
    • You can select the pillow style you prefer for side sleeping thanks to the adjustable size, loft, and firmness options.
    • Reduces pressure in your neck and shoulders while also gently cradling your head.
    • Since the pillow doesn't make any noise when you move, you can sleep through the night without being startled. 
    • It serves as a visually appealing addition to your room's decor. A soft or medium-firm texture is advised if your guests plan to use it as an arm or backrest.
    • For those who are sick of sleeping warm, the perforated latex foam makes the pillow surface extremely breathable and offers a cool night's sleep.
    • Due to latex's high responsiveness, you can easily move your head across the pillow without exerting much effort.
    • Given the durability and resilience of latex, which will last you for a very long time, your investment will be worthwhile.
    • There are no additional dangerous synthetic materials, providing a secure environment for you to sleep in.
    • The organic pillow is sustainable, minimizing any negative environmental effects.


    • Side Sleeper Pillow Sizes
      • Short - The latex foam, along with the cotton cover, will come out to be 12 x 12 inches.

      • Long - The latex foam, along with the cotton cover, will come out to be 12 x 24 inches.

    • Side Sleeper Pillow Loft
      • Low - 4 inches

      • Medium - 5 inches

      • High - 6 inches

    • Side Sleeper Pillow Firmness
      • Soft - Contouring and Comforting.

      • Medium - Comforting and Supportive.

      • Firm - Supportive and Strong.



    If you've spilled any liquid on the pillow, then the best thing you can do is spot-clean it out. Do not machine wash the pillow; it can warp and ruin the latex foam within. A sponge or cloth can be used for spot cleaning by dipping it in warm, soapy water, squeezing out the excess water, and then applying light pressure to the stained areas. After a spot cleaning, make sure the pillow is completely air-dried.

    Before you begin spot cleaning, remove the pillow cover we provide. After you've unzipped the cover, hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area. Do not wash the cover as this may cause it to shrink.


    The best way to maintain the cleanliness of your natural latex pillow is with a machine-washable cover or case. Consider purchasing a soft or heavy-duty organic cotton pillow cover. A pillowcase will also work. Investing in an additional pillow cover/case may seem unnecessary at first, but as time passes, you will notice how it prolongs the life of the pillow by protecting it from contaminants.

    Avoid excess moisture and heat

    Don't expose your latex pillow to any excessive moisture of any kind. The latex foam deteriorates in the presence of moisture. Latex pillows also require a lot of time to dry. Pillowcases and covers that are damp in hot, humid weather turn into havens for bacteria, mold, and mildew.

    Don't try to speed up the drying of the latex foam by using heating devices; instead, let it happen naturally. Latex is a highly flammable material. Keep it out of the sunlight as well. Latex degrades in sunlight, significantly reducing its lifespan.

    Air out

    Every now and then, air your latex pillow. Remove the organic cotton cover and pillow casing, then place the pillow somewhere with good ventilation but no direct sunlight. The latex foam will benefit from the airflow because it will be freed of any accumulated impurities like odors, moisture, dust, and sweat.

    Cuboid Side Sleeper Pillow FAQS:

    Side sleeping is often the most recommended and preferred sleeping position by sleepers and healthcare professionals alike. It doesn't put pressure on your lower back like stomach sleepers tend to feel, nor does it cause trouble breathing (for sleep apnea sufferers) when back sleeping. But as much as it is beneficial, side sleepers need proper support from their sleeping surface. Otherwise, it can be detrimental.

    Unlike back and stomach sleeping, which can both be done without a pillow, side sleeping requires at least one pillow to keep you upright and aligned. Think about standing up while maintaining a neutral head position. You keep it straight because it is the most comfortable position for your neck and you. 

    You could think of side sleeping as standing up vertically. In this instance, however, you're unconscious, and the pillow serves as the support to keep your head up, preventing neck pain and shoulder pain brought on by misalignment. Without a pillow, it is not advised to sleep on your side. It can quickly become uncomfortable and, in the long run, damaging.

    The right pillow for side sleepers is one that can completely enclose the space between your neck and shoulder. It must not droop on its own, nor should it allow your head to droop below the neutral position. Medium-firm or firm pillows are typically the recommended firmness levels for side sleepers. The recommended loft can be anywhere between 3-6 inches. The broader your shoulders are, the higher the pillow loft must be.

    In order to achieve the best side sleeping position, a pillow should be kept in a position that supports the head and neck while allowing the spine to remain in a straight, horizontal line. The alignment of your entire body, including the position of your head, should resemble that of a vertical stance. A pillow adjustment or replacement should be made to correct any misalignment. The spine can also be kept neutral by bending the knees and putting a pillow between them.

    The cuboid design of our side sleeper pillow allows your head and shoulders to maintain the ideal side sleeping posture. The cuboid pillows maintain a rigid 90-degree angle at their edges, unlike a typical pillow, which tends to dip at the edges because of the curve. Because these 90-degree edges rest on the area between the neck and shoulders, they provide support there that ordinary pillows are unable to. The surface of the cuboid pillow is also even due to its shape, so you won't have to worry about your head bending upwards or downwards.

    We advise selecting materials that stay up rather than sink because side sleeping calls for a thicker, more supportive pillow. One such material is natural latex. Not only is it organic and healthy, but it is also firm in the support it gives your head. Furthermore, natural latex will keep your head cool all night. Memory foam pillows are an option to consider. However, as regular memory foam tends to sink and result in a stiff neck, think about a supportive variation of it, like a solid memory foam pillow.

    Latex is a liquid form of natural rubber that is extracted from the bark of rubber trees. Rubber tapping, a technique that dates back to the Maya and Aztec civilizations, is used to collect the thick, white liquid, which is then transported to factories for processing.

    Gloves, chewing gum, balloons, tires, and latex foam layers for use in latex mattresses and pillows are just a few of the products that are made from natural rubber.

    Some of the largest producers of rubber include Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Hevea Brasiliensis is the scientific name for the rubber tree, which is native to Brazil's Amazon Basin.

    Latex differs in two ways: -

    1. Dunlop vs. Talalay

      This classification is generally reserved for natural latex. Dunlop, the denser of the two varieties of natural latex, is renowned for being sturdy and supportive. It's perfect for side sleeping and especially useful for those who prefer a firm surface. It can also be found in softer densities.

      Talalay is softer and typically only used in the comfort layers of mattresses. Its smooth, plush texture is renowned for relieving pressure points, particularly for those who experience hip and shoulder pain.

    2. Natural vs. Synthetic

      Natural latex is made by extracting the liquid latex from rubber trees, foaming it, pouring it into a mold, and then baking it at a high temperature. Some chemical agents are added during the curing process, but their combined percentage does not exceed 5% of the finished product. Natural latex outlasts synthetic latex. However, distinguishing latex as natural is challenging because there are no certification bodies. So, even if a product has a natural label, it may not be genuine.

      Organic latex is derived from organically grown rubber farms. A maximum of 5% of the final product can contain additives that have been deemed safe for human use. To call a latex-based product organic, more stringent rules, limitations, testing, sustainable forestry practices, and certifications are necessary.

      Synthetic latex is made from harsh petroleum-based chemicals such as Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). Products made of synthetic latex are less expensive than those made of natural and organic latex. But they don't bounce as much, they wear out quickly, they smell awful, and they are bad for the environment as well as the person sleeping on them.

      Blended latex is a mixture of natural latex and a synthetic additive. Another option is to use a natural filler, like clay. As a result, the price of the latex is reduced for the mattress manufacturer since natural latex is more expensive due to the material's purity. Blended latex foam is typically composed of 30% natural and 70% synthetic latex.

      Most often, when someone uses the term "latex," they mean synthetic latex or blended latex. Ask for purity certifications if the product is labeled as natural latex. If you're looking for non-toxic, sustainable, eco-friendly, or green products, make sure it is organic and bears organic certifications like GOLS and Oeko-Tex.

    • Natural Latex

      Natural latex pillows are springy and responsive. It provides a surface that is both sufficiently supportive and comfortable, with the option of leaning more in the direction of great comfort (Talalay latex) or great support (Dunlop latex). This type of medium-firm pillow takes into account both of these factors equally, making it one of the best pillows for side sleepers. Pillows made of natural latex are also eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and cooling.

    • Memory Foam

      Although less responsive, memory foam pillows offer excellent contouring. They provide excellent comfort and successfully adjust to the shape of your head. The best memory foam pillow for side sleepers has a higher loft and density. If you want something cooler, choose a pillow made of shredded memory foam or gel-infused memory foam because regular memory foam has the propensity to retain body heat.

    • Poly Foam

      Memory foam is a type of polyfoam that has added chemicals for additional density. Consequently, polyfoam itself is more responsive than memory foam while being less dense and supportive. Additionally, it is not as resilient as many of its rivals. If you want more softness and less contouring, polyfoam is perfect.

    • Feather

      A feather pillow is a plush pillow used to rest your head in bed that is filled with feathers. Because feathers make up their entire structure, feather pillows are incredibly soft and fluffy. Therefore, you gain more height and firmness as you add more feathers. Choose an overstuffed feather pillow with extra height and firmness if you prefer to sleep on your side.

    • Buckwheat

      The hulls from buckwheat are used to stuff buckwheat pillows. They can also be altered by increasing or decreasing the number of hulls, just like feather pillows. Buckwheat pillows are a good option for side sleepers because they are firmer than most other pillow materials. They are also very resilient and simple to replenish or replace. 

    • Down/Down Alternative

      A bird, usually a duck or goose, provides the back, wings, and chest feathers for down pillows. These are more expensive than feather pillows, but they are also plusher, fluffier, and more opulent. Polyester or, less frequently, cotton fibers that mimic the characteristics of down are used to make down-alternative pillows. For side sleeping, you must select a firmer down or down alternative pillow option.

    For side sleepers, latex pillows are frequently suggested. Almost all sleeping positions are compatible with them. The majority of the time, side and back sleepers find latex pillows to be the most comfortable. Latex adds additional firmness and support around the neck and shoulders, which are the areas that require it the most. Your neck, head, and spine will be supported by their responsiveness, allowing you to wake up every morning feeling good.

    For a safe and sanitary sleeping environment, latex is the best material to use. Furthermore, organic latex pillows are often tested for potentially harmful levels of chemicals. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which accompany off-gassing incidents in pillows made with synthetic additives, are mostly absent from natural latex pillows. You can rest easy knowing that you and your family aren’t breathing in any potentially fatal substances.

    In the event that your doctor determines that you are allergic to latex, we recommend that you refrain from purchasing any latex products. Itchy skin, difficulty breathing, and anaphylaxis are all symptoms associated with latex allergy.

    Pillows made of natural and organic latex can outlast most other types of pillows. This can be attributed to the latex material's inherent toughness and resilience. A well-maintained latex pillow ought to last you between five and ten years. However, do not hesitate to switch out your latex pillow if you notice diminished support before this time period.

    The latex pillow you recently purchased will have a smell. When harvested, latex emits a strong odor. The original scent of the latex will be replaced by a sweet, somewhat vanilla-like scent after it is processed into pillows. You need not be concerned about it lasting for a long time because it will disappear in a brief period of time. The smell can be removed more quickly by allowing the pillow to air out.

    Breathing in the smell of natural latex is safe. Natural latex pillows are most often tested for harmful levels of chemicals, in contrast to pillows made with synthetic fillers and additives. Natural latex pillows do not tend to off-gas large amounts of VOCs either.

    Dunlop latex is used in Turmerry latex pillows. Compared to Talalay, Dunlop is regarded as being more robust. Dunlop also has increased firmness and density. Pillows for side sleepers require these attributes.

    Size, loft, and firmness are among the customizable options available with Turmerry. Depending on how big you want it, there are short and long sizes. You can change the height to fit the space between your shoulder and neck. The firmness can be adjusted to transform the pillow into either a comforting or supportive companion.

    Turmerry's latex pillows are made with certified materials. We place the highest priority on our clients and the environment.


    The cuboid side sleeper pillows have a 1-year limited warranty starting on the day of purchase. Only the initial buyer is eligible for this warranty.

    Within 120 days of the purchase date, you may return any unused items in their original packaging for an equal exchange or a full item price refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

    For each product category (mattress, topper, sheets, and pillow), we only accept one item per customer for return or exchange every 12 months. So, if you purchase multiple cuboid side sleeper pillows, only one can be returned. 

    Pillow returns are eligible for refunds if they have not been used or laundered and are scent and fragrance-free. If the product has been used, you will be able to receive store credit by following a donation process. You can start your return here for a refund, exchange, or store credit. You can choose to receive 110% store credit when returning an item.

    If you have any doubts regarding the return process, feel free to contact us.