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Last Updated May 21, 2024

Pillows are not just our sleep companions; they also help regulate our emotions. If snuggling a pillow relieves stress and makes you feel light, then you know what we mean. In fact, here in this article we'd like to talk to you about the different pillow sizes and their characteristics. A good quality, compatible bed pillow is a caretaker of sleep health - it keeps our head, neck, and spine aligned. So, keep on reading as we guide you to understand pillow sizes a little better.

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pillow sizes guide

Bed Pillow Sizes Guide

Before we begin, let us give you an idea of the common sleeping pillow size measurements. Along with this table, we will also estimate the number of pillows compatible with standard-size mattresses.

Pillow Types Dimension (inches) DImension (cms)
Standard Pillow 20 x 26 51 x 66
Super Standard Pillow 20 x 28 51 x 71
Queen Pillow 20 x 30 51 x 76
King Pillow 20 x 36 51 x 92
Body Pillow 20 x 54 51 x 137


Mattress Type Number and Type of Bed Pillows
Twin and Twin XL 1 standard pillow/ 1 super standard pillow/ 1 queen size pillow/ 1 king size pillow, 1 Body pillow
Full (Double) 2 standard size pillows / 1 super standard pillow/ 1 queen size pillow / 1 king size pillow, 1 Body pillow
Queen 2 standard pillows / 2 super standard pillows / 2 queen size pillows / 2 king size pillows, 1 Body pillow
Olympic Queen 2 standard pillows / 2 super standard pillows / 2 queen size pillows / 2 king size pillows, 2 Body pillows
King 3 standard pillows / 2 super standard pillows / 2 queen size pillows / 2 king size pillows, 2 Body pillows
California King 3 standard pillows / 2 super standard pillows / 2 queen size pillows / 2 king size pillows, 2 Body pillows
Texas King 4 standard pillows / 3 super standard pillows / 3 queen size pillows / 3 king size pillows, 2 Body pillows

What are the different pillow sizes?

As we outlined in the bed pillow dimensions table, you can see four standard pillow sizes. We will explore each of those sizes in this section.

Standard Pillow Size

standard pillow size

A standard pillow measures 20 x 26 inches - this is the smallest, compact-size pillow that pairs well with all mattresses. But smaller beds like twin bed or twin XL bed perfectly pair with one standard pillow.

One needs multiple standard pillows to feel cozy when it comes to bigger sizes like the California king bed, king bed, or queen bed.

A standard pillowcase is the complementing cover for a standard-size pillow.

Super Standard Pillow Size

super standard pillow size

This slightly bigger variant of the standard pillow packs 2 inches extra length and is called the super standard pillow. At 28 inches, this pillow goes with any of the standard pillowcases you might come across or have at home.

It is not that common a bed pillow size; however, if you happen to own one, know that this pillow is compatible with any of the mattresses a standard pillow is good with.

Queen Pillow Size

queen pillow size

When the pillow dimensions are 20 x 30 inches, you know that a queen pillow is one of the larger pillow sizes. True to the name, two queen pillows pair perfectly with a queen bed. In comparison, one queen pillow is just what a restless sleeper needs when sleeping on small twin and twin XL beds.

If you have a king bed or a California king bed, two queen pillows make a complete sleep sanctuary there as well. But if you like it cozier, pair up the queen with a couple of standard pillows, and you'll have a relaxing time.

Queen pillows fit snugly with standard-size pillowcases.

King Pillow Size

king pillow size

At 36 inches long, this is the largest of the bed pillows you can rest your head on. King pillows and queen pillows are both great for combination sleepers or shifty sleepers. The extra length is optimal to prevent sleepers from rolling over out of the pillows and exposing their necks to sudden jerks.

A couple of king size pillows are great with a king bed, a California king bed, and snugly fit a queen mattress. To cover it up, you'll get a king pillowcase anywhere you look for it.

Body Pillows

body pillows

A body pillow is uncommon, but it's the largest of the bed pillow sizes. It is called so as it's long enough to hug with your entire body. It is the perfect companion for side sleepers; once you tuck it between your legs, you can't roll over.

Pregnant women find comfort in using body pillows as it supports the growing stomach and the surplus weight along with it.

Special Pillow Sizes

mom and kid playing with pillows

Apart from the aforementioned bed pillows, there are a couple of specialty pillows.

Travel pillows

These come in C-shaped compact sizes; the design is ideal for supporting the weight of the head and neck. Napping while traveling can be risky as you may be exposed to uneven roads and bumps along the way. When that happens, travel pillows hold the head and neck in place.

Euro Sham

Euro sham pillows are decorative and enhance a room's visual landscape.

Wedge pillows

They are triangular pillows that support the upper or lower back while sitting up or sleeping on one's back. The job of a wedge pillow is to wedge and elevate the body - since its job is to support, it is a type of memory foam pillow.

Orthopedic Pillows

These pillows are used to correct posture and to keep the spine aligned with the head and neck.

What is a pillow loft?

what is a pillow loft

Pillow loft is the height, rather, the thickness of the pillow in its uncompressed state. The loft is a vital characteristic of any pillow - it is the feature that decides whether you will have the best sleep of your life or if you are slowly inching toward neck pain.

When a pillow has a high loft, i.e., at least 5 inches thick, it props the head up, curving the spine - this can affect the spinal alignment, due to which a person can develop complicated spinal problems.

On the other hand, when a pillow has a low loft, i.e., when it is 3 inches thick at the most, some people may find it difficult to rest as the low height may strain their head and neck.

Pillows with mid loft cater to many consumers - it hits the sweet spot for people who neither like the high loft nor the low loft.

How to measure a pillow?

Using a carpenter's tape, measure the pillow along the sides - from edge to edge. Please avoid using the tailor's tape since it's not taut and tends to fold. We don't want the tape to slack when we measure.

Once you note down the measures of all the sides, round it off to the nearest whole number - this will be your pillow dimensions.

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What are pillows made of?

Sleeping pillows are primarily available in latex, down, memory foam, and polyester products.

Down pillows are made of the underside feathers of either goose or duck. As a result, the feathers are incredibly soft and regulate temperature - the down pillows deliver great softness, warmth, and comfort during winter.

Latex and memory foam pillows are made of foam - they contour to a body's motion. Since they are great at absorbing uneven pressure, solid latex pillows are the best supplements to cure neck pain.

How to choose the right type of pillow for you?

Most people have slept on a pillow every night since their toddler days. So, like it or not, we are signing up to depend on pillows to rest our heads every day. Moreover, we unknowingly surrender our spinal health to a couple of vital sleep accessories - the mattress and the pillows.

Choosing both these products and lifestyle choices decides how healthy our spine will be as we keep on aging. So here are a couple of points to go over before you buy your sleeping pillows:

Mattress/bed size

Small pillows like standard and super standard pillows are suitable for small beds like the twin bed or twin XL bed. However, as the mattress size increases, so does the number of pillows that can fit in the bed. For example, a California king bed will need at least three standard-size pillows. In contrast, a twin bed will need only a standard pillow.

Another alternative is to get a large-size pillow, like a queen pillow or the king pillow. There is a distinct advantage to combination sleepers if they use a large pillow - when they roll and change position during the night, they are less likely to fall off the pillow and hurt themselves.

As long as you know your bed size, you'll never be hoodwinked into buying the wrong size pillow.

Type of sleeper

Back sleepers offer the most security to the neck and spine since they rarely roll over, so a pillow with a medium loft is good for them.

Stomach sleepers put the most strain on their neck and spine, so firm pillows with low loft are what they need.

Side sleepers need soft pillows with a high loft that can cradle the head, neck, and shoulders and balance the weight of the entire body. So, such sleepers should look nowhere else than at memory foam pillows.


A decent pillow costs anywhere between $20 to $100. However, the cost depends on the brand value, manufacturer, the size of the pillow, and the kind of pillow filling.


1. What is the most common pillow size in the US?

The most common pillow sizes are standard pillows, queen pillows, and king pillows. You will get them online or in any local store quite readily. As the pillow sizes are commonly available, so are their pillowcases. If you know the pillow dimensions correctly or know what size of pillow you have, then getting hold of these standard pillowcases will be easy.

2. What is the most comfortable pillow type?

Different pillow types appeal differently to people, so there isn't any comfortable pillow type. Latex pillows will relieve pain for people with head and neck pain. In comparison, down pillows are the most popular products per consumer experience.

3. What type of pillow covers are best?

Cotton, silk, satin, linen, and nylon are the common materials with which standard pillowcases are made. Since your head, neck, and face are in direct contact with the pillow, you should decide what cover is best for you after considering your skin type, susceptibility to allergies, frequency of hair fall, and the temperature you live in, to name a few factors.

4. Are soft pillows better than firm pillows?

Neither of these pillows is suitable if you have neck pain or back problems. But if neck pain is not your concern, then both firm and soft pillows are equally good. However, the most suitable pillow for you depends on your sleep style, so you need to know your sleeping position.

5. Are pillows machine washable?

Pillows are generally packaged with washing directives. Almost all the pillows are washable, but the washing process is different. For example, down and polyester pillows have to be machine-washed. While memory foam and latex pillows need to be hand-washed.

6. What type of pillow is good for side sleepers?

If pain is not an issue, then a medium-firm pillow with a supportive pillow loft is ideal for side sleepers. It is firm enough to support the neck and has the right kind of softness that is cushiony and feels comfortable to sleep on.

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Please get a new bed pillow only when it fulfills all your considerations. Think about your sleep position and sleep habits, check for any pain issues, what kind of loft and firmness you prefer or need, and lastly, be aware of your bed size.

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