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Enhance your sleep experience with the amazing benefits of the best mattress topper for shoulder pain. At Turmerry, we understand the struggle of shoulder discomfort disrupting your sleep and leaving you tired during the day.

Our range of mattress toppers are thoughtfully made to alleviate pressure points that cause shoulder pain, ensuring you get the comfort and support needed for a peaceful night's sleep. Whether you favor the natural support of latex or the gentle contouring of an eggcrate design, we have the ideal option to relieve your shoulder discomfort and provide you with a restful sleep experience.

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Revitalize Your Sleep With Turmerry

Say goodbye to shoulder pain and hello to rejuvenating sleep with Turmerry mattress toppers. Our expertly crafted toppers are designed to provide essential pressure relief, offering great level of comfort and support. With customizable options including different firmness levels and thickness, finding your perfect match has never been easier!

Discover the Best Mattress Toppers for Enhanced Shoulder Comfort

At Turmerry, we understand that finding the right mattress topper for shoulder comfort is important. That's why we offer two types of toppers, each designed with specific features to enhance your sleep quality and provide relief from shoulder pain.

1. Latex Mattress Topper

Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Our Latex Mattress Toppers, made from premium organic Dunlop latex foam (≥95% organic), are designed to rejuvenate your current mattress with exceptional comfort and support. The 7-zone design provides targeted support to keep your shoulders properly aligned and offers gentle cushioning to relieve shoulder pressure throughout the night. Its breathable properties promote airflow and temperature regulation, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable.

Topper Profile:

Firmness - Soft, medium, firm, and extra firm

Thickness - 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch

Sizes - Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Egg Crate Mattress Topper

Turmerry Organic Egg Crate Mattress Topper

Turmerry Egg Crate Mattress Toppers are made from sustainable and eco-friendly convoluted latex foam. It offers a unique combination of support, pressure relief, bed sore relief, and body-conforming properties that are designed to help you get the best night's sleep possible. The unique egg crate design works to distribute your weight evenly, reducing pressure on your hips, shoulders, and other sensitive areas.

Topper Profile:

Firmness - Soft and medium

Thickness - 1.4 inch and 2.4 inch

Sizes - Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

How do Turmerry Mattress Toppers help?

Turmerry Mattress Toppers are all about giving you the best sleep ever. We've made sure to design them with features that specifically address shoulder comfort and make you feel super happy overall.

a woman sleeping peacefully on Turmerry thicker mattress topper

Unmatched Support 

Our mattress toppers are engineered to provide unmatched support, ensuring that your shoulders remain properly aligned throughout the night. Whether you choose our latex or eggcrate mattress topper, you can rest assured knowing that your shoulders will receive the support they need to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Enhanced Pressure Relief

We understand the importance of relieving pressure points to alleviate shoulder pain. That's why our mattress toppers feature advanced pressure-relieving technology that cradles your shoulders and provides targeted support.

Amazing Cooling Properties

Don't let overheating disrupt your sleep any longer. Our mattress toppers are equipped with natural cooling properties that keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Best Mattress Topper for Shoulder Pain - Buyer's Guide

If you are not sure how to choose the best mattress topper for shoulder pain relief, here is a detailed buyer's guide. Keep reading!

A woman with shoulder pain sleeping on the best mattress topper

Shoulder pain is no joke. If something goes wrong with your shoulder, you might experience a lot of pain and discomfort. It can keep you up all night and make it difficult to concentrate during the day. You might not be able to move as freely as you want, and even doing simple acts like brushing and drying your hair or grabbing something overhead might seem like a monumental task.

Is a bad mattress the culprit? Well, in the majority of cases, YES! If you sleep on a mattress that is too soft, your shoulders can sink down, causing tension and pain. A firm mattress, on the other hand, becomes too hard and uncomfortable to sleep on. So, what do you do about it?

Most people invest in an all-new mattress for relief. But what if there was another easy-peasy, cost-effective solution? What if we told you that a mattress topper could help you get relief from shoulder pain? Yes, you read it right!

A mattress topper is a simple and affordable way to add an extra layer of comfort to your bed, helping you to get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. It's also an effective way to reduce pressure on your joints, which can lead to pain relief.

What should you look for when buying a mattress topper for shoulder pain?

There are a few things you need to know before you buy a mattress topper for shoulder pain. First, you need to understand what is important to you when it comes to the topper. There is a lot of marketing jargon in the bedding industry, but only a few factors will actually influence how satisfied you are with your new mattress topper.

Have a look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mattress topper for shoulder pain and discomfort.

1. High-quality materials

High-quality materials

You know that feeling when you finally find the perfect mattress topper for shoulder pain, but it's made of cheap materials and falls apart after a few months? It's the worst. Not only is your shoulder pain back with a vengeance, but you're also out a hundred bucks. That's why it's important to invest in quality materials when you're shopping for a mattress topper.

A good mattress topper should be made of durable materials that will withstand years of use. It should also be comfortable and supportive, so you can get a good night's sleep without waking up in pain. And finally, it should be affordable, so you don't have to break the bank to get relief from your shoulder pain.

2. Firmness

mattress topper firmness chart

A mattress topper that is too firm can cause your shoulders to ache, while a mattress topper that is too soft won't provide the support your shoulders need.

The right mattress topper is the one that can help you find the perfect balance of firmness and support, so you can get a good night's sleep without shoulder pain. People with shoulder pain often go for a medium or medium-firm mattress topper, as it allows the shoulder to sink into the mattress topper comfortably.

3. Thickness

mattress topper thickness chart

Firmness is important, but it's not the only factor to consider when choosing a mattress topper for shoulder pain. You also need to make sure the topper is thick enough to provide support without being too bulky.

A mattress topper that is too thin won't provide enough support for your shoulders, while a mattress topper that is too thick can actually make your pain worse by putting pressure on your joints. The ideal thickness for a mattress topper depends on your individual body type and sleep habits, but if you are having shoulder pain, a good rule of thumb is to choose a topper that is three inches thick.

4. Pressure relief

Pressure relief

When you're lying down, the weight of your body presses down on your shoulder blades, causing them to protrude and putting pressure on the nerves in your neck. This can lead to pain and discomfort. A good mattress topper can help to minimize this pressure by evenly distributing your weight and providing support for your shoulders. This will help reduce pain and improve your quality of sleep.

So, if you're looking for a new mattress topper, be sure to look for one that offers pressure point relief for your shoulders. It could make all the difference in your comfort level.

5. Cooling properties

Cooling properties

When you sleep, your body temperature naturally decreases. This allows your muscles to relax and heal. However, studies show that maintaining a constant body temperature and sleeping on a quality mattress can improve sleep efficiency.

Cooling mattress toppers help to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level throughout the night, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free. And that's why cooling properties matter when buying a mattress topper for shoulder pain!

Can your sleeping position cause shoulder pain?

We spend a lot of time in bed. In fact, most of us spend around one-third of our lives asleep. That means that the position we sleep in can have a major impact on our health. Unfortunately, many people tend to sleep in the same position night after night, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Illustration of different sleeping positions - impact on shoulder pain and discomfort

If you spend six to eight hours every night sleeping in the same position, that can add up to a lot of wear and tear on your joints. And if you're constantly putting pressure on your shoulder joint, it can lead to discomfort and even structural damage. So, if you want to avoid pain and keep your joints healthy, it's important to switch up your sleeping position from time to time. Otherwise, you might just end up being a stiff old person someday, and who would want that, right?

  • Side sleeping position

Side sleeping position

When you sleep on your side, your arm is often resting in an awkward position. This can put a strain on the muscles and ligaments around the shoulder joint, leading to discomfort. Also, side sleeping can cause the rotator cuff tendons to become irritated. Over time, this can lead to inflammation and significant pain. Therefore, if you are a side sleeper experiencing shoulder pain, it might be worth trying a different sleep position.

  • Back sleeping position

Back sleeping position

It's a fact that when you sleep on your back, your shoulder is in an awkward position, and gravity can pull your arm downward, exacerbating the pain. On the other hand, when you sleep on your side, you can at least use a pillow to support your arm, preventing it from hanging and causing further pain.

So why do doctors still recommend back sleeping for shoulder pain? The answer may have more to do with psychology than with physiology. When you're in pain, it's natural to want to curl up in a ball and protect the injured area. But this position can actually make the pain worse. By sleeping on your back, you're keeping your shoulder immobilized and allowing it to heal. Therefore, while back sleeping may not be the most comfortable position, it may be the best position for healing a sore shoulder.

  • Stomach sleeping position

Stomach sleeping position

When you sleep on your stomach, you tend to twist your head to one side, which can put a strain on your neck and shoulders. This can cause the muscles and ligaments in those areas to become irritated and inflamed, leading to pain.

In addition, stomach sleeping puts pressure on your spine, causing discomfort in your neck, back, and shoulders. If you often wake up with soreness in your neck or shoulders, it might be time to start sleeping on your back or side instead. You should also try experimenting with different pillow types and positions to see if that helps reduce any discomfort.

Types of mattress toppers for shoulder pain

To make your search easier, we've compiled a list of some of the most common types of mattress toppers for shoulder pain. From latex to wool, there's sure to be a topper that's perfect for you. Keep reading!

Latex mattress topper

latex topper - best mattress topper for shoulder pain

Moreover, latex toppers excel in weight distribution, easing shoulder tension and providing essential support for recovery. Their low point elasticity means they distribute compression across a broader surface area compared to other toppers.

Beyond its unique comfort, latex stands out as a durable and sustainable option, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. Breathability comes naturally to latex foam, courtesy of myriad tiny perforations throughout the material. This promotes airflow, regulates body temperature, and maintains a cool, comfortable environment, banishing nocturnal sweat sessions.

Yet, the drawback lies in the price, as latex toppers can be relatively expensive. Nonetheless, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Traditional memory foam topper

memory foam mattress topper

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is made up of cells that are close together and absorb pressure. These toppers can actually help relieve shoulder pain by providing support and cushioning for the body. The foam deeply contours to the shape of your body, which helps to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points.

However, traditional memory foam toppers can be quite hot to sleep on, and they are not as breathable when compared to a latex mattress topper that comes with natural cooling properties. Memory foam toppers can also often have strong odors when first unpacked, and they can be heavy and difficult to move. Furthermore, memory foam toppers are not waterproof, so if you spill anything on them, you're out of luck.

Gel memory foam mattress topper

gel memory foam topper

Gel toppers are nothing but memory foam toppers infused with gel beads. These toppers are specially designed to contour to your body and regulate body temperature, providing support and pressure relief and keeping you cool at night.

While there is no guarantee that a gel memory foam topper will completely eliminate your pain, it can definitely help to reduce inflammation and provide some sort of soothing relief.

Egg crate mattress topper

egg crate mattress topper for shoulder pain

Egg crate toppers are often used by people who suffer from back or shoulder pain. They are made from foam material, like latex or memory foam, and look similar to egg cartons.

The additional support provided by the raised surface of the egg crate can help to reduce pressure on the muscles and joints, providing relief from pain. In addition, the egg crate design helps to promote airflow, keeping the body cool and comfortable during sleep.

Wool mattress topper

wool mattress topper

Wool mattress toppers do not provide the same level of support and pain relief as foam toppers. However, they are still quite soft and cozy, so you can rest assured that your shoulders will be comfortable while you sleep.

How much does the best mattress topper for shoulder pain cost?

Most mattress toppers for shoulder pain can cost anywhere from $100 to $400+ in the US market. The cost varies based on factors such as the type of material used, construction techniques, firmness levels, thickness, and the size of the topper. At Turmerry, we take pride in offering top-quality mattress toppers that start at an affordable price of only $125.

The Bottom Line

The best mattress topper for shoulder pain is the one that provides the perfect support and cushioning without being too soft or too firm. It's also made with the highest quality materials, the right thickness, pressure relief, durability, and outstanding cooling properties. Taking all these factors into consideration, it's pretty clear that mattress toppers made with latex are the best! This means you can count both natural latex mattress toppers and egg crate mattress toppers made with latex on the list.

Before you finalize buying a latex mattress topper, make sure it is Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified or OEKO-TEX certified. Why, you ask? Because these certifications mean that the latex has been sourced sustainably and ethically, without the use of harmful levels of chemicals or pesticides. Plus, they're just better for the environment.


1. Do latex mattress toppers relieve pressure points?

Latex is a highly resilient material that contours to the body, providing support where it's needed most. As a result, latex mattress toppers can help reduce tossing and turning, and they can also provide relief for those who suffer from shoulder pain.

2. Thicker mattress toppers or thinner mattress toppers - Which one is the best for shoulder pain?

If you're looking for the best possible option for shoulder pain, thicker toppers are the way to go. Not only will they provide additional support and cushioning for your shoulders, but they'll also help to distribute your weight more evenly. As a result, you'll be less likely to experience pain in your shoulders, even if you tend to sleep on your side. Plus, thicker toppers will also last longer, so you won't have to replace them as often.

3. What is the best mattress topper for side sleepers with shoulder pain?

Side sleepers often suffer from shoulder pain due to the pressure put on the joints while sleeping. The best mattress toppers for side sleepers with shoulder pain are natural latex toppers and egg crate toppers with latex. Both of these toppers provide excellent support and cushioning for the shoulders, alleviating pressure and pain.

In addition, both latex and egg crate toppers are highly breathable, ensuring that side sleepers stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

4. What is the difference between mattress toppers and mattress pads?

Mattress toppers and mattress pads serve different purposes. A mattress topper is a thick layer of material that is placed on top of a mattress. It is usually made from memory foam, latex, or down. A mattress pad is thinner than a mattress topper and typically has a quilted surface. It is designed to protect the mattress from spills and stains.

Mattress toppers are generally more expensive than mattress pads, but they offer more support and comfort.

5. Is a soft mattress topper any good for shoulder pain?

While a soft mattress topper may make your bed more comfortable, it will do nothing to support your neck and shoulders. The reason is that a soft surface doesn't provide the same level of support as a firm one. As a result, your shoulders can sink into the topper, causing your spine to become misaligned. This can lead to increased pressure on your shoulders and neck, resulting in more pain.

6. Is a down alternative mattress topper any good for shoulder pain?

While it may offer some relief, down alternative toppers primarily provide softness rather than targeted support for shoulder pain. Materials like latex are generally more conducive to alleviating discomfort in this area.

7. What is a gel-infused memory foam mattress topper?

A gel-infused memory foam mattress topper is crafted from memory foam embedded with gel particles. This infusion serves to regulate temperature, mitigating the heat retention commonly associated with traditional memory foam while still offering conforming support and comfort.

8. Why should you invest in a quality mattress topper?

Quality mattress toppers enhance mattress comfort and longevity. They optimize sleep quality by providing additional support, pressure relief, and temperature regulation. This investment can alleviate discomfort and extend the lifespan of your existing mattress, offering a cost-effective sleep solution.

9. Is a 3-inch mattress topper enough for shoulder pain?

A 3-inch mattress topper provides sufficient thickness to address shoulder pain. However, efficacy depends on the material composition. Memory foam or latex toppers, due to their contouring properties, are often recommended for targeting shoulder pain.

10. Are latex toppers better than memory foam?

The superiority of latex toppers over memory foam is subjective and contingent on individual preferences. Latex offers resilience, pressure relief, and durability, while memory foam excels in motion isolation and body contouring. Latex also tends to sleep cooler, making it preferable for those sensitive to temperature fluctuations during sleep.

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