Flour Sack Towels - Benefits and Different Ways to Use Them

Flour Sack Towels - The Best Kitchen Towels

Author : Commerzilla LLC on April 28, 2021

Have you heard about a towel that is more versatile than a dishrag, more absorbent than a paper towel, and can be used for all household tasks? Yes, you heard it right - ‘Flour Sack Towels’. Having top-notch quality in everything, starting from the weave to the finishing, these 100% pure cotton sheets are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. They are vintage towels that remind you of the Victorian era tradition of serving tea in Ireland and England.

Freshly baked bread with flour and flour sack towel

What are flour sack towels?

If you think that flour sack towels are sacks or made of sacks, you got it wrong! They are typically a large piece of cloth made up of very thin cotton threads. Flour sack towels are known for the variety of benefits they offer, and the best part, their practicality doesn’t end in the kitchen. They are mostly used for cooking, serving, drying, cleaning, and even as a diaper alternative. In fact, they are perfect!

Flour sack towels are lint-free, shrink-resistant, durable, easy to store, and washing machine friendly. These fluffy cotton sheets are different from both the thick dish towels and the extremely thin cheesecloths - they fall in between. The weave in flour sack towels is loose enough to see through, but they are tighter than cheesecloths.

Different ways to use flour sack towels

Now that you know the specifications of flour sack towels, what all purposes would they actually serve? Got any idea? Fret not! Here are some different ways you can use your flour sack towels. Keep reading!

100% organic cotton multi-purpose flour sack towels
  • Cleaning

Being extremely absorbent, lint-free, and super delicate compared to ordinary kitchen towels, flour sack towels are great for removing stains, drying dishes, cleaning windows, dusting, and much more.

  • Cooking and other kitchen purposes

Ever noticed a towel over a chef’s shoulder or tucked in a cover? It’s a flour sack towel! There are many ways flour sack towels can be utilized in the kitchen. You can use them to cover loaves of bread and other baked items to keep them warm, getting dried out organic products, keep greens and salad items moist and fresh, and strain homemade jellies and yogurt cheese. Also, as there are no colors or dyes connected to flour sack towels, they are indeed safe to use around food.

  • Embroidery

Who doesn’t like to craft beautiful little pieces for themselves and their loved ones? Knitting and embroidery are some of the most popular age old crafts, and they help you kill time and maintain focus on something you would enjoy. Just imagine crafting on a material having a fine and smooth texture, closer weave, and fully hemmed - sounds great, right! And yeah,100% cotton flour sack towel comes with all these features and is an excellent base for hand-embroidered works.

  • Crafting

Crafting with flour sack towels is an impressive way for adding a personal touch to your home and the gifts you give your dear ones. Flour sack cotton sheets are pre-washed, pre-contracted, and non-raveling. Therefore, crafters consider them brilliant for weaving, needlework, appliqué, stamping, and canvas for painting. There is so much you can do with these versatile sheets; you can include names, logos, and even signatures. And what not, they are easy to be painted or decorated into so many shapes and sizes.

  • Diaper alternative

100% cotton flour sack towels are an ideal alternative to diapers. This is because they are super absorbent, delicate to touch, solid, permeable, and don’t hold scents or stains. Flour sack towels are also an incredible choice for nursing or burping materials.

Other unique uses

1. It can be used as a handkerchief since it is super absorbent.

2. Put some ice cubes in a flour sack towel, fasten it using a rubber band and use it as an ice pack

3. Use it as a drop cloth while eating food in your car.

4. Wrap breakable items using a flour sack towel while traveling.

5. Use it as a hair towel - flour sack towels absorb water quickly and will not cause extra frizz.

6. Use flour sack towels on the arms or back of your chair or sofa to protect it from wear and tear.

How to maintain your flour sack towels?

If you give proper care to your flour sack towels, they will provide you with years and years of use. Here are some tips to keep the flour sack towels fresh and germ-free.

1. Pre-wash your flour sack towels.

Unlike ordinary kitchen towels, you should wash the flour sack towels before use. This is usually done to air them out and to get rid of stiffness. The more you use and wash these types of towels, the softer they'll get.

2. Do not use harsh chemicals, bleaches, or fabric softeners with your towel.

Most of us may tend to bleach the flour sack towels to cover up stains so that they look new. If you are someone like this, then know that many commercial fabric whiteners contain chlorine that can damage the flour sack towels' natural fibers over time.

If you wish to make your towels look white again, go for the non-chlorine bleaches made using hydrogen peroxide. This is a better option for your towel as well as for your health and the environment.

3. Separate your towels.

Just like you separate your party wear from the casual ones, sort out your flour sack sheets depending on the type of usage. Make sure not to mix towels for cooking and cleaning - keep them at different places.

4. Stop your towels from smelling.

Regular use of flour sack towels and contact with water can make them smell yuck. You can solve this problem with baking soda as it ensures that the flour sack towels do not smell, remain fresh, and increase absorbency.

Fill your washing machine with hot water, and then pour a cup of white vinegar. After the wash cycle, fill it again with water, add half a cup of baking soda, and dry normally.

Compared to ordinary kitchen towels or paper towels, a flour sack towel is more useful, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and of the highest quality. Buying one or two might be a small investment but will definitely be a long-term one.


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