Why Organic Wool Is Not Washable

why organic wool is not washable

Wool is a natural insulator that can keep your body warm or cool as necessary. You love organic wool but you see that they are not washable. The best way to protect them is to use an organic duvet cover.

If you don't and if there is a mishap, you will have to spot clean it and sun dry. They can't survive the tossing in your washing machine or dryer. For maintenance, sun dry periodically. But is your wool bedding really worth this TLC?

To explain this, small barbed scales called cuticle cells cover the surface of wool fibers. When wool is machine-washed and/or dried in a dryer, these scales can become interlocked, causing the wool to felt and shrink. But don't sheep get wet? You wonder.

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 While still on the sheep, natural wool is quite greasy. This grease or "lanolin" repels water on the sheep preventing it from getting cold. This natural grease has to be removed from the wool with detergent before the wool can be spun into yarn for garments.

In organic wool, approximately 1% of the lanolin is intentionally left in the wool after the scouring and cleaning process. This ensures conditioning effects and increases the longevity and vitality of our wool. 

If the wool has to be made washable, more processing needs to be done other than the gently scouring and cleaning. With this process, wool loses some of its benefits such as its natural loft and moisture-wicking properties.

You don't lose these completely but if these are the two important features you are looking in a comforter, you should stick with an organic non-washable one.

For more wool care tips, check out this link - https://www.americanwool.org/wool-101/care-tips/

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