Organic Latex Mattress Brands

Are you on the hunt for the perfect latex mattress? Look no further! Organic latex mattress brands are here to offer you an eco-friendly selection of the best latex mattresses. But with so many options out there, finding an authentic latex mattress can be tricky.

Some brands may claim to use organic latex but end up selling synthetic or blended alternatives. That's where Turmerry comes in—as one of the leading organic latex mattress brands, we're dedicated to providing the real deal! And to make your search even easier, we're here to introduce you to other USA-based brands that offer the best latex mattresses for comparison.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Organic latex mattresses are made from latex foam, which is liquid rubber baked into foam using the Dunlop or Talalay method.
  • Reputed organic latex mattress brands offer certified, high-quality latex mattresses and other beneficial perks, like free shipping, trial periods, and warranties, for your investment.
  • Turmerry is one of the best organic latex mattress brands in the USA, providing 4 unique mattresses to choose from, free shipping, a 120-day trial period, and a 10- to 20-year warranty.
  • Other reputed latex mattress brands in the US include Sleep On Latex, Spindle, Latex Mattress Factory, Avocado Green Mattress, Saatva, and PlushBeds.
  • We recommend paying at least $1500-$1800 for the best latex mattresses. They are expensive due to the cost of production, but they make up for the cost through their beneficial features.
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What Is Organic Latex, and Is It Right for You?

If you’re new to organic latex, here’s the lowdown: Organic latex is liquid rubber derived from the sap of the rubber tree. It is then baked into foam through either the Dunlop method, which makes it firm and supportive, or the Talalay method, which makes it soft and cushioning.

For the eco-conscious consumer, organic latex is the perfect mattress material. Not only is it sustainably obtained and made, but it is also free from harmful levels of chemicals commonly found in synthetic materials like memory foam.

Through our experience, we can confidently say that latex is worth the investment because, while innerspring and memory foam mattresses typically last less than ten years, organic latex mattresses can support your sleep and your bodies for up to 20 years or more.

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List of Top Organic Latex Mattress Brands In USA

We spend nearly a third of our lives resting and recharging, so it is essential that we get the good night’s sleep we deserve. Below, we've provided a list of brands that sell certified organic latex mattresses to help you get the best sleep!

Note: Our recommendations are purely based on a detailed analysis of specifications and certifications, customer reviews, and intensive product research. Before sealing the deal, we insist that you verify all the details as an informed consumer.

Materials Used Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Natural Wool, Pocketed Coils
Mattress Type All-Foam, Hybrid
Firmness Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm
Thickness 7 - 12 inches
Certifications GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, LGA, FSC, Green America
Warranty 10 - 20 years
Trial Period 120 Days
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Short Queen, Queen, Split Queen, Short King, King, Split King, California King


Since their establishment in 2019, Turmerry has quickly emerged as a dynamic player in the organic mattress and bedding industry, driven by a strong dedication to quality and sustainability. Specializing in crafting all-foam and hybrid latex mattresses, Turmerry's product range reflects its commitment to fostering a healthy bedroom environment and embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle. With certifications from GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, Green America, FSC, and LGA, Turmerry proudly offers a collection of bedroom essentials that prioritize both health and environmental responsibility. Moreover, they are steadfast in their promise to plant a tree for every mattress purchase, transforming each night's sleep into a small yet meaningful act of environmental stewardship.


Turmerry offers four natural and organic latex mattresses:

-- Organic Latex Mattress: Turmerry's best all-foam Dunlop latex mattress with a 7-zone design.

-- Latex Hybrid Mattress: Affordable latex hybrid mattress with Talalay latex and pocketed coils.

-- Egg Crate Mattress: All-foam Dunlop latex mattress with an egg crate-shaped top layer.

-- Latex RV Mattress: All-foam Dunlop latex mattress in RV-friendly sizes.

-- Dual Sided Latex Flippable Mattress: Personalized, springless, flippable mattresses with dual-sided firmness.

Turmerry organic latex mattresses are highly durable, and every purchase is covered by a 10- to 20-year warranty. They also offer two free pillows (with certain mattresses), free shipping, and a 120-night mattress trial period for customer convenience.

Materials Used Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Organic Wool
Mattress Type All-Foam
Firmness Medium, Firm
Thickness 8 inches
Certifications GOTS, GOLS, Fair For Life - Fair Trade (Latex Foam), GREENGUARD Gold, OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT
Warranty 10 Years
Return Period 100 Days
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


Founded in 2013, Sleep On Latex has carved a niche for itself in the organic mattress market. They prioritize natural sleep experiences by crafting mattresses centered around sustainably sourced, Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)-certified latex foam. Their commitment to eco-consciousness extends beyond the core material, with certifications like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and GREENGUARD Gold ensuring their natural latex mattress is free of harmful substances. Additionally, Sleep On Latex prioritizes ethical sourcing by being Fair Trade certified. This translates to supporting responsible practices throughout their supply chain.


Sleep On Latex offers just one mattress model:

-- Pure Green Organic Latex Mattress: Sleep On Latex's flagship all-foam organic latex mattress.

Sleep On Latex mattresses are quilted, sewn, assembled, and packaged in their own factory. They come with free shipping, a 100-day return period, and a 10-year limited warranty. Considering their high-quality organic materials, the mattresses from Sleep On Latex are affordable, too.

3. Spindle

Materials Used Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Pocketed Coils
Mattress Type All-Foam, Hybrid
Firmness Soft, Medium, Firm
Thickness 10 inches
Certifications GOTS, GOLS, OEKO-TEX
Warranty 10 Years
Trial Period 365 Days (Not Available for Factory Outlet Mattress)
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King


Spindle is a company built on years of mattress-making expertise. Since their foundation in 2013, they have focused on creating high-quality, organic latex mattresses at affordable prices. Founded by a family with a long history in the industry, Spindle prioritizes natural materials and avoids harsh chemicals in their mattresses. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, Spindle cuts out middlemen and reduces overhead costs, passing the savings on to the customer. Their dedication to the customer's safety is highlighted by certifications from GOLS, GOTS, and OEKO-TEX.


Spindle offers five organic latex beds:

-- 10" Organic Latex Mattress: Spindle's classic all-foam latex mattress offering.

-- Choose Your Firmness: All foam latex mattress with the ability to choose each layer's firmness separately.

-- Organic Hybrid Mattress: Spindle's hybrid mattress with organic Dunlop latex and pocketed coils.

-- Factory Outlet Mattress: Factory outlet version of the 10" Organic Latex Mattress with slight cosmetic irregularities.

-- Split Firmness - King Size Mattress: A variant of the King Size 10" Organic Latex Mattress with split firmness.

Along with free shipping, Spindle provides the customer with a 365-Day Comfort Guarantee, a 25-year Comfort Life Program, and a 10-year limited warranty on mattress purchases. The Factory Outlet Mattress is sold as-is, however, and all sales are final with no refunds or exchanges.

Materials Used Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Pocketed Coils
Mattress Type All-Foam, Hybrid
Firmness Soft, Medium, Firm
Thickness 10 - 11 inches
Certifications GOLS, OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT
Warranty 10 Years
Trial Period 100 Nights (Return Fee Included)
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


Latex Mattress Factory is a family-owned business with a 47-year legacy of specializing in natural latex products. They prioritize exceptional customer service and believe a comfortable bed should make hitting the snooze button an irresistible temptation. They sell directly to consumers and also supply other online retailers, ensuring you get the best value for your money, regardless of where you purchase a Latex Mattress Factory mattress from. Certifications from GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT ensure the use of safe and sustainable materials.


Latex Mattress Factory has two organic latex beds on offer:

-- Luxerion Latex Mattress: A 10-inch all-foam mattress with Dunlop latex layers.

-- Luxerion Hybrid Latex Mattress: An 11-inch latex hybrid mattress with natural Talalay latex foam and pocketed coils.

Each Latex Mattress Factory bed is covered with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, free shipping, and a 100-night trial with a $99 return fee.

Materials Used Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Natural Wool, Pocketed Coils, Silk, Organic Hemp, Coconut Husk Fiber (Latex-Infused)
Mattress Type All-Foam, Hybrid
Firmness Ultra Plush, Plush, Medium, Firm
Thickness 5.5 - 19 inches
Certifications GOLS, GOTS, FSC, MADE SAFE, Climate Neutral, GREENGUARD, Certified Vegan
Warranty 10 - 25 years
Trial Period 30 Days - 1 Year
Sizes Crib, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King California King, Split California King


Since its inception in 2016, Avocado has been driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to make high-quality, organic mattresses accessible and affordable for everyone. The brand proudly designs its mattresses in the USA, using certified organic and natural materials. As a Certified B Corporation, Avocado is dedicated to eco-conscious practices, and it goes the extra mile by achieving Climate Neutral certification. With a range of GOTS-certified products, they are committed to providing customers with the highest standards of quality, transparency, and sustainability.


Avocado's organic latex mattress lineup includes eight offerings: -

-- Avocado Green Mattress: Avocado's flagship latex hybrid mattress.

-- Eco Organic Mattress: Affordable, medium-firmness hybrid mattress.

-- Luxury Organic Mattress: Luxury hybrid mattress needle-tufted by hand.

-- Eco Organic Kids Mattress: Low-profile hybrid mattress for growing children.

-- Avocado Vegan Mattress: Hand-tufted, vegan certified, PETA-approved hybrid mattress.

-- Avocado Latex Mattress: 9-inch hand-tufted, low-profile all-foam latex mattress.

-- Organic Crib Mattress: All-foam crib mattress featuring a dual-sided design for toddlers/infants.

-- Luxury Organic Crib Mattress: Premium hybrid crib mattress with a two-stage flippable design.

Avocado's latex foam mattresses are covered by a 10- to 25-year warranty, come with two shipping options: doorstep delivery and in-home delivery & setup (White Glove delivery), and a trial period ranging from 30 days to 1 year.

6. Saatva

Materials Used Natural Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Pocketed Coils
Mattress Type All-Foam, Hybrid
Firmness Mattress Specific
Thickness Mattress Specific
Certifications GOLS, GOTS, GREENGUARD Gold, eco-INSTITUT
Warranty Lifetime
Trial Period 45 Days - 365 Nights
Sizes Crib, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Upper-Flex King


Saatva has been a prominent figure in the mattress industry since its establishment in 2010, continuously expanding its offerings to include US-made innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses. The brand places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices, delivering handcrafted luxury mattresses directly to customers without compression. Saatva ensures the highest quality standards by using materials certified by reputable institutions such as CertiPUR-US, GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GREENGUARD Gold, and eco-INSTITUT.


Saatva offers three natural and organic latex mattresses:

-- Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress: Hand-tufted hybrid organic natural latex bed made of 5 layers.

-- Zenhaven Latex Mattress: Dual-sided all-foam latex mattress made of 4 layers.

-- Crib Mattress: Dual-sided crib mattress with natural latex for babies and toddlers.

All Saatva mattresses are made-to-order and come with free shipping. Saatva also offers a lifetime warranty and a 365-night home trial for their mattresses. Their crib mattress is an exception, however. It comes with a 45-day free return.

Materials Used Organic Latex Foam, Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Belgium Linen, Pocketed Coils, Cashmere, Silk
Mattress Type All-Foam, Hybrid
Firmness Medium, Medium-Firm, Dual-Firmness
Thickness 6 - 14 inches
Certifications GOLS, GOTS, GREENGUARD Gold, eco-INSTITUT, Control Union
Warranty Lifetime
Trial Period 100 Nights
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Queen, King, Split King California King, Split California King


With a legacy dating back to 2008, PlushBeds has been a trailblazer in delivering natural, sustainable sleep straight from their California factory to customers at affordable prices. Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, they utilize top-notch machinery and the finest, healthiest, sustainable materials. With prestigious certifications such as GOLS, GOTS, USDA, GREENGUARD Gold, and eco-INSTITUT, customers can rest assured of the quality and sustainability of their purchase.


At PlushBeds, you can find seven organic latex mattress choices:

-- Organic Bliss Pillowtop: Plush and luxurious all-latex mattress with a 3-inch pillow top layer.

-- Botanical Bliss Mattress: PlushBeds' most popular all-foam latex mattress.

-- Natural Bliss Mattress: Vegan all-foam latex mattress without wool or animal products.

-- Signature Bliss Pillowtop: Most supportive hybrid mattress with a 3-inch pillow top layer.

-- Luxury Bliss Mattress: PlushBeds' most popular hybrid latex mattress.

-- Healthy Mattress For Kids: Miniature version of the Luxury Bliss Mattress for growing children.

-- Organic Kids Mattress: Miniature version of the Botanical Bliss Mattress for growing children.

Shipping is complimentary for all PlushBeds mattress orders delivered within the contiguous United States. PlushBeds mattresses are made to order, ensuring they're never stored in a warehouse. Along with this, all PlushBeds bedroom mattresses have a limited lifetime warranty, and come with a 100-night free sleep trial.

natural and organic latex mattress topper


In the ever-growing world of organic mattresses, natural latex stands out as a luxurious and healthy option. This guide explored the benefits of organic latex mattresses, including superior comfort, pressure relief, durability, and eco-friendliness. We also introduced you to some of the leading organic latex mattress brands in the USA, offering a variety of choices to suit your needs and budget.

Remember, a good night's sleep is an investment in your health and well-being. Consider the factors discussed here to find the perfect organic latex mattress for a more restful sleep experience. We wish you luck on your mattress hunting journey!

Best latex mattresses shopping in store

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Latex Mattress FAQS

1. Which company is best for a latex mattress?

Choosing the best company for a latex mattress depends on what you desire when sleeping on their mattress. Some well-regarded companies known for their quality latex mattresses include Turmerry, Avocado Green Mattress, PlushBeds, Latex Mattress Factory, Saatva, and Spindle.

There are many other companies besides these as well, such as Birch Mattress, Nolah Natural Mattress, Silk Snow Mattress, Brooklyn Bedding Mattress, etc., that often prioritize sustainable materials, comfort, and durability. But it's essential to research and consider factors like price, certifications, and customer reviews before making a decision.

2. What are the advantages of a latex mattress?

Latex mattresses offer a number of advantages that can significantly improve your sleep experience. Here are some of the key benefits:

-- Comfort, Support, and Pressure Relief: Latex is naturally conforming and cradles your body curves, providing excellent pressure relief and support for your joints and back.

-- Durability: Latex is known for its exceptional lifespan. High-quality latex mattresses can last for 15-20+ years or even longer with proper care.

-- Bouncy and Responsive: Unlike memory foam, which can feel like you're sinking in, latex provides a buoyant and responsive feel. This allows for easier movement during sleep while still offering the necessary support for proper spinal alignment.

-- Naturally Cooling: Latex has an open-cell structure that promotes airflow and helps regulate body temperature. This can be a huge benefit for hot sleepers who tend to wake up feeling sweaty or overheated.

-- Eco-Friendly: Many latex mattresses are made from sustainable, renewable resources and can be a good choice for those who are environmentally conscious.

Overall, latex mattresses offer a luxurious and healthy sleep experience that combines comfort, support, and durability. If you're looking for a mattress that will last for years to come and provide a cool, comfortable sleep environment, a latex mattress might be the perfect choice for you.

best latex mattress benefits including cooling latex mattress

3. What are the disadvantages of a latex mattress?

While latex mattresses offer many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

-- Cost: Generally, natural latex mattresses are more expensive than traditional innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and synthetic latex mattresses.

-- Weight: Latex is a heavy material, so these mattresses can be quite hefty.

-- Off-gassing: Some new latex mattresses may have a slight initial odor that dissipates within a few hours. These aren't harmful in any way, but they could be a hindrance for those with sensitive smells.

-- Not for everyone: The bouncy and sometimes firm latex mattress feel may not be ideal for everyone, especially those who prefer a softer mattress with a more conforming sleep surface.

4. What mattresses are made with latex?

There are two main types of latex mattresses:

  • All-Latex Foam Mattresses: These mattresses are made entirely of natural latex foam (which could be either Talalay latex or Dunlop latex), offering a naturally comfortable and supportive sleep experience. Variants of the all-latex foam mattress include the flippable latex mattress (with dual firmness) and the egg-crate latex mattress (with egg-crate-shaped foam).
  • Latex Hybrid Mattresses: These mattresses combine a support core of pocketed coils with comfort layers of Dunlop latex or Talalay latex foam. This provides the support of coils with the pressure relief and bounce of latex.

Besides these two, which are usually made of natural and organic latex foam, there are other latex mattresses as well, like synthetic latex mattresses and blended latex mattresses. They're similar in structure to all-latex foam mattresses and latex hybrids but fail to provide the eco-friendly benefits, pressure relief, or support of natural and organic latex foam.

Drawbacks of blended/synthetic latex include:

-- Blended/synthetic latex mattresses sleep hot, making them unideal for hot sleepers.

-- Blended/synthetic latex mattresses sag prematurely, leading to worse support and pressure relief.

-- Blended/synthetic latex mattresses off gas VOCs, leading to an unhealthy bedroom climate and health issues.

Best latex mattress all foam vs latex hybrid

5. Are all latex mattresses the same?

No, not all latex mattresses are created equal! Here are some factors that can vary:

-- Latex type: There's natural Dunlop latex, which is supportive and firm, and there's natural Talalay latex, which is softer and more cushioning.

-- Latex origin: Most reputed companies use organic latex sourced from sustainable practices, while some other companies create synthetic latex in labs or combine natural latex with synthetic latex to create blended latex.

-- Thickness and firmness: These factors can often be customized and can impact the level of support, cushioning, and pressure relief you receive.

-- Additional layers: Some mattresses may incorporate other comfort materials like breathable organic cotton, natural wool layers, or cooling gel.

6. How much should you pay for a latex mattress?

A latex mattress costs, on average, between $1000 and $2500. We recommend paying at least $1500-$1800 for the best latex mattresses. They are expensive due to the cost of production, but they make up for the cost through their wonderful features. At a price of around $1800 to $2000, you can find a queen-sized latex bed of good quality.

The cost of a latex mattress can, however, vary significantly depending on several factors. Here's a breakdown to help you navigate the pricing landscape:

  • Thickness and Firmness: Generally, thicker and firmer latex mattresses will cost more as they use more material.
  • Latex Type: Talalay latex typically undergoes a more complex manufacturing process compared to Dunlop latex, so it may be slightly more expensive.
  • Organic Materials: Mattresses made with GOLS-certified organic latex will usually cost more than those using conventional latex.
  • Brand and Certifications: Brand reputation and additional certifications like OEKO-TEX Standard 100 can affect the price.
  • Construction: Hybrid latex mattresses that combine latex with pocketed coils may be more expensive than all-foam latex mattresses.

Tips for finding the right price:

  • Prioritize Needs: Focus on features and certifications important to you. Don't get hung up on brand names alone.
  • Compare Prices: Research different brands and models to find the best value for your needs. Look for mattress sales, promotions, etc. to get the best prices for the best latex mattresses.

Consider Size: Naturally, a king-size mattress will be more expensive than a twin.

Remember, price shouldn't be the only deciding factor. A well-made latex mattress is an investment in your sleep health and can last for many years!

affordable latex mattress vs pricier firmer mattress

7. Are latex mattresses good for side sleepers?

For individuals who prefer sleeping on their sides, latex mattresses emerge as an excellent choice. Side sleeping typically demands a mattress surface that is soft or medium-firm, ensuring ample cushioning and support for the hips and shoulders.

Contrary to this, most other materials like memory foam and poly foam are engineered to conform heavily to body contours, resulting in excessive sinking into the mattress. Such sinkage may potentially lead to spinal issues among side sleepers.

In contrast, latex mattresses effectively mitigate excessive sinking by offering the appropriate level of firmness, thereby maintaining the spine and body in a neutral alignment. Additionally, latex excels at contouring and providing pressure relief, rendering it an optimal mattress option for side sleepers. Moreover, latex mattresses are equally suitable for back and stomach sleepers, ensuring no inconvenience for combination sleepers.

Best latex mattress for combination sleepers and mattress for side sleepers

8. What is the best mattress to sleep on—latex or memory foam?

In the world of mattresses, you'll often come across two popular choices: latex and memory foam. Each has its own unique qualities, but if we had to pick one, we'd go with latex.

Overall, latex tends to be more versatile. It offers some great perks like staying cool, being environmentally friendly, not transferring much movement, lasting a long time, being bouncy, and providing good support. Plus, it doesn't have many of the drawbacks that come with memory foam, such as heat retention or emitting chemicals.

9. Is a latex mattress good for back pain?

For individuals dealing with back pain, opting for a latex mattress can be a smart move. A sinking and unsupportive mattress surface often contributes to back discomfort. Latex beds offer firm support, effectively preventing excessive sinking and maintaining the spine's alignment. Moreover, latex mattresses are designed to alleviate pressure, fostering an environment conducive to healing and overall well-being.

Latex mattress for back pain and body weight pressure relief

10. Can you sleep on a latex mattress if you are allergic to latex?

Individuals develop latex allergies when their immune system reacts negatively to natural rubber latex. If you have a latex allergy, we do not advise purchasing a latex mattress.

Latex allergy symptoms may include hives, itchy skin, or even anaphylaxis, which can cause throat swelling and extreme difficulty breathing.

11. What are some important certifications to look for before buying a latex mattress?

Many latex mattresses that are being sold today are either made of synthetic latex or blended latex. So look out for these certifications when you want the best, most natural latex mattress-

  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

GOTS, or Global Organic Textile Standard, is the textile processing standard that limits the use of bleaches, toxic dyes, and other chemicals during textile production. Brands that incorporate GOTS-certified organic wool batting or GOTS-certified organic cotton obtain their certification through this institution.

GOTS certified organic for organic materials
  • GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)

GOLS, or Global Organic Latex Standard, is a globally recognized certification that assures quality latex products with minimum chemical inputs.

GOLS for best latex mattress

OEKO-TEX certification sets limits for the emission of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are linked to ozone smog, respiratory illnesses, and memory impairment.

  • eco-INSTITUT

The eco-INSTITUT label signifies high-quality products that meet stringent standards for low pollutants and emissions, based on cutting-edge international research and science.


12. How do you care for your latex mattress?

Make sure to prioritize the maintenance of your latex mattress, aiming for a biweekly or monthly routine. This practice not only ensures cleanliness but also prevents the accumulation of any substances that could potentially impact your health later on. By diligently following the steps outlined below, you can significantly prolong the lifespan of your latex mattress, ultimately sparing you from the need to purchase a new one for an extended period!

  • Vacuum and spot-clean whenever necessary

It's crucial to avoid machine washing latex mattresses at all costs, as the latex foam can degrade over time due to its altered shape. Instead, opt for vacuuming once or twice weekly to eliminate surface-level debris, followed by spot-cleaning any areas affected by liquid spills.

Using an upholstery attachment, gently vacuum to remove all dust, dirt, and crumbs from the mattress surface. For stains caused by bodily fluids or liquid spills, spot clean by delicately dabbing the affected area with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Ensure thorough airing and drying of the mattress after spot cleaning to maintain its freshness and integrity.

Vacuum and spot-clean medium firm latex mattress
  • Rotate the mattress

We recommend rotating your latex mattress every three to six months to maintain its integrity and prevent sagging. Regular rotations help distribute wear evenly, ensuring consistent support over time due to the latex foam's enduring quality.

Keep in mind: Avoid flipping mattresses, especially hybrid and egg-crate models, as this may undermine their beneficial features.

Rotate the mattress
  • Use a mattress topper

Mattress toppers, removable foam layers with distinct properties, provide an added layer of protection for your mattress. Placing a mattress topper atop your mattress helps minimize wear and tear on its surface, preserving its condition for future use once the topper is no longer needed. Besides enhancing comfort and support, a mattress topper complements the benefits offered by the mattress itself.

If you're worried about diminishing the mattress's advantages by adding a topper, consider selecting one that closely matches the mattress surface. For instance, if you have a latex egg-crate mattress, opt for a latex egg-crate topper. Likewise, pairing a natural latex topper with an organic latex mattress ensures compatibility and maximizes benefits.

Use a mattress topper or pillow top for optimal comfort
  • Protect your mattress with a cotton cover

As doctors often say, "Prevention is better than cure." This applies equally to mattresses. Don't wait until your mattress is at risk before considering a mattress cover—act early to prevent problems! While most natural latex mattresses include an organic cotton cover, it's wise to add a second mattress protector cover. Doubling up on protection is always a good idea. Adding an extra cotton cover won't compromise any of the mattress's qualities, so there's no need to worry about that.

Protect your mattress with a GOTS certified organic cotton cover

13. What are the available sizes for latex mattresses?

For an organic latex mattress, you're usually able to find all the standard US sizes, from twin to Cal king.

  • Twin Latex Mattresses

A twin-sized latex mattress spans 38 x 75 inches, making it the smallest option and suitable for single sleepers under 6 feet tall, as well as growing teens and toddlers transitioning from cribs. Its compact size allows for easy portability and fits well in snug spaces, measuring 7 x 10 feet.

Twin Latex Mattresses
  • Twin XL Latex Mattresses

A twin XL latex mattress shares the same width as a twin but extends to 38 x 80 inches in length. Best suited for taller individuals over 6 feet, students, or toddlers with similar height requirements, it retains the twin's portability and space-saving features, fitting neatly into areas measuring 8 x 10 feet.

Twin XL Latex Mattresses
  • Full Latex Mattresses

Measuring 54 x 75 inches, a full-sized latex mattress, also known as a "standard double," offers ample space for single sleepers seeking room to stretch out. While not ideal for couples due to the limited space compared to queen or king sizes, it serves as a budget-friendly option for couples compromising on sleeping space or those with smaller living areas, including guest rooms.

Full Latex Mattresses
  • Queen Latex Mattresses

A queen-sized latex mattress, spanning 60 x 80 inches, appeals to couples on a budget seeking more room than a full-sized bed offers. It's also a preferred choice for single-sleepers who tend to shift positions during sleep. Some models offer a "split queen" option, accommodating varying firmness preferences for couples.

queen Latex Mattresses
  • King Latex Mattresses

Measuring 76 x 80 inches, a king-sized latex mattress is popular among couples with children or pets, offering ample space for everyone to stretch out comfortably. While perhaps excessive for single sleepers, those craving extra room may find it worthwhile. Some king mattresses are available as "split kings," providing customization options for each partner.

king latex mattresses
  • California King Latex Mattresses

A California king latex mattress spans 72 x 84 inches, catering well to larger families or taller individuals exceeding 6 feet. Its added length benefits taller customers, while its size is ideal for master bedrooms measuring 12 x 12 feet, though a larger space, around 12 x 14 feet, would better accommodate its extended length.

california king latex mattresses

14. Why choose a natural latex mattress over a memory foam mattress?

The rivalry between natural latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses is a longstanding narrative that has garnered attention in recent times. Memory foam emerged as a result of NASA research, originally devised to provide cushioning for test pilots during their flights. In contrast, latex boasts an ancient lineage, with roots tracing back to indigenous cultures in Mesoamerica, where it was utilized in crafting rubber balls for ballgames.

Despite their disparate backgrounds, how do these materials stack up against each other in today's mattress industry? Delve into the comparison below to uncover why natural latex frequently emerges victorious over memory foam.

  • Natural latex is safer and healthier

Natural latex, sourced from rubber trees, undergoes manufacturing with a minimal addition of safe additives, typically ranging from 3-5%. The resultant latex foam is predominantly natural and entirely safe for sleeping. Conversely, memory foam is an artificial material crafted by blending chemicals with polyurethane. Upon initial unpacking, memory foam is known to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during off-gassing, posing potential health risks when inhaled.

Natural latex is safer and healthier without off gas
  • Natural latex is breathable and cooling

Renowned for its breathability, natural latex allows airflow without constriction or heat retention during sleep, ensuring a cool surface. Some manufacturers enhance this feature by perforating the latex foam to improve breathability. In contrast, memory foam tends to retain body heat for enhanced contouring, particularly as density increases. Higher-density memory foam is often deemed superior, albeit at the expense of heat dissipation, necessitating the addition of synthetic materials like gel for cooling.

Natural latex is breathable and cooling
  • Natural latex is bouncier and more responsive

Natural latex foam exhibits responsiveness and bounce, offering ease of movement across the mattress with minimal restriction. This attribute appeals to sleepers who frequently change positions, as it eliminates the sensation of being "stuck" commonly associated with memory foam mattresses. Unlike latex, memory foam prioritizes conformity over responsiveness, resulting in slower movement due to its tendency to conform closely to the body.

Natural latex is bouncier and more responsive
  • Natural latex is resilient and durable

Through the vulcanization process employed in natural latex production, the material undergoes strengthening, enhancing its resilience by fortifying molecular bonds. This bolstered resilience translates to increased resistance against sagging and other forms of wear and tear. Natural latex mattresses boast an impressive lifespan of 15 years or more, extendable to 20+ years with proper maintenance. In contrast, memory foam, even at high density, exhibits a significantly shorter lifespan of approximately 7-9 years, with low-density variants lasting only 4-6 years before displaying signs of deterioration.

Natural latex is resilient and durable

15. Should you buy a latex mattress online or in-store?

There are pros and cons to both buying a latex mattress online and in-store. Here's a breakdown to help you decide which option is best for you:

Buying a Latex Mattress Online

  • (Pro) Wider Selection: Online retailers often have a broader selection of latex mattresses from various brands compared to brick-and-mortar stores.
  • (Pro) Competitive Prices: You can easily compare prices from different retailers and potentially find better deals online due to lower overhead costs.
  • (Pro) Convenience: You can shop from the comfort of your home at any time and have the mattress delivered directly to your doorstep. Many online retailers offer hassle-free returns or trial periods.
  • (Pro) Reviews and Resources: You can access a wealth of online reviews and buying guides to help you research different latex mattress options.
  • (Con) Can't Try Before You Buy: You can't physically test the feel of the mattress before purchasing it online. This might be a concern if you're unsure about the comfort level of latex.
  • (Con) Potential for Delays: Delivery times can vary, and there's a slight chance of damage during shipping.

Buying a Latex Mattress In-Store

  • (Pro) Try Before You Buy: You can lie down on the mattress and test its comfort level to see if it feels right for you.
  • (Pro) Expert Advice: Sales associates at mattress stores can provide guidance and answer your questions about latex mattresses.
  • (Con) Limited Selection: Brick-and-mortar stores typically have less variety compared to online retailers.
  • (Con) Higher Prices: Overhead costs for physical stores can lead to higher mattress prices compared to online retailers.
  • (Con) Sales Pressure: Some salespeople might be pushy and try to upsell you on a more expensive mattress.

Additional Factors to Consider

  • Your Comfort Level: If you're already familiar with latex mattresses and know what you prefer in terms of firmness, buying online might be a good option. However, if you're unsure or have specific comfort needs, trying out mattresses in-store could be beneficial.
  • Return Policy: Ensure a clear return policy exists, whether you're buying online or in-store, in case the mattress isn't a good fit.
  • Delivery and Setup: Factor in delivery fees and whether the retailer offers setup services, especially for online purchases.

We recommend checking out latex mattresses in store (if possible), then ordering one online. Online shopping offers a lot of benefits, like convenience, trial periods, free shipping, white glove delivery, and better prices. Always be sure to buy from a reputed brand for the best perks of online shopping and the best latex mattress.

16. Is a latex mattress good for hot sleepers?

Latex mattresses can be a very good option for hot sleepers due to their inherent cooling properties. The open-cell structure of latex allows for better airflow and ventilation compared to traditional memory foam mattresses, which can trap heat.

17. What thickness latex mattress should I get?

Choosing the ideal thickness for your latex mattress depends on several factors, including your body weight, sleep style, and desired level of comfort and support. Here's a breakdown to help you navigate the options:

Body Weight

  • Lighter Sleepers (Below 130 lbs.): A 6-inch to 8-inch mattress can provide sufficient support and comfort. A thicker mattress might feel too firm.
  • Average Sleepers (130 lbs. to 230 lbs.): This is the most common range, and an 8-inch to 10-inch mattress is a good starting point. You can adjust based on preference.
  • Heavyweight Sleepers (Over 230 lbs.): For optimal support, consider a 10-inch to 12-inch mattress or even thicker options (up to 14 inches) offered by some brands.

Sleep Style

  • Side Sleepers: These sleepers generally require more pressure relief for the shoulders and hips. A thicker mattress, 8-inch to 12-inch, can provide better cradling and comfort.
  • Back Sleepers: Back sleepers can benefit from a wider range of thicknesses, from 6-inch to 10-inch, depending on their preference for firmness. A medium-firm mattress in the 8-inch to 10-inch range is a common choice.
  • Stomach Sleepers: For stomach sleepers who prioritize a flatter sleeping surface for spinal alignment, a thinner mattress, 6-inch to 8-inch, might be ideal.

Consider which of the factors listed above best suits you, try out different mattress thicknesses in a nearby store, and select the thickness that feels most comfortable to you.

18. What latex mattress firmness is ideal for me?

Ideal latex mattress firmness depends on a combination of your sleeping position, body weight, and any pain you experience. Here's a general guide:

Sleeping Position

  • Side Sleepers: Medium to medium-soft mattresses are ideal. These allow your shoulders and hips to sink in slightly, keeping your spine aligned and reducing pressure points.
  • Back Sleepers: A medium to medium-firm mattress is a good choice. It provides adequate support for your lower back's natural curve while preventing excessive sinking.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Firmer mattresses are generally better for stomach sleepers. They help keep your spine in a neutral position and prevent your hips from sagging.
  • Combination Sleepers: These sleepers may need to consider a compromise firmness or a mattress with zoned support, which offers varying firmness levels in different sections.

Body Weight

  • Lighter Sleepers (below 130 lbs.): Can usually opt for softer to medium-firm mattresses.
  • Average Weight Sleepers (130-230 lbs.): Medium firmness is a good starting point.
  • Heavier Sleepers (over 230 lbs.): May need a firmer mattress for proper support.

Pain Level

  • Pain-Free: Choose the firmness level based on comfort and sleeping position preference.
  • Back Pain: A medium-firm to firm mattress can provide better spinal alignment and pressure relief, potentially reducing back pain.
  • Joint Pain: A softer mattress may help alleviate pressure on sensitive joints.

It's best to try out different firmness levels in person at a mattress store. Many stores allow you to lie on the mattresses for a short period to get a sense of how they feel.

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