Full Bed vs. Double Bed

Written by Zulekha Nishad

Last Updated June 13, 2024

Some people are dissatisfied with their mattresses because of the discomfort they feel when sleeping. It's only later that they understand it's because they ordered the wrong size.

Key Takeaways:

  • The terms "double bed" and "full bed" are often used interchangeably, despite there being no actual difference in size. They measure 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length.
  • Full/double beds are smaller than king and queen-sized beds and are not ideal for accommodating two adult sleepers.
  • While full/double beds can be narrower for two adults, they are perfect for single sleepers under the height of 5'5".
  • Full mattresses are less costly than king or queen-size beds, and can fit into a 9.6 X 10. 6 feet room.
  • The popularity of king and queen mattresses has made full/double beds less popular among couples, who prefer larger sleeping spaces.

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Mattresses are available in various sizes to accommodate a variety of needs, including height and size, number of persons sharing the bed, bedroom space, and sleeping preferences. Sleepers should be aware of the many bed sizes available in the market and select the most appropriate one for their needs in order to have a good night's sleep.

full bed vs double bed - is there a difference

When choosing the right mattress, you should think about all the options. Many people ask if a full or double bed is larger. This is actually a very tricky question. In this short guide, we will explain whether or not there is any difference between a full bed and a double bed and how to figure out if it's the ideal sleep surface for you.

Full-bed v/s double-bed : What's the difference?

A double bed and a full bed have the exact dimensions, 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Therefore, there is actually no difference between the two. In fact, the terms "double bed" and "full bed" are often used interchangeably.

While full beds are called doubles, they can't comfortably accommodate two adult sleepers. They are smaller in size than a king and queen-sized beds.


From the above table, it's pretty clear that a full/double bed has the same length as that of a single bed but differs in width. When two people share a double/full bed, each of them will have only 27″ of personal space, which is actually less than the space available in a single bed.

Even though full/double beds can accommodate two sleepers, many find it very narrow for two adults and prefer bigger beds. Since their length is typically 75", it may be comparatively short for an adult as well. Therefore, most adults out there prefer to sleep on queen or king-sized beds.

Full-bed and double-bed size

Full/double beds, on the other hand, have certain distinct advantages. These mattresses will readily fit into even the tiniest of spaces. Sheets for a double or full bed are also less costly than sheets for a king or queen-size bed. Furthermore, a double bed is perfect for a single sleeper under the height of 5'5". Double beds are common in guest rooms and nurseries but not in master bedrooms.

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It's also worth noting that the sizes of these beds or mattresses may differ significantly depending on the country. However, they are minor distinctions.

History of double-beds 

A double-sized bed appears to be the one designed for two people to share, and it was once. Many decades ago, full beds or double beds were the mattress of choice for couples, although this was largely due to the lack of size options available to consumers at the time. Only single sleepers should use this size, as it is no longer suggested for couples.

In the 1940s, couples had the option of sharing a double bed or purchasing a pair of twin beds. You might have seen in an old black-and-white TV show the traditional layout of two twin beds with a nightstand between them.

Until the 1950s, separate beds were a common choice for couples, which is when refusing to share a bed became seen as a sign of a broken marriage. This is also the age when the king and queen-size mattresses became much popular.

A full-size/double-size mattress

Due to the popularity of king and queen mattresses, the double bed has fallen out of favor among couples. Nowadays, many people would not find it a pleasant bed to share since each half measures just 27" by 75"—enough space to lie down but not enough personal space to turn without striking your bed companion.

A double or full-size bed remains an outstanding option for single adults who have very limited space but want a bigger bed than a twin.

What are the benefits of a full bed/ double bed?

More space in the bedroom – If you only have a small living area, you'll require as much extra space to move around. With a king or queen-sized bed, you might find it very difficult to open your closet doors, keep your stuff, and generally give your bedroom a spacious, uncluttered feel. So, in such cases, a double/full-sized bed can be the most ideal option. You'll save at least 6" in width along with 5" in length.

Great for a single sleeper– A full bed offers more than enough space for a single sleeper—yes, even if you like to sprawl on your back and relax like a starfish.

Cost – A full-size latex mattress requires less material to manufacture. Therefore it costs less than a king or queen mattress.

What are the drawbacks of a full/double-size bed?

Less space to toss and turn – While some couples find double-size beds comfortable, others prefer more sleeping space so that they can move without troubling each other in the middle of the night. Similarly, couples who sleep with their kids might probably enjoy having a 76" wide king mattress 60" wide queen mattress.

Less length – If you're six feet tall or more, you may find yourself struggling to find room for your feet or hitting your head on your headboard. A king or queen-sized bed could be ideal in such a case.

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Sometimes the choice of words can trip shoppers and make the process of selecting a mattress more difficult than it needs to be. We hope this article has helped you clarify certain notions and offered a solution to the sometimes confusing nature of the bedding vocabulary.

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