Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Last Updated December 30, 2023

Queen size beds are a popular choice for couples and those who appreciate more space. If you're in search of the perfect queen bed, it's important to understand the dimensions and what to look for when buying a queen mattress. In this guide, we'll give you an overview of queen size bed dimensions, as well as tips for selecting the right mattress for your needs. Let's get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Queen size beds are the most popular bed size in the United States, as they offer a good balance of space and affordability.
  • The standard dimensions for a queen size bed are 60 X 80 inches.
  • It's important to measure your room and consider other furniture when choosing a queen size bed, as it takes up a significant amount of space in a bedroom.
  • When selecting bedding for a queen size bed, make sure to choose sheets and comforters that are designed specifically for this size.
  • While a queen bed is ideal for two people, consider a larger option like a king if accommodating more sleepers, ensuring everyone gets ample space.
queen size bed dimensions

What is a queen bed?

A queen bed is the most popular bed size in the US right now and is a comfy fit for solo sleepers who likes to stretch out, couples, parents who co-sleep with their children, and those who share their bed with pets. However, it's important to note that a queen bed may not be ideal for parents who sleep with more than one child.

latex mattress

In terms of pricing, queen beds often fall in the middle range between smaller sizes and larger options like a king or California king bed. So if you're looking for the perfect balance of room and affordability, a queen may be the way to go! Just make sure you measure your bedroom before making your final decision - queen beds may not necessarily fit every space.

Queen size mattress dimensions

Dimensions in inches - 60 X 80 inches
Dimensions in cm - 152 X 203.5 cm
Dimensions in feet - 5 X 6.66 feet

A standard queen size bed measures larger than a full-size or "double" bed but smaller than a king-size bed, making it an excellent option for couples who want more room to spread out without feeling overwhelmed by a massive bed. While there are variations in mattress sizes depending on the manufacturer, this standard dimension can help ensure that all queen size mattresses will fit appropriately in a bedroom and allow for the correct sizing of bedframe, sheets, and other bedding accessories.

queen mattress dimensions in inches, cm, and feet

What to consider before choosing a queen size bed?

If you are not sure if a queen-size bed is right for you, take some time and consider the factors listed below before making a purchase:

  • Room space

As you know, a queen bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it much larger than a full or twin size bed. Can your room accommodate this extra space? Will you still have room for a dresser or nightstand? And will there be enough walkable space to comfortably navigate the room?

a comfy queen bed

Queen beds are best suited for bedrooms that have at least 10 feet by 10 feet of space. Having too small of a room can make the bed feel overwhelming and cramped, making it difficult to move around or even open and close the door. On the other hand, queen beds can also complement larger rooms with as much as 10 feet by 14 feet of space, creating a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

So taking your room measurements into consideration can help prevent a cramped bedroom. And remember, if your room doesn't quite fit a queen bed, smaller sizes are always available. Don't sacrifice comfort and functionality for an oversized bed that ends up making your space feel cluttered.

  • Bed frame

Did you know that the dimensions of your bed frame can also play a big role in the overall comfort and functionality of your sleep setup? Yes, you heard it right!

The recommended bed frame size for a queen mattress is 62 to 65 inches by 82 to 85 inches.

Using a bed frame that is too small could leave your queen mattress hanging off the sides, causing discomfort and potentially damaging the structure of the bed frame. On the flip side, using a bed frame that is too large can result in excess space around the edges of the mattress, throwing off both comfort and aesthetics in your bedroom.

  • Number of sleepers

While a queen bed may provide enough room for two people to comfortably sleep, adding in a third sleeper can cause issues with space and lead to discomfort. In fact, sleeping on a queen bed with three people can decrease the amount of support and pressure relief each individual receives. On the other hand, going for a larger option like a king or California king mattress can provide enough room for three sleepers without compromising comfort and support.

couples reading book on a queen mattress

So before buying that queen size mattress, take into account how many people will actually be sleeping on it. It may just save you from an unpleasant night's sleep.

  • Budget

Buying a queen bed may seem like a splurge, but it's important to consider the long-term investment. After all, a good mattress can last for years while providing comfort and support for a good night's sleep. Before making this significant purchase, it's important to take a look at your budget and determine what you can realistically afford.

Of course, queen mattresses are a step up in terms of luxury and space compared to a twin or full size. But they also come with a higher price tag, and it's not worth overspending on a queen bed if it means putting yourself under financial strain.

Queen size variations and bed dimensions

When it comes to queen size mattresses, there's more than one option. If you're in need of a little extra room than the traditional queen, the Olympic queen size might be the one for you.

Olympic queen mattress

An Olympic queen mattress is essentially just a queen bed but with a little extra room. The dimensions for an Olympic queen mattress are slightly larger than a regular queen bed at 66 inches long by 80 inches wide, offering added space for couples who want more room to spread out and sleep comfortably. These mattresses are also perfect for taller individuals who may struggle to fit on a standard queen size bed.

However, finding bedding for an Olympic queen can be more difficult since it's not as common as traditional queen beds.

What is a split queen mattress?

split queen mattress dimension

Split queen mattresses are actually two separate mattresses put together - each half measuring 30inches wide by 80 inches long. This can be a great solution if you have mobility issues or just want more flexibility in your sleeping arrangement.

A split queen mattress offers numerous benefits for couples with differing sleep preferences, such as one person being a restless sleeper or one person needing a different level of support. It also allows for easier transportation and maneuvering through narrow hallways and doorways, as it can be separated into smaller sections.

Which is the best option for couples - a queen mattress or a king mattress?

A queen-sized mattress offers a comfortable amount of space for two people, measuring 60 inches by 80 inches. Meanwhile, a king-sized mattress is even larger at 76 inches by 80 inches. For those who value having extra room to spread out, a king-sized mattress may be the better choice. On the other hand, if space is limited or cost is a concern, a queen-sized mattress can still offer ample room for sleeping comfortably as a couple.

It may be worth considering a split queen or split king mattress if one partner has a different preference in terms of firmness or support.

Pros of queen size bed

The queen size bed may not have all the bells and whistles of a king size bed, but it can certainly be a sweetheart in its own right. Here are some of the highlighting features of a queen size bed:

1. Extra comfort

When it comes to comfort, queen size beds reign supreme. With more room for both you and your partner (or just extra room for yourself!), queen beds hold the perfect balance between not too small and not too big. They also offer ample space for activities such as reading or lounging.

If you're a restless sleeper, queen beds are also great because they provide enough space for you to comfortably toss and turn throughout the night without disturbing your sleeping companion.

2. Happy cuddles

Have you ever been in a full bed or twin bed with your significant other, trying to cuddle and absolutely failing at it because you keep bumping into each other? Say goodbye to those anxious nights of being cramped and say hello to a queen bed.

With queen beds, there's plenty of room for happy cuddles, whether lying side by side or having one partner wrap their limbs around the other. Not only that, queen beds also give you room to stretch out and have enough space for both partners to comfortably sleep without feeling like they're invading the other person's personal space. So go ahead, and enjoy some quality cuddle time in the comfort and spaciousness of a queen bed. Your relationship will thank you.

senior coupler lying in a queen bed

3. Accessories are easily available

From sheets and duvet covers to mattress toppers and pillows, bedding accessories for a queen size bed are widely available in stores and online. And let's not forget about queen bed frames, headboards, and other decorative additions.

With such a broad range of choices, it's easy to find exactly what you need to make your queen bed the cozy oasis of your dreams. In fact, with the right accessories, even a basic queen bed can be transformed into a luxurious treat for both the eyes and the body.

natural and organic latex mattress topper

Cons of queen size bed

While queen beds have their appeal - they offer more room than a twin or full and can comfortably accommodate two people - they also come with certain drawbacks.

1. Heavier than a full size mattress

Queen mattresses are often heavier and harder to move around than full size mattresses. This can be an issue if you frequently switch up the layout of your bedroom or if you plan to move in the future.

2. Not suitable for smaller rooms

While queen beds are definitely suitable for larger bedrooms, they can easily overwhelm smaller spaces and leave little room for additional furniture or even just walking around comfortably.

3. Cramped for couples sharing the bed with more than one kid

While queen beds offer plenty of space for couples, they can quickly feel cramped when sharing with children. As a result, many families find themselves needing to upgrade to a king size bed in order to accommodate their growing family. Not only is this an added expense, but it can also be a hassle to move and find new bedding for the larger mattress.

If you have young children or are planning on starting a family, it's worth considering going straight to a king size bed instead of upgrading later on.

Queen size bed and mattress accessories

Bed frames

Choosing the right bed frame is just as important as choosing the right mattress for a comfy night's sleep.

A weak or unstable bed frame can cause sagging, uneven support, and even painful creaks during the night. That's why investing in a sturdy, high-quality bed frame is important. It all works together to create the perfect sleeping experience - no creaks or dips allowed.

Of course, a mattress on the floor might seem like a cheap and convenient solution for a temporary sleeping setup, but in the long run, it's not worth it. Not only does a bed frame provide needed support for your mattress, protecting its longevity and ensuring an even sleeping surface, but it also elevates the bed off the ground to create space for storage beneath. And when it comes to finding the perfect bed frame, size matters too - after all, there's nothing worse than buying a frame only to have it not fit your mattress.

The average measurements for a queen bed frame are, so be sure to do your research before committing to a purchase.

Mattress topper

We know what you're thinking - how much more plush can a queen mattress possibly get? Trust us, you have no idea. Adding a plush and supportive mattress topper takes your slumber experience to the next level - it's like sleeping on a cloud made of marshmallows and unicorns. And the best part? You don't have to break the bank for this upgrade.

mattress topper placed on a queen mattress

With options ranging from natural latex to feather, mattress toppers can provide a luxurious upgrade without the expense of buying a new mattress. And once you find the right one, your queen size bed will feel like even more of a dreamy retreat.

Mattress protector

Another easy way to upgrade your sleep experience is with a mattress protector. Not only will it keep your mattress clean and prolong its lifespan, but it can also add an extra layer of comfort. Plus, if you've got little ones or furry friends in the house, the protector can help save your mattress from those oh-so-fun accidents.


And don't forget about pillows - they are game-changers! These fluffy little gems not only add an extra layer of cozy comfort but also offer support for your neck and shoulders. Also, with a variety of materials and fill options available, there's sure to be a pillow that perfectly fits your sleeping needs.


Real talk: you could own the best queen mattress in town, but if you don't have good sheets, your sleep game is weak. Don't make the mistake of thinking thread count is the be-all and end-all when it comes to sheets - sure, a higher count can mean softer sheets, but the material matters just as much (if not more).

100% Organic cotton is always a solid option for its breathability and softness, but other fabrics like bamboo or microfiber can offer unique benefits like temperature regulation.


The last one on our list is comforters - These cozy little wonders add some much-needed layers of plushness and warmth to any bed. And forget basic white comforters - why not go all out with a luxurious down option or even a fun pattern? In short, treating yourself to a cozy comforter is an easy way to take your queen mattress to the next level.

queen bed stuffed with comforter, pillows, and other mattress accessories

Other standard mattress sizes and dimensions - Know which mattress size is right for you

  • Twin mattress

At 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, the twin mattress is the smallest of them all - making it perfect for kids, single sleepers, or tight spaces. That being said, twin beds may not provide enough room for couples or those who prefer to spread out while they snooze.

Twin size bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 38 X 75 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 96.5 X 188.0 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 3.16 X 6.25 feet
  • Twin xl mattress

Twin xl mattresses are the longer version of a twin size mattress, measuring 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. This extra length is typically helpful for taller individuals who don't want their feet hanging off the end of the bed. Twin xl beds are also often found in dorm rooms or shared bedrooms where space is limited.

Twin XL size bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 38 X 80 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 96.5 X 203.5 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 3.16 X 6.66 feet
  • Full mattress

A full mattress, also known as a double mattress, measures 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It offers plenty of room for a single sleeper or a cozy space for couples. It's also the best mattress option for guest rooms or small apartments, offering just the right amount of comfort without taking up too much space.

Full size bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 54 X 75 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 137.16 X 190.5 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 4.5 X 6.25 feet
  • King mattress

A king mattress is the largest standard-size mattress currently on the US market. Measuring 76 inches by 80 inches, it offers plenty of room for couples - or a whole family. Not only do king size mattresses provide enough space for everyone to spread out, but it also eliminates any unnecessary fighting over blankets or jostling for position in the middle of the night.

King size bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 76 X 80 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 193 X 203 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 6.33 X 6.6 feet
  • California king mattress

A California king size mattress measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, making it 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a traditional king size mattress. So why would someone choose California king beds over a traditional one? Some argue that the extra length is ideal for tall individuals, while others prefer the slightly smaller width for more maneuverable furniture placement in their bedroom.

California king size bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 72 X 84 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 183 X 213.5 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 6 X 7 feet
(Width x Length)
(Width x Length)
(Width x Length)
Twin 38 X 75 inches 96.5 X 188.0 cm 3.16 X 6.25 feet
Twin XL 38 X 80 inches 96.5 X 203.5 cm 3.16 X 6.66 feet
Full 54 X 75 inches 134.5 X 190.5 cm 4.5 X 6.25 feet
Queen 60 X 80 inches 152 X 203.5 cm 5 X 6.66 feet
King 76 X 80 inches 193 X 203.5 cm 6.33 X 6.66 feet
California King 72 X 84 inches 183 X 213.5 cm 6 X 7 feet


1. Is there anything called a California queen mattress?

Yes. At 60 inches by 84 inches, California queen mattresses offer the same width as a standard queen but boast an extra four inches in length. It's perfect for those who like to spread out or have tall side-sleepers in their family.

2. Can a couple sleep comfortably in a queen bed?

Couples can enjoy a cozy and comfortable night's sleep on a queen size bed. With enough room for both partners to spread out and plenty of space for cuddling, a queen bed can be just the right fit for any couple looking for some quality Z's.

3. Is a California king bed the same as that of a California queen bed?

A California king bed is actually longer and narrower than a standard king bed, measuring 72 inches by 84 inches. On the other hand, a California queen bed is 60 inches by 84 inches, making it slightly longer but not as long as a standard queen bed. So, while they may have similar lengths, don't make the mistake of thinking they're interchangeable

4. Are queen size beds worth it?

While a queen size bed may not quite reach the royal proportions of a king sized mattress, it still offers loads of room for you and your significant other (or favorite stuffed animal) to spread out and snooze in comfort. But the benefits of a queen bed go beyond just providing ample personal space - they also offer enough room for activities like cuddling, reading in bed, or even a little morning yoga. So when it comes down to all of these benefits, investing in a queen size bed is definitely worth it.

5. Can you place queen mattresses on bunk beds?

The answer is no - though it may seem like an attractive solution for maximizing space in your child's bedroom, attempting to place a queen mattress on a bunk bed could be a recipe for disaster.

Bunk beds are not designed to support the added weight of a larger mattress and may collapse under pressure. So, save yourself some trouble (and potential injury) and stick to twin mattresses on bunk beds.

6. What is the best time to buy queen mattresses?

The best time to buy a queen mattress is during sales, especially at the beginning and end of the year. Many mattress companies offer deep discounts during holiday seasons like Black Friday and President's Day, so it's worth holding out for those deals. By waiting for these deals, you can get the same luxurious sleep experience for a fraction of the cost.

natural and organic pillows

7. Is a double bed the same as a queen?

No, a double bed is not the same size as that of a queen bed.

A double bed, also known as a full-size bed, measures roughly 54 inches by 75 inches, making it a better fit for single sleepers. On the other hand, a queen-size bed offers considerably more room at 60 inches by 80 inches, making it suitable for couples or those who prefer extra space to spread out.

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Now that you know queen size bed dimensions and have some insights into what goes into making your sleep comfortable, you're ready to start shopping for your perfect queen mattress. Use these tips as a guide to help narrow down your search and find the best possible option for you.

Keep in mind that everyone has different preferences when it comes to sleeping, so make sure to take your time testing out different mattresses before making a decision.

Disclaimer: What is said in this article has been referenced from multiple sources and is intended only for educational and informational purposes. Please note that no content in this article is a substitute for professional advice from a qualified doctor or healthcare provider. Always consult an experienced doctor with any concerns you may have regarding a health condition or treatment, and never disregard any medical suggestions or delay in seeking treatment because of something you read here.

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