How to Choose the Perfect Comforter?

Written by Chinmay Shankar

Last Updated June 13, 2024

If you're like most people, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to get a good night's sleep (especially when you are stuck in those boring Monday meetings!).

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You may have tried all sorts of things, from drinking chamomile tea before bed to sleeping with a special pillow, all leading to nowhere. But have you ever considered how a good comforter can help you get that much-coveted good night's sleep?

Yes! A good comforter, when chosen with all deliberation and thoughtfulness, can do wonders to your rest and sleep time. Now the big question is how to find one that suits your pocket and your needs.

In this blog post, we are going to explore everything that can help you narrow down your choices and find the one sleeping partner that's made for you. Ahem! We are talking about comforters.

how to find the perfect comforter for your sleep needs

What are the benefits of sleeping with a comforter?

There are many benefits to sleeping with a comforter. Comforters can provide extra warmth, which can help you sleep better in cold weather. They can also provide extra cushioning and support, which calms down your nerves and reduces your anxiety.

Being in a comforter already makes your mind relax and gives you a sense of security. There is little research about it, but who doesn't know about the feeling a warm hug induces. A comforting embrace of a fluffy blanket or a comforter is good enough to give your body much-needed rest.

How to choose the right comforter for you and your family?

A comforter is not just another bedding. It is a part of your home and bedroom decor. It is a companion to your me-time and sleep time.

So no matter what people say, you have to consider all the things before you make the decision to buy a comforter.

1. Consider the climate you live in.

Is it hot, cold, or tropical where you live? Do you keep on migrating in winter? Is winter harsh in your region?

2. Think about your sleep habits.

Do you sleep cold or hot? Do you feel sweaty in the middle of the night? Are you a blanket stealer? Or Worse, are you a blanket snatcher? Are you allergic to certain types of fabrics?

3. What type of bedding do you have?

Do you live life King size or California King Size (yes, both of them are bed sizes. They might have different names in your locality)? Is it a custom-made bed?

4. And, finally, your budget.

Do you have kids or pets at home? Are you the adventurous type who would use a comforter without a cover? Do you feel good when taking care of your bedding means less effort and less cost?

All these questions matter when it comes to choosing the right comforter. Say, if you live in a cold and frigid climate, you will most likely need a thicker comforter than someone who lives in a warmer climate. But that shouldn't make you lift heavyweight blankets in the bed. Instead, you can choose a comforter with a higher fill power.

What is the best filling for a comforter?

You need to focus on fill power before you even start looking for the ones with the best filling. Generally, every comforter you buy in the supermarket comes with fillings inside it.

The fill that goes inside a comforter can be organic like down, cotton, silk, wool, or it can be any other synthetic material. But the material that is inside a comforter or a duvet can make it fluffy and heavy or lightweight.

In fact, fill power decides how fluffy the comforter will be based on how much an ounce of material has gone in.

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Higher fill power means lower weights and better insulation for your comforter.

Remember, the temperature is a critical factor in deciding your sleep. So if you have to face a colder climate, then you can opt for a comforter with a higher fill power like Down comforters that are often used by camping and hiking enthusiasts( who face nature outside in its all glory).

But even if you are not going outside, a down comforter is a good choice for the harsh upcoming winter. The only downside with a down comforter is they are quite expensive for what they offer. If you are still inclined to buy, check for fill power. If it is 800 or more, then you've got a deal!

For those who live in temperate areas, comforters with cotton fill are okay as they are breathable and affordable. And if you are looking for an all-season comfortable choice, then you can also go for the ones with synthetic fill. A comforter with a fill power of 400-600 can stay usable in all seasons.

But a comforter, especially down and silk ones, can be difficult to wash often, so you might need good covers for them. And thread count is one yardstick that you can use to measure the quality of both - your comforter and its cover.

What is the best thread count for a comforter and its cover?

Not every comforter is designed to be used right after you buy them. Most of them need good covers that will defend the exposed fabric of the comforters from dirt, dust, and friction.

Especially if you have bought a down comforter, then a cover is a must for it.

Now, let's understand why a higher thread count makes for a better comforter or cover. Thread count is, in general, the number of threads that have been stitched within a square inch of the material or the fabric.

If more threads have been used, then the fabric will be durable and tightly woven; else, it would not be sufficient to keep the fill inside the comforter.

A fabric with a thread count of 300 or more can contain material like down or cotton without much wear and tear. You can go for a higher thread count too, but as you look for more, you will have to shell out more.

What kind of comforters are the best?

Comforters come in different shapes and sizes. Defining the best would be a little difficult, but with little pick and choose, you can find the one that seems more suitable for bedroom décor and your sleeping needs.

Look what bed size you have before you go comforter shopping. Getting a comforter that is smaller than your bed won't make sense because the way an oversized comforter traps heat, an undersized comforter can't do that, plus it creates unnecessary ruckus during sleep time (especially among blanket stealing partners!). It is better to have the bed size measured and get a comforter that is a tad bit larger than it.

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What material is the softest for comforters?

It depends. Technically, down, wool and silk are the softest and warm ones, while cotton and eucalyptus are more breathable and comfortable for summers.

Bamboo-made fill is also one eco-friendly option in comforters. They are soft, comfortable, airy, and lightweight, which makes them the best choice for all weather.

But if you live with kids or pets, then cotton would be most affordable. You can also find synthetic material filled comforters. They are easy to care for, and they work in all seasons.

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What makes a quality comforter?

Now, as we see that comforters come in all shapes, sizes, and materials—so how do you choose the right one for your needs and budget? Here are a few factors to consider (mostly a recap but worth keeping in mind when you go shopping next time):

  • What’s inside your comforter?

Comforters can be filled with down, feathers, cotton, or synthetic material. Down and silk comforters are typically the most expensive but also the most luxurious. Synthetic fiber comforters are usually less expensive but can still be very cozy. Cotton ones are better in terms of cost and maintenance.

  • Your bed is not your gym

When it comes to lightweight, medium-weight, or heavyweight comforters, try choosing the light one. Heavyweight can be good for cold climates, but when you need better stitching and better fill count, you can find the suitable one for your sleep needs. You need a good comforter for a good rest, not to test your strength.

  • Happiness and comforters come in all sizes

Comforters come in all sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king. Make sure to choose a comforter that goes with your bedroom decor, and ask for an extra large if you can. An oversize comforter covers the drape of your bed and traps the heat from all corners.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right comforter. But if you follow all this advice, you can find the one that you are looking for. And when you find the right one, do tell us about your buying journey in our comment section.

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