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Last Updated December 29, 2023

What is the synonym for comfy, warm, and fuzzy in a single word? A comforter, obviously!

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When winter tiptoes around the corner, you know it's time to bring out your trusted comforter. But if you are getting a new comforter, you'll need to know the comforter sizes chart.

Buying a comforter is not as straightforward as any other piece of bedding. To know why that is, keep reading.

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What is a comforter?

A comforter is a quilted blanket-like covering for your bed - it is filled with natural substances like wool, cotton batting, down feathers, or synthetic filling.

Comforters correspond to the different bed sizes and thus come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are one-piece bedding made by sewing together two layers of fabric that packs an insulating material in its midst. In fact, of all the bedding that keeps us warm, the comforter is the warmest.

It is a common practice to use comforters without covers. However, in doing so, they inevitably get dirty. So, sometimes, people use a bed sheet as an outer covering for the comforter or use duvet covers to cover comforters entirely.

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The right size comforter fulfills an aesthetic requirement of the bedroom as well. When a fluffy comforter drapes low from either side of your bed, it makes the entire room look soft and calming. Who doesn't want to feel welcomed into a cozy bed after a long day?

Comforter sizes chart

Bed Sizes Mattress Size Comforter Size
Crib 28 inches x 52 inches 26 - 36 inches wide x 48 - 52 inches long
Twin 38 inches x 75 inches 66 - 68 inches wide x 86 - 88 inches long
Twin XL 38 inches x 80 inches 68 inches wide x 90 inches long
Full 54 inches x 75 inches 81- 84 inches wide x 86 - 88 inches long
Queen 60 inches x 80 inches 86 - 88 inches wide x 96 - 100 inches long
Standard King /Eastern King 76 inches x 80 inches 102 inches wide x 86 - 88 inches wide
California King /Western King 72 inches x 84 inches 107 - 110 inches wide x 96 - 98 inches long

Comforter sets

You can get a single-piece comforter or opt for the package known as the 'Bed-in-a-bag' set. These sets are designed for each of the standard mattress sizes that are popular in the US. Every set contains a comforter, a couple of sheets - a flat sheet and another fitted sheet, pillowcases, and sometimes pillow shams. Luxury bed sets come packed with two additional items - a bed skirt and pillows.

However, the quantity of the pillowcases differs according to the mattress size. So, larger mattresses will have more pillowcases as compared to smaller mattresses. For example, a bed-in-a-bag set will contain a king comforter, two sheets, and two king-size pillowcases for a king bed or a California king bed, while the same set will contain only one pillowcase for a twin-size mattress.

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Advantages of bed sets

  • Each set contains a comforter, pillowcases, a couple of sheets, and pillow shams. There are some packages that include a bed skirt and a couple of pillows in addition.
  • They are economical and versatile. They erase the stress of finding sheets and pillowcases for a standard mattress size. As long as you know the dimensions of your mattress, you can get this package and say goodbye to the woes of bedding shopping.
  • All the bedding items are color coordinated, so when you furnish your bedroom with these bedding, you are actually color coordinating your interior decor.

Comforter dimensions

Unlike standardized mattress sizes, comforter dimensions are not standardized. In fact, bedding manufacturers make comforters so that a standard comforter length and width are greater than the length of the standard mattress they are meant to cover.

Unlike bed sheets, a comforter is not meant to cover only the mattress depth. Instead, a comforter drapes down and covers the sides of the bed frame. That is the proper comforter fit on any bed frame. So, if you have a queen bed with a queen mattress that measures 60 inches by 80 inches, do not expect a comforter to have the exact measurements.

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For example, a California king bed measures 72 inches by 84 inches, while a cal king comforter should measure 107 inches by 96 inches. And if you try to adjust with a king comforter, the bedding will not fit your California king bed.

How to find the right size comforter?

how to find the right size comforter

To find the right-sized comforter, you need to know the dimensions of your bed frame size and your mattress.

Measure your mattress

To measure your mattress, you need to take note of the dimensions of your sides and the depth of your mattress. You can do that easily by taking a measuring tape and holding it taut from end to end on each side. Next, you measure the depth by holding the tape from the base of the bed frame to the upper edge of the mattress. Post that, you need to adjust the thickness with the mattress size.

Note the mattress thickness

To achieve the right fit, you'll need to be aware of the thickness of your mattress.

You can go with both full and queen comforters for a normal-size full mattress. But if you have thicker mattresses, you should choose a comforter size that will be considered oversized for that mattress size.

Queen beds measure 60 inches by 80 inches; suppose one such queen size bed has 10 inches thick mattress. In that case, add the mattress thickness to the length and width, and you'll get the right size comforter. In this instance, a comforter that measures 70 inches by 90 inches is what you need to cover the sides of your bed.

However, the dimensions of a queen comforter are 86 to 88 inches in width and 96 to 100 inches in length.

Fill power

Fill power is the amount of insulating material within an ounce of the insulator. This, in turn, decides how high or low the comforter loft, or height will be.

Suppose you choose to go with a wool comforter with higher fill power. In that case, even an oversized comforter may not drape along the sides as you like, as it will have a higher loft. On the contrary, a synthetic filling with a similar fill power will drape longer.

Duvet covers will bring an additional thickness to your comforter. Should you wrap your comforters in duvet covers, it will also contribute to an increase in the loft.

Also, you need to know how cold the temperature will get. If you are looking at sub-zero temperatures, consider getting a wool comforter with a high fill power that will be comfortable for you. But if the temperature is cool, you can work with a fabric of lower filling as long as it is warm enough.

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What is the difference between a comforter, a blanket, and a duvet?

Duvets and comforters are similar, yet quite different. In contrast, a blanket is essentially vastly different from either of them.


Comforters are one-piece bedding; they look more like a quilted blanket that doesn't need any cover. Thus, a comforter can get dirty quickly, and comforters made with natural fibers are notoriously tricky to clean.

However, if you please, you can use the comforter as a duvet filling and put it inside the duvet cover. Unlike duvets, comforters are much longer than the mattresses they are named after.


A duvet is a bedding with a warm material filling; this filling can either be synthetic or natural. This layer fluffs up the duvet. Duvets are two-piece bedding items - once you put the filling material inside the duvet cover, you can call the entire assembly a duvet.

Thus, you'll need a duvet cover to keep the duvet clean. When washing, you have to strip the filling layer away from the cover and get the cover machine washed. Furthermore, duvets have the same size as the mattress they are named after.


A blanket is made from a single layer of material like wool or cotton; they do not have any stuffing. While a blanket needs a cover to keep it clean, much like a duvet, it is easy to clean even without a cover. But quilted blankets, made with filings, are quite difficult to clean. Blankets are generally less warm than duvets and comforters.

What is an oversized comforter? Is it better?

The oversized comforter is a model that is a few inches bigger than the mattresses it is named after. For example, an oversized king comforter is bigger than a king. The same rule applies to a twin, twin XL, full, queen and Cal King.

Oversized comforters are much better than normal ones because the additional fluff is much more comfortable to cozy up to. Moreover, they are good at hiding the lower end of the bed in plain sight.

What should be the fit of a comforter on a bed?

A right-size comforter should fall past the mattress and extend equally beyond the sides of the bed frame, and they should stop midway in the fall. However, an oversized comforter extends to the bottom of the bed.

If your comforter manages to cover only the height of your mattress, then you own the wrong size comforter.

How far should a comforter hang down from the bed?

A comforter may hang down the side of your bed all the way to the bottom, or it can just about cover your bed frame. The hang of a comforter depends on personal preference. Some prefer it to hang down and cover the entire height of the bed; oversized comforters can satisfy those preferences.

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What is the biggest comforter size?

The biggest comforter sizes are those for Wyoming King or the Texas King.

How to wash a comforter?

Washing a comforter is a complicated process. But, to explain it in simple terms:

It has to be washed inside a commercial, large load-bearing washing machine, with mild detergent and cold water and dried with wool or tennis balls so that the comforter doesn't get lumpy after the wash.

Wrapping it up

The right size comforter will be big enough to hang down the sides of the bed, even when you are tucked under it, enjoying its warmth. Knowing your mattress's dimensions will make you choose the correct comforter size.

Even if you know the mattress type, i.e., whether it is a twin, twin XL, queen, king, etc., you should always go with a comforter named after your mattress. Or, if you prefer an oversized fit, get a size bigger.

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