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Top 3 Reasons Organic Bedding is Better

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We spend a third of our life laying in bed. Needless to say, quality sleep is pretty important. But quality sleep isn’t just about how many hours we can cram in before the alarm goes off in the morning. Our sleep environment is pretty important too.

Living a more natural lifestyle has definitely become a trend, and rightfully so. With the latest science showing that the current use of pesticides and chemicals is damaging to both our bodies and our planet, people are starting to understand the importance of being more intentional with our every-day choices.

At this point, buying organic produce, swapping harsh cleaning products for essential oil-based alternatives, and choosing non-toxic cosmetics whenever possible seems like a no-brainer, right? Better for us, better for the planet, and closer to nature, these are awesome swaps to make on the way to a more natural lifestyle. Interestingly enough, one of the most impactful swaps we can make—choosing healthier natural bedding options, seems to be one of the most overlooked aspects of the journey to health and wellness.

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As a rule of thumb, we typically get what we pay for… So it’s no surprise that organic bedding options may come with a bit of a higher price tag than their non-organic counterparts. Some may ask, “is natural bedding really worth it?”

Especially since it’s where we spend the most time in a single space throughout our lifetime, choosing organic bedding could be one of the biggest bang-for-your-bucks when it comes to your health.

Here are three reasons why choosing organic bedding is better.

Is Organic Bedding Necessary? 

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1. Choose Organic Bedding For Better Health

Unfortunately, it’s standard practice for traditional bedding options to contain or be treated with harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, flame retardants, and pesticides. The dyes in non-organic bedding can also contain toxic heavy metals. That means we’re exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals and carcinogens multiple hours a day, every day.

When it comes to our health, the environment we spend our time in has a huge impact. The air we breathe, the materials we touch, and the products we use are not harmless just because they’re outside of us. In fact, they affect us quite a bit. Spending ⅓ of our life in our bed, it makes sense that if we’re aiming for a healthier home, sleeping in a non-toxic environment is one of the most impactful choices we can make.

Top 3 Reasons Organic Bedding is Better

2. Organic Bedding is Sustainable

Natural bedding options are not only healthier for our bodies, but they’re kinder to the planet as well. Due to heavy dousing with highly toxic pesticides, water usage, and the destruction of natural habitats to clear space for new cotton farms, conventional cotton has been deemed one of the least sustainable crops around. Since a large majority of traditional bedding options utilize conventional cotton, the carbon footprint of what we choose to sleep on can vary greatly.

Other non-organic bedding materials include things like acrylic, nylon, and polyester, which are unsustainable petroleum-based products. Essentially just soft plastic, it’s best to avoid these materials whenever possible. Organic cotton and other natural bedding materials are also biodegradable, meaning that when it does come time to replace them, they’re still living up to their eco-friendly legacy. So, when it comes to Planet Earth, the choice is clear: organic bedding is a life-saving solution that’s definitely worth the hype.

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3. A Social Issue: Organic Bedding For Human Rights

With natural materials such as hemp, linen, and organic cotton, there’s no use of toxic chemicals and pesticides. So, choosing organic mattress or bedding is better for our health, better for our planet, but it’s also better for the human beings that are a part of the processing along the way. A safe work environment for the people who make the products we purchase is only fair— and since processing conventional bedding includes heavy exposure to harmful chemicals, choosing organic bedding is a big win for human rights as well.

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Organic Bedding is Better All-Around

When it comes down to it, organic bedding is well worth the investment. It feels better, lasts longer, and is an all-around healthier product for both us and the planet. That’s why here at Turmerry, we prioritize natural, sustainable, healthy bedding options like organic latex toppers and mattresses for a healthier you and a healthier planet.


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