Natural and Organic Latex Convoluted Foam Egg Crate Mattress Topper – Turmerry
Natural and Organic Latex Convoluted Foam Egg Crate Mattress Topper
Natural and Organic Latex Convoluted Foam Egg Crate Mattress Topper

    Natural and Organic Latex Convoluted Foam Egg Crate Mattress Topper

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    Have you ever wondered what sleeping on an egg crate would feel like? Probably not, as it is a pretty unusual thought. But, believe it or not, you CAN get a more comfortable sleep on an egg crate! Well, not exactly an actual egg crate, but something similar and far more comfortable. We introduce to you the Natural and Organic Latex Egg Crate Mattress Topper at a great price.




    Oeko Tex certified

    Oeko Tex certified





    Turmerry latex toppers are sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and bio-degradable. The Turmerry Egg Crate Foam Toppers are certified by GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), Oeko-Tex, eco-INSTITUT and LGA.

    The convoluted foam of the Turmerry latex egg crate topper provides supportrelieves pressure, and assists in a good night's sleep.

    This is ideal for all age groups and for all sleeper positions. This design is preferred for sleeping much cooler than other kinds of mattresses. People who sleep warm, bed ridden patients and people who spend lot of their time in the bed binge watching their favorite shows find this kind of foam mattress topper very useful.

    natural and organic egg crate mattress topper

    What makes our egg-crate mattress toppers unique?

    Thoroughly Organic

    Organically harvested and organically processed under the guidelines of GOLS, the bar we strive for with each organic latex product. Our egg crate foam, for example, is made of natural latex from organically grown rubber trees. Afterward, they undergo processing in our advanced latex mattress factory which carries many organic and non-toxic certifications.

    Our latex products are GOLS, Oeko-Tex, eco-INSTITUT and LGA certified. GOLS ensures product compliance and traceability using rigorous auditing and testing. Oeko-Tex tests the product for harmful substances and makes sure the product is harmless for humans, thus giving customer confidence and high product safety.

    We ensure that you receive an organic product, free of any cheap synthetic fillers.

    Terrific Pressure Relief

    The egg crate design of the mattress topper is highly responsivedistributes weight evenly, and gets you right at your pressure points, meaning heightened pressure relief in every part of your body. 

    As a result, you sleep like a baby through the night and wake up much more refreshed and pain-free than you used to when sleeping on a traditional mattress.

    Crisp Cooling

    With our egg crate topper design, you won't have to worry about sleeping hot anymore, as it is incredibly breathable and increases airflow to keep you cool throughout a good night's sleep. The egg crate toppers are perforated evenly throughout and the latex cell structure is open and these help in addition to the egg crate design for the cooling mattress topper quality.

    The latex in our foam induces this cooling effect as latex sleeps cooler than memory foam due to its open cell structure. Therefore, we do not utilize toxic synthetic materials or cooling gel prevalent in products such as gel-infused memory foam toppers.

    Impeccable Support

    Turmerry egg crate foam toppers offer outstanding support and pain relief support even if your bedding has become obsolete!

    Additionally, we use Dunlop latex in our toppers to give you a solid foundation. Unlike the memory foam mattress topper, which tends to sink, our latex egg crate topper is highly resilient and keeps its original shape, perfectly aligning your body and encasing it in a cozy embrace. 

    Elegant Craft

    From production to provision, we are attentive to every detail of our products being gracefully crafted and perfected. The result is products our customers enjoy, leaving them satisfied and happy every time.

    Longevity, resilience, and durability are all part of the hallmarks of our egg-crate mattress toppers. When maintained per the instructions we've provided below, you can expect 5 to 10 years of good sleep.

    gracefully crafted and perfected organic egg crate mattress topper


    Two things top our list of priorities. First comes the customer. The second is the environment. We have taken plenty of measures to ensure that the customer gets the best price mattress toppers and that the environment gets the nourishment and flourishment that it deserves.

    Turmerry organic latex products are GOLS, eco-INSTITUT, LGA and Oeko-Tex certified. These certifications attest to the organic, sustainable, non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly nature of our latex mattress toppers, which are produced organically from natural rubber trees. As part of our commitment to replenishing mother nature, we also plant a tree with every purchase you make.

    Absolutely Safe

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and off-gassings are long-standing problems in the mattress industry. Mattresses and mattress toppers that are made from or include chemical foams, fire retardant chemicals, synthetic additives, adhesives and polyurethane foams are the primary culprits of these phenomena. 

    The chemical composition of polyurethane may emit VOCs that are harmful to the respiratory system and other body parts.

    Our latex mattress toppers are organic and natural, eliminating any chance of these harmful chemicals reaching you or your loved ones. Aside from that, no mold, mildew, bacteria, or dust mites reside in natural latex as long as it stays dry. Allergy sufferers will also find comfort in the fact that it is hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to latex, then please do not use latex products.

    absolutely safe and healthy organic latex egg crate mattress topper

    How do Turmerry Latex Mattress Toppers compare with Mattress Toppers made of other materials?

    Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress Toppers

    The latex used to make natural latex mattress toppers comes from rubber trees. These trees are sustainable crops that contribute to preserving the global carbon balance in the atmosphere. They don't need to be cut down for the latex, meaning the environment remains intact and undamaged. The organic latex content is >95% and 5% chemical agents approved by GOLS are used to make the foam from the rubber sap. The resulting product is GOLS, Oeko-Tex, eco-INSTITUT and LGA Certified.

    Dunlop processing, an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving process, is used to create the toppers. Dunlop latex makes for a robust and firm foam, giving you the necessary support you desire. 

    Since they come from nature, no harsh chemical smells or harmful synthetic fillers exist. They're also suitable for every sleeping position and beneficial to every sleeping individual. Some of their distinctive properties include:

    • Breathable and Cooling

    • Durable, Quiet, Springy, and Responsive

    • Conforms well to the body

    • Body support, Enhanced weight distribution, and Pressure relief

    • Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial

    • Sustainable, Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable

    latex foam mattress topper

    Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    Polyurethane, a polymer, is used to make memory foam mattress toppers. Despite being created synthetically in laboratories, this material can decompose, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. We do not sell memory foam but if you buy make sure to buy from other brands which are reputed and the memory foam is Certipur US certified or has other well known certificates to show they are harmless for humans.

    Memory foam isn't just polyurethane, though. It is a mixture of polyurethane and other chemicals, such as polyols, diisocyanates, and blowing agents. When buying a memory foam mattress topper, be wary of cheap ones. Most companies have stopped using harmful chemicals that were predominant earlier, such as toluene, formaldehyde, and CFC, yet some may still use them to cost-cut.

    Synthetic additives in the memory foam recipe are one of the many causes of reported off-gassings (an unpleasant smell emitted by VOCs). Not all is doom and gloom with memory foam though. Their pros include:

    • Soft and Sinking

    • Pain relief and Body Support

    • Motion isolation

    • Molds to the body shape

    • Hypoallergenic

    memory foam mattress topper

    Polyester Mattress Topper

    Polyester, a synthetic fiber made from petroleum, is the core material of polyester mattress toppers. It is the cheapest material available to be used in mattress topper manufacturing. Unfortunately, it is also the least supportive.

    On the front of eco-friendliness, polyester isn't sustainable nor effective. It isn't biodegradable, can shed toxic microfibers, and is energy-intensive to produce. Furthermore, it requires non-renewable resources such as oil in production and contributes to the emission of CO2.

    Polyester mattress toppers are an excellent substitute for those who love the feel of feather mattress toppers but are allergic to them. Yet, though they're cheap, they aren't very durable. On arrival, they will be fluffy and soft. But after a short time, they tend to compress and break down, providing little to no cushioning. The benefits of polyester toppers include:

    • Soft and Fluffy

    • Cheap and Inexpensive

    • Odorless

    • Light Weight

    polyester mattress topper

    Feather Mattress Topper (Featherbed)

    Feather mattress toppers, also known as down mattress toppers, are produced with feathers or down. Naturally sourced from the soft undercoats of ducks and geese, they are undoubtedly eco-friendly and biodegradable.

    Featherbeds are usually very soft and fluffy. The lack of firmness means lessened support for the body, neck, and spine. When buying a featherbed, buy it for its comfort. Do not expect much in the area of body alignment or pain relief.

    An allergy to feathers is a common deterrent when choosing a feather mattress topper. They are also noisy, which could be a problem for people with a heightened sense of hearing. Furthermore, vegans or animal rights activists may not take kindly to the procuring of the feathers, prompting them to look for an alternative mattress topper. Benefits of featherbeds include:

    • Soft and Fluffy

    • No heat retention

    • No inhibition of movement while sleeping

    • Cheaper alternative

    feather mattress topper

    Wool Mattress Topper

    Produced with natural wool, the fiber obtained from the fleece of sheep, lambs, and goats, wool mattress toppers are eco-friendly but can be hard to get your hands on.

    Additionally, they are more expensive than their counterparts and emit an odor similar to that of sheep. You will find that they provide extra cushioning. Benefits include:

    • Soft and Cushioning

    • Doesn't hinder movement

    • Durable and Hypoallergenic

    • Cooling during summer

    • Warming during winter

    wool mattress topper

    Customizing your Latex egg-crate mattress topper

    While the thickness of our egg-crate topper remains at 1.4", our customers are provided with the necessary choices on every other important aspect of an egg crate topper. But how do you choose correctly? Take a look below, and you'll get a good grasp on which customization suits you the best.


    The mattress topper size that you choose should be similar to your mattress size. For example, choose the twin-size egg crate topper if you have a twin bed, the queen-size if you have a queen bed, and so forth.


    When toddlers outgrow their cribs, twin beds, usually in the form of a single or bunk, are suitable for them. The twin-size egg crate topper is for the twin bed. It can act as both a day and night bed and is a great budget option for single adults, too, preferably those with a height of 5'5" or less. The dimension of twin-size is 38′′ x 75′′.

    Twin XL

    As you would've guessed, a twin XL is the extra large version of the twin size. It is suitable for single sleepers, usually at the height of 6'3" or less, who can't fit into a twin bed. Adults and growing children can both make use of this. The dimension of twin XL size is 38′′ x 80′′.


    A full-size is for those who desire something with more space than a twin. Though it isn't as large as the queen, it is a very luxurious choice for single sleepers. Couples who are willing to compromise can make use of this as a budget bed. It can also be suitable for the guest room or someone with pets or children. The dimension of full size 54" x 75".


    A queen size is an optimal choice for people who are taller than 6 feet and for couples. It is more than enough for single sleepers, but when it comes to couples, this could be ideal. The new trend is King size for couples as many people now choose to have more personal space. However, guest rooms and small master bedrooms will fit this size nicely. The dimension of queen-size is 60" x 80".

    Split Queen

    The split queen is the same as the queen but split into two halves. It is for two individuals who'd like to share the same bed yet have different bedding needs (such as varying firmness levels, thickness, etc.). The dimension of split queen is similar to the queen's, i.e., 60" x 80".


    The king size is the one to rule them all. An entire family of four could fit in comfortably, along with any pets. It's great for single sleepers and couples. Make sure you have enough space in your room to fit it in (somewhere around 12 x 12 square feet should be enough). The dimensions of king-size is 76" x 80".



    The firmness we carry for our egg crate is Medium which is the ideal for all people as this is only 1.4 inch thick and gives you all the benefits of the egg crate design. Whether you are a side sleeper or back sleeper this should provide pressure relief for you.

    Taking care of your Latex egg-crate mattress topper


    Cleaning is always a chore for many of us. However, it is a task that one shouldn't skip. So, how do we properly clean our egg crate foam?

    Vacuum the dust, dirt, and other particles away.

    • Sprinkle baking soda to draw dirt, odors, and moisture out. Let it rest for 8 hours, then vacuum up the baking soda.

    • Spot clean any liquid spillage. Soak up the spilled liquid, spray the affected area with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water (or lemon juice), sprinkle some baking soda over the topper, and let it rest in an area with ventilation. Remove the baking soda with a vacuum after 8 hours, check for any odor or stain, and let the mattress topper dry entirely before putting it back.

    Enhancing longevity

    Turmerry's latex egg crate foam toppers are some of the most durable toppers on the market. When managed right, you can get at least 5 to 10 years out of them. Here are some tips to improve the lifespan of the latex egg crate foam topper:

    • Use a waterproof mattress protector over your topper. A GOTS organic cotton mattress protector will maintain the effects provided by the topper while simultaneously protecting it from impurities and microbes.

    • If you would like to store your mattress topper, it should be with the original packaging, a vacuum storage bag (4 to 5 months at a time), or a regular mattress storage bag emptied of excess air.

    • Air out the egg crate topper for a few hours once a month. Any smell accompanying the latex foam (when newly purchased) can be mitigated. Furthermore, it will keep the topper fresh and its breathing abilities to a maximum.

    • Inspect the egg crate topper weekly for any stains or odors, and clean it regularly.

    • Rotate the topper from head to toe once a month.

    What to avoid?

    While busy with the thought of cleanliness, some boundaries must be kept in mind. Avoid these few things

    • Avoid drying the egg crate topper beneath direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun's rays can lead to latex foam oxidization, degrading the topper's quality and color.

    • Avoid using hydrogen peroxide. Similar to sunlight, hydrogen peroxide will considerably shorten the lifespan of a perfect mattress topper by decaying its texture and color.

    • Avoid using the egg crate topper before it is completely dry. Microbial impurities such as mold, mildew, and fungus will all be attracted to the partially wet surface, making it harmful and unusable.


    Q. Do egg crate mattress toppers work?

    A. Egg crate mattress toppers are exceptional at what they do. The up and down egg-crate design of the topper latches onto your body, cooling and relieving it of all aches. In addition, stimulating your pressure points will help you get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

    Q. How thick should an egg crate mattress topper be?

    A. Egg crate mattress toppers come in varying thicknesses, often between 1.5" and 4". When deciding on this aspect, consider your desired comfort and cushioning levels. The thicker it is, the firmer the cushioning will be.

    Q. What is the difference between a mattress topper and an egg crate?

    A. Mattress toppers usually have flat surfaces, while egg crate mattress toppers have an intricate design in the structure of an egg crate. This peak and valley pattern aim to provide the user with a beyond-the-norm experience.

    Q. Are these toxic?

    A. Not all egg crate foam toppers are toxic. It depends on the material used and whether any chemicals or retardants are involved in the manufacturing. For instance, Turmerry natural and organic latex egg crate toppers are harmless to humans as they are tested for harmful substance by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

    Q. Does the bumpy side of an egg crate mattress topper go up or down?

    A. The bumpy side of the egg crate topper faces up towards the ceiling. This part of the topper is essential in effectively providing pressure-relieving properties. Placing it this way also improves the breathability and cooling of the topper.

    Q. Do egg crate mattress toppers help with back pain?

    A. Egg crate mattress toppers are ideal for people suffering from back pain. The egg crate design is highly responsive to the user and alleviates pressure from pressure points, mitigating pain from aching joints and other bodily areas.

    Q. How do you clean an egg-crate foam mattress topper?

    A. Some egg crate foam toppers can be machine washed, while others, such as those made of natural latex, cannot be cleansed similarly. Instead, they require spot cleaning and vacuuming to maintain the foam integrity.

    Q. How do you dry egg crate foam?

    A. The standard method of drying egg crate foam toppers is air-drying. Leave it naked in a well-ventilated space, away from direct sunlight, and only put it to use once the traces of moisture have entirely vanished.

    Q. When should I replace my egg crate topper?

    A. A well-maintained egg crate latex topper lasts 5 to 10 years. Once the topper shows signs of deterioration, such as body impressions refusing to go away, it is time to say goodbye.

    Q: Are Egg Crate Convoluted foam mattress topper good for your back?

    They are designed to provide extra support and cushioning. They generally consist of a base, either latex or memory foam, with a raised, egg-shaped surface. The theory is that this design will help to evenly distribute your weight, reducing pressure point on your back and hips.

    Q: How to use an Egg Crate foam mattress topper?

    The textured side or the peak side of the egg crate should face up so that it's closest to you. This will help you get the most benefit in terms of comfort and support. Now put a fitted sheet, and make sure the sheet doesn't sit too tightly. The egg crate foam will create a supportive yet comfortable mattress surface that will help you get a good night's sleep.


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