Blanket Size Chart and Dimensions Guide

Last Updated May 6, 2024

Blankets are a vital part of your bedding ecosystem. But you need to find the right blanket size to feel most comfortable in your bed. You wouldn't want a blanket that falls too short or too big for your mattress. To know what blanket size you need, you'll need to refer a blanket size chart - and today, that is our entire point of discussion.

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Blanket Sizes Chart 

You'll need to familiarize yourself with all the blanket sizes popular with consumers, so here is the table of blanket types and their sizes.

Blanket Type Blanket Sizes (Inches) Blanket Sizes (Centimetres)
Lovey 12 x 12 inches 30 x 30
Baby 14 x 16 inches 36 x 41
Cradle 14 x 30 inches 36 x 76
Premie 18 x 24 inches 46 x 61
Stroller 22 - 30 x 30 - 36 inches 51 - 76 x 76 - 91
Lapghan 36 x 48 inches 91 x 122
Receiving 40 x 40 inches 102 x 102
Crib 45 x 60 inches 114 x 152
Throw 50 x 60 inches 127 x 152
Afghan 50 x 65 inches 127  x 165
Twin 65 x 90 inches 165 x 229
Double 85 x 90 inches 216  x 229
Queen 90 x 90 - 100 inches 229 x 229 - 254
King 108 x 90 - 100 inches 274 x 229 - 254

Blanket Sizes for Standard mattresses

Blankets for the four standard mattresses are readily available online or in retail stores across the US.

However, finding blankets for special sizes, like the California king or the Olympic queen, is hard. You either have to sift through a bunch to find blankets that fit the specialty mattresses or can crochet your own blanket.

blanket sizes for standard mattresses

1. Twin Blanket Size

Twin size blanket is 65 inches wide and 90 inches long - so it's made to fit on a twin bed or a twin XL bed. It is wide enough that it hangs down the sides of the bed and so long that it wraps the entire body of a tall person.

2. Double Blanket Size

The double or full-size blanket is big enough to cover a full-size mattress. The full blanket size dimensions are 85 inches wide and 90 inches long. So, they may fit snugly on a thick full bed or a regular queen bed.

3. Queen Blanket Size

The dimensions of queen blankets are 90 inches wide and 90 - 100 inches long. It is big enough to be used comfortably on a thick full bed, a regular queen bed, a thick queen bed, and a thin king bed. As you can see, this is a versatile blanket size.

4. King Blanket Size

The king-size blanket dimensions are 108 inches wide and 90 - 100 inches long. So, a king-size blanket is massive - big enough for a thick and regular king bed or a California king bed. In fact, if you don't mind the snug fit, you can also use it with Wyoming King and Texas King mattresses.

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Decorative Throw Blanket Sizes

Home decor enthusiasts will perk up at the mention of these blankets. Throw blankets come in beautiful and colorful patterns - people prefer them so much since their vibrancy lights up a house, and they are super comfortable to curl up with.

Crocheted throws are the most coveted pieces of bedding, but you'll find that knitted throws come in various fabrics.

1. Afghan Blanket Size

The Afghan blanket is the most coveted variety of throw blankets. An afghan is a costly throw, but vibrant colors, intricate crochet designs, and the warmth of karakul wool make it worth every penny. The blanket dimensions of an afghan are 50 inches wide and 65 inches long; they are great as couch cozies or as a thin blanket.

afghan blanket size

2. Lapghan Blanket Size

The lapghan is sized at 36 inches wide and 48 inches long - its purpose is to provide comfort as a lap blanket. You'll find it is popular with wheelchair users, bedridden people, or hospice patients. But really, anyone can use it.

lapghan blanket size

3. Throw Blanket Size

A standard throw blanket is 50 inches wide and 60 inches long. It's not necessarily crocheted, but you'll find that a regular throw blanket adds a dash of color to your room. It can be placed on a bed or as a shawl or a lap layer while leisurely lounging.

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Standard Baby Blanket Sizes

From keeping a premie secure in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to comforting a sleeping toddler, baby blankets have a wide range of functionality. That's why there are a handful of standard baby blankets, and with good reason. So let's see what those are.

1. Lovey Blanket Size

A lovey blanket, also known as a security blanket, is ideal for year-old infants. This 12-inch by 12-inch baby blanket size comes with a toy attached to it or a stuffed animal head crocheted with the blanket. This design is an ingenious blanket idea because it keeps the child's attention occupied with the toy, thus making it relatively easy for new parents to look after the baby. Win-win for both the child and the parents, right?

2. Cradle Blanket Size

As the name suggests, cradle blankets form the cozy, protective layers of an infant's cradle. The blanket dimensions are 14 inches wide and 30 inches long, and the blankets generally appear printed with cartoon figures.

baby boy lying under blanket on bed

3. Premie Blanket Size

Premature babies are extremely sensitive medical cases - so after their delivery, they must be wrapped in materials that keep them safe in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Thus a premie blanket was explicitly designed to serve this purpose. The blanket is made of delicate baby yarn and measures 18 inches by 24 inches. Until the baby is out of the danger zone and gets discharged, the hospital uses a premie blanket to keep the baby warm and cozy.

4. Stroller Blanket Size

The stroller blanket dimensions are 22-30 inches and 30 - 36 inches. These blankets are long enough to cover the entire length of the baby when they are in the stroller. Alternatively, parents use this long blanket to tuck the babies when they are cradled and outside for a walk.

5. Receiving Blanket Size

This is the blanket a baby is usually wrapped in. This 40 inches by 40 inches baby blanket size is usually made of cotton so that the fabric is relatively thin yet utterly comforting. A good-quality receiving blanket can lull a baby to sleep easily because of its softness.

As this blanket is thin and large, parents tend to use this blanket as a burp cloth, tummy time blanket, and swaddling blanket.

6. Crib Mattress Size

Growing babies above six months who have been promoted to a crib or a toddler bed need a crib blanket. It is 45 inches wide and 60 inches long and is made from good-quality fabric. A crib blanket can also be used as a floor blanket when the babies are cooking up a storm while playing on the floor.

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1. What is the difference between a comforter and a blanket?

All comforters are blankets, but not all blankets are comforters. This is because blankets come only in single layer make, but comforters are made up of stacked multiple layers.

2. Are blankets machine washable?

Blankets are available in different fabrics, right? So, their cleaning process is also different.

You'll need to machine wash fleece blankets with cold water and a small amount of mild detergent. Avoid over saturating water with washing liquid, keep the bottle of fabric softener away, and do not heat dry them. The process is similar when you wash heavy blankets weighing about 20 pounds.

For heavier blankets, dry washing is an option.

However, we highly recommend that you consider the manufacturer's care instructions before washing your blankets.

3. What’s the best blanket you can sleep with?

Blankets come in various fabrics and types - we'll give you a rundown of these variants. Information on different varieties may give you an idea of the best blanket for your sleeping.


Cotton blankets are soft, have a relaxing effect on the skin, and are easy to wash. You can get a good quality cotton blanket in light and heavy varieties.


Fleece is a man-made fabric that provides warmth during cooler climes. In addition, it is moisture-resistant and quite economical.


Wool blankets provide the utmost warmth during winter. Even during the biting winter months, you're good if you have a thick wool blanket to burrow in.


Down blankets are warm, soft, and fluffy and can easily last long if you care well for them. However, they may flare up allergies in people with an allergen history since down blankets are made from bird feathers.


Synthetic blankets are inexpensive, and they have a slippery, nylon-y feel to them. Moreover, users complain that it generates a lot of static, which can be inconvenient for hairy people. In addition, they don't feel good on the skin, are not particularly warm, and wear down quickly.


Vellux blankets are hotel blankets, resistant to wear and tear from machine wash. They are fashioned when a thin layer of foam is wrapped in a nylon cover. They are warm and long-lasting but not ideal for personal use.

4. How many blankets do you need to sleep with?

When you live in a cold place, a thick blanket made of pure wool will bring you the much-needed comfort. But, on the other hand, you'll need multiple blankets at the same temperature to feel at ease.

But if you are looking to use a blanket at a mild temperature, one fleece or a light blanket will be sufficient.

5. How often should you wash your blankets?

Some people wash it once a week; some wash it once a month, while some wash their blankets once a year, after the winter season.

Rather than going by the norm, it's best to trust your nose and senses - they'll tell you when to wash your blanket. Either when the blanket starts getting smelly, or it looks dirty, or when it feels so icky to wrap that you don't feel comfortable anymore - that's a good time to bring out a fresh set of blankets and dunk the used ones in cold water.

a woman sleeping comfortably with a blanket

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Did we make picking a blanket easy for you?

Getting a blanket size that complements the fitting of your mattress perfectly is the most practical way to go when shopping for a new blanket. Please remember that it's a good choice if you buy a bigger size blanket than a smaller one - you never know how it may help out of a tight spot.

However, if you are shopping for your baby or premie, getting the right blanket size is crucial since it may be directly involved in keeping your baby tucked in and secure.

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