Ditch Resolutions, Have Intentions For The New Year 2020

Ditch Resolutions, Have Intentions For The New Year

Author : Rumana Bai


New year 2022 resolutions and intentions

New Year! So What’s your New Year Intention? Yes, you heard me right. No, Not New Year Resolution but New Year Intention.

I used to have New Year’s resolutions a decade ago, and they never worked for me, so I ditched them for many years. In the past few years, I never waited for the New Year to make my resolutions or to set my goals. Whenever I wanted to, I just took my notebook and wrote them down. And I was able to achieve most of them. Aah… the power of writing them down!  A few years ago I heard about New Year Intentions from my Yoga Teacher Diane Cevallos and decided to give it a try.

Intentions are not goals that often come from a place of lack and frustration. Instead of saying “I plan to lose 20 pounds in six months,” set the intention to “I intend to move my body in ways I like and be active throughout the day.” This sounds less strict and will get you to your goal anyways. 

Some good examples are:

I choose to attain health and wellness. (instead of “I want to lose weight”)

I choose to live in abundance (instead of “I want to make more money”)

I choose to practice compassion (instead of “I don’t want to get angry”)

We, human beings continually evolve and change, so if you look at the above examples, you can see they sound more enjoyable, flexible, aligns with our whole life’s purpose and awaken our spiritual mind. They bring in happiness, health, and wealth in you and in your family. They bring in long term changes and awaken your internal power.

Get Intentions For The New Year

A couple of years ago, I deeply analyzed the root causes of some losses we suffered and understood they stemmed from procrastination and not having long term visions. Do you know that if you want to make a work harder the only way is to procrastinate it? The more you delay, the harder it gets! So that year, I set my intentions on avoiding procrastination. I reminded myself about my intention of being proactive in situations where I got lazy. This helped me in many areas of my life like my spirituality, work, health,  and fitness. Last year for me was to live in the moment after reading the book “The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World” by Christine Louise Hohlbaum. According to her, Slowing down long enough to actually think and become aware of your surroundings leads you to a deeper understanding of why you do things you do. The power of slow encompasses your whole life’s purpose by forming a positive relationship to clock, to yourself, and to the world at large. This year I plan on practicing compassion, especially to my family.



Aligns with our purpose

Does not align much with our purpose

Focused on present

Focused on future



Focused more on internal power that results in external outcome

Have an external outcome

Can be general but not vague


Long-term change

Sometimes short-lived

No deadline to meet

Deadline to meet

Makes you feel great

Makes you feel guilty

Attainable with self-reminders

Attainable only with strong willpower and habit formation

When you set your intentions, remember to do them in a positive way, such as ‘I will not get mad,’ but instead, “I intend to practice compassion.” This way, you don’t cultivate a sense of guilt or inadequacy in your life.

Along with New Year’s intentions, taking some time to have gratitude for all that you have experienced in the past year and writing a gratitude journal daily for this year can work magic in your life. Once you do this, I bet you will be saying “That was a great Year and I am already feeling good about this Year!”

So what are you intending so you can become a more empowered version of yourself? Share with us so that others can get inspired by you.

May God bless you with love, joy, peace, and good intentions!

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