Simple Ways to Live Life Abundantly

Last Updated January 5, 2024

simple ways to live life more abundantly

We all want to live a rich and satisfying life filled with abundance. A life where we have enough or more than enough money; great friends and family; wonderful health; lots of free time and much more. We chase to acquire the abundance and in that process, we create many scarcities in our lives instead.

We forget to realize that abundance is not something we acquire but rather something that we can tune into.

There are many definitions for abundant living, but the one I like the most is living in the present not waiting for something big to happen in future. When we live our life (or forget to live our life) just for that big day or that big dream to happen, we create scarcity.

When I lose 20 pounds I will be happy…
Once I get this promotion I will be successful…
Once I pay off this mortgage I can relax…
Only if I can find my partner my life becomes fulfilled…
Once my kids are settled I will be settled…

Do you sound like one of those? If you do, you have to realize that in the process of getting there, you might be forgetting to see your blessings that make your lives joyful, content and abundant. When you slow down and pay attention to what is truly going on you can understand how blessed your present life is.

how to live an abundant life

Time Scarcity

I keep hearing from people how busy their lives are and how short they are on time. There is no time; I have to work hard; commute is getting longer each day; I have to drive my kids to various activities; etc., etc.

I have a lot of zen-like days when I feel I am living in abundance but some busy days throw me off. It gets me into a scarcity and unhappy mode due to something that did not work out the way I wanted. I am not Deepak Chopra or Louis Hay to feel positive every day and enlighten others with my spiritual wisdom. But I am an ordinary mom who is trying to take care of my family and three businesses with my husband.

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My body and mind need a lot of downtime to function efficiently and effectively. I try to honor that so when things get too busy I take an inventory of my priorities.

As per The Economist, time poverty is a problem partly of perception and partly of distribution.

My perception towards time from “I have no time” to “I have all the time I want” makes a huge difference. Then the distribution of time by putting the misplaced priorities in order brings back some relief and flow of abundance again.

How exactly can I and you create abundance in a time scarce era and eliminate scarcity? These are some tips and outlooks I have towards life that help me to bring in abundance in my life.

 tips to bring abundance in your life

How to live an abundant life?

Mundane Work Counts

Remember it is not about GOING, HAVING and DOING but it’s about STAYING, GIVING and BEING when you live in abundance.

The mundane work we do like cooking, cleaning, responding to 100s of emails, buying grocery, commuting etc. becomes tiresome and frustrating on some days. But I try to remember that even the mundane work we do create simple memories for us. They write our story and shape our lives. So learn to love it and focus on the difference you are making by the work only you can do. These simple things do matter.

practice dikhr and live life abundantly

Practicing Gratitude

Giving gratitude is something that is inevitable in living life abundantly. Having contentment in what we have, appreciating and enjoying them and giving gratitude bring in more abundance in our lives. I am sure we all can think of something thankworthy even on a bad day.

Writing a gratitude journal or spending a few minutes a day for giving gratitude will bring in more joy and abundance in your life. There are many ways of doing it and for me it is through something we call dhikr (remembrance). I use my fingers or prayer beads for this. For every thank you I say to God I visualize what I have, from something big like my kids to something small like a cup of tea I drink. You can say as many thanks you want and you will notice that with regular practice your numbers go up.

Remembering past hurdles and how you overcame it.

When life gets difficult and you feel stuck and you think there is no way out, think about past experiences similar to this. If you don’t have any, I am sure you can find from your friends and family who had hurdles and how they overcame it.

When my husband was seriously ill with ulcerative colitis and weighed less than 100 pounds a year after our marriage I never imagined life would become happier again. When I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer I thought my life would be unhealthy with frequent hospital visits even if I survived. I was wrong! Thank God, we both are healthier and happier than ever before. When we get stuck in uncomfortable “in-between” phases I always remind myself that we don’t live there forever and we will recover just like we did before.

how to bring in abundance in your life

Make Your Days Productive Not Busy

Think about that day you did just one productive thing and that made you happy at the end of the day. Think of the busy days you do so many different things and you are unhappy by the end of the day.

Tim Ferris, the author of 4-hour Workweek and the master of productivity suggests choosing 2 to 3 high priority items to focus on each day. We have to identify our goals and come up with an action plan to get there. Once you have the action plan, come up with action steps to get there.

Commit to 2-3 tasks each day so you are on track with the things you need to do to get to your goals. Make sure to check them off as you go. CommitTo3 is a great app and those 2-3 things done will be more than getting 10 trivial things half done. Making your days productive than busy brings in deep appreciation and abundance in your life.

Practice self care by doing simple things

What comes to your mind when you hear the term self care? Most people associate it with bath, massage, manicure, pedicure, etc.


Self care could be different for each person. Find out what makes you happy. If there are unhealthy habits that make you happy think deeply about it. Sure, a glass of beer or a bag of chips and 2 hours of TV make you happy every night after a busy day. But does that happiness last longer? Do you really feel like it is a nourishing act of self love? Will it create any repercussions?

Going for a walk in the nature rejuvenates you and brings in health for your mind and body. It gives you instant and long term happiness. So is spending quality time with family. Other ideas for self care are fitness snacking, running, hiking, reading, painting, cooking, dining out, and sex. The list goes on.

If you're feeling down in the dumps, there's an easy way to boost your mood and spirit: go smell something! That's right, fragrances are powerful enough to transport you to another time and place, and can change your mood in seconds. So whether you're looking to relive happy memories or just escape the mundane present, a quick whiff of your favorite scent can work wonders.

As you can see that self care ideas are endless. Find ways you can bring in joy in your life with simple things. Even a shower you take in a rush can be a self care if you slow down and relish it.

When you feel depleted and you keep giving, you resent whoever you are giving to that ends up in arguing, fight and tension in your relationships. Let go of the guilt of self care and indulge in self care so you can fuel yourself. Regular self care becomes the groundwork for living an abundant life.

indulge in self care and live an abundant life

I add a self care activity to my CommitTo3 app everyday. For me, it is mostly yoga, breath work, walking in the nature, reading a book, making a healthy food or dessert, gardening and weekend naps.

I recommend you add a self care activity to your calendar. Make an appointment with yourself everyday. This way it won’t be forgotten in our busy lives. Schedule it beginning of the month for the whole month or beginning of the week for the whole week. Remember self-care doesn’t have to be expensive.

A chaotic environment creates a chaotic mind. With a messy house, kitchen, car or work desk, self care seems overwhelming. Keep your environment clean so that it helps you initiating self care. A clean environment brings in feelings of abundance in your life.

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Do not try to check your phone during your massage or engage in texting while being with your partner. Give your full attention to yourself and enjoy the self care while you are doing that act.


Living abundantly is all about enjoying the simple pleasures life has to offer and being grateful for what we have. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. You have to kill and destroy all negativity in your life. Once you’ve cleared out the negative energy, it will be easier for you to live life abundantly.

How are you bringing in abundance in your life? Share with us in the comment section below.

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