Get More Things Done By Doing Less

Last Updated December 30, 2023

5 ways to get more things done by doing less

Our society teaches us to be busy and to hustle to be successful. If we don't, we are worried of labeling ourselves as lazy and unsuccessful. But are you really happy about it? Are you getting results being on the grind, non stop, with more than 40 hours of work? Are you working hard on your evening hours and weekends but seeing no results? How can you get more real things done by doing less, and be happy about it? We have 5 ways to make your life easier and happier.

Do things that serve you

Learn to say no to things that do not serve you. By prioritizing what matters and what don't, you learn to say no to yourself and to others. The more things you have in your plate, the more overwhelmed you are. You need clarity in your mind and in your life so you can free up your mind and do things that really matter. For that you have to remove the clutter and noise inside and around you. Once you do that, you see things clear and make better choices and decisions in your life that make you successful.

Do things that energize you

If something you do drains you by the end of the day where you feel exhausted and anxious with no energy to attend to you or to your dear ones, they need to go. You have to trust this process and have the courage to let it go. The world is full of possibilities and opportunities and you have to have the courage to go for what really energizes and makes you feel alive.

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Do things that give results

If the mundane things you do on a frequent basis, do not give you results you should not be doing those. Remember the 80-20 rule - 20 percent of things you do will give you 80% of the results. Find those things that really give you results you need and work on those. Drop or de-prioritize the rest.

Do one thing at a time

There is no such thing called multitasking. Focus on one thing at a time. Try to batch similar things so you get more things done. Remove distractions.

Remember one moment of clarity is better than hours of distracted busyness.

Ask for help

It takes a village to achieve things in your life. Reach out your hands and acknowledge, appreciate those helping hands. It is no fun to do everything yourself.


Being busy is not cool, hustling is not fun and prestigious. Being busy can take out intimacy, connections, relationships, and block out emotions from our lives.

Learn to slow down. Learn to relax and get a good night sleep. There is nothing wrong taking a power nap during the day to energize yourself. Just remember to keep the phone away from the place you rest or recharge. Have that morning or evening cup of tea with your friend or partner and feel good about it. Read a book, reduce/eliminate social media and cell phone notification checks. Cut out busyness from your life and bring in more satisfaction, joy and prosperous results. We know you can do it!

Here at Turmerry we believe in sustainability. Hustling for long periods of time in your life is not a sustainable option. It's okay when you do it occasionally. Treat them as short sprints with recovery times when you have to but don't run a marathon with it for your whole life.

We got the inspiration to do less from Kate Northrup. We highly recommend her book 'Do less'.

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