Adjustable Bed Sizes and Dimensions Chart

Written by Mohammed Aftab

Last Updated March 27, 2024

Adjustable bed frames, previously used by hospitals to assist patients, now have a booming market among those seeking a personalized sleep experience at home. As a result of their growing popularity, adjustable bed sizes can range anywhere from twin to California king, catering to almost every mattress size available today.

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This article aims to familiarize you with adjustable bases and all the sizes they come in. As an added bonus, we'll review the pros and cons of adjustable beds, debate whether they suit you, and highlight additional factors to consider besides adjustable bed sizes. Let's get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Adjustable base sizes range from twin to California king, with variations like twin XL and split king/queen for personalized sleep preferences.
  • Twin and twin XL sizes are suitable for compact spaces and single sleepers, while full, queen, king, and Cal king sizes cater to couples or families who desire more space.
  • Split king/queen adjustable base sizes are split from the middle and allow for individual customization on each side, reducing disturbances while also catering to different sleep preferences.
  • Adjustable beds provide benefits such as personalized comfort, health advantages (e.g., reducing snoring, acid reflux, and enhancing circulation), and modern/futuristic aesthetics.
  • Cost, bulkiness, potential noise, mattress compatibility, and bedroom decor are a few important factors to consider when deciding on an adjustable bed frame.

What Adjustable Bed Sizes Can Be Found on the Market Today?

Adjustable bed sizes are almost identical to most standard mattress sizes. However, there might be a slight increase in the bed frame's dimensions compared to the mattress's dimensions, as it helps fit the mattress comfortably.

Adjustable Bed Size Dimensions (Width x Length)
Twin 38" x 75"
Twin XL 38" x 80"
Full 54" x 75"
Queen 60" x 80"
King 76" x 80"
Split Queen 30" x 80" (x2)
Split King 38" x 80" (x2)
California King 72" x 84"
  1. Twin-Size Adjustable Bed

Twin-size adjustable bed frames are perfect for compact spaces and solo sleepers. They are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. The narrow build of a twin-size adjustable bed makes it a budget-friendly candidate for small bedrooms, studio apartments, and guest rooms. Solo sleepers like children, teenagers, thin adults, and short adults are the target audience of twin adjustable beds.

twin adjustable bed

  1. Twin XL Adjustable Bed

Five inches longer than a standard twin, you'll find twin XL adjustable bed frames. They measure 38 inches in width and 80 inches in length. The additional length of twin XL adjustable bases makes them a better choice for taller individuals who need extra legroom. This size is commonly found in college dorm rooms, where growing teenagers make use of it.

twin XL adjustable bed

  1. Full-Size Adjustable Bed

Full-sized adjustable bed frames measure 54" x 75", offering more width compared to a twin and twin XL. For single sleepers who find twin beds restrictive, full-size adjustable beds offer all the features with much more wiggle room. Moreover, a full-size adjustable base works well for those with restless sleep patterns, like combination sleepers.

full adjustable bed

  1. Queen Adjustable Bed

Queen-sized adjustable beds have 60 inches of width and 80 inches of length. They provide ample space for two people to sleep comfortably without the need for a larger king-size bed. Queen beds are also suitable for tall sleepers, single parents, and pet owners, offering adequate room for their needs. Despite their spaciousness, queen beds typically fit well within a 10 x 10 square foot area. A 10 x 12 square foot room is recommended for an even more open feel.

queen adjustable bed

  1. King Adjustable Bed

With an apt name to boot, king-size adjustable beds offer 76 inches of width and 80 inches of length, making them the widest of all the adjustable bed sizes on this list. This bed frame size caters best to couples and families. Though they provide a wide sleeping surface, a king-size adjustable base needs at least 12 x 12 square feet of room size. They are best used in larger spaces, like massive master bedrooms.

king adjustable bed

  1. Split Adjustable Bed (Queen & King)

Split king and split queen adjustable bed frames have the same overall dimensions as regular king-size and queen-size bed frames. However, they are split in the middle. So, a split king-size adjustable bed frame is essentially two 38" x 80" frames placed side by side, while a split queen-size adjustable bed frame is two 30" x 80" frames positioned together.

split queen adjustable bed

This split configuration offers several advantages. First and foremost, it allows couples to have personalized adjustment settings. One partner can elevate their head, while the other prefers a flat position. The split design also minimizes motion transfer between partners - a dream come true for light sleepers!

split king adjustable bed

  1. California King Adjustable Bed

California king adjustable bed frames are 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a standard king. Being 72" x 84", California king mattress frames are still wide enough for couples and families. The highlight of Cal king beds is their additional 4 inches of length, making them suitable for those above 6' 6" in height.

california king adjustable bed

Adjustable Beds: A Modern Marvel

Imagine lying down on a plush mattress, gently pressing a button, and letting the bed smoothly position your upper or lower body in an elevated position. This is precisely what adjustable bed bases offer: a customizable sleep experience tailored to your needs.

Person comfortably lying on an adjustable base

But why choose to sleep in an elevated position? The answer lies in the numerous benefits it provides. Whether you want to elevate your head to alleviate sleep apnea or raise your legs for improved circulation, adjustable bed frames cater to a wide range of sleep preferences.

In certain situations, an adjustable bed base can go beyond being a luxury and become a necessity, particularly for individuals in recovery or the elderly. They offer significant advantages to those with mobility challenges. The capability to raise and lower the bed facilitates easier access, enabling effortless transitions in and out of bed.

Beyond sleep and health-related benefits, adjustable bases prove to be versatile solutions for various lifestyle factors. For example, if you enjoy reading or watching TV in bed, an adjustable bed frame can provide the perfect angle for enhanced relaxation. Likewise, parents can elevate their upper bodies to comfortably feed their babies.

Why Does Adjustable Bed Frame Size Matter?

The size of an adjustable bed frame is significant for three main reasons - mattress compatibility, bedroom compatibility, and personal comfort.

Firstly, the adjustable bed size you choose must be compatible with your mattress's size. For instance, if you have a twin-size mattress, go for a twin-size adjustable base. Doing this ensures that your mattress fits securely and prevents any potential discomfort/damage.

Secondly, the bed frame size affects the overall space utilization in your bedroom. Larger bed frames, such as king or queen sizes, require more floor space. If you place them in a smaller room, they can restrict movement and feel out of place.

Finally, the size of your adjustable bed base factors into personal comfort. Choosing the appropriate size ensures you have enough space to stretch your limbs. A bed base that is too small may limit your range of motion and hinder your ability to find the desired sleep position.

Should You Consider Getting an Adjustable Bed Frame?

If you're considering getting rid of your existing bed frame, an adjustable bed frame may be a candidate worth considering. Most modern adjustable bases enable you to sleep in a zero gravity position, placing your upper and/or lower bodies in an elevated position.

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  • Why You Should -

An adjustable base lets you customize your sleeping position in ways that traditional bases cannot. Elevating your head, raising your legs, or a combination of the two is particularly beneficial for people with health problems like snoring, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and back pain.

Another reason to choose an adjustable bed is if you enjoy practicing leisure activities in bed. While traditional flat beds may not be ideal in such instances, an adjustable bed base can provide the optimal comfort and support you're seeking.

  • Why You Shouldn't -

Adjustable beds are costlier, bulkier, and sometimes noisier than traditional bed frames. This doesn't bode well for those on a budget, those seeking convenience, or those who are light sleepers. Adjustable beds are also best suited for a modern-looking bedroom aesthetic, ruling them out for traditional/minimalist aesthetics.

The Pros and Cons of an Adjustable Bed Frame

Though beneficial in many ways, adjustable bases aren't without their drawbacks. Consider the detailed pros and cons given below before you decide to purchase one.


  • Personalized comfort and support

Adjustable bases can greatly improve sleep quality whenever personalized sleep positions are preferred. You can incline any part of your body, allowing you to try out different positions to find the best one. This advantage over a flat surface makes adjustable bases highly beneficial during and beyond sleep.

During sleep, you can find comfort by elevating your body to reduce snoring, sleep apnea, back pain, etc. Beyond sleep, you can elevate your body for activities like meditation, working, studying, nursing, and enjoying a meal.

  • Provides health benefits

Adjustable beds are often used to reduce snoring, sleep apnea, low blood pressure, and acid reflux symptoms. Furthermore, studies have indicated that adjustable beds are useful for relieving pressure as well as pain relief.

For snoring and sleep apnea management, elevate your upper body so that your airways remain open. Elevating the upper body can also reduce the chances of acid reflux (GERD), as stomach acid doesn't flow back up into the esophagus as easily. For low blood pressure issues, however, you must keep your legs raised instead of the upper body, as it increases blood flow back to the heart.

person stretching their back

  • Couple-friendly design

Split king/queen adjustable bases can be an excellent choice if you or your partner desire to sleep in the zero gravity position. Each person gets to customize their side of the bed, ensuring no sleep loss for either partner.

Besides accommodating individual sleep preferences, split adjustable beds can also help minimize disruptions. They do this by negating motion transfer from one end of the bed to the other.

  • Suits modern/futuristic aesthetics

Adjustable bed frames not only offer functional benefits but can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Most adjustable beds feature sleek and contemporary designs that create a cutting-edge look in your modern/futuristic bedroom decor.

Adjustable beds can often feature innovative elements such as touch-sensitive controls, LED lighting, wireless connectivity, and smart home integration. Such features add to their modern appeal while also providing a sleeping experience that aligns with the modern lifestyle.


  • Costly prices

Adjustable bed frames generally come with a higher price tag compared to traditional bed frames. Whereas a queen-size flat bed frame may cost around $500-$700, adjustable bed frames of the same size may cost $1000 or more.

Their higher cost is primarily attributed to the added features and mechanisms, which in turn limit their customer base to those with more disposable income. If cost is an issue for you, then it may be best to consider more affordable alternatives like wooden platform bed frames.

  • Limited design options

Though adjustable bed bases suit modern and futuristic bedroom aesthetics, they can feel out of place in a minimalist or traditional bedroom. They can have a more substantial presence in the bedroom due to their bulky design and mechanical components.

We'd recommend wooden platform bed frames if you're seeking a more minimalist bedroom style. And if you're seeking a vintage bedroom style, antique bed frames would be a more suitable option. But if you insist on having an adjustable bed base in such bedrooms, you can try covering them up with bed skirts.

  • Complexity and maintenance

Motors, mechanical components, and electronics are all part of what makes adjustable beds functional. These components aren't everlasting and may require maintenance over time. On the one hand, the maintenance process can be a bit costly; on the other hand, it can be time-consuming/sleep-disruptive.

The complexity of these mechanisms can also increase the likelihood of malfunctions. Unless you're well-versed in adjustable bed mechanisms, repairing these issues will require the assistance of a professional.

  • Noisy and bulky

Due to the motors and mechanisms within, some adjustable bed frames may produce slight noises at times, which can be disruptive during sleep. You can, of course, find adjustable beds that implement quieter technology. While the noise is generally minimal for most sleepers, it may still be noticeable to some.

Adjustable beds can also be very bulky, sometimes weighing several hundred pounds more than traditional bed frames. Moving an adjustable base around becomes a more challenging task. Consider lighter bed frames if you anticipate frequent rearrangements of your bedroom furniture.

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Factors You Should Consider When Seeking Adjustable Bed Frames

Now that you're familiar with adjustable bed frame sizes, their definition, and their pros and cons, let's delve into some important factors you must consider before purchasing one -

Bedroom Type

Size and aesthetics are often what define an individual's bedroom luxury nowadays. Whether you have a cozy studio apartment or a spacious master suite, the size and aesthetics of your bedroom play a vital role in choosing the right bed frame.

modern bedroom with an adjustable base

Research how much space is required by your desired bed frame sizes, then measure the available bedroom space you have to find a proper fit. Don't forget to leave enough space for walking and furniture placement!

Aesthetic-wise, an adjustable base suits modern or futuristic vibes. Consider the overall style of your room to ensure the bed frame complements your existing decor.

Weight Capacity

Always check the maximum weight capacity of the adjustable base you're eyeing. Doing so ensures proper support for the combined weight of the mattress, bedding, and individuals using it.

Generally, larger bed frame sizes tend to have higher weight limits. Therefore, opting for a larger size might be necessary if you require a higher weight capacity. Factor in the material used for the adjustable bed too. An adjustable base with heavy-duty steel construction, reinforced joints, and sturdy mechanisms is also preferred if you seek a higher weight limit.

It's important to be mindful of any weight restrictions, especially if there is a heavier mattress, multiple bedding accessories, or the sleepers themselves are heavier. Exceeding the weight limit can strain the frame excessively, potentially leading to premature breakdown.

Bed Height

The height of your bed is not only a matter of personal preference but also of practicality. Consider how easy it is for you to get in and out of bed comfortably. If you have specific needs stemming from mobility issues, opting for a bed frame with adjustable height settings can make a world of difference.

Additionally, keep in mind the compatibility of the bed height with your existing furniture and decor, as it helps maintain a harmonious bedroom design. To learn more about bed height, you can refer to our helpful article on the subject.

Personal Budget

We all have our budget limitations. Determining your financial range when shopping for an adjustable bed frame is important. Setting a budget will help narrow down your options and can even prevent you from overspending!

While adjustable bed frames are available at various price points, often ranging from $1000 to $3000+, you can always strike a balance between quality and affordability.

You can find luxurious adjustable beds with plenty of features, but they tend to be more expensive as well. Or, you could seek out adjustable bases with toned-down features that are enough to fulfill all your needs at a much more affordable range.

Mattress Type

Not all mattresses can be placed on adjustable beds and be expected to work. We recommend latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses out of the five prominent mattress types.

Latex and memory foam mattresses are composed entirely of foam and fabric, rendering them highly flexible. Hybrid mattresses that use individually wrapped coils (pocket coils) can also be considered flexible enough for adjustable bed use.

Traditional innersprings and airbeds are better used on a regular platform bed frame. They often use components that are much too rigid. This can negatively affect their adaptability and lifespan when bent. If you are uncertain whether your chosen mattress can be used with an adjustable base, check with the manufacturer.

Mattress Aspects

In addition to mattress type, consider other aspects such as mattress depth, weight, and firmness. The depth of the mattress, otherwise known as its height, can play a decisive factor in its flexibility. We'd recommend not going above 12 inches for this aspect.

Regarding a mattress's weight, heavier mattresses will require sturdier bed frames with higher weight capacities. Heavy mattresses can also be difficult to adjust, so going with lower mattress foam densities might be preferable.

And finally, we have firmness, of which you can choose soft, medium, or firm. As you might've guessed, firm mattresses will be much stiffer, making soft or medium firmness the ideal choice.

mattress firmness illustration

Health Conditions

Sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, low blood circulation, back pain, and joint pain are some of the most notable health conditions for which adjustable beds provide relief. The best adjustable beds can even come with massage features, which further aid in pressure relief and let you sleep comfortably.

Keep in mind that even the best adjustable beds might not always be suitable for your condition. Yes, you'll surely be provided with all the convenience that comes with an adjustable base, but its effectiveness can differ based on the individual.

Lifestyle Factors

Are you someone who moves around a lot with their furniture? Then adjustable bed bases might just not be for you. They are heavy as can be, often weighing a few hundred pounds more than a typical wooden bed base. Such lifestyle factors can also come into play when choosing an adjustable bed frame.

As another example, if you value convenience in bed, maybe because you work from home (where better to do it than in your bed, eh?), then you might appreciate adjustable beds that offer features like USB ports and wireless remotes.

Extra Features

Adjustable bed features can include USB ports for charging devices, a wall-hugging design that keeps you close to your nightstand, a wireless remote for effortless adjustments, under-bed lighting for added ambiance, or even height-adjustable legs to accommodate different bed heights.

Some of these features will be present in most adjustable beds, while others can only be found in the best adjustable bed bases on the market. Note that these extra features can add to the overall cost of the bed frame. However, they can significantly enhance your sleep quality and convenience!

Setting Up

person setting up their bed

Ease of setup is something to keep in mind, especially when seeking an adjustable base. Some models may require professional installation, while others offer user-friendly assembly instructions.

You can gauge the ease-of-setup factor by finding instructions online, reading customer reviews, or directly inquiring with the retailer. If you seek a hassle-free experience, look for adjustable bed frames that come with straightforward setup procedures or white-glove delivery services.

Bed Warranty

Lastly, don't forget to consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Adjustable bed warranties can be long, lasting anywhere from 10–20 years or more! The increased warranty length is borne out of the higher investment cost that entails an adjustable bed frame.

Always look for reliable warranties covering a wide range of defects, as it shows the retailer's confidence in their products.

What Is the Perfect Mattress for Adjustable Bed Bases?

Adjustable bed models aren't usually compatible with every mattress available on the market. The only mattress types you can expect to work are those that possess the following qualities -

  • Flexible: The mattress should be able to conform to different positions without being under heavy duress. Materials like memory foam and latex are known for their adaptability, making them popular choices for adjustable beds. For much more flexibility, go for a lower mattress depth (thickness) of around 8/10/12 inches and a firmness level of soft/medium.
  • Non-Rigid: Avoid thicker mattresses with rigid components, such as traditional innerspring mattresses (with interconnected coils). These types of mattresses may not bend well with the adjustable bed base, leading to discomfort for you and damage to the mattress.
  • Resilient: A resilient mattress can quickly regain its shape after being compressed. Durable mattresses also maintain their support and comfort in the long run, even after being subjected to repeated adjustments.
  • Size-Compatible: Ensure that the mattress is the same size as the adjustable bed base. If you're choosing a queen-size mattress, the ideal choice would be a queen-size adjustable base. The right mattress size can improve sleep quality and reduce the possibility of damage.
  • All-Foam: Mattresses made entirely of foam, such as memory foam or latex, are generally considered well-suited for adjustable bed bases. These types of mattresses offer excellent flexibility, contouring support, and pressure relief. They are also less susceptible to being damaged compared to spring-type mattresses like innersprings.

all-foam mattress

While all-foam mattresses are our recommended choice, hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils can also be used with an adjustable base. Hybrid mattress types are often compressed into a single box during shipping (mattress-in-a-box). So, it's safe to say that they offer (and can withstand) a great deal of flexibility.

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  1. What size is a full adjustable bed?

A full adjustable bed typically measures 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. It is the perfect size for single sleepers who desire more space than a twin bed.

  1. What sizes do split adjustable beds come in?

Split adjustable beds are available in two popular sizes - split king and split queen. Split king beds consist of two separate twin XL beds, each measuring 38" x 80". Split queen beds have two half queen beds, each measuring 30" x 80".

  1. What size are adjustable bed mattresses?

Adjustable bed mattresses come in all standard sizes, including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. The dimensions of adjustable bed mattresses are usually the same as those of regular mattresses.

  1. How wide is a single adjustable bed?

A single adjustable bed is 38 inches wide. Also known as a twin-size adjustable bed, it offers 75 inches of length, making it a good choice for children and teenagers.

  1. Do you put a box spring on an adjustable base?

No, you do not have to put a box spring on an adjustable base. The adjustable base alone can support your mattress, eliminating the need for accessories like box springs.

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