Buckwheat and Wool Filled Hybrid Pillow - Turmerry
Organic Cotton Buckwheat & Wool Hybrid Zippered Pillows - Turmerry
Buckwheat wool hybrid pillows are available in travel mini standard queen and king sizes
Buckwheat and Wool Filled Hybrid Pillow
Wool and hull hybrid pillow with two hidden zippers to adjust fill
buckwheat hull sobakawa pillow with wool
wool and hull pillow
Buckwheat and Wool Filled Hybrid Pillow
Buckwheat and Wool Filled Hybrid Pillow

    Buckwheat and Wool Filled Hybrid Pillow

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    Find the right pillow that fits tour sleep needs

    Are you in search of a pillow that's both soft and supportive? Meet our Wool & Hull Pillows - the perfect blend of eco wool and buckwheat hulls for a truly unique sleeping experience. This hybrid pillow offers the best of both worlds, with the extra support of buckwheat hulls and the quiet, plushness of wool. So don't let another sleepless night stand in the way of your well-being - experience the restful sleep you deserve with our hybrid pillow!


    Firm & Supportive
    Breathable - helps sleep cool at night
    Buckwheat hulls are sustainably grown and sourced in the USA
    Premium eco wool from ethically raised sheep
    Free of harmful chemicals and flame retardants
    Natural insulative properties
    Encased in soft and luxurious Oeko-Tex Certified Organic Cotton Cover with hidden zippers
    Wool and hulls can be adjusted from their seperate zippered openings.
    Assembled in the USA

    Buckwheat Hulls

    Buckwheat hulls are the hard outer casings of buckwheat seeds. They contour your head and neck, providing support and relieving pressure points. Unlike other pillow fillings, buckwheat hulls allow air to flow freely, keeping you cool and comfortable all night.

    At Turmerry, we carefully select our buckwheat hulls to ensure the highest quality possible for our pillows. If you prefer a full buckwheat pillow, we do sell them. We also sell hulls for a discounted price for buckwheat pillow buyers if you need them later.


    The wool is natural, ethically produced, and of the highest quality. At Turmerry, we ensure through eco wool program that the sheep are raised on rotating pastures to ensure they have plenty of fresh grass to graze on, and their wool is never treated with harsh chemicals or flame retardants. Instead, we let the natural beauty of the wool shine through. Wool only pillows are also available at Turmerry.

    Country of Origin: Oekotex approved Cover Made in India
    Hulls: Sourced from Mid west USA
    Wool: Sourced from family farms in USA.


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