Bed Frame Sizes

Last Updated June 11, 2024

A high-quality mattress, along with the right size bed frame, is a perfect way to get a restorative night's sleep. Perfectly fitting bed frame sizes primarily support your mattress so that you don't collapse to the ground while sleeping.

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What is a bed frame?

Bed frames are metal or wooden frames that support the mattress and keep them secure. They can also keep your mattress from slipping off onto your floor where the surface might be dirty or contaminated. The most basic bed frames only have rails for holding mattresses and foundations; others include headboards, footboards, and slats.

Bed sizes are crucial when comparing beds. Frames must correspond with the mattress size. This means, the mattress should fit within the dimensions of the bed frame it is meant for. If the mattress does not fit well, then the bed frame is not meant for the mattress.

bed frame sizes and dimensions guide

Bed frame dimensions chart

Please consult this bed frame sizes and dimensions chart to know which bed frames are perfect for your mattress. As you can see, the names are similar to the standard mattress sizes because each bed frame size corresponds to the mattress size it is named after and fits only that mattress perfectly.

Twin 38 inches x 74 inches 40 - 43 inches x 77 - 80 inches 7 feet x 10 feet
Twin XL 38 inches x 80 inches 40 - 43 inches x 80 - 85 inches 9.6 feet x 10.6 feet
Full/Double 54 inches x 75 inches 56 - 59 inches x 77 - 80 inches 9.5 feet x 10.5 feet
Queen 60 inches x 80 inches 62 - 65 inches x 82 - 85 inches 10 feet x 10 feet
Standard King/Eastern King 76 inches x 80 inches 78 - 81 inches x 82 - 85 inches 12 feet x 12 feet
California King/Western King 72 inches x 84 inches 74 - 77 inches x 86 - 89 inches 12 feet  x 12 feet

Types of bed frames

types of bed frames

1. Twin Bed Frame Size

Twin bed frames measure around 40-43 x 77-80 inches and fit one twin-size mattress. The dimensions of these frames are a suitable solution to help the youngest transition into their first independent bed. Moreover, twin bed frames are compatible with older adults, teens, and those with limited living space.

You should have a room size of 7 by 10 feet to accommodate twin bed frames. Typically twin beds can also be fashioned into bunk beds, meaning there's room for two people in one room without occupying a lot of space.

2. Twin XL Bed Frame Size

Twin XL bed frames measure approximately 40 - 43 inches x 80 - 85 inches, which means an increase of 5 inches in length when compared to the twin sized bed frame. This extra length helps accommodate individuals of different shapes, ages, and particularly those who are taller than 6 feet.

Twin xl frames are common in college dormitories, studios, and kids room. They can also be made into bunk bed variations. A room should be approximately 9.6 feet wide and 10.6 feet long to install a twin XL size bed frame.

3. Full/Double Bed Frame Size

Full bed frames are bigger than twin and twin XL beds in terms of width and surface area of sleeping, but it is smaller in length than a twin XL bed. They are also not the best option for couples as a full bed has ideal sleeping space for just a single adult.

A full-size bed frame with a comfortable mattress is a good choice for a young person preparing to make his first bedroom and living in an apartment. A full bed takes little space - the minimum recommended room size for a full bed is 9.6 feet x 10.6 feet.

4. Queen Bed Frame Size

The queen size bed frame is the most popular size of bed for couples. The bed is wide and long, measuring about 62 – 65 x 82 – 85 inches. Although queen beds are less than king-size or California queen beds, everyone still gets enough room for themselves.

Using queen-size frames is ideal for guest rooms because the bed is versatile, and people of any shape, size, and length will be comfortable sleeping on it.

The size of rooms should not be less than 10 feet by 10 feet when it comes to installing queen bed frames.

5. King Bed Frame Size

King bed frames are great for couples because they're the largest standard bed frame size, so both sleepers can share the bed yet have a lot of personal space. Parents who like to co-sleep with their children or couples who sleep with their pets also find much comfort in king size mattresses.

Complementing the mattress, the king-size bed frames are massive, so rooms as large as 12 feet x 12 feet are required to house them.

6. California King Bed Frame Size

California king bed frames are longer but narrower than a standard king frame. In fact, it is the longest of all standard mattresses. The extra length provides ample legroom for tall sleepers and makes sleeping a comfortable experience.

Even though a California king is longer than a king-size bed, the surface area is smaller than a standard king, so a cal king bed frame can be installed comfortably in any room where a standard king was installed. This means that a room measuring 12 feet x 12 feet is just appropriate for a cal king bed frame.

Bed Frame Styles

Do you know that the types of bed frames we discussed above can be crafted into a variety of bed frame styles? While wooden bed frames are the most common, these designs can be made from a variety of bed frame materials.

different bed frame styles

1. Panel Bed Frames

A panel bed frame is a basic bed frame style comprising a headboard, footboard, and two sideboards. Slats of either wood or metal form the support system of the bed frame that holds the mattress in place and imparts overall stability.

2. Platform Bed Frames

One of the stylish modern bed frames is the platform bed. It has a solid base intended to hold a sleeping pad that doesn't need extra support like a box spring.

A platform bed can have either a solid and thick wooden base or a slatted base. Slats on a platform bed are spaced at 2.75 inches apart to provide uniform support to the mattress. This support, in turn, ensures that the mattress is well-supported at all points and some part of the mattress doesn't droop under the weight of the sleeper.

You can make platform beds for any mattress size.

3. Loft bed frames

It is a variation of the highly popular bunk bed. Its similarity with bunk beds is that it has space to accommodate two beds. However, you'll find a bunk bed only on the upper portion of the loft bed.

The lower portion, where another bed should have been, is furnished with a working space, a cupboard, a dressing table, or a leisure pad complete with a comfy couch.

A loft bed is perfect for single sleepers, mainly people living in limited living space - say a 300 sq feet apartment.

4. Sleigh bed frames

A sleigh bed has an attractive ornamental, curved headboard and footboard, making the bed frame look like a sled.

Needless to say, children will be thrilled to sleep so close to Santa Claus's vehicle every single day.

Some sled beds are adorned with elaborate designs, while others may be minimalistic and simple.

5. Four Poster Bed Frames

Four-poster bed frames are like panel bed outlines since they comprise two sideboards, a headboard, and a footboard. However, the unique feature of the four poster beds is the tall columns at each corner of the bed.

Conventional four-poster beds had a rectangular frame connecting each column so sleepers could install drapes or curtains around the bed for privacy.

Modern versions of four-poster beds generally don't have panels or come installed with curtains. However, you are free to install the missing parts and enhance the design.

A four-poster bed could be ideal if you have a master bedroom with a high roof and vintage styles make you swoon.

6. Storage Bed Frames

Storage bed frames focus on implementing side cupboards or drawers on the railing. The drawers are sufficiently large and convenient for storing cushions, pillows, pillow covers, clothing, blankets, comforters, sheets, or other belongings you need to store in a handy place. A storage bed frame is especially helpful when you have restricted living space.

7. Bunk Bed Frames

Bunk beds are typically seen in children's bedrooms, school and college hostels, and dormitories.

The design of bunk beds is such that two beds are stacked upon one another with some space in between. Both beds are of the same size and can accommodate twin XL or twin mattresses. The two levels leave some space in between so that the person sleeping in the lower bed can get up and sit on the bed without hitting their head or having to sit hunchbacked.

Specialty Bed Frames

Some people get along fine with standard sizes and styles of beds, while others may fancy a specific bed frame size and design.

One good example of special bed frames is adjustable bed frames. People can adjust the inclination and height of these frames according to their convenience.

Loft bed frames are one more unique case when the bed frames are designed to save floor space.

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Materials Used for Making Bed Frames

Once you have decided which mattress frame to get, you must choose the materials. Common bed frame materials include wood and metal, which are sturdy, stable, and durable.


Most bed frames are made from solid wood. But the nature of the wood can differ from one brand to another. Wood gives solid support and will, in general, they are sturdy enough. But, be that as it may, the frames can be weighty and challenging to move.

Platform bed frames utilize particleboard to make frames that are lightweight yet at the same time sturdy. Bits of reused wood is glued and squeezed together to shape a wood board. The board is then covered with vinyl to give it a look and feel of solid wood.

Though a platform outline is less tough than strong wood, it is lightweight, simple to move, and modest.


Metal bed frames are excellent since they are both rugged and robust. In addition, metal frames are versatile - you can customize your metal frame in any design and color you like.

However, after some time, metal supports can become prone to rust and crumbly. So, even though they look good, they are less durable than wood.

Mattress Foundation

If a bed has slats kept at a distance of 2.75 inches from each other, then any of the standard mattress types, like memory foam and latex mattresses, can be easily installed. But if slats are missing, installing a solid and adjustable mattress foundation will allow you to place a mattress on a bed frame.

  • Solid Foundations

If you are used to slats on a bed, don't be confused when we say solid mattress foundation comes with slats. Actually, a solid foundation is a big slab of wood installed with slats.

A series of slats, like in a bed, is arranged in the foundation and then covered with a robust, anti-slip fabric material so that the slats don't slide away and can withstand the pressure exerted by a mattress.

  • Adjustable Base

An adjustable bed comes with a motorized function that allows you to move both the head and foot of the bed with the help of a remote. So, by adjusting the bed according to the user's needs, the bed can adopt sleeping, sitting, or reclining positions.

adjustable base

Adjustable base comes with adjustable legs, so the bed frame's height can be adjusted per the user's comfort.

Adjustable beds or even bed bases offer great relief from orthopedic ailments like chronic back pain, sciatica, joint pain, or arthritis.


1. What to do when the bed frame is bigger than the mattress?

When the bed frame is bigger than the mattress, the mattress will not fit adequately in the bed frame, which will leave gaps around the edges.

As a result of ill-fitting, the mattress will probably slide or move about - this will be an extremely uncomfortable situation a user can find themself in.

2. Will a twin XL mattress fit on a full bed frame?

A full bed frame is designed to fit a full-size mattress which is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. On the other hand, a twin XL mattress is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. So, the twin XL mattress will not fit the full frame in width or length.

So, a twin XL bed frame is only appropriate for the twin XL mattress.

3. Will a queen-size mattress fit a full-size bed frame?

The queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a full-size bed frame is 59 inches wide and 80 inches long at the largest size. Clearly, it is shorter than a queen-size mattress. So, the full frame is perfect just for a double-size bed.

A queen-size frame is 65 inches wide and 85 inches long at the largest side and is designed to accommodate a queen-size mattress.

4. Why are bed frames bigger than mattresses?

Bed frame sizes are generally bigger as the frame acts as a linchpin to provide support while serving some additional aesthetic utilities. The rails of a perfect bed frame keep the mattress contained by ensuring a snug fit without leaving any gaps or forcing a mattress to fit too tightly. However, the design of a bed frame at the head and foot adds utility, making a bed versatile and easily adaptable for customization. In many cases, a bed frame also acts as a storage unit.

5. What is the standard bed frame height?

The best bed frame height range from 16 inches to 24 inches. Bed heights vary depending on the usage and the bed frame shape. When choosing a bed frame, one of the important aspects is its height.

The height of a typical bed frame is within the aforementioned range so that people can easily get in and out of bed. It's also possible to climb into the bed and leave without inducing any joint pain at that height.

6. Do I need a bed frame?

Using bed frames with mattresses is good practice. A bed frame supports the mattress, and the height of the frame makes getting in and out of bed easier for everyone.

Bed frames also help to preserve mattresses for a long time by keeping them clean and out of reach of dust, mites, and elements of nature.

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A bed frame is a vital bedroom accessory if you care for your mattress. The good news is there are innumerable varieties of bed frame sizes available to choose from. So, all you need to do is know your mattress's measurement, available room space, bed frame style, and which material you would like your bed frame to be made of. Then, leave the rest to the carpenter if you get a custom-made frame. Or, inform the salesperson at the local retailer of the specifics and bring home a perfect size bed frame.

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