Labor Day Latex Mattress Sale





To celebrate the honorable history of our country's hard-working laborers, Turmerry brings you the Labor Day mattress sale! You can find some of the most exquisite Labor Day mattress deals on our latex mattresses, toppers, pillows, and bedding! Take one glance at our Labor Day sale prices, and you're guaranteed to fall in love with them!

Simply enter the promo code "LD" at checkout. Enjoy exclusive discounts and save big on our quality products during these Labor Day mattress sales. They are guaranteed to give you and your wallet a good night's sleep!

Get Same Day Fast and Free Ground Shipping on your bedding/mattress orders! We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee! What are you waiting for? Start shopping right away!

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Labor Day Mattress Sales

In search of a new mattress that provides ideal support, plush comfort, and a great night's sleep? Well, look no further than Turmerry Organic Latex Mattresses!

At Turmerry, we strive to provide much healthier options than conventional memory foam or gel memory foam mattresses. And on this year's Labor Day sale, you are guaranteed to fall in love with our latex mattresses once you realize their full potential!

We offer three different types of latex mattresses to mattress shoppers -

  1. Labor Day Natural and Organic Latex Mattress Sale: Composed of 3 or 4 Dunlop latex foam layers, combined with natural wool, and encased in organic cotton. Works great with almost all types of bed frames. Dunlop latex foam layers make the mattress firm in support, while latex's inherently soft nature makes it plush too!.

    turmerry natural and organic latex mattress
  2. Labor Day Latex Hybrid Mattress Sale: Composes an 8-inch layer of pocketed coils with a 2-inch layer of Talalay latex, combined with natural wool, and encased in organic cotton. Comes as a mattress-in-a-box. Works great with adjustable beds. Provides the best qualities of all-foam and spring-type mattresses.

    turmerry latex hybrid mattress
  3. Labor Day Egg Crate Latex Mattress Sale: Similar composition to our 'Natural and Organic Latex Mattress', but with the addition of an egg-crate layer on top. The convoluted egg-crate foam layer offers enhanced contouring, pressure relief, and bed sore relief compared to a plain mattress surface.

    turmerry egg crate latex mattress

Labor Day BONUS: Our 'Natural and Organic Latex Mattress' and 'Egg Crate Latex Mattress' include two free pillows for Full, Queen, King, and Cal King options. Their Twin and Twin XL options come with one free pillow.

With our Labor Day mattress sale, you'll be getting a hefty reduction on your Turmerry latex mattress purchase. Plus, considering our 10-20 years of warranty coverage, 120-night sleep trial, 100% money-back guarantee, and free shipping all across the US, we assure you that a new mattress purchase doesn't get much better than this!

Labor Day Mattress Topper Sale

Has your old mattress given up on you? Are you at a crossroads about whether or not you should buy a new bed? A mint mattress topper is all that you need to fix this issue, and where better to get it than from Turmerry, especially during our Labor Day Sales?

We offer two different types of latex mattress toppers, both of which are at rock-bottom prices, thanks to our Labor Day mattress deals! The first of the two is our 'Organic Latex Mattress Topper'. It comes with 5-zone support technology, where each 'zone' differs in thickness and firmness, providing individually tailored support/comfort from head to toe.

latex mattress topper turmerry

Our second mattress topper variant is the 'Latex Egg Crate Mattress Topper.' This one is unique as it has an egg-crate design. Each bump on the surface latches onto your body to offer an enhanced level of cushioning, contouring, pressure relief, and bed sore relief.

egg crate latex mattress topper turmerry

Labor Day Pillow Sale

A pillow is one of, if not the most important, parts of getting proper sleep and waking refreshed. From our Buckwheat Pillows that precisely conform to your neck's contours to our Molded Solid Latex Pillows that provide a plush, supportive elevation to your head, we offer a wide selection of pillows this Labor Day sale!

Adapting to your head and neck, our pillows respond quickly to every sleeping position. Get yourself our plush pillows now, rest easy all night long, and thank us later!

turmerry latex pillows

Labor Day Bedding Sale

Besides our pillows, toppers, and mattresses, we also dabble in bedding accessories that make your bed plusher and your sleep luxurious. Some of the bedding that is on offer for our Labor Day sale includes - Organic mattress protector covers, Blanket throws, Duvet covers, Bed sheet sets, and Bed bases.

turmerry bedding

Turmerry's Best Mattress Shopping Tips for Quality Mattress Purchases!

We've got some fantastic tips to guide you through the mattress shopping process, ensuring you make a well-informed and satisfying purchase.

Tip No. 1 -- Research Early

Don't underestimate the power of research! Dip your toes in early and start your mattress journey by delving into the world of mattresses online.

  • Mattress Types

    Look into various mattress types first, such as the memory foam mattress, the hybrid mattress, the latex mattress, and the innerspring mattress. Understand the nuances of each mattress type.

    For instance, the memory foam mattress is highly cushioning and contouring, sucking you into it. The hybrid mattress, on the other hand, combines the comfort of an all-foam mattress with the support of a spring-type mattress.

  • Mattress Materials

    Once you've learned about the different mattress types, find out what materials they use. Memory foam, latex, cotton, polyester, wool, pocketed coils, and offset coils are a few of the most common mattress materials found today.

    Different materials possess unique properties. Whereas memory foam is very plush, latex is a bit more firm. Whereas pocket coils excel at individualized support, offset coils provide uniform support.

  • Mattress Qualities

    Every sleeper is unique, and so are their preferences. When looking into mattresses, pay attention to qualities like motion isolation, edge support, pressure relief, breathability, etc.

    Mattress qualities like breathability make for a cooling mattress, which is particularly crucial for hot sleepers. On the other hand, qualities like motion isolation and edge support are often sought out by couples. These features can make a world of difference in your sleep experience.

  • Personal Preferences

    Remember to match the mattress type with your personal sleep habits, sleep positions, and any health considerations. A memory foam mattress might be perfect for one person but not as comfortable or supportive for another who prefers a hybrid mattress.

  • Physical Stores

    While online research is essential, nothing beats trying out mattresses in person! Head over to nearby stores and take advantage of the ability to take a few mattresses for a spin. Don't hesitate to test out different mattress types, like all-foam or innerspring mattresses, to see what suits you best.

Tip No. 2 -- Make A List

Making a list is a great way to keep track of the different mattress models/brands you encounter. After your store visits and online research are done, make a list of your favorite mattresses, primarily taking into account mattress materials, qualities, and pricing.

  • Compare Return Policies and Warranties

    Once the list is complete, it's time to start comparing. No one wants to be stuck with a mattress they're not happy with, so start out by comparing the return policies and warranties. The return policies must be visible, customer-friendly, and understandable. Furthermore, the warranties offered must be long, strong, and comprehensive.

  • Compare Mattress Companies and Models

    Distinguish between mattress models by finding out the strengths of each one. For example, you can place the best cooling mattress in a separate category from the best organic mattress. Sometimes, they may even be the same thing!

    Additionally, look beyond just the mattresses themselves. Compare different brands based on their reputation, societal contributions, customer reviews, and overall reliability. Excellent customer service and favorable policies can also make a huge difference.

  • Compare Prices and Convenience

    Your budget is crucial and limited, and mattress investments can take a hefty toll on your wallet sometimes, so ensure that you compare the prices for your most desired mattresses. Be aware of the difference between an over-the-top luxury mattress and an affordably sufficient one. Also, keep an eye out for free shipping to save money!

    Don't forget to consider delivery, setup, and trial periods as well. The convenience of a seamless delivery and setup process, paired with a sufficiently long trial period, is unmatched. For example, you can find hybrid mattresses being delivered as a mattress-in-a-box nowadays, making it much easier to carry, unpack, and set them up.

  • Check for Certifications

    Look for certifications such as Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX Standard 100, CertiPUR-US, etc. They guarantee the presence of high-quality, organic mattress materials, contributing to a healthier sleep environment and a longer mattress lifespan.

Tip No. 3 -- Prefer Online Mattress Shopping

Online mattress shopping has come a long way since the rise of e-commerce. One of the most significant benefits of online mattress shopping is its convenience. You can explore a wide range of mattress choices from the comfort of your home, whenever that suits you.

Many online mattress companies also provide trial periods, allowing you to try out the mattress in your own home for a certain period of time (often several weeks or months). This is a game-changer as you get to experience the mattress firsthand and decide if it's the right fit for you.

Aside from convenience and trial periods, you can also get lower prices and free shipping from many online companies, as they tend to have lower overhead costs than a physical store.

Labor day mattress sale shopping

Tip No. 4 -- Wait for Mattress Sales

Timing can be everything when it comes to mattress shopping, as sales events can offer significant savings. Keep an eye out for mattress sales, clearance events, and other promotional offers that occur throughout the year. Waiting for these opportunities can help you save money and get more value from your purchase.

During sales events, mattress retailers may offer various enticing perks to sweeten the deal, such as a free bedding bundle, a free mattress protector, free mattress toppers, free shipping, or free white glove delivery. These extras can enhance your overall mattress purchase and provide added value for your money.

Tip No. 5 --Stay Updated

In the fast-paced world of retail, staying updated can give you an edge when shopping for a mattress. Follow mattress brands on social media to be the first to know about new product launches, exclusive deals, and limited-time offers.

Signing up for newsletters can also be beneficial, as brands often send out special promotions and discount codes to their subscribers. Collecting coupons from various sources can lead to additional savings and potentially unlock unique deals.

Tip No. 6 -- Do Not Rush It!

The final and most important piece of advice - DO NOT rush your mattress purchase! Ending up with an unsuitable mattress could be costly for your mental, physical, and financial well-being.

Returning an unsuitable mattress and obtaining a refund are two hassles you'll have to deal with. Moreover, if the trial period runs out or the vendor doesn't allow returns, then you're pretty much stuck with an unsuitable mattress that negatively impacts your sleep quality.

Some mattress companies may even charge you specific fees (restocking fee, delivery charge, etc.) when returning the mattress. Keep an eye out for mention of such fees in the return policy of the retailer.

Be thorough in the research you do. Ensure that you've double-checked everything before finalizing your purchase!

Labor Day Mattress Sale FAQs

  1. What special promotions are available during Turmerry's Labor Day mattress sale?

    During Turmerry's Labor Day mattress sale, you'll find savings and discounts on some of the best mattresses you'll ever come across!

    While some mattress brands only offer discounts on select mattresses, we offer a hefty price reduction on all of our wonderful latex mattresses! You'll also find one or two free pillows with our 'Natural and Organic Mattresses' and our 'Egg Crate Latex Mattresses'.

    But that's not all! We also provide great deals on some of the best mattress toppers, pillows, adjustable bases, and platform bed bases. Whether you need a new mattress, a new bed sheet, or a new bed altogether, we've got it—and that too at well-discounted prices!

  2. Is Labor Day a good time to buy a mattress?

    Labor Day is definitely a good time to buy a mattress. Most popular brands in the mattress industry will offer their version of Labor Day mattress sales, which may even last through the entire Labor Day weekend.

    During these Labor Day sales, you will be able to find the best mattresses, pillows, and bedding accessories at highly discounted prices.

    Besides the discounted products, you'll also be able to encounter free bedding items and favorable services. From one or two free pillows and free sheets to even a free adjustable base or free upholstered bed frames, the possibilities of free stuff are endless.

    Certain mattress retailers may also offer favorable services like free returns and free white glove deliveries.

  3. What types of mattresses are usually on sale during a Labor Day mattress sale?

    During Labor Day mattress sales, you can often find various types of mattresses, such as latex, innerspring, hybrid, gel memory foam, and traditional memory foam mattresses, available at discounted prices.

  4. How can I take advantage of the exclusive discounts during the Labor Day mattress sales?

    Exclusive and extra discounts can be found on most sleep essentials during Labor Day mattress sales. To find discounts on popular mattresses/mattress brands, you must indulge in an adequate amount of research. Here are a few tips to help you get started -

    Research in Advance: Research different mattress types, materials, and brands well in advance of the Labor Day sales. This way, you'll have a better idea of what you want and what to look for when the discounts become available.

    Sign Up: Sign up for email lists/newsletters from multiple brands through their website/store. This can help you gain an insight into what will be discounted during Labor Day sales before they even start! You'll often be notified through email.

    Check Social Media and Coupon Sites: Follow mattress retailers on social media platforms to be alerted of exclusive discounts. Check coupon websites as well for exclusive deals/promotional codes that may not be advertised elsewhere.

    Research Prices: Visit the websites/stores of various mattress brands. Read their fine print, inquire with their staff/customer support, and find out what they offer during the Labor Day mattress sales.

    Comparison Shopping: Don't settle for the first deal you find. Compare prices and discounts from different mattress manufacturers. Look for models with similar features to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

    Set a Budget: Determine how much you're willing to spend on a mattress before the Labor Day sales start. This will help you narrow down your options.

    Read Customer Reviews: Check out customer reviews for the mattresses you're interested in. This will give you better insight and help you make a more informed decision.

    Inquire About Additional Offers: During the sales, some mattress manufacturers may offer extra incentives like free delivery, extended warranties, or free accessories bundled with the mattress purchase. Don't hesitate to ask about any additional perks.

    Following these tips should help you take advantage of the exclusive discounts during the Labor Day mattress sales.

  5. What is the best month to buy a new mattress?

    March, April, and May are the best months to buy a new mattress. The introduction of newer mattress models occurs during this period, often leading to good discounts on the older ones. Inventory clearance items during clearance sales are also another thing to look out for during these few months.

  6. Are mattresses cheaper on Black Friday?

    Mattresses are definitely cheap during Black Friday mattress sales and may even surpass Labor Day sale prices due to Black Friday's heightened popularity. However, the amount reduced off of each mattress will differ based on the brand, model, and quality. So, while some mattresses are cheaper on a Black Friday mattress sale, others are cheaper on a Labor Day mattress sale.

  7. What mattress can you try for 100 days?

    You can try Turmerry latex mattresses for over 100 days! You can try them out for 120 days, to be exact, in the comfort of your own home. This way, you get to determine whether it's suitable for you before finalizing the purchase.

  8. Should I buy a mattress online or in-store during Labor Day mattress sales?

    Quality mattresses can be found at both online and offline mattress brands during Labor Day mattress sales. But finding the best mattress for a lower price means you'll have to search for the best deals, the best sales, and the best offer discounts.

    Through our experience, we'd recommend that you place a mattress order online during Labor Day mattress sales for the best price offer.

    However, it is suggested that you try out a few mattresses in-store before purchasing your desired mattress online. It's essential that you find out what mattress type, firmness, and thickness suit you better so that you don't have to return an online-bought mattress right away due to unsuitability.

  9. What is the best Labor Day mattress?

    From our experience, the best Labor Day mattress is made of natural materials, such as latex. Latex mattresses are often a healthier option than chemical-filled memory foam mattresses. All-foam and hybrid latex mattresses can both be considered the best Labor Day mattress types.

    Besides being naturally derived, latex mattresses also offer a balance between cushioning, firmness, and contouring. They are great at providing pressure relief without sacrificing spine support. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers will all find latex mattresses to be more than sufficient for their needs.

    Moreover, latex beds are breathable and cooling, leaving all the excess heat issues to the traditional memory foam mattress. Then there are all the other essential features they possess, like motion isolation, edge support, etc.

  10. Should I buy sleep accessories during Labor Day mattress sales?

    During the Labor Day mattress sales, you can find many free accessories offered with mattress purchases. This can include stuff like free pillows, free bed sheets, free mattress protectors, etc., which means you don't necessarily have to buy sleep accessories separately during Labor Day weekend mattress sales.

    But if a mattress purchase doesn't entail any such free accessories, or if you want something other than the free stuff offered, then you should definitely look into buying extra sleep accessories.

    You can find these sleep accessories at a lower price during a Labor Day sale, making it the best time to buy one. We recommend using natural bedding products, such as organic cotton/bamboo sheets.

  11. How can I get free pillows with a mattress purchase during Labor Day sales?

    You can often find one or two free dream pillows on Labor Day sales that make your dreams of sleeping well come true! For this to be a reality, however, you'll need to do your research and find out which mattress brands offer free pillows.

    Turmerry, for instance, provides free pillows when you purchase the 'Natural and Organic Latex Mattress' or the 'Egg Crate Latex Mattress'.

    You can find other brands offering this information either through their website or store. If you have doubts regarding whether a mattress purchase will entail free pillows, you can contact customer support or ask the store staff!

History of Labor Day

The decade is 1880. While Arthur Conan Doyle rummages through Sherlock Holmes' mind and gifts the world with his inception, Mark Twain has just published another historical piece of literature with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Through a 5-cent glass of John Pemberton's non-alcoholic "French Wine Coca", the streets of Atlanta bear witness to the first glimpse of Coca-Cola. Somewhere else in the world, citizens gather around a towering structure named The Eiffel Tower to behold its grand inauguration.

This is the era within which Labor Day is born. The first industrial revolution had truly changed the lives of laborers by the mid-19th century, and the second industrial revolution was already gaining a foothold amongst the cityscapes and townsfolk.

A number of countries experienced economic prosperity during this period, particularly Europe and the Americas, and modern cities emerged as a result of the foundation of many long-lasting corporations, franchises, and brands and the introduction of skyscrapers.

Labor Day

On the first Monday of September, the United States celebrates Labor Day. It is a federal holiday that honors and recognizes the American labor movement as well as the laborers' efforts and contributions to the country's growth and accomplishments. The three-day weekends it prompts are called the Labor Day Weekend.

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