King Vs. Queen Bed

Last Updated December 30, 2023

Having problems with sleeping is a sign that something needs to change. Detailed mattress comparison answers all your questions on king vs. queen mattresses, helping you to make a quick and easy decision! The analysis of both mattresses in this blog will show you how you can make a one-time choice to sleep well every day.

Key Takeaways:

  • The dimensions of a king size mattress are 72 X 80 inches, while a queen size measures 60 X 80 inches.
  • When choosing between a king and queen size mattress, consider your personal preferences, budget, and room size.
  • A queen mattress is ideal for most couples, while a king mattress is great for larger families of three or more sleepers.
  • Both king and queen mattresses require spacious rooms to accommodate them comfortably.
  • King mattresses are generally more expensive than queen mattresses due to their larger size and added features.

king vs queen bed

King vs queen bed - a closer look

The names are not the only things different about the two mattresses - and you are about to know the various ways they are distinct from one another.

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King vs. Queen - Mattress dimension chart

Before you start thinking about which mattress you’ll need, choosing the mattress size should be the first step in your planning. You can quickly arrive at that answer if you look at your bedroom space - is it big, moderately spaced, or small? 

There are mattresses for all kinds of bedroom spaces, but the king and queen, in general, are large mattresses, so, ideally, they need to be installed in spacious rooms.

Let’s look at the mattress sizes and dimensions, surface area, number of sleepers, and variants of king vs. queen mattresses.

Length 76 inches 60 inches
Width 80 inches 80 inches
Surface Area 6080 sq inches 4800 sq inches
Number of sleepers 4 2
Room size 12 ft x 12 ft 10 x 10 ft
Bedroom Type Large master bedroom Small master bedroom or a moderate guest room
Budget High Moderate, cheaper than king

King mattress variants and their sizes


It may so happen that you have made up your mind to buy the biggest mattress your friends have - which happens to be a regular king size mattress. But once you reach the store and ask the salesperson to show you a king mattress, they may quiz you with a question like - which king mattress would you like?

You may feel bamboozled to be caught in a spot like that, but you won’t if you do your research. So here, let us help you out.

There are six types of king mattresses:

Standard King

The standard king is also known as the Eastern king mattress. Usually, when anybody refers to a king mattress, it is understood that they are referring to the standard king.

King size bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 76 X 80 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 193 X 203.2 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 6.33 X 6.66 feet

California King

The California king mattress, also known as the Cal king or the Western king mattress, is another king-size variant. This king mattress is excellent for very tall people.

California king bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 72 X 84 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 182.88 X 213.36 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 6 X 7 feet

Wyoming King

Wyoming King is the smallest of the jumbo-sized mattresses that are not readily available in stores. It is a square mattress.

Wyoming king bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 84 X 84 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 213.36 X 213.36 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 7 X 7 feet

Vermont King

Another square king bed is the Vermont King.

Vermont king bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 96 X 96 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 243.84 X 243.84 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 8 X 8 feet

Texas King

The Texas King mattress is the second longest mattress in the king variants.

Texas king bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 80 X 98 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 203.2 X 248.92 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 6.66 X 8.1 feet

Alaskan King

The Alaskan King mattress is the largest of all the king-style mattresses. It is also a square-sized sprawling mattress.

Alaskan king bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 108 X 108 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 274.32 X 274.32 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 9 X 9 feet

RV King

The RV King mattress size is another variant used only in vehicles. It is the largest size of mattress that is used in a vehicle.

Queen mattress variants and their sizes

queen size mattress variants

The queen-size mattress is not a lone ranger either; there are five types of queen mattresses you can choose from. They are: 

Standard Queen

The standard queen bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. When you hear people referring to a queen mattress, this is the style they refer to. Google shows you the results related to a standard queen mattress unless you specify any other distinct mattress style.

Short Queen

You may rarely hear of this style, but there is something called a short queen mattress - it is 75 inches long and 60 inches wide.

Olympic Queen

This mattress is 66 inches wide and 80 inches long. 

California Queen

The last variant is the California queen style mattress; it has the same length as the California king - 84 inches and is as wide as the standard queen - 60 inches.

RV Queen

The RV queen mattress is manufactured for a specific purpose - to furnish beds in RV vans.

What to consider before finalizing a mattress?

Choosing a mattress is no different than buying any other thing - you need to know why you need it and then choose a product that justifies your requirement.

a master bedroom with a king size bed and other furniture

Here’s what you need to know before you pick a product:

1. Who do you sleep with?

Since mattresses last a decade at least, people keep using the same mattress they have been using since their teenage years. That’s why single adults tend to use a narrow-style mattress like the twin, twin XL or full mattress.

If your reason for buying a new mattress is that you have upgraded your status from being a single sleeper to sleeping with a partner, congrats - we couldn’t be happier for you!

A queen is the best mattress for most couples, while a king is great for all couples. 

A king size is ideal for a small family of 3 sleepers. But a queen is just about the right size for two sleepers.

So, count the number of sleepers for which you are upgrading a mattress - throw in some future planning before you get a new one.

2. Height and Weight

Both the king and the queen mattresses provide plush comfort and enormous leg space for tall sleepers, within the range of 6 ft to 6 ft 4 inches, maybe a couple of inches more if you push it.

Heavy individuals can choose either the king or the queen size beds - because weight depends on the build of the mattress you are buying, not the style. Mattresses built from natural latex are the best counterparts for heavy sleepers - the thick, yet airy build of the natural latex mattresses provide even resistance to the weight and are great for lumbar support.

3. What’s your budget?

All the plans in the world make sense when your wallet gives you the ‘go-ahead’ nod. So, even if you want a king-size mattress and have enough room to do so, but you fall short in the budget department, then going for the queen is the next best thing.

Or, look at this scenario - you have enough cash to buy a luxury quality mattress, but you can see that at this very point, you need to make a temporary purchase. You cannot just forego your requirements; in that case, you have to buy a mattress that you need - so the best option, in this case, is to choose a product that doesn’t dent your pocket.

The price difference between a king and queen mattress of the same build and the same manufacturer will be a couple of hundred dollars.

You will get a good bargain if you plan to buy one on shopping jackpots like Black Friday Mattress Deals, Fourth of July Mattress Sale, and so on. You may even get hold of a king-size mattress with the budget you had earmarked for a queen-size mattress if you keep regular tabs on the festive discount rates.

4. How big is your bedroom?

Twin beds are made for the smallest of rooms, a 7 ft x 9 ft bed can hold a twin bed nicely. You will need a little bigger space than this to store a twin XL mattress, a little bit bigger for the full, and so on.

The family XL mattress is the biggest mattress that money can buy in the US - it is a whopping 144 inches wide and 84 inches long! And you need a ginormous bedroom to install a family XL bed, let alone the fact that you need to be flush with cash to need and afford a mattress like that.

So, make sure you know which kind of bedroom you have right now - the right mattress in the wrong size bedroom will be disastrous for you. It is even better if you know the size of the bedroom you see yourself living in the near future - supposing you are planning to use the mattress for a long time.

5. Ease of transport

Large mattresses are typically difficult to move because their proportions are too immense for a couple of people to manage while changing positions.

Take the example of a king-size mattress. Depending on the style and the material with which it is prepared, a king-size mattress can weigh anywhere between 100 to 150 pounds depending on the type of mattress (foam, hybrid, etc.) and thickness.

That is why it is best to lock in a space and install the mattress by professional mattress installers.

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King vs. queen bed: pros and cons

Now that you know the general criteria to look for let us take you through the characteristics of the queen vs. king mattresses specifically.

We will discuss the room size, comfort, height, other sleepers, and moveability.

King bed

The regular king bed (Eastern King Bed) has become more popular in recent years, as it offers more space and comfort for couples without having to buy two separate beds or sleep on an uncomfortable mattress that’s too small. It is also an excellent family mattress - parents and a child can sleep comfortably together, and none of them will feel the discomfort of space crunch.

King-size beds are typically 76 inches wide, this makes them perfect for a large master bedroom. If you’d like to convert your king-size bed into a box bed, you will have additional space to store items in the bedroom.

a family of 4 sleeping on a king size mattress

King size bed dimensions:

  • Dimensions in inches: 76 X 80 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 193 X 203.2 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 6.33 X 6.66 feet


  • Huge space for couples - Each sleeper has access to more than 3 feet of sleeping space.
  • Perfect family style mattress - The mattress is 6 ft 4 inches wide, so assuming an adult sleeper takes 3 feet to sleep - which is a lot of space - the mattress will be perfect for 2 adults and a child to sleep together.
  • Relationship Binder - Great mattress for couples who have different sleeping times. One partner may be an early sleeper while the other one may join an hour or two later. So, if partners are sleeping on a king size bed, the latecomer can discreetly get in the bed without disturbing the already asleep partner.


  • Costly 
  • Needs a large bedroom
  • Heavy and thus difficult to move

Queen bed

47% of American sleepers prefer to sleep on a queen-size mattress. It is known as the couples bed since it has the optimum size to fit a couple. Single sleepers can also use the queen bed, but it can feel a bit lonely for some people. But if you are a single sleeper with pets, a queen bed should be your prime choice for a new mattress.

The queen is great for tall people - 80 inches or 6 ft 8 inches long. So, the queen is an ideal bed for people with a moderate-sized bedroom, tall and not looking to spend money to buy a luxury-size mattress that will be more spacious than a queen but will also be costly.

couple sleeping on a queen mattress

Queen size bed dimensions

  • Dimensions in inches: 60 X 80 inches
  • Dimensions in cm: 152.4 X 203.2 cm
  • Dimensions in feet: 5 X 6.66 feet


  • Good mattress size for couples
  • Versatile mattress - it is great for single sleepers who allow their pets on the bed
  • Most popular mattress size in America, so the queen is almost always in stock with any retailer or online seller
  • Queen beddings are available in all bedding stores
  • Easy on the pocket while providing just about the optimum comfortable sleeping space


  • Sometimes it is not enough for couples
  • Children who need to sleep with their parents on occasion may not be able to do so, as the arrangement will feel too uncomfortable for all

Where Can I Buy an Oversized Mattress?

Oversized mattresses are rarely seen in brick-and-mortar stores, but it’s possible to find them locally at retailers that sell custom beds. Additionally, by searching the internet for the specific mattress size you’re interested in, you can find online vendors selling the particular mattress type you’re looking for. Online custom bed retailers may also have oversized mattresses available in their stock.

a single sleeper on a king bed


Your life will see a lot of ups and downs; through it all, only a mattress will be a constant presence in your life. Make sure you assess all your requirements and pick the best mattress that will look after you every day for at least a decade.


Are king and California king mattresses the same?

King and California king mattresses are different, though a California king is another variant of the large king-type mattress.

The king is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, but the Cal king is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. Due to the difference in dimensions, the king size is 32 sq inches bigger than a Cal king.

Are queen and king mattresses the same?

The queen mattress is the smallest in a list of large mattresses that can accommodate couples. A queen is big enough for a single sleeper who likes to sleep alone and is cozy enough for two adult couples to rest properly after a tiring day. A queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

A king mattress is much bigger than a queen; it is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Its ample space ensures that people don’t bump into each other and endure sleep disruptions. Generally, people go for the king mattress when the budget is not an issue, or perhaps they have a big family that sleeps together. Ideally, a king mattress is a right choice when you have a big bedroom space to furnish.

How much bigger is a queen than a double?

A double or full mattress is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. So, the queen-size bed offers six more inches of sleeping space as compared to the double-size mattress.

What is a split king?

Two twin XL mattresses, when pushed against each other, add up to form a king-size mattress. Each twin XL mattress measures 38 inches by 80 inches - so together, they form one big mattress that is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long - that also happens to be the exact measurements of a king size.

A split king is made up of two individual twin XL mattresses packed side by side - they share a common boundary and are not interconnected to form a seamless mattress. This offers couples an advantage - they can choose the specifications and characteristics of each twin XL mattress that makes up a split king.

How big is a double twin mattress compared to the standard king mattress?

Two twin XL mattresses combine to form a mattress akin to a king-size bed. Now a twin mattress is smaller than a twin XL mattress in length - it is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.

So when twins are doubled, they add up to form a mattress that is 76 inches wide and 75 inches long. This mattress is 5 inches short of the length of a king-size mattress.

So, a double twin mattress is as wide as the king but shorter than the king. So, its overall surface area is less than the king’s.

What size beds do most couples have?

The queen is the most popular mattress among American couples - it has enough space that leaves room for each sleeping partner to get a relaxed good night’s sleep.

How big should a good bedroom be?

The average room size in America is 132 square feet.

The definition of a good bedroom depends on you, as you need to ask yourself a few questions - are you living in a rented space or do you have your own house, how big is your house, how big is your family, what’s your income, do you need to take care of dependables, etc.

What is the biggest mattress size in the market?

It is often assumed that the Alaskan King, sized 108 inches wide by 108 inches long, is the biggest bed with maximum length and width. However, the Family XL is the widest bed out there, which is a full 144 inches wide but only 84 inches long.

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Your life will see a lot of ups and downs; through it all, only a mattress will be a constant presence in your life. Make sure you assess all your requirements and pick a mattress that will look after you every day for at least a decade.

Disclaimer: What is said in this article has been referenced from multiple sources and is intended only for educational and informational purposes. Please note that no content in this article is a substitute for professional advice from a qualified doctor or healthcare provider. Always consult an experienced doctor with any concerns you may have regarding a health condition or treatment, and never disregard any medical suggestions or delay in seeking treatment because of something you read here.