Transforming your bed into a sleep sanctuary

transforming your bed into a sleep sanctuary

When people ask you about your happy place, you might take the name of many exotic locations. But deep down, really deep down, you know it’s your bed. Nothing beats the comfort of laying down your tired bones on a mattress so familiar it feels like a lover's hug or cocooning yourself in a blanket that has soaked your tears, happy and sad.

While we are fine with the way things are and the comfort that being in the bedroom brings, there are also ways to transform your bed into an actual sleep sanctuary.

All you need to do is open your eyes to a few adjustments so that you can close your eyes for a peaceful sleep. A cozy sleep sanctuary is something to look forward to at the end of the day and can also boost your mental as well as physical health.

The whole purpose of creating a sleep sanctuary is to remove those distractions that interfere with a good night’s sleep. A sleep sanctuary is your own, quiet and dark place to rest.

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First off, you can start by creating White Noise. While our addiction to falling asleep to the latest show on the streaming service or losing oneself in a good audiobook might seem harmless enough, they have a huge possibility of interfering with your sleep cycle and prevents you from entering into the two deepest stages of sleep, REM and non-REM. Moreover sounds of barking dogs, traffic signals or snores from a significant other can be really distracting. The best and the simplest way to deal with this is to create white noise by switching on the fan or air-conditioner. And while you lull yourself to sleep, make sure to concentrate on the noise of the fan or ac, while blocking everything else out. There are also white noise machines that come with the sounds of a waterfall or raindrops so that sleeping makes you feel like you are in your personal sanctuary.

To create your perfect sleep sanctuary you need to dim the lights. Minimal light exposure can be achieved by using blackout shades or thicker curtains or simply by wearing an eye mask.

We are pretty much aware that the electronic devices, aka, social media can be a source of great stress, what with keeping up with all the latest fad and gossip. But apart from filling our hearts and minds with FOMO, it also interferes with our sleep cycle. And your sleep sanctuary cannot have such stress now, can it? Hence make sure that you tune out of social media and keep your electronic devices away from you at least 2 hours before you get ready to sleep. Trust us, the gram won't mind.

A sleep sanctuary cannot become one without the necessary comfort. And nothing spells comfort than the mattress or mattress topper you sleep on and the bedsheet that you spread. The wrong mattress and wrong sheet can turn into a stuff of nightmares. That is why you need to be particularly careful about these two aspects if you want a sleep sanctuary to zone out in.

We at Turmerry have taken every effort to make sure you get your desired sleep sanctuary when it comes to bedsheets. Our sheets are made of organic cotton which feels smooth against your skin and just the right amount of thread count ensures that you do not break out in sweat. Designing your own sleep sanctuary is of course, totally up to you. But we try to make it easier to create with our organic range of products.

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