Your Guide to Sleep Cool This Summer

Sleep Cool This Summer

Author : Commerzilla LLC on August 13, 2021

Summer is just around the corner, and all we can think about is the sun, beach trips, hot days, and sweaty nights. No matter how many blankets and sheets you kick off, it's seemingly impossible to cool down your body temperature to finally get a good night's sleep. Staying comfortable at night during this time requires the best type of bedding products. Fortunately, bedding companies have created cooling organic bedding products, from sheets to mattresses. In this guide, you will learn all about the top bedding ideas that will help you sleep cool this summer—without cranking up the air conditioning.

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Top Summer Bedding Ideas

With the proper summer bedding, you can forget about waking up sweaty and uncomfortable. Here are our top 6 bedding ideas that will help you sleep soundly all throughout the summer.


  • Use a light top layer

During summer, if you want to get a good night's rest, put your thick comforters, quilts, and flannel sheets into the storage along with your other winter bedding products. This is because they trap heat and make you sleep hot at night. Instead, opt for lighter options such as duvet or comforters made from cotton, silk, or any lightweight fabric. These light layers will make you want to lounge in even on the warmest summer morning.


  • Choose breathable materials

Choose sheets, blankets, and pillow covers made from all-natural and organic fibers such as cotton, bamboo, and silk. When compared to the synthetic options, these materials breathe well and wicks away moisture, making them perfect for those hazy summer months.


  • Sleep on an organic latex mattress

Organic Latex mattresses make you feel cooler than you do on traditional mattresses. Having breathable properties, the tiny pinholes of latex allows air to flow freely throughout the mattress. Therefore, latex doesn't hang on to body heat like other synthetic materials and can be considered as the best mattress for summer.


  • Use cooling mattress topper

If you are not planning to invest a lot in a new mattress, you can go for cooling mattress toppers that can effectively cool your bed. But keep in mind, not all mattress toppers will keep you cool during summer. At Turmerry, we highly recommend you to go for latex mattress toppers as they  are extremely cool to sleep on.


  • Use cool pillows and pillow cases

Cooling your body and cooling your head is a great way to increase sleep quality. And this can be achieved using cooling pillows. They feature materials and design elements that release heat effectively when compared to regular pillows. The right cool pillow wicks away moisture, dissipates heat, and encourages increased airflow, thereby helping you achieve good sleep. At Turmerry, we have GOLS Certified Organic Latex Pillows that provide excellent ventilation and sleep cooler than other natural pillows.

Replacing your current pillowcase with a cooling pillow cover is another way to find relief. This can help wick away moisture as well as dissipate heat from your head to the upper body. More than just a pillow covering, they offer portable comfort, hypoallergenic rest, and protective fabric.


  • Refresh your bedding palette

If your bed is dressed in the dark and deep hues of last winter or fall, then it's high time to refresh your bedding palette. Give your bedroom a summer makeover with a lightweight bedspread in bright and soothing colors like white, light green, or sky blue. Wondering why? Lighter colors tend to absorb less heat during the daytime, so they'll be cool and comfy when it's time for you to get back to your sleep sanctuary at night.


  • Sleep under cooler sheets

Nobody likes it to give bed sheets a second thought during the summer. You might think that they're already thin and light, and they won't make any difference. But you're completely wrong - it's not the thickness but the fabric that makes all the difference. Your bed sheets are in direct contact with your body, and as you lie down, they either keep hot air in or let it escape. Stick with cooler organic sheet sets made of light fabrics that can make your bed feel more breezy.

Best Cooling Bed Sheets for Summer

A girl sleeping comfortably using organic cotton percale sheet during summer

Cooling bed sheets are a quick fix to help you maintain a more comfortable temperature during summer. The best cooling sheets allow cool air to reach the sleeper's body and also wicks away excess moisture to keep you dry and comfy at night. However, a sheet's performance and cooling properties depend on its weave and materials.

When it comes to the best cooling bed sheets, no other material can beat organic cotton, and that's why it's been the favorite of the bedding industry. The material is soft and has cooling or warming properties, but this totally depends on the thread count and style of weaving. Confused about how to choose the best organic sheet set based on the weave and thread count? Feel free to check out our organic sheet set guide.

If you're looking for a sheet set made of cotton weave, it's hard to beat a good quality percale. Lightweight and breathable, its one-over-one-under construction makes it perfect for those warm summer nights. Here, at Turmerry, we have two types of organic sheet sets that will help you sleep cooler:


  1. Natural Color Dye Free Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set
  2. Antimicrobial Bed Sheet Set With Copper And Silver

Keep Your Bed Cool This Summer With Organic Bedding Products

Tossing and turning all night is bad enough on its own, but there's nothing worse than waking up drenched in a puddle of sweat. Enter cooling sheets to the rescue. Sheet selection plays a vital role in how well you sleep at night, as certain fibers are better suited for the summer months. If you prefer a crisp and cool feeling against your skin, we prefer you choose percale sheet sets as they are lightweight. Apart from sheets, cooling pillows and toppers can also help dissipate heat.

At Turmerry, we recommend you to choose breathable and 100% organic bedding as they can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout. Be it pillows, pillow covers, mattress, duvets, toppers, or sheets, always go for organic as they are a cooler yet healthier option for you and the environment.



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