What Is A Zero-Waste Lifestyle Anyway?

What Is A Zero-Waste Lifestyle Anyway?

Author : Apps On Demand Collaborator on August 12, 2020

Author : Kaci Sage

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With the climate crisis at an all-time high, we’re all looking for ways to be better to our planet. The zero waste movement has shed a lot of light on exactly how much trash each person contributes to landfills on a daily basis. It’s true that the boom of industrial growth we’re experiencing has improved our quality of life in many ways, but it has also left us carelessly desiring more without much thought to how all these products got here, or where they'll go when we're done with them. As a result, the zero-waste movement has gained a lot of attention over the last few years. Is the zero waste movement worth the hype? And, what does zero waste mean, anyway?

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What Zero-Waste Means

Kathryn, of Going Zero Waste, describes on her blog that; in short, a zero-waste lifestyle aims to send nothing to a landfill, and instead, return our economy to that of one that more closely resembles nature: where trash is nonexistent. She states that in a zero-waste lifestyle, "we reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot."

In other words, the zero-waste lifestyle is one that aims to save the planet by becoming mindful of the impact and repercussions on the environment humans create by living in our convenience-over-everything modern-day society. The Recycling Council of British Columbia urges that "to achieve sustainability, humans will have to learn to 'act naturally.'"

Here at Turmerry, this mission is deeply important to us. That’s why we use the most sustainable practices possible and are consistently looking for ways to reduce waste in our production. For example, our organic cotton mattress protectors come packaged in a reusable cloth bag— not plastic. One less thing to worry about on your journey to zero waste.

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The Intentions Of Going Zero-Waste

Over time, Mahatma Gandhi’s message has been summarized in the phrase "Be the change you wish to see in the world." The zero-waste movement works to align with these values in relation to our existence here on this planet. While most of us are largely unaware of the resources required to support our every-day lives, a zero-waste mindset suggests we begin to take responsibility for our presence here, and the ways in which we treat the lively rock we call Earth. It suggests that we return to a harmonious relationship with the unique planet that sustains us, and again start striving to respectfully sustain it.

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Impact Of A Zero-Waste Lifestyle

According to the Toronto Environmental Alliance, going zero waste can affect our environment in multiple ways. It describes that zero waste results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions, conserves resources, minimizes pollution, builds strong communities, and creates jobs. The concept of a circular economy that minimizes the number of resources needed for most "things," seems to also offer a circular potential for reward as well.

In our fast-paced world that glorifies busyness, going zero waste can seem overwhelming at first. The concept is distinctly opposite to the common culture today and suggests that we make many small changes to a seemingly unlimited number of our daily activities. However just as a ripple, it's the smallest of efforts that expand into patterns of magnificent change.


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